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The Conference, Part 2

The plan continues to perfection

I crawled into the entry way of the room, Mallory now standing behind me having locked the door for the evening.  I playfully wiggled my ass for her, just to see what kind of reaction I could elicit.  I was surprised when she slapped my ass sharply, but I could hear her giggling as she did, so I knew she enjoyed the little show.  I kept crawling deeper into the room until I was between the two twin beds.  Once there, I pushed off the ground, now kneeling with my ass resting on my heels, looking straight ahead like a good little submissive.  Mallory slowly walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed, seductively crossing her legs and allowing her robe to ride arousingly high on her perfect legs.


"May I fix us a drink, Goddess?" I asked, knowing I needed an excuse to get the frozen handcuff key into the freezer as soon as possible.


Mallory nodded, and I quickly went to work, setting my purse on the dresser nearest the mini-fridge in the room.  I quickly slipped out the pillbox and emptied the melting ice cube into my hand, then I placed it into the small freezer.  I then pulled out one of the small liquor bottles from the fridge, took two of the glasses on the tray above the fridge, and split the bottle between us.  I turned and offered Mallory her glass.


"I'll be sure to let the front desk know to charge that bottle to my room, Goddess." I quipped.


Mallory just smiled as she sipped her drink, looking me over slowly.  I could feel her eyes all over me, her gaze making me both nervous and aroused.  I could tell she wanted to move forward with our evening, but she was hesitant.  I suspected that she may be somewhat out of her element, so I attempted to ease her concerns a little.


"Mallory, Goddess, if I may ask, is this a new scenario for you? Have you ever been with another woman?"


She nodded.  "I have, but it was in college, and it was more experimentation than anything else.  I've always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman again.  I just didn't expect to find myself in a situation like this."


I smiled, pleasantly surprised by her candor.  "And I take it you've never been presented with the opportunity to have another woman offer herself to you in the manner I have?"


"God no," she blurted, giggling a little. "But I have to admit, I'm kind of enjoying it.  I'm actually surprised how much I'm enjoying the idea of you doing whatever I ask."


I placed my glass down on the coaster on the dresser, then returned to my knees. "And what do you ask of me, Goddess?"


Mallory placed her glass down as well, then turned to me with a smile on her face.  


"Well, the first thing you need to do is undress and let me see that wonderful body of yours."


I stood up, nodding my acceptance of her request, and reached behind my back, unzipping the dress slowly.  I pulled the shoulders of the dress off and slipped my arms out, revealing my naked 38DD breasts to Mallory.  I smiled as I saw her subconsciously licking her lips as she gazed upon my full breasts.  I continued to push the dress down over my waist, my hips and my ass, wiggling playfully as I slipped the dress down, allowing Mallory to look upon my bald pussy, which was glistening slightly in the light of the room from the hint of moisture that had been forming from the moment I saw her in the doorway.  Once the dress was gathered on the floor around my ankles, I stepped forward and returned to my knees.


"You are so beautiful and sexy, Jenni."  Mallory said, continuing to gaze upon every inch of my naked body.  "I want to be the Goddess you want...the Goddess you need, but I..."


It was clear Mallory wanted to play her part, but had no idea how to do so.  The last thing I wanted was to make her uncomfortable or, even worse, ruin the momentum of what was building between us.  So I decided it might be best to just let actions rule the evening.


"Mallory, my Goddess, may I suggest that you allow me to simply tend to you this evening.  If there's anything you want, you need only to point or simply tell me what you need.  Otherwise, I will do my best to give you the evening of pleasure you deserve, my Goddess."


I stood up and motioned her to lay back on the bed. As she lay down, her robe came undone, and parted enough to expose her magnificent body to me.  Her full, pert breasts stood up like majestic mountains against the valley of her torso.  Her perfectly trimmed pussy was as inviting as any I'd ever seen.  I found myself getting lost in her beauty, entranced into a state of desire I'd not felt in years, if ever.

I crawled up onto the bed and knelt at the foot of the bed, and gently pushed her legs apart at the ankles.  I leaned down and began to kiss her legs just below her knees, alternating from her left leg to her right.  Every ten kisses, I would move up a bit - to her knees, then just above her knees, then her thighs - eventually reaching her inner thighs.  I could hear her moaning as I lingered on her sensitive inner thighs, changing from kisses to licks as I slowly and methodically moved closer and closer to my target.


I could see droplets of wetness forming on her labia, telling me of her excitement.  I gently blew across her pussy lips, letting my breath interact with the moisture on her pussy and causing her to tremble in delight.  I gently leaned forward and began to softly kiss her labia, making sure not to linger more than a second or so.  I wanted her to yearn for my attention.


When I was sure I had her body in a perfect state of desire, I shifted my focus to her breasts, reaching down and covering both of her perfect breasts with my hands.  I began to knead at her soft, supple flesh, massaging them slowly and firmly.  I smiled as I heard every soft moan escape her lips.  It was music to my ears.  As I gripped her perfect breasts, I let my right knee press against her moist pussy, rubbing it in sync with the kneading of her breasts.  I watched as her back arched and her head tossed back in ecstasy.  I began to get the feeling that it had been some time since she had enjoyed a night of pure unbridled passion.  


When I could feel her body building to the height of her pleasure, I pulled back and laid down, placing my mouth on her pussy, but never releasing her breasts.  The loud squeal of joy clearly indicated she was ready for my tongue to work its magic, and I did not hesitate to satisfy her desire.  I forced my tongue between her soft, slippery pussy lips until it was fully enveloped by her warm, inviting pussy.  I let my tongue slowly explore the velvety lining of her pussy walls, all the while still massaging her breasts.  The moans of pure delight that escaped her lips served as further encouragement to continue my exploration.


As my tongue mapped out her love box, it would occasionally graze against her clitoris.  As I felt her clit begin to harden, I made sure that my tongue made its way over her clit more frequently, until it was fully erect.  Once her clit was hard and sensitive, I teased it mercilessly with my tongue, pushing it around playfully.  After a few moments of teasing her clit, I sucked her clit into my mouth and held it in place with my clenched teeth.  I began to roll her clit along the back of my teeth with my tongue.  I could feel her body writhing in ecstasy as I molested her sensitive clit.


Knowing she was nearing her orgasm, I released her clit and pushed it back into her pussy, driving my tongue deep inside her as I did.  Feverishly, I set to thrusting my tongue deeper and deeper inside her, harder and faster with each thrust of my tongue.  As her moaning intensified, I began to flick and flip my tongue inside her wildly, not adhering to any pattern or rhythm.  It was animalistic.  I found myself groaning with desire as she moaned in pleasure. 


I felt her legs tense and her ass clench, as immediately, her juices began to flow.  I sucked in her nectar as quickly as I could, but quickly found it to be more than I could swallow, and felt her juices spill out onto my cheeks.  As her nectar continued to flow, it smeared her inner thighs as it began to cover my face.  It was magnificent.  I lapped away at her pussy like a puppy dog, wanting to taste and swallow every last drop of her juices, and sucking her clean.


I sat up on my knees after my feast had ended, and watched as Mallory's chest raised and fell with every deep breath she took in an attempt to catch her breath.  The smile on her face was a wonderful indicator of the level of enjoyment she just experienced, and I was filled with passion and joy knowing that I had provided that for her.  Just the sight of her sweaty body lying before me was enough to almost bring me to my own orgasm...almost.  I glanced at my purse and thought about the vibrator and handcuffs still hidden inside.


As my mind ran through the possibilities, I was snapped out of my stupor by Mallory's hands grabbing my breasts and pulling me down towards her open mouth.  In a second, her lips were wrapped around my left breast, sucking hard.  My nipples became instantly hard, and the sensation of her tongue flicking it around in her mouth made me moan loudly.  I place my hands on her breasts for support and began to knead at her breasts as she continued to suck on mine.  Then, without warning, she pulled off of my left breasts and forced my right breast into her eager mouth, again sucking and flicking my fully erect nipple back and forth.  My body started to tremble with excitement as she feasted on my breasts, switching between them every ten seconds or so for several minutes.


When she had her fill of my breasts, she released them and pushed me up, then propped herself up a little. She smiled at me, licking her lips, letting her fingers gently rub her still wet pussy.


"I have never had my pussy eaten quite that perfectly," she said, her voice filled with a mixture of satisfaction and lust.  "I may have to find a way to take you home with me so you can do that to me every night."


I smiled and giggled.


"I hope you don't think that we're done already."  I purred.


Mallory looked deep into my eyes and smiled as she responded "I know, my pet.  There's much more that you're going to do for me tonight."


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