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The Delightful Miss Lawson

Neighbor teaches young girl

      Lisa, stood at her bedroom window watching her neighbor Miss Lawson sun-tan. I can't believe she has such a great body, even though she's in her 40's. Lisa thought this everytime she saw her neighbor. In fact she envied her, for her large breasts, which Lisa often wondered how they felt. If  there was ever anyone Lisa wished to look like, it was Miss Lawson.

     Heading down the stairs, she checked the phone for messages. There were none. Her parents wouldn't call until later. They had gone to Cuba for the week, and left her alone to the house. She was just getting ready to head into the kitchen when she heard a knock at the front door. She opened the door. Miss Lawson stood there, still wearing her bikini.

"Hi Lisa, how are you?" Lawson asked smiling softly. Surprised Lisa answered "I'm good and how are you?" Lawson's smile remained present, and then she repiled "I'm sorry Lisa to bother you, but would you be able to help me get into my house? I somehow managed to get locked out, I guess it's cause I'm blonde." She laughed slightly. Lisa nodded yes, and then asked " How would you like me to help?"     "Well either your or I has to go through the bedroom window, and then unlock the door, come on over and I'll show you ok?

     Lisa followed Miss Lawson to the back of her house. She had glanced at the woman's ass twice, thinking to herself that it's impossible for this woman to be in her 40's. "So what do you want to do Lisa, lift or go in." Lisa glanced at the window. "I guess I'll go in, unless you want to?" Lawson laughed softly and then replied "No, I trust you Lisa, besides I'm not going to turn down the offer of not climbing through the window."

     A moment later, with help from Miss Lawson, Lisa found herself standing in Miss Lawson's bedroom. Outside she heard "Lisa, are you ok, did you make it?" "Yeah I'm fine she replied. Something on the bed caught her eye, and she knew what it was immediatly. A vibrator. "What in the hell, would she need that for, she could have anyone she wants!" She whispered heading out of the bedroom. At the sliding doors of the back, she unlocked and  opened it. Miss Lawson came through, and gave Lisa a hug. Lisa could feel Lawson's large breasts resting against hers as she did so. Somehow the thoughts of this excited her. "Thank you Lisa, I appreciate it so much!" She said this as she hugged Lisa even tighter. "It was no problem, Miss Lawson." Lisa replied getting ready to leave.

    "Lisa, first of all you can call me Susan, second, I intend to reward you for you hard work, with dinner." Susan stated crossing her arms across her breasts. "Miss Lawson, I mean Susan, you don't have to do that! It wasn't a problem." Susan smiled and then replied " I won't take no for an answer, and besides, your parents are away, so I'm sure you'd like a nice cooked meal." Lisa giggled softly and then answered "Sure, because, I'm getting a little tired of McDonalds."

    As the sun sat over the horizon, Lisa headed over to her neighbors house. Hoping that she looked okay. She knocked on the door, a moment later Susan opened the door. She wore a tight fitting tee shirt and a short skirt which revealed her long slender thighs. "Lisa, you look great!" Susan said gesturing for Lisa to come in. "Thanks." Lisa replied, not sure if the comment was out of politness or if it was really meant. "You look, great too." Lisa replied feeling slightly out of place. "Thanks, Lisa. I hope you enjoy pasta?" "I love it!" Lisa answered as she followed Susan into the dining room.

     As they ate, Susan brought out a bottle of wine. "Do you like red wine?" Susan asked filling up the glass in front of Lisa. " I don't know, I've never had it before." A small smile formed on her mouth, then she added "I'm only eighteen." Susan smiled and said "Well your old enough, in my opinion." she filled the glass. By the end of dinner, Lisa felt a little tipsy, but she didn't say anything about it, nor did she decline the next couple of glasses.

   After dinner, Lisa and Susan sat on the sofa. Susan told Lisa about running her massage parlor, and spoke of her marrage she had gotten out of the year before. Then suddenly catching Lisa off gaurd Susan asked "Lisa, why do you always stare at me, through your bedroom window?" Lisa felt her cheeks go red. She didn't know how to answer the question. "Pardon." She replied. " Susan smiled "It's no big deal, if you like to check me out, I mean why look at an old hag like me?" Immediatly Lisa interjected "Your not an old hag, you look like a Victoria Secret Model! I'd kill for a set of boobs like yours and an ass like yours!" Suddenly Lisa realized what she was saying and quieted herself.

    "Lisa, your a hot one yourself, everytime I see you looking at me, I ask why is she looking at me? I get so turned on by it, it drives me nuts." Susan replied. The conversation really took a big turn, and Lisa felt herself growing excited the more they talked. " Do you really think I've got nice breasts?" Susan asked glancing down at her chest. Lisa nodded, and then was surprised when Susan took her hands and placed them on her breasts. Lisa could feel the large mounds of flesh underneath her hands. "Rub them Lisa." Susan whispered. Slowly at first she rubbed them through the fabric of Susan's Tee Shirt. " I know you've wanted to touch them for a long time, just like I've wanted to do this to you!" Susan said and then leaned forward putting her lips against Lisa's. It became the best Kiss in Lisa's life. Susan's tounge entered her mouth, and a second later she kissed back. Never in her life did she dream she'd ever do any thing like this.

    Susan pulled off her shirt letting her Breasts out for Lisa to touch. The nipples grew firm and erect underneath the palms of Lisa's hands. "Suck on them Honey!" Susan whispered, in Lisa's ear. Lisa licked on the right nipple, and held the left nipple between her fingers. A moan escaped Susan's mouth. "Oh, your so good at that!" Susan stated. Lisa sucked on the nipple a little harder, and heard another moan from Susan. "Yes, just like that." Susan tugged at Lisa's shirt and lifted it off. Lisa couldn't believe how turned on she was. "Lisa, you've got perfect breasts, lay back." Lisa did as she was told and a second later she watched as Susan put a nipple in her mouth. Without thinking about it, Lisa un-bottoned her jeans and slid a hand down underneath her panties. The wetness shocked her. "Is my Lisa in need?" Susan asked. Lisa could only nod. She felt Susan pull down her jeans and panties. "My oh my, what a nice Pussy you have!" Susan said. Then her face disappeared. Lisa began to moan, and moan harder and faster as she could feel herself getting close to an orgasm. Looking up at her Susan asked "Who is my little slut!" Lisa whispered "I am" "Say it louder" Susan demanded "I am." Lisa almost screamed. With that, Susan licked and sucked on her clit, and then suddenly as Susan placed two of her long fingers deep into her. Lisa screamed as a series of orgasms ran through her body and pussy. "Oh, damn." Lisa cried out

    A moment later Susan stood and stattled herself over Lisa. For the first time in her life Lisa tasted another woman's pussy. Not sure what exactly to do, she slid her tounge across the older woman's pussy. "Oh, yeah, just like that Lisa!" Susan cried out over top of her. Feeling a little more confident about her abilities, Lisa began to suck on Susan's clit. This brought a soft cry for Susan. "Oh, Lisa." Susan cried out. Lisa didn't pay attention instead she pushed two of her fingers deep into the older woman's pussy, and pushed them in and out. Susan cried out "Yes, yes, fuck my Pussy!" Taking her fingers out she pressed her mouth hard against Susan's Clit and sucked. A river of moisture greeted Lisa. She then realized that she had made the older woman cum. Lisa held her hands tight against the cheeks of Susan's ass, as Susan shuttered from the orgasm.

    They lay together for sometime, holding each other. Lisa softly played with Susan's nipples. "I hope you invite me for dinner again!" Lisa said looking at Susan. Susan smiled and then replied " Forget Dinner, how about breakfast." Lisa nodded yes, and then let herself be kissed, which then lead to another bout of orgasms between the two of them.

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