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The Friend

I woke up to the sound of my roommate fucking. She liked to fuck while I was in the room. A slender boy with long hair and brown skin was slamming his cock into her so hard you would think he would break something. My roommate's huge breasts rolled around in circles. They hadn't seen I was awake yet.

In Cat People, Nastassja Kinski wakes in the middle of the night to wander out into the swamps of Louisiana completely naked. Her seductive, and yet innocent, walk captivated a younger me. My grandmother told me Nastassja and I were distantly related. I decided I wanted to be just like her. I had been dreaming of that scene before I woke. In my dream I was walking back into the house and coming up to the bed. My naked body glistening with sweat and the early morning moisture of Louisiana's humidity. I was wild, free, dangerous, and somewhere in the house someone was fucking.

“Would you like to join in?” Her boyfriend asked. My eyes popped open, I had been drifting back off to sleep to the sound of slapping skin and sticky juices.

“No thanks.” I said.

I'm a virgin. I just thought that might be important information if anyone were to wonder why I wasn't going to join in. Up until recently I had been terrified of my own skin, a fear drilled in by my mother. I changed all that when I became a nude figure drawing model. Having students draw me naked was exciting, so exciting I used it as a sexual outlet. Modeling was a wonderful dream until a professor tried to push me into being his sex toy and I had to leave it behind.

Suddenly my roommate's fuck buddy popped his cock out of her pussy (honestly, I'm not sure how he kept it in her, as loose as she was), and stood up. His cock was hard and completely vertical. It glistened with my roommate's juices. He was actually fairly attractive, a minor accomplishment for my roommate.

“You sure you don't want to join in?” He asked again.

“Why are you worried about her,” my roommate spat. Her voice tinged with something...jealousy? “She wants to stay a virgin forever,” She reached up and pulled his face toward her. His eyes stayed on me until she was practically eating his face off. She pulled one if his hands to her breast. She seemed to consider them assets. I considered them back breaking liabilities.

I watched him fuck her for a few minutes more. When she lifted a breast to her mouth, I decided this was absolutely NOT what I was craving. I made like Nastassja, and threw on a shirt with no bra and left the room.

Later in the afternoon, I came back to find a slender, tall girl standing on my side of the dorm room and flipping through my personal diary! I could feel the hackles raising and my fists clinched in a unrestrained act of malicious intent.

“Hey! What do you think you are doing?” I ran over, prepared to rip the diary from her hands and give this girl a good piece of my mind. Instead, I lost all function of my legs and literally, quite literally, dropped to my knees. When she turned, the face looking back at me was the spitting image of Nastassja Kinski. I honestly thought, for a brief moment, it was Nastassja. I seriously almost started crying like a child accidentally running downstairs and seeing Santa Claus standing in her living room. I tried to quickly recover, pulling myself up with a hand on the dresser.

She dropped the book and helped me. I looked into that beautiful face. She wore no make-up, but with a face and lips like Nastassja, she didn't need to. Her hair was shoulder length. Below her shoulders, the resemblance to Nastassja ended. Her breasts were enormous! She leaned down and held out my diary. I snatched it away from her. I was trying to show her I was angry, but the combination of snatching the diary and trying to stand, thrust me right up in front of her gigantic swell. Her t-shirt stretched across her breasts like a sail pulled taught in a storm. Right in between her massive melons, was the cutest little logo I've ever seen. It read, “Carolina Rollergirls” with this amazing little skull in the middle wearing a helmet.

“Like?” She asked, following my eyes to her chest.

“Huh?” I said in surprise, ashamed to be caught staring at her chest. “I mean, yes. Are you a rollergirl?”

“Yeah, I was. Then that damn movie came out and ruined everything. But actually...I meant did you like my tits. I was kinda thinking you were looking at the girls.” A moment of pause and then we both burst out laughing. “I have to say, I like yours,” she said.

“My what?” I asked stunned.

“Your ta-tas,” she said. This time I didn't laugh. In fact my knees went a little weak, and my hands started shaking. I couldn't help it, her face... it was Nastassja... Jesus! It made it nearly impossible for me to keep eye contact.

“Well, I should be honest,” she said, and her smile took on a mischievous slant, “I've actually seen your perky titties before... in the raw no less. Yep... sorry, I've seen you naked.” Her eyes dropped down. I fought the urge to cover my breasts. Why, oh why didn't I put a bra on before I left?

“You – wha – ” I started to say, but she burst out laughing before I could finish my question. Her laugh was proud and bold, it told me stories about her personality. Listening to her laugh was infectious; the kind of laugh that tickles your bones and ripples through your skin until your own laugh joins in. I didn't even know what we were laughing about, but I was laughing with her while she put her arm around me and pressed her face close to mine. Tears ran down our cheeks and our foreheads touched like sisters with a secret.

“Man,” she laughed again, “You should have seen your face. I swear, I wish I had a picture of that. You looked like your Momma just caught you with your favorite vibrator. Trust me, I know what that is like.”

I was glad our faces were down and her arms still wrapped around me, because when she said that... I nearly lost it.

“I'm an art student. I saw you in one of my classes. You were our model. Damn good model too,” she said.

“Really? I don't remember seeing you. I think I would have remembered you,” I said. I flashed red remembering my modeling experiences. I enjoyed them, but that was the problem, I enjoyed it too much. God! What if she had seen that too?

“I dropped out,” she said, and took the diary away from me and placed it back on my desk. “You know, if you don't want people reading about your personal shit, you shouldn't leave it laying around. Vicky knows everything you write in there and tells everybody.”

“Wha –”

“Yep. Your roommate is a cunt,” she said. I had never heard another girl say the 'C' word. This girl was so raw; it filled me with a secret thrill. “So, having read your diary and all... If you really want to see other people naked, you should come over to my parents this weekend. My family's a bunch of hippie-nudie freaks. I grew up with that shit. Usually I think it's pretty fucking lame, but seeing as how you are jonesing for it, maybe you would dig it.”

“I – really, I mean I – it's not...”

“Come on! I read your fucking diary! Even if I hadn't been a bitch and done something like that, Vicky has been telling us about your obsession with nudism for weeks. Of course I wouldn't tell a whore like Vicky that my family are nudists, she is already dying to get something going with me. Fuckin' skank.” She walked closer to me. The distance between us so thin I could feel the heat from her body. “Listen, don't be mad. I don't usually go around reading people's diaries, but I had to find out if it was true before I asked you. Plus, anything I can do to make Vicky's dumb ass plans fall apart, I'm on it... Come on... Vicky is making you look like a pervy little virgin in front of everyone. Vicky is the biggest perv I know. Vicky apparently can't stand you, and I can't stand Vicky, so ibso-facto, I'm helpin' you out.

“Trust me, my parents will love it. They absolutely live for all that nudie shit. They have parties all the time, they invite a bunch of fat, old people over and sit around roasting wienies,” she said and winked. It took me a minute, but I got the joke and smiled. I was still trembling too hard to truly laugh. My biggest secrets were now public knowledge. I wanted to scream. “So what do you say? Want to make all your dreams come true and hang with a bunch of real nudists? I'm not going to let you say no. Not everyone is fat and old. Trust me, you'll love it.”

“Will you be there?” I asked. Quickly I realized what that sounded like and blushed.

“What? I wouldn't miss you getting an orgasm over hanging with a bunch of naked old codgers for the world! Plus my parents are loaded. No lie! If I bring home a little hottie that wants to become a nudist, hell... they might even put me back in the will!” I think she saw my look of discomfort after she said “a little hottie”.

“You don't take compliments very well, do ya?”

I shrugged. She stepped forward and pressed her body into mine. I instinctively backed away and she closed the distance, like a bully trying to start a fight. She smiled, finally forcing me to back out of the way, and she walked to the door.

“Wait! What if I want to go? I mean, you know – what would I do? I mean, I don't even know how to act. Will they all be naked when I get there? I wouldn't...”

She grinned like a cheshire cat and motioned with her head toward my dairy. “All the info is in your diary. I knew you would say yes, so I wrote it down for you. As for what to do, don't worry about it, my parents will make sure everyone knows there is a nudie virgin coming. They'll take it slow for you. Just make sure to bring a towel. Hitchhiker's guide and all that, you know. The only thing you need when fartin' around the universe and – hanging with a bunch of hippies.”

“I don't even know your name,” I said.

“Nastassja,” she said. After my jaw fell to the floor, and I nearly pissed myself, she said, “Ha! I'm fucking with you. Jesus, you really are too easy. My name is Rochelle. Looking forward to this weekend.”

I let out the breath I didn't even know I had been holding.

I was beaming and excited the rest of the week, a fact that had my roommate doubly perplexed. First because she didn't understand why I was so happy, and second because she couldn't read my diary. The evil little bitch had no idea what was going on. It filled me with a renewed sense of happiness. She must have been really pissed because, for the first Friday ever, she didn't want to stay in our room and fuck one of her boyfriends. I settled down in my room, the sounds of girls running up and down the halls, music blasting in a room two doors down from me, and someone talking on their cell right outside...and through it all – heaven! I slowly drifted off to a wonderful sleep.

I woke up to find a naked guy lying in Vicky's bed. It was the long haired guy from the other day. His manhood stood at perfect attention. I followed up his body to find his eyes wide open, staring at me!

“Hey, you're that Suzy chick ain't cha?” he asked.

“Sarah,” I replied.

“Yeah, right. Vicky said you are a virgin, that true?”

I closed my fists tight but didn't remove my hands from over my small chest. I pulled out a bra and moved away from the mirror, attempting to get it on as quickly as possible without him catching a glimpse.

“Hey! Don't take it the wrong way. I think that's cool and all. I mean, like, that's an accomplishment these days. Too many chicks,” he paused as if trying to process the right thing to say, “and dudes, are just, like, ready to give it away, you know? It's pretty cool that you aren't.”

My shirt on and my jeans nearly there, I pulled them up, zipped, buttoned, and turned toward him. I gave him a rushed and intentionally brief, “Thanks.”

“You're welcome. Hey, you ain't leaving are you?”

“Yes, I have plans. Plus, I don't think Vicky would be cool coming back and seeing us talking.”

“Vicky?” he said obviously confused, “She won't give a shit. She might even be out fucking some other dude right now. I was just hoping, you know, we could talk more.”

“Well, as inviting as the offer is...”

“Just talk,” he said, getting up.

I've never actually been afraid of being raped. I guess I have always just thought that it would never happen to me. But when he stood up with an erection and walked toward me, I literally ran across my roommate's bed and jumped for the door.

“Hey, what the...HEY!” He yelled.

Walking outside in the sun my heart still raced. I thought about this afternoon. I had figured the whole trip out. I could take the bus across campus and to the mall. From the mall I could catch another bus out to the other side of town. From there I would have to walk a few miles to get to their house. If everything went well, I would be there later this afternoon for the party. Now getting back home, I hadn't figured out yet. I guess I hoped someone at the party would give me a ride back. If they didn't, I would just call a cab.

I arrived two hours late.

“Yes?” A man at the door said. It was obvious he was intent on not opening the door any more than necessary. Before I could answer I heard someone yell from the other room asking who was at the door. He turned around and yelled, “I don't know yet. Probably someone selling something.”

“Tell them to go away or we'll call the cops,” they said.

“We don't want any.” He said and closed the door.

Normally I'm the type to give up as soon as someone slams a door in my face, but I was already a bundle of nerves and exhausted. I knocked again.

“Listen girl, we are serious, we are going to call the –”

“God damn it Michael, get out of the fucking way!” Rochelle said, and pushed her way past Michael to open the door for me. I couldn't help feeling a little pissed, but I was blindly happy to see Rochelle. “Sarah! We didn't think you were going to make it. I'm so glad you are here. Come on inside. Jesus, you are dripping sweat, what happened? Your car break down?”

“No, I don't have a car,” I said.

“What? How did you get here?” She didn't wait for me to answer, just said, “You should have called me. I would have come and got you. Damn girl. Looks like you walked the whole way.” she said, then said, “Oh my God! Did you walk the whole way?”

I spent the next few minutes or hours, it was hard to tell which, in a sort of surreal dream. People asked me questions, I answered, but my mind wasn't listening. All around me, people were naked, and not one of them seemed to care! This was what I had been wanting. I couldn't believe it was happening.

“So, what do you say? You ready to give this hippie shit a try? My parents are dying to meet you, but they didn't want to interrupt,” she leaned in and whispered, “I think they think we're a couple. I didn't have the heart to tell them we aren't.”

My face burned red. A couple? Rochelle was gay? I wasn't gay. I mean, I thought Rochelle was beautiful, gorgeous even, but I wasn't here as her date – at least I didn't want to be. The thought had never even crossed my mind.

“Come on. I'll introduce you.”

Rochelle's parents sat completely naked by the pool. If Rochelle was beautiful, her parents were the reason. Her mother was absolutely gorgeous, with long bleach-blonde hair that cascaded over the most amazing full breasts I've ever seen. Her body wasn't anything like I expected for a “mom”. Her father didn't look like any hippie I'd ever seen. His hair was short, his body firm, and his manhood lay across his thigh in plane sight. I found myself staring and quickly looked away.

“So you do some modeling? I can see why. I keep telling Rocky to model but she tells me that's for puffs or something like that.”

“Jesus! Why do you try to talk like you know what you are saying.” Rochelle said, and rolled her eyes.

“Are you girls going to join us? I mean, no pressure, but if you feel like it you are welcome to get out of those clothes,” Rochelle's mother said. I could hear the contempt for clothing in her voice. It was almost as if being naked were to her what being clothed was to my own mother.

“If you are ready?” Rochelle asked.

“Yeah.” I said.

Rochelle pulled off her clothes beside me. She laughed as she stripped, like a teenager getting ready to go skinny dipping. I felt an odd sensation in my gut, as if something were just wrong. I realized what it was, no one was looking at me. Rochelle even stopped paying attention to me and was joking with some guy she obviously knew. I stood alone and nude, and for the first time I really wished I wasn't.

Rochelle's father looked up at me, and I noticed something. It was only for a moment but it was there. He gave me the once over, and he lingered on my small breasts. Just that little linger was enough to make my body warm. I turned away from him quickly. I knew I was turning red.

I had never given much thought to seeing another woman naked, until now. Rochelle's slim figure rippled with taught, firm muscles like a dancer. Her smooth skin made me want to reach out and touch her, like seeing a marble sculpture; so perfect. She moved and her arms pushed her breasts together. They were large, but so perfectly shaped, and seemed so soft. I suppose if I had been thinking, I would have noticed my own gawking. When I met Rochelle's eyes, I knew she had seen me checking her out. I felt so completely stupid.

“Dear God, you are both beautiful! I can see why Rochelle fell for you Sarah,” her father said.

“We aren't a couple.” Rochelle said.

“Whatever. You don't have to hide here. Nothing is hidden here,” He said.

His eyes lingered on my face for a moment and then dropped to my breasts. Strange, I thought, for him to be so enamored with my breasts when he was surrounded by huge perfect breasts. Then I saw it! His penis moved. Just a touch at first, then slowly it grew. He was getting an erection. I didn't want to look but I couldn't help it. He was getting turned on looking at me! I didn't want to admit it, but that made me far happier than it should have.

“Want to go for a swim?” Rochelle asked.

“Great idea! Go for a swim. We'll all catch up later on,” her father said, and he turned over on his stomach. Odd, I thought. I had no experience with nudists, and knew even less about the culture, but apparently the male erection was still something to hide? Or was it just that her father didn't want anyone seeing he was getting hard looking at a girl his daughter's age? Whatever the case, it wasn't a moment too soon. I was already warm and moist below. Walking away, I couldn't help myself, I took a look over my shoulder. Sure enough, he was staring at my ass. God! I shook my head and followed Rochelle into the water.

“Are you getting cold?” She asked. The sun was already settling in the sky. Orange hues and brilliant deep blues filled the sky. Everything was so beautiful and time with Rochelle had been amazing.

“Y-y-yeah, just a l-l-l-little,” I said, teeth chattering like a wind up toy.

Rochelle closed the distance between us with a quick push off the side of the pool. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her. Her soft breasts enveloped me. Slowly I eased down in the water and she pulled me in closer. Her leg wrapped around me and our hips pulled together. Then our softness touched and I blurted out, “I'm really not gay.”

“I really am,” Rochelle said, perhaps a little too defensively. I could tell this was a big deal for her, something she had spent her life defending. I didn't know what to say.

She closed her full lips over mine. My eyes flew open! My arms straightened and my heart raced.

Her kiss was soft, so adorably soft. Her body was warm and heated mine. I didn't want to respond, but I did. I opened my mouth and let her tongue slip in. Our tongues danced around like exotic gypsies around a camp fire. She slipped her hands down the curve of my back and slowly cupped my ass. Our hips pressed tighter. I felt her warmth below. I know she could feel mine.

“You don't kiss like a straight girl,” she said.

“I know. I mean I don't know. I mean, I haven't really kissed anyone before. Well, there was this one guy in like second grade, but he sort of rammed into me on the monkey bars, hardly a kiss. Oh, but does that bother you, a guy? I mean...”

“God, shut up,” Rochelle said, and kissed me again.

I moaned into her kiss. Inside me were a thousand crazy emotions. My first real kiss and it was with another girl! I was naked, in a pool. Only hours ago I had been turned on by her father, now I was turned on by her. Jesus, I'm insane! But...would she take this the wrong way? Fear welled up in me. Rochelle was gay. I wasn't gay. I mean I don't think I'm gay. My mother would have a heart attack and die if she saw me doing this. I should stop.

“So,” I said, pushing away from Rochelle. “We should probably head back to the party huh?”

“Oh no you don't,” Rochelle said.

Rochelle was beautiful, perfect in fact, but she was aggressive and I was terrified. I let her caress me, kiss me, touch me, but I didn't reciprocate. I merely hovered, weightless and shocked. It became like it was happening to someone else. Even when her fingers entered me, I barely moved. Her fingers knew where to press. She was gentle yet forceful, skilled and loving. The pool water absorbed my juices and left me feeling dry, and raw. Normally I was dripping wet, but now it actually hurt.

“Ouch,” I said.

Just then, her father stopped by the pool. Rochelle stopped, kept her fingers inside me, and waited. When her father leaned down next to us, Rochelle said, “Really? What? Jesus fucking Christ! What do you want?”

When her father didn't leave, Rochelle pushed away from me and swam over to the ladder. I watched, helpless to move, as she pulled up and exited the pool. She walked somewhat like a guy. Her steps assured and masculine. After she was gone, I found I wanted her. I wanted to call out for her, but I was still in a dream.

“Rochelle! Come on, don't leave your girlfriend like that. Rochelle!” Her father called and went after her.

I floated like a diver stranded out in the ocean. Naked. I still felt her fingers inside me. I touched my pussy, putting my fingers were she had been. My labia were soft, open slightly, and I really would have liked to continue. How could I tell her that now? Would she come back? So, I floated. And floated. And floated.

“You are still out here?” Her father asked when he came back.

“Yeah, I thought...”

“Rochelle is gone. She left with some friends of hers. I thought maybe you were going with her. I didn't see you anywhere. Wow, I'm –”

He didn't have a chance to continue because I started crying. My tears came out as a burst. A loud, spitting burst of crying. Tears emptied into cold water. My teeth chattered, and I was suddenly aware of just how cold I was. This only made me cry more.

“Oh, oh man. Oh come on. Here, come on, let's – lets...” He stepped down into the water and came over to me. He pulled me over to the side of the pool and helped me up. I couldn't stop crying. I cried because I was naked. I cried because my dreams always go wrong. I cried because I had lost Rochelle, who looked exactly like Nastassja. I cried because I just needed to cry.

“Come on, let's go inside. We'll get warm. We'll sit down. You stay as long as you like. Don't worry about a thing. You are as welcome here as if you were family. Come on with me,” he said.

His hand dropped a little too low as we walked back to the house.

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