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The Gardeners Daughter Pt 2

The story continues...
This is part 2 of a multi part story. I have a Photo album so you can experience slightly more if you choose, or you can just use your imagination. Please remember that Esme is French and speaks with a wonderfully sexy accent, which I could never type without it having a slightly comedic Inspector Clousseau edge, so please imagine Esme's sexy french voice in this story.

Esme was still in the pool, swimming hard, and I watched her swimming, with her bum showing out of the water as she did her turns. I watched her breasts and hard nipples as she did more backstroke for a while before she came and sat next to me at the patio table. Esme took a long drink from her beer. A drop of condensation dripped of the bottle onto her breast, running down to her nipple. How I wanted to lick it off her boob. She then smiled, put her bottle down on the table, and lay back in her chair to dry in the sun. The light glinting off her wet, tanned frame made me wish I had worn something underneath the sarong. "We should go out tonight" Esme said "We will have some fun" in her French accent that was becoming sexier and sexier. "Yes, we should", I replied.

We both sat for a few minutes soaking in the sun, until I realized the Esme was watching me, watching my breasts. My nipples were hard in the sun and though not as tanned as Esme, I was a light tan.

"You had a good shower?" she asked, with a bit of a smirk " I heard you screaming, was the water too cold? I could ask my father to take a look?"

"Errrr, yes it was jumping from hot to cold, I'll call a plumber though" I replied quickly, half embarrassed and half pleased that I was overheard.

"So, tonight" I said "where can we go"
"Well, there is only one bar in the village, so we will have to go there" Esme said, "but it can be very lively"

"Great, I'm looking forward to it" I answered as my phone rang.

"Work" I said, and strolled off into the house in my sarong to see what they needed me for.

The phone call was bad news. The whole reason I was here was to try and sort out a load of legal shit around the villa and land around it purchased afterwards etc.. and the solicitor who was handling it was on his way over to go through it and it was going to take hours. Shit.

I told Esme that we would have to delay going out tonight, but I should be free tomorrow at some point. I let her take the Range Rover to get home and got myself dressed for the meeting.

OK, OK, I might have spent a few minutes fantasizing about Esme, by the pool, in a tiny thong, slipping a hand in between my legs to feel my warm moist pussy, but what do you expect a girl to do?

I would love to say that the Solicitor that came over was a young hot stud, fresh out of college, and I got nice and sticky with him after the paperwork had been finished with. Alas he was older than my Dad, so work was just work.

It was a late finish, and I went to bed tired after an exhausting day. I didn't even have the will to play with myself, although I did wake up the next morning tugging on a nipple with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. I don't remember the dream too well, but I know that it had Esme and I in a long slow 69 lying on our sides...Mmmmmm

I was enjoying letting my mind wonder, thinking about how Esme would feel, taste, smell, how I would love to have my head buried between her thighs......Shit! thats a car!

I pulled on my gown, a short satin thing that only came down to mid thigh, and walked from the guest room I was using to see who had driven up. It had to be someone who knew the code for the security gate, so could be the pool people, the housekeeper, the gardener...I didn't want to get caught lying naked flicking my clit by any of them, I have my work reputation to think of!

I couldn't see the car that had pulled up, so imagine my delight when I saw Esme walking to the front door, wearing a pair of Daisy Duke denim shorts and a skimpy top and looking hotter than she did the day before.

I ran to open the door and greeted her with a quick hug and kisses, as everyone does in Europe.
"Good morning, I hope you slept well, I bought breakfast" she said, holding up a brown paper bag.
"Your amazing!" I said, "just what I need after a late night working"
"You go and sit out on the veranda, whilst I make the coffee" Esme told me.

So I went and sat outside, trying to tidy my hair up on the way, and sunned myself whilst Esme made the coffee.

After a few minutes she appeared carrying a tray with some bread, fruit, croissants and 2 mugs of steaming coffee. I was expecting her to be wearing the Daisy Dukes and the strappy top, but she had changed into the white gown she used yesterday, which surprised me.

We sat together drinking the coffee in silence, exchanging smiles and glances before Esme spoke.

"I wanted to treat you for breakfast" she said " I wanted to make you fresh orange juice like one of my friends makes for me in Paris"

"Yes please" I said, not really knowing what she meant.

Esme then stood up and let the white robe slip off her amazing body. She did it in one graceful movement, without a moments hesitation and put it on the table.

"Wow!" I said, instinctively letting my mouth stay open as I struggled to take in her naked form.

"You like" She said, as Esme turned to face me, standing with her legs slightly apart giving me a few of her completely shaved pussy, tanned to the same color as the rest of her. Her long dark hair just brushing her nipples which were as hard as they were in the pool yesterday, she wiggled her curvy hips, stood on tiptoes to accentuate the curves of her legs and did a little spin, laughing as she did.

"You look amazing!" I told her, knowing that my pussy was leaking juices all over my satin gown, and my nipples were so stiff they would be visible through the thin fabric.

"So how did you have Orange juice in Paris?" I asked her, really not knowing what to expect.

"Like this" Esme said.

What happened next has given me so many naughty dreams, and as got my pussy creamed whenever I think about it even for a moment. It is so vivid in my memory that even now I need to change my knickers...

Esme sat on the edge of the table, then lifted herself slowly onto the table top. She moved so gracefully, keeping her legs together, spinning around until she was lying on the table, with her legs pointing at me. She rolled onto her side, giving me a glimpse of her pussy lips. My own little snatch twitched and I could feel my own juices drenching the satin of my gown even more. Esme pulled her knees back up and knelt on the table. Picking up a knife and an orange, she sliced it smoothly in half on the wooden board that she had carried the breakfast on.
"This is how I like my orange juice when I am in Paris" she told me.

Esme then moved back, so she was sat straight, her pointed toes towards me, her legs slightly bent. Then ever so slowly she moved her feet away from me, and further and further apart. Her legs opening wider revealing her delightful pink pussy. Her lips were parting, and I could see that my pussy was not the only one that was leaking love juice. She leaned back, her white gown underneath her body till she was lying down, then propped her head up with one arm. With the other hand, she picked up half an orange and slowly squeezed the fruit, holding it above her wet lips and letting the juice run down her perfect slit.

"You should taste it", Esme told me, as she rested the orange on her stomach, dipped a finger inside her pussy, rubbed it round her lips and clit and then slid it into her mouth and sucked it. I could feel my snatch was pulsing so hard now as I could hardly believed what I was seeing. It was so hot watching Esme like this.

I stood up and took off my gown, using it as an opportunity to rub my erect nipples as I shed the damp garment. I let it slide to the floor as I moved closer to the table, and looked straight into Esme's eyes. She gave me a little knowing smile, and nodded gently. I lent forward, careful to make sure that I did not touch her with any part of my body, wanting to maintain the purity of the situation. I wanted the first sexual contact between us to be my tongue on her pussy. I let my tongue slide out of my mouth, took a deep breath let my tongue taste heaven.

I nearly came then, my knees started to buckle and I could feel the wave of pleasure starting. I only managed to stay standing because I was able to hold my self up with my arms. I couldn't believe it, the first time I kiss you, I am kissing your pussy! I have not kissed your mouth, or touched your fabulous breasts, or squeezed your ass, or rubbed you thighs, or nibbled your ear or fingered your muff or anything. I've never felt anything so soft and wonderful with my tongue before.

Esme squeezed more juice onto herself, and I licked again, a little harder and slower, savoring the from citrus flavor mixing with the sweet taste of her pussy. She squeezed more and I heard her start to pant and moan. I licked the her more and more, licking up every drop of juice from her lips. A pip dropped out of the orange and I tried to lick it away and ended up chasing it round her snatch which started Esme moaning. Esme moved herself onto the ball of her feet and pushed her pelvis into the air, pushing her softness onto my face. I took my hands off the table and put one hand underneath each cheek and pulled her into my face as my tongue delved into the soft satin folds of pleasure.

Esme could hardly hold herself up and started shaking, her legs unable to cope. I lowered her back onto the table and used my hands to concentrate on the job in hand, making Esme squeal! I started to slide two fingers inside her, amazed at how hot and smooth she is inside.

My fingers stroke and explore inside Esme as my tongue does the same outside her pussy. Then I feel it, on the front wall of her pussy. It is about the size of my thumb in diameter and has a rounded top with a small dip in the very center, and is covered in natural lube. I have never felt a G spot like it! I start to swirl my fingers around this mound, rubbing across the top every so often, and feel her whole insides quivering as I do this. I concentrate on doing this and licking her clit, glancing up from between her thighs to see the sun glistening off Esme's sweating body and her fingers tugging on her hard nipples, with her head pushed back whilst she pants and moans in ecstasy.

I put my spare had in between my own thighs, shocked at how much is dripping out from my lips and try to do three things at once, Clit with my tongue, G spot with one hand and my own pussy with the other. I start to speed up, knowing that I am close and unable to concentrate hard enough to move my hands at different speeds.

I can feel Esme start to tense up now, feel the orgasm building inside her, so I try and move faster and faster, swirling faster and faster, licking quicker and pumping my own pussy.

I can hear Esme starting to mutter something in French, and I have no clue what she is saying, but her accent is so hot, it turns me on more to know that I am doing this to her.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Oui! Oui! Oui!" Esme starts to scream as her body shudders and shakes uncontrollably and cum gushes all over my face, I lap at it, loving the taste and the pressure on my fingers as she clamps down on them, squeezing them as the pleasure flows through her.

That tips me over the edge, and I have to grip the edge of the table to stay on my feet as my own orgasm takes control and waves of pleasure moves around my body, my pussy squeezing over and over in pleasure. I know that my thighs are covered in my juices and my skin is flushed a bright red color as I try and grab my breath.

Esme recovers a little faster than me, and sits up and moves forwards to wrap her legs round my waste and her arms round my torso. Pressing her breasts against mine she leans down and kisses me for the first time whilst we are in this intimate embrace. Tasting herself in my mouth her tongue begins to explore mine and I feel like we are 2 bodies turned into one.

Sliding her hands all over my smooth skin, she slides a hand up my wet thighs and dips a finger into my drenched pussy and I have another small orgasm as she stirs my honey pot. Still holding me tight, Esme breaks away from kissing me and sucks my juice off her finger.

"Wow" I said " Your amaz..."
"Shhhh" Esme put her fingers on my lips, "Don't talk, lets go to bed and do this all again, but slower and for longer, I want to get to know your body like you know mine"

And she took my hand and led me into the house, leaving our gowns, the oranges and a large wet patch of cum on the table...

To be continued...

Please check out the folder I have created containing photos that accompany this story. You won't be disappointed.
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