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The Girl From College

Francesca's dream becomes reality.
She was always late. Her blonde hair was blowing in the wind as she ran down the street for the bus. It was a chilly October morning, and Francesca was on her way to college.

She knew she would be late. She had been awoken by her alarm right in the middle of a sex dream about Ebony, a girl who also attended college. Francesca has a huge crush on her, but who didnt? She had pert tits, an amazingly round arse and her hair was just as her name would suggest, long and beautifully dark. So wishfully, Fran had gone back to sleep hoping that Ebony would eat her pussy. No such luck, instead she was late, she had no breakfast and now had to run for the bus like an idiot.

As Fran stamped to a halt at the bus stop, the bus pulled up and doors opened. She breathlessly got on, flashing her bus pass at the driver and looked up to find a seat. The bus was packed out. She grabbed onto a handrail and held on for dear life. The bus driver wasn't careful and once or twice Fran had stumbled into the girl behind her. Turning to say sorry, she was faced with object of her dream.

Blushing, Fran opened her mouth to say sorry.
"Oh don't worry about it," Ebony said, smiling. "This bus driver is a maniac haha. Are you okay, you look a little flushed?"
Francesca was deeply embarassed, "Yeah, I'm fine, I think I'm just hot." She replied, trying to sound as cool as possible.
"Oh okay, well I'm here for you to fall into if you are feeling faint." Ebony said, flashing a smile.

Fran could have sworn that line was a flirtatious one, but she pushed it out of her mind, she was literally dreaming.

They got off the bus and walked under the subway towards college. Fran turned to see Ebony walking behind her, she was so fit. Her mind started wandering again, thinking about pulling her black skinny jeans off, and her purple vest, exposing her bra, which she imagined was black, and undoing it to reveal...

"So how are you? I haven't seen you for a couple of days." Ebony stole into Fran's thought.
"Oh. Erm, I'm fine thank you, you? I didn't realise you noticed me." Said Fran, uncertainly.
"Haha, of course. I'm a people watcher. I notice everyone. Are you feeling okay now?" Asked Ebony.

Fran was becoming quite aware that Ebony was looking at her chest "Yeah I think so, thank you."
Then Ebony started "Look, I'm having a house party later, my sisters 21st. You don't fancy coming do you? I'd like to get to know you."

Francesca nearly fell over. Was this even real?! A girl that she had only ever shared 'Hi's' and 'Hello's' with was now inviting her to a party at her house?
"Well, yeah." Fran answered, regaining composure. "I'd love to actually."
"Brilliant!" Ebony exclaimed "You live by Oak School don't you? Well I'll knock the door for you around 7ish. Number 110 isn't it?"
Fran was slightly shocked, Ebony even knew where she lived. "Yeah perfect, see you then!" They parted and went into class.

All day, Fran was on edge, imagining that it was all part of her dream. The day passed in an excited haze and before she knew it, she was on the bus home. Staring out of the window she wondered what to wear, and thought about taking a long hot bath.

When she got in the house, she started running the bath. It was 5pm now, that gave her 2 hours to get ready. As she soaked in the bubbles, her hands drifted to her hot pussy. She traced her fingers around her hairy lips, "This won't do," she said to herself, reaching for her razor. She carefully shaved her pussy, her mound looked so inviting now. She lay back again and felt her wetness. Just thinking of Ebony made her pussy swell with excitement. She pushed two fingers inside and found her G-Spot, making her squirm with pleasure. Fran's toughts were so dirty; she knew the scenario in her head would likely never happen.

It wasn't long until Fran was pulling on her black tights and easing into her black dress with a lace panel, showing just enough cleavage. There came a knock at the door. 6.57pm, it was Ebony. She ran downstairs, and opened the front door. Ebony was wearing a black dress too, but hers had no sleeves and had a plunging neckline, showing how perfect her boobs were. They walked down the street, Fran letting Ebony guide her towards her house. They chatted about the most random things on the way; how the teacher at college had a speech problem, how the night was so cold and how Ebony liked Fran's eyes.

The party was crazy. Ebony's sister, Reece was so drunk, the music was so loud, downstairs was packed out and Ebony and Fran had been together, chatting all night, slowly getting more and more tipsy.
"I'm just popping to the loo!" Fran shouted over the music.
"Okay, I'll come up with you." Eb replied.
As they walked up the stairs, Ebony explained that the bathroom was straight ahead and her bedroom was two doors away on the right, and to come into her after Fran had been to the toilet as it was getting so loud down stairs.

Fran closed the bathroom door behind her and tottered over to Ebony's bedroom. The door was ajar and she could see Ebony lying on the bed, just in her bra and panties. Fran's head swam.
'Oh my god is this, my dream, sex with Ebony becoming real?!' she thought. She carefully opened the door, and Ebony sat up and looked into her eyes.
"Come to bed?" She questioned.
Mind boggling, Fran kicked her heels off, walked over and perched her arse on the edge of the bed.
"I really like you, Francesca. You're fucking gorgeous."

The next thing Fran knew, her lips were locking with Ebony, their tongues were caressing each others mouths, their spit entwined all over each others lips.

Ebony moved her hand onto Fran's leg. She slid it up to her thigh, fingers getting closer to her burning cunt. She felt all the way to the top of Fran's tights, and gently pushed her back onto the bed, pulling her tights off. She put her hand at the top of her panties, and Fran put her hand there to stop her.
"Let me take my dress off," she said, seductively.

Standing there in their bras and panties, Ebony kissed Fran hard again. Fran moved her hand to Ebony's tits, they were fucking perfect. She pulled her bra down, moved her head and enveloped her hard nipple in her mouth. Ebony moaned in pleasure. Then she pushed Fran onto the bed again, knelt down beside the bed and this time succeeding in taking her panties off. Fran's hot, wet cunt was ready for Ebony's tongue. Fran moaned as Ebony parted her legs and dived into her wetness. Her tongue was thrashing all over Fran's pussy, her fingers were playing with her hard nipples and her top lip was grazing her clit.

"Fuck," Fran moaned, breathlessly.
Ebony wasn't coming up for air. Her mouth was buried deep in Fran's cunt, and Fran was getting close, as Eb flicked her tongue over her hard clit.
Fran pushed Ebony's head out of her pussy and asked, "Can we 69? I want to taste you."
Ebony positioned herself underneath and Fran sat her sopping wet pussy on Ebony's tongue. Ebony started tonguing her again.

Fran then put her hands round Ebony's legs and ran her tongue from her clit to her tight, glistening hole. Ebony flinched under the softness of this. Fran did not have a clue what she was doing, she felt self conscious as Ebony seemed so experienced. Mimiking what Eb was doing to her pussy, Fran started tongue fucking her, and then pushed a finger inside, feeling someone elses wet hole was unreal; her dream was happening. Now. She awkwardly pushed two fingers inside then started fucking faster while wriggling her tongue all over Ebony's clit.

Ebony's moans were vibrating through Fran's cunt, Francesca felt closer than she'd ever been to any feeling before. She felt like she would explode, emotions were building. She started bouncing her pussy on Ebony's tongue moaning loudly as she told her, "Ebony, I think I'm going to ...."

Without any warning, without a clue, Francesca was ripped from her moment of ecstacy as someone opened the door and stood there gawping.

"Fuck!" Ebony shouted, scrambling under the blankets. Her mouth and chin was glistening with Fran's juices. Fran didn't know what to think, she grabbed the edge of the blanket and pulled it over her. Then as soon as it opened, the door was closed. Ebony crawled to Fran and kissed her so passionately, Fran felt a tiny explosion in her cunt. Their pussy juices smeared all over each others faces.

They got dressed, and left the room. Went down stairs and joined the party again. The pair kept shooting flirty looks at each other as they carried on drinking and dancing together. They shared a bed again that night.

But after that Fran rarely saw Ebony at college. In fact, she never saw her again.

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