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The Girl of Her Dreams

First Lesbian Experience

Brittany Wakefield was a twenty five year old woman who worked as a news reporter for the Guardian newspaper in London. But there was one thing she kept to herself, not let slip to anyone, that she liked girls. She loved them. She'd never been with one before but she lusted after beautiful women that she saw everyday in the office. On the weekends Brittany would go down South London, one of the side streets and walk into a strip club and watch beautiful pole dancers dancing on poles for men of all ages lusting after them in just a bra and g string. Little did the people there know that Brittany Wakefield too lusted after them.  So she was a total lesbian.

Brittany always liked girls ever since secondary school when she hit puberty and the other girls were growing breasts and their bodies were getting curvier and sexier. She found them more attractive then the boys there. She never admitted to her friends and family that she was a lesbian but they kind of guessed as she never went on any dates with guys who asked her out.

It was one rainy Thursday afternoon that Brittany's sexy little assistant, Lisa Parker, a petite blonde with shoulder length hair, a tight little booty and a big chest, came into Brittany's office wearing a tight knee length black skirt with a slit at the back, black heels, and a black top with a low cut  showing her cleavage.

She smiled, "you wanted to see me, Miss Wakefield," she said sweetly.

"Yes, I did. Could you close the door and then sit down," Brittany ordered. She sat at her desk with her feet up on it in her black leather swinging chair.

Lisa parker closed the door and then hurried and sat down in the chair opposite her boss. She fiddled nervously with her hands in her lap. "What did you want to see me about, Miss Wakefield?" she asked.

Brittany stared lustfully at the beautiful blonde sitting in front of her. Her brown eyes lowered down to Lisa's chest that seemed bigger and fuller every time she breathed. Brittany swallowed nervously and felt herself getting wet at the sight. She got up off the chair and walked over to the window and looked out at the busy street outside and then pulled down the blinds.

"Why are closing the blinds?" Lisa asked.

Avoiding her question, Brittany locked her office door so they wouldn't be disturbed.

Lisa got up off the chair and headed towards the door but Brittany stood in her way.

"Miss Wakefield, if you don't need any service from me, I should get back to my desk and take office calls," Lisa said.

"I am your boss, Lisa, and you should do as I tell you," She replied, flicking a long strand of black hair behind her shoulder.

"Yes, Miss Wakefield," Lisa replied. "What is it you want?"

"How long have you been my assistant now, Lisa?"

"Six months."

"That's right, and during that time you've not noticed why I keep you doing long hours for me?" Brittany asked, raising a dark eyebrow.

"Yes, I have. But I've never complained because I wanted to make a good impression," she replied.

"Oh, believe me you have," Brittany grinned. Her eyes lowered down to her assistant's big chest again and felt the feeling of sexual arousal growing stronger in her pussy. Getting wetter and wetter. She backed Lisa into a corner and leaned her arms up over her head and looked down at her lustfully. "You see, Lisa, I've called you in today because I want you."

Lisa looked back in confusion "you want me? what for?"  she asked.

"Since that day I hired you to be my assistant I have not stopped thinking about you, wanting you. You see, Lisa, I like girls, sexy girls like yourself. But it's only you I want to be my first time," Brittany confessed, her heart pounding as she stared deeply into her love interest's blue eyes.

Lisa was shocked "I'm flattered, Miss Wakefield. But I'm not into girls," she said. She tried to duck under Brittany's arm but Brittany pushed her back.

"I've waited ten years to find the perfect woman to come along to lose my virginity to and I'm not going to let her get away." Brittany winked at her. "Call me, Brittany, from now on. As we'll be lovers from this day."

"I told you, Brittany, I'm not interested in girls, I love men a lot," Lisa insisted.

She grabbed hold of Lisa's small waist and led her over to her desk and pushed her into her office chair and tied Lisa's arms around the chair with a rope from her desk drawer.

"Miss Wakefield, what are you doing?" Lisa asked, beginning to get angry. "Untie me now!"

Brittany ignored her and spread out Lisa's smooth legs, she ran her left hand up Lisa's right leg slowly towards her pussy. Brittany touched her pussy and felt herself getting wetter at the touch of the girl of her dreams' pussy. It was so warm and seemed wet. She looked up at Lisa with a grin "you're not into girls, huh? so why are you wet and warm?"

Lisa was lost for words. Didn't know what to say to that.

Brittany teased her pussy with a finger and it made Lisa moan pleasurably.  She laughed and rubbed her index finger up and down Lisa's wet pussy. "I'll have to get rid of this," referring to Lisa's black lacy panties. She pulled them off her before Lisa could resist. Brittany's finger went back to rubbing her pussy and then inserted her finger inside Lisa.

She cried out pleasurably making Brittany finger fuck her faster.

"Stop Brittany, please, I don't want this," Lisa cried.

"You say that when I can feel your wet right down to your ass," Brittany replied evenly. "Hmm, shall I put two fingers in or just stick to one? I'm so fucking horny I could stick my whole hand up your sweet pussy. But I won't because I got to think of your needs. So what would you like? One finger or two?"

"Enough. Please, stop!" Lisa said, not giving into her desires.

"By the state of how wet your pussy is Lisa, I'd say you'd love me to stick two fingers inside you." She stuck two of her fingers inside her making Lisa cry out more. "You like, my lover?"

"Yes, don't stop!" Lisa cried, as her body started to wriggle and she moaned.

Brittany pulled out her fingers and sucked them tasting Lisa's sweet juices in her mouth. Her hands grabbed hold of Lisa's breasts and squeezed them and moved them around. They felt like pleasure sponges. She pulled up Lisa's top and sucked on her left erected nipple making Lisa moan more. "Do you want me, Lisa?" she asked, lustfully. "I want you so much. I've wanted you for so long."

Lisa looked up into Brittany's beautiful face and nodded her head "I want you, Brittany, so much. Make love to me," she said.

She took off her blue corset and skirt and stood in her red knickers and bra then let Lisa look at her. "What do you think? Am I attractive?"

"You're very beautiful, Miss Wakefield. I mean Brittany, gorgeous."

Brittany took off her bra and knickers and sat on Lisa's lap so her big breasts were in her face.

Lisa wrapped her mouth around Brittany's nipple making her moan out pleasurably.

For five minutes Lisa sucked on her erected nipples until Brittany stood up and went to her black cabinet at the corner of her office with a key in her hand unlocking the cabinet door and pulled out a square shaped box then locked the cabinet back up again. She walked back over and laid the box on the desk and lifted up the lid and took out a large, brown, rubber penis attached to brown straps.

Brittany tied the straps around her waist covering up her soaking wet pussy and then shoved the rubber penis in Lisa's face. "Suck it," she ordered.

Lisa obeyed and wrapped her mouth around the thick dildo and moved up and down.

Brittany pushed her back against the chair and she sat back down on Lisa and looked up at her "are you ready?" she asked. Her heart pounding against her chest. This was it, she was going to finally lose her virginity to the girl of her dreams.

Lisa nodded, smiling "I want you to fuck me so badly," she replied, with arousal.

She smiled back and slowly moved her pelvic bone muscles forward pushing the dildo into Lisa's pussy. And it went in straight away with no difficulties nor any pain from both parties.

Brittany and Lisa moved their hips together as they made love. Brittany moved at a gentle pace, thrusting herself in and out of her. But as she got more excited, Brittany moved faster and faster including her breathing.

Lisa groaned and moaned with pleasure. She felt as though she was about to orgasm and she did. She cried out as her body spasmed underneath Brittany.

Brittany thrust deeper and faster into her. She felt all hot and knew she was about to orgasm any minute now as her ass muscles began to clench up and she moved faster still pumping away at Lisa.

They heard a loud tear from Lisa's skirt but neither cared as they fucked each other.

Lisa's pussy began to make farting noises as Brittany came to a climax and collapsed on top of her.

"Wow!" Lisa said.

Brittany sat up and looked at her with a happy smile on her face. "Thank you, Lisa, for making my first time ever so wonderful and unforgettable."

She smiled back "you're welcome", she replied. "But can I get out of these ropes my arms have gone to sleep."

Brittany laughed and pulled out of her pussy and walked round the back of her chair and untied the robes on Lisa's arms.

Lisa moved her arms about to get feeling back into them. She stood up and then remembered the tear in her skirt from their lovemaking. She turned her skirt around and the tear had gone up right to her ass. Lisa laughed.

Brittany saw and she too laughed. She wrapped her arms around Lisa and looked into her eyes "I really like you," she said.

"Me too," she replied.

"So how about some seconds?" Brittany grinned slyly.

Lisa grinned back and unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor taking off her bra so they were both naked. She went over to the empty desk and sat on it with her legs wide open welcoming her gorgeous lover.

Brittany walked over to her and in no time at all, she was back inside Lisa's soft wet pussy.

Brittany and Lisa made love passionately than ever before.

Who would ever thought that they're first lesbian experience would be so passionate.

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