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The Girls of ΛΕƩ - Rituals

The initiation continues

After the sexual excitement of this morning lunch, I expected there would be a welcome respite. The sisters led us to a large dining room with a table already set for lunch. I was astonished at the elegance of the setting. Crystal, silverware and elegant porcelain were the last things I had expected in a sorority house.

I was ushered to a seat between Angel and Mia while the other pledges, Sabrina and Megan, were seated between their mistress and their sponsor. I was famished after the morning I had experienced. No sooner were we seated when two women came in with serving trays and served the appetizers of Parma ham slices and melon.

Angel said, “Please begin. You’ll need your strength for this afternoon.”

I turned toward her and asked, “Angel, the membership fees are very modest. How does the sorority maintain this standard of luxury?”

“Evie, let’s say we have very generous Alumni,” she answered with a grin.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“You’ll find out in a couple of days,” she replied with a giggle. “Now eat!”

I was so hungry I had to restrain myself from using both hands. As soon as the appetizers were finished, we were served small filet mignons, oven roasted potatoes, and a small Caesar salad. The food was delicious and hit the spot after my previous exertions.

Every few minutes either Angel or Mia would reach over and caress my naked tit. They would pinch my nipples and toy with them. My pussy was already inflamed from the pleasures it had received. It seemed to be continually moist and aching for more. I was glad a serviette had been placed under my naked bum.

When the dishes had been cleared Angel asked, “Who’s ready for dessert?” She gave me a lifted eyebrow and cooed, “Evie, are you ready?”

The sisters applauded, and I asked, “What’s for dessert?”

Mia laughed. “What, you don’t know? You will be our dessert.”

I blushed at the implication as we all rose and Mia took my hand and led me upstairs and into a bedroom with a four poster bed. She gave me a hug and kissed me lasciviously before pushing me flat on my back across the bed.

Angel walked into the room giving me a hungry look. She instructed Mia to get me ready. In my mind I was ready, so I wondered what that meant. I soon found out as my wrists were tied to the two top bedposts and a bolster was placed under my hips which raised my ass about six inches from the mattress. My legs were then spread and similarly tied half way up the bottom bed posts.

“Ready for dessert?” Angel asked me.

“Yes mistress,” I answered. “Do I also get dessert?”

“If you are a good little girl I can guarantee you will get your fill.”

She turned to Mia saying, “I’m claiming the privilege of going first.” I realized with sudden clarity that I was to be molested by both of them. This was the moment when I felt completely helpless and realized that I was utterly at their mercy. I struggled to test my bonds, and that made me feel more helpless as there was no way I could resist.

It was a confusing sensation of mixed fear and desire which ran through my body. I trembled with anxiety. But despite the anxiety, I could feel more sexual excitement I had ever known before.

Angel came to stand by my side. “Scared little one?” she asked.

I silently nodded my head as best I could. She leaned over me and kissed me. I felt her hot breath as she nuzzled my neck. “Remember what I said yesterday. Nothing will happen which you will not enjoy. If something we are doing becomes too intense just say the word… Un-pledge. We’ll stop immediately. Regrettably, you will have failed the initiation. However, we will stop.”

I gave her a rueful smile of acceptance while saying to myself ‘over my dead body.'

She turned to Mia and said, “I think a little spanking to start. Do you agree?”

Mia smiled. “Absolutely. Slap the bitch’s pussy. That will get her sensitized.”

Angel went to the foot of the bed and looked down between my splayed legs. She ran the palm of her hand up and down my pussy. The sensation was incredible. I was gushing with juice, and she pressed down on it causing juices to seep out.  It actually made a squelching sound against her palm.

I gave myself over to the feelings. She was eliciting and started to move my hips trying to initiate a deeper contact when she raised her hand and brought it down with a resounding smack on my vulnerable slit.

I gasped at the sting and the associated pleasure that shot through my body. She rubbed it open palmed, and I felt my clit harden. She pinched it and raised it from within its hood before giving me another smack making sure it impacted with my now firm clit.

My body bounced off the bed as I gave a shriek of pleasure and pain.

“Mia, gag her,” Angel ordered.

Mia got on the bed and straddled my face, lowering her pussy down and forcing my head back. She covered my mouth with her pussy. She was not presenting herself to be pleasured, but rather to prevent me from crying out. My mouth was gagged by her body over mine.  She took my nipples between her fingers and pinched my tender nubs causing me again to try and arch my back at the sensations that shot through my body.

Angel resumed alternately slapping and rubbing my pussy as I vainly attempted to struggle. I lost all sensation of time and space as I was blinded and muffled. I felt my body wracked by sobs of alternating pain and pleasure.

At Angel’s request, Mia lifted herself off of me.  I lay there sobbing. Tears were running down my face. My nipples were tingling, and my pussy felt as if it was on fire. Mia retrieved a washcloth and wiped the tears and mascara that were running down my face.

Angel lay down on the bed next to me and gently caresses my body. Her fingers soothed my nipples as she wet her fingers and glided them over my nubs. Using a feather light touch, she explored every inch of my skin completely avoiding my pussy. As she stroked the insides of my thighs, she drove me crazy. All I wanted was release from the sexual tension I was now feeling.

“Evie, you have now wet my appetite. I think it is time for my dessert. I have wanted to lick and suck your pussy since I first saw it. Would you like that?”

“Angel, please. Please do. I am so fucking horny you can do anything you want. My body is yours to play with, but please soon. I’m going crazy.”

She straddled my body and laid her head on my lower belly. Her fingers explored my pussy lips stroking them lightly. I felt her part my petals and run a finger teasingly into my sopping wet pussy.

I was looking up at her as she straddled me and noticed she had a gold ring piercing her clit. Trying to raise my head to reach her with my tongue was impossible. She kept just out of my reach. I heard her chuckle. “Relax love. Your turn will come soon enough. First, however, I want to eat you up. You smell and taste so good. You have the sweetest pussy of any girl here. Just relax now and enjoy what we are going to do to you.”

With that, she seriously began fingering me. Her movements in and out of me were more focused and intense. Her thumb rubbed circles around my hypersensitive clit. As her fingers curved into me, she found my g-spot, and I felt her fingers vigorously massaging it. I let out a shriek as my body arched despite the ropes and orgasmic shocks cascaded through my body.

She rolled off me and faced me as I lay panting on my back after being made to cum so violently after all the edging I had endured. She gently kissed me and parted my lips with her tongue. We lay there tonguing each other until she pulled back and asked, “Feeling better?”

All I could do was smile and her and say, “Thank you, mistress.” I was still trying to get my breathing under control.

I turned my head and could see that Mia had been watching and playing with herself. Her face was flushed with an orgasmic glow. Angel turned to her and asked, “Dessert?”

Mia nodded excitedly, and Angel resumed her position straddling me while Mia stepped to the bottom of the bed.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven when two tongues attacked my gaping hole. I was licked, sucked and titillated by both of them. I would feel one tongue fucking me while the other teased my clit with licks and nips. My belly muscles were tight as a drum.

Suddenly I felt my ass cheeks being spread even wider and a tongue licked my sensitive pucker. The tongue circled and probed putting me into a frenzy. I wanted so much to be able to push against it to get it to penetrate me. A finger was introduced, and I could feel it open me up as it slid deep into my ass. It was followed by a second finger which spread me even more and then started to thrust in and out of my hot ass and twist deep into me on each thrust.

At the same time, the pussy sucking and licking went on unabated. My orgasm hit me like a tsunami. When the fingers were withdrawn from both my now gaping holes,  I felt a tongue thrust up my bum while my clit was firmly sucked at the same time.

My shrieks and moans must have filled the whole house as when I finally opened my eyes I realized that the whole sorority was at the entrance to the room gazing in awestruck wonder at the scene.

Angel looked at them and yelled, “Out! Your turns will come.” At that point, I realized that I would be used as a sex toy by the whole group for the next two days. The thought was erotic as I knew I would gladly give myself to all of them without reservation.

Angel untied my bonds and helped me stand. She escorted me to the shower room where she and Mia washed my tired limbs and the sweat which had coated my body. The hot water soothed me, and I started to toy with both their bodies. Angel burst into laughter. “Already ready for more?”

I nodded happily and said, “My turn for dessert.”

“You are going to fit in so well. I like greedy girls,” she said drying me off and leading me to the bedroom.

We lay down on the bed and cuddled in each other’s arms. I held her tightly against me relishing the feel of her nipples brushing against mine while we kissed. My fingers traced the curve of her back and hips, loving the feeling of her soft flesh under my fingers. I relished her body heat against mine and kept stroking her body wondering how she would taste.

Freeing myself from her arm, I started to lick her neck and trace every curve of her body with my tongue.  Her small tits were two hard bumps on her chest, and I feasted on the firm titty flesh. I sucked a nipple into my mouth and lightly chewed on it while my fingers teased the other one circling it over and over before rolling it between my fingers. Angel moaned with pleasure. It pleased me that I was able to turn her on.

Slowly I licked lower letting my tongue run swaths down her body. I circled her navel and let my tongue dip into it eliciting a giggle from her. I went lower to just above her puffy mound, causing her to thrust upward attempting to get my mouth and lips in contact with her pussy.

I pulled back and said, “Not yet, I have more exploring to do.”

I lowered myself to the bottom of the bed and took her foot and brought it to my mouth. Sucking her toes again provoked giggles. I treated both her feet in a similar manner while looking towards her pussy. It seemed to glisten with a sheen of moisture. Her lips were puffy and though not exceptionally thick, looked delicious to me.

I slowly licked up the length of her inner thigh till I reached her groin and then, avoiding her pussy, did the other leg. My own pussy was aching with need again. I took both her legs and spread them wide and pushed them against her chest. She hooked her arms around them and held them parted for me.

My face was now in front of her succulent petals, and I proceeded to lick on the outside bringing my tongue flat on each side to get them completely coated with my saliva. Using my fingers, I parted her petals and gazed at the pink flesh within her folds. It was glistening with juice, and I advanced my tongue and lapped like a kitten at her juices.

She tasted sweet and musky as I kept running my tongue from bottom to top in successive firmer licks. I heard her moan and saw her hips rise to meet my now probing tongue. Her clit with its golden ring peeked out at me, and I gripped the ring with my teeth and gently tugged it. Her moans became shrieks as I toyed with it.

However, I had more exploring I wanted to do. I rolled her further back, and now I could see her pink pucker. I had never done anything like this before. I tentatively advanced my tongue and touched it to her asshole. She gasped, and before my eyes, her little hole started to spasm. I licked it some more, and her reaction betrayed her pleasure as she started to beg me to put my tongue in her.

Remembering the pleasure that it had given me I thrust forward, slowly letting my tongue penetrated her ass. It was as if she was opening it fully up for me. I withdrew my tongue and pushed my fingers into that delightfully wet and hot cavity. I could feel her clench around my fingers as I explored her depths.

My tongue resumed playing with her pussy as my other hand played with her clit. I rubbed circles on it while my tongue fucked her wet cunt. I could feel her juices coating my face. She was thrashing on the bed, and I could see her toes curl as I brought her to the brink of her orgasm.

In a paroxysm of moans, I felt her pussy clamp down on my tongue, and her pussy pushed stream after stream of warm, sweet cum all over my mouth and face. I was literally drenched as I kept bringing her to orgasm after orgasm while she wrapped her slender legs around my head keeping my face and mouth against her mound.

As she slowly released me and lowered her legs, she lay there breathless with an amazed grin on her face. She looked like the Cheshire Cat.

I lifted up and lay against her while she lovingly cleaned my face with her tongue.

“Where the hell did you learn to make love like that?” she asked.

“Angel, my only similar experience was two years ago with Mia and her mother. I spent two nights with them… one night with each.”

“Girl, you are a natural. That was extraordinary! I have never been turned on this way by anyone else.”

I smiled proudly at her and leaned forward to kiss her. She literally devoured me.We remained locked in that embrace and dozed off in each other’s arms.

Some time later we woke up still wrapped around one another. The sun was down, and I suddenly realized that Mia had not been with us for the rest of the afternoon. When I asked Angel where she was, she told me that she had asked Mia to leave us alone. She wanted me exclusively to herself for the rest of the day.

“Do you have other plans for me?” I asked Angel.

“Well, you have a choice. You can either go back to Mia’s or spend the night it with me. It’s your decision.”

I reached between her legs and gave a tug to her clit ring and smiled at her.

“Is that your answer?” she asked.

I blushed and said, “Yes, Mistress, I would love for us to spend the night together.”

“Why is that, you naughty little girl?”

Blushing a deeper shade of red, I mumbled, “I believe that…  I’m falling in love with you.”

“Really? Oh, little one you make me feel so special.”

“You are special. I was seduced by you at first sight. I love your assuredness and your mixture of strength and tenderness. I also think you are the most beautiful and sexiest woman I’ve ever met.”

She came to me and hugged me, wrapping me in her arms as she kissed me once more. These were not the same voracious kisses I had previously experienced. This was tender and loving.

She went to the closet and pulled out a nightie and handed it to me. “Put this on and let us go raid the fridge. You must be hungry.” She put one on as well, and we padded barefoot through the silent house to the kitchen. In the fridge, we found an assortment of cold cuts and cheeses that we set on the kitchen table. Angel went into the pantry and asked me whether I wanted red or white wine. I told her that I preferred red with what we had to eat and she came back, uncorked a bottle of red, and poured a couple of glasses.

“Here’s to us,” she said raising her cup towards me.

“To us,” I responded. She linked her arm through mine, and we brought the glasses to our lips while looking deeply into each other’s eyes. We sat and devoured the food before us. I had not realized how famished I was.  When we finished, she took my hand and led me to a bathroom with an enormous bath. She filled it with water and a scented bubble bath. The aroma of jasmine wafted through the room as she gently removed my teddy and held my hand as we both stepped into the hot water.

She sat in front of me and wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me to her. Her arms wrapped around me and we hugged. I felt my heart beat in my chest, feeling amazed that Angel seemed to be as attracted to me as I was to her. She lay her head on my shoulder and murmured terms of endearment in my ear. Her warm breath caressed my ear and my cheek.

In a quasi-trance, I sat in the tub recovering from the emotional turmoil of the day and rested in her arms. I felt her hands on my body and sank into a blissful comfort till she kissed me and said, “Let me take you to bed.”

Once under the duvet and with Angel’s body heat radiating next to me I finally allowed myself to fall asleep with questions of what was to come. The last words that I heard before succumbing to the arms of Morpheus were, “Evie, I love you.”

To be continued...

My deepest thanks to JefferyB for his contined support and superb editing.


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