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the hardest and sweetest kiss

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my girl talks too much
We had been sitting out the back on the verandah for over 2 hours, the breaze from the ocean felt great after the heat of the day. I looked at her in the moon light, sitting next to me. She was different from all the other girls I had met, self aware and knew what she wanted. Only one small problem, when she started talking she would go on for hours. Every time I opened my mouth to say something she would tell me to shut up because she was talking. Losing track of what she was saying, I closed my eyes and wondered if she was ever going shut up

I had had enough and stood up. Sensing I was about to leave she suddenly stopped talking and looked up at me with a glint in her eyes and the most amazing smile.

I bent down and kissed her, biting her lips hungrily. I clasped her hands in mine and pushed her back onto the rug we had spread out on the verandah. I knelt above her and ripped off her shirt exposing her gorgeous tits and rock hard nipples. I dived in sucking and biting one nipple than the other. Her body writhered and moaning in pleasure. Moving back up kissing and biting until I reach her lips, her kisses were the hardest and sweetest I had ever known, the reason I stayed around.

I pulled her to her feet, and she slowly rose with a look of anticipation on her face. I knew what she wanted, she loved pleasure with some pain. Undoing her jeans I kissed her inner thighs and stomach, teasing her. She quickly pulled off her shorts and panties and undressed me. I told her get down on her hands and knees which she did immediately. I ran my hands over her back and arse, she arched in anticipation. Spreading her cheeks I plunged my tounge deep into her arse, thrusting my tounge in and out. My hands rubbed her arse cheeks, she was pushing back against me wanting my tounge deeper into her arse. I stopped licking and slapped her arse. I continued to slap her arse as she moaned in pleasure until her arse was bright red.

Pulling her up I turned her around to face the wall. Pushing her hard against the wall, biting her neck my fingers found her nipples and squeezed hard, her body quivered. I proceeded to kiss and bite all the way down her back, enjoying the pleasure of her skin. I slowly ran my hand up the inside of her leg and lightly brushed against her cunt. She snapped her legs closed to rub her cunt against my hand, I pulled my hand out and slapped her arse. She beg me to fuck her, slapping her arse hard I pushed her face into the wall than shoved two fingers into her dripping wet cunt. Her cunt sucked my fingers in and squeezed tight. Biting her neck and back I thrust my fingers in and out of her cunt, rubbing my body hard against hers.

Pushing her back onto the floor I spread her legs, my tounge hungry for her juices. I ran my tounge around clit and sucked hard, sliding my tounge down into her cunt I tasted her juices. Licking and sucking on her clit I thrust two fingers into her cunt and one finger into her arse. Her whole body shaking and quivering I bought her to the edge of cuming than stopped suddenly, I moved up her body and held her hands down. Her eyes were wild, she went to say something, I kissed her passionatley.

She tried to get free, wrestling with me, I held her down. Our bodies rubbing against one another my clit as swollen as hers. Letting go of her hands I and turned around to sit on her face while I dove back into her cunt. Her tounge found my clit and we licked and sucked and bit each other until we exploded in escasty, neither of us able to get enough of the others cunt juices we stayed on the floor for hours licking sucking biting.

Exhausted my beautiful girl finally had nothing to say.

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