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The Heatwave - The Coach House

Tags: lesbian
Suzi and Helen explore their new relationship
The Coach House

Despite being in her early forties, Judi Breakspeare was still an extremely good-looking woman. A mane of wavy blonde hair framed her fine, faintly aquiline features, and the merest hint of laughter lines around her baby-blue eyes only added to the overall attractiveness of the ensemble. Her body was still firm, her stomach trim, her thighs long and flat, and her ankles shapely. Perhaps her boobs had lost a little of the lift that had once made wearing a bra almost superfluous, but they were still in good shape, and her nipples still pointed outwards, even if they no longer pointed upwards.

Yes, she was still in pretty good condition, she reflected as she surveyed herself naked in her bedroom mirror, all those years of working out in the gym and indulging in expensive beauty treatments had been worth it; she could easily have passed for ten years younger. But then for most of her life she’d had sufficient money to be able to afford to indulge herself and she was well aware that in many ways she’d been extremely fortunate. Not that there hadn’t been bad times as well as good, but for the most part life had been good to her; she was healthy, she had a beautiful daughter, several step-children, a gorgeous house and most importantly of all, she was secure.

Pulling a short silk dressing gown over her nakedness, she picked up her glass of white wine from the dressing table and walked through the open French doors that dominated one wall of her bedroom. On the balcony beyond that stretched out over the ground floor dining room, she narrowed her eyes against the glare of the afternoon sun. For the last few days the weather here on the south coast had been most un-English, she thought.

Not that she was complaining, of course; it was wonderful to have so many windows and doors open, and feel the warm air drifting through the house. And she hadn’t had time for a proper holiday abroad this year so this unexpected spell of hot weather at home, with temperatures rivalling those in the Mediterranean, was more than welcome. She placed her glass on a small table and stretched out on a wicker sun-lounger adjusting the gown so that her legs were exposed to the late afternoon sun.

Mustn’t stay out here too long of course, not good for the skin; but she had been always been a bit of a beach babe, and the warmth on her body, coupled with the wine she had consumed made her feel relaxed and comfortable. Shifting her position a little to get more comfortable she was aware that her gown had fallen open. Not that it mattered really, no one could see her up here – unless they flew over – it really was wonderfully private place. On a careless whim she tugged at the belt that held the material together and let it fall away allowing the sun to caress her naked flesh. Almost unconsciously her right hand had begun to caress her right breast, her fingers lightly circling her nipple, which gradually stiffened as a result.

They had made love out here sometimes, she and her husband, when they were feeling adventurous. Theirs had been a strongly physical relationship, despite a sizable age difference and Judi felt the loss keenly, especially once the initial shock of being a widow had subsided. She was still a relatively young woman and not short of male attention, but somehow she still felt she would be unfaithful to her husband’s memory if she responded to the physical desires that frequently rose within her. Not that the same abstinence extended to masturbation, naturally. She saw no reason to deny herself some degree of sexual pleasure, and her husband had always enjoyed the little performances she had given for him, especially when she used one of the toys she kept in her bedside drawer.

She raised her left hand to take over the gentle stimulation of her breasts, while her right trailed languidly down her belly, caressing the neatly trimmed strip of blonde hair that covered her pubic mound. She wondered vaguely if she ought really to go indoors before she got too carried away, but it was warm on the balcony, and the wine had made her lazy. She allowed her right hand to drift between her legs and caught her breath as a finger touched the tip of her exposed clitoris.

She explored the swollen wetness of her sex, feeling the urges rise within her. What was the name of that man her daughter had brought home the other day? Oh yes, Jason. Drop dead gorgeous, dark complexion and hair, with sad puppy dog eyes and a rock hard body. Funny, but Suzi hadn’t seemed too keen, which wasn’t like her. Maybe it was just a personality thing. But what a body!

A little moan escaped her lips as she slid a finger into her damp crevice. She could still remember the glorious warmth of a hot cock inside her, the submissive pleasure of being held down and fucked hard. She wondered if Jason would find her sexy: would he want to have the mum as well? She realised that she was grunting softly with each out breath as her fingers circled between her legs. Little moans of pleasure escaped from her mouth as her fingers rubbed steadily the between her parted thighs, one leg stretched out, and the other raised on the lounger to allow herself better access to her intimate regions.

With practised skill she kept herself on the plateau for as long as she could, slowing the gyrations of her fingers when the intensity threatened to tip her over the brink, gently inserting a finger into her vagina to savour the stimulation of the nerves around the opening, then returning to her circular rubbing motion to build the sensation back up again. When she finally decided that she could hold off no longer, and that orgasm was inevitable, she raised her left arm above her head to grip the end of the lounger, her fingers beginning to circle faster and faster as the waves of pleasure rose inside her. She began to shake very slightly, her moans now building in intensity. Her back arched, her buttocks lifting clear of the cushions as she raced towards her climax.

“Ooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuuckkkkk!” Judi screamed as her orgasm powered through her, causing her to collapse back on the lounger as the rest of her body echoed the spasms of her pussy.

For nearly twenty seconds she kept it going until she became too sensitive and, physically spent, allowed herself to lie still, savouring the little earthquakes that still rocked her body as the pleasure receded.

God, I needed that, she thought. Shit, I hope I didn’t make too much noise, or if I did, I hope no one heard me! Sitting up she peered cautiously over the wall of the balcony, but the view was as peaceful and undisturbed as it usually was. From where she sat she could just see where the gravel drive that led from her house met the road through the village. As she watched her attention was caught by the blinding reflection of the sun on a car windscreen, and a white open-topped Mazda swung through the gate and sped up towards the house, spitting gravel out behind it.

That would be Suzi, Judi thought as she watched her daughters reckless progress towards her, good job she hadn’t arrived a few minutes previously. She pulled the gown around her and fastening the belt leant on the wall of the balcony as she watched the car brake to a halt beneath her.

“Hi Mum!” Suzi looked up from the driving seat and waved.

She was a real beauty, Judi thought proudly. Masses of blonde hair, angelic features, piercing blue eyes and that fantastic body which could almost stop traffic – tiny waist, gloriously full breasts and long slender legs all in a petite package five feet two inches tall. And she had the vivacity and energy of youth. Judi envied her that, as she watched her swing her legs out of the driving seat and climb out of the car slamming the door behind her and smoothing down the short white summer dress she wore as she did so.

“Do you think you could try to keep the gravel on the drive?” Judi asked, conversationally. “That gardener costs me a fortune.”

“Sorry Mum.” Suzi gestured to her companion who had just got out of the passenger seat, and was looking up at her. “This is Helen.”

My word, another beauty, thought Judi. Different from Suzi, but no less lovely. Dark hair and skin – I wonder if she’s Italian? – high cheekbones, green eyes that even from this distance seemed to suck you in. Taller than her daughter, and a bit less curvy. More athletic in her build, but moves with real grace, like a dancer. And clearly not wearing a bra under that top!

“Hello Helen”, she said. “I trust Suzi’s driving didn’t frighten you too much?”

“Hi, Mrs. Breakspeare. No it’s fine, I like going fast.”

“That’s a good thing, if you’re driving anywhere with my daughter”, Judi grinned. “And it’s Judi, please. There’s no need to remind me how much older I am than you! Would you two like a drink or something? I’ve got a bottle open.”

“It’s ok Mum, if you don’t mind we’re going to my place to freshen up” Suzi indicated the detached Coach House on the other side of the graveled yard.

“Are you going out again later? Do you want any dinner?”

“I don’t know – maybe. I’ll let you know if I do.”

“Thanks for that”, said Judi, slightly sarcastically.

But deep down she was secretly pleased not to have her daughter’s company for a while. The memory of her recent orgasm was fading fast, and her body was already starting to tell her that it was going to be one of those days where once simply wasn’t enough. She could feel the dampness welling between her legs, and her whole being ached for something hard inside her pussy. She waved to the two girls as they turned to cross the yard and went back through the French windows into the warm gloom of her bedroom.

Pulling the blinds, she cast off the dressing gown and spread herself on the bed, savouring her wanton nakedness. From the drawer beside her bed she took a large penis shaped vibrator and twisted the control at the base to check it worked. Lying back, she took the tip into her open mouth, coating it with her saliva until it glistened in the half-light. She parted her legs, raised her knees to expose her pussy and placed the tip of the vibrator at the entrance to her damp folds. For a second she paused there, savouring the anticipation, then with a grunt of animal lust she drove the plastic cock deep inside her as far as it would go.


“Wow!” Is all this yours?” Helen looked around the interior of the upper floor of the coach house in some astonishment. “I’m well jealous!”

“It was originally intended as a Granny flat I think,” Suzi explained, “But a couple of years ago I persuaded Mum that we could probably get along better if we weren’t constantly under each others feet, and I moved in here. It seems to have been a most satisfactory arrangement.”

The upper floor of the coach house was reached via a flight of wooden steps up the outside of the building, which the girls had climbed on their way in. From the doorway Helen could see a room some thirty feet long and twenty wide, with a polished wooden floor and high raftered ceiling.

“There’s another flight of stairs through that doorway which lead down to the garage, “ Suzi explained, “But they don’t get used very much except when I have a party down there. God, it’s hot, isn’t it?”

She was making her way along one wall opening the high windows with a pole in a way that reminded Helen of when she was at school.

“As you can see I have all mod cons – a bed”, she indicated a large metal framed four poster which dominated one end of the room, “a TV, stereo, PC, work desk, enormous leather sofa, scatter cushions, and most importantly, my own kitchen and bathroom.” She pointed to two doors at the far end of the room. “Mum is particularly glad about that. She was always complaining about picking the towels up after me.”

“You are so spoiled,” Helen said in wonder, “If only I had this much freedom.”

“Well, you can have now. I’m quite happy to share it with you.” Suzi grinned at her as she disappeared into the kitchen. “Do you want me to put those trousers in the wash?”

“I suppose I ought to”, Helen looked at the grass and earth stains on the knees of her blue three-quarter length trousers. She gave a snort of laughter. “Should I keep them as a memento of my lost innocence?”

“Not unless you want your Mum and Pete asking you who you’ve been shagging in a field, “ Suzi’s voice replied. There was the sound of a cork coming out of a bottle. “Has he called again?”

“Dunno,” said Helen, “I’ve had my phone switched off for a while.” She fished her phone out of her pocket and turned it on. “Four missed calls!” she giggled, “He’s not pissed off then!”

“I rather think he probably is, actually.”

Helen was listening to her messages and pulled a face. “Quite correct, he is. Very pissed off. Wants me to phone him and tell him where I’m going to meet him later. Something tells me I might be unobtainable this evening.”

Suzi re-emerged, her blonde curly hair tied back with a scrunchy, and wearing a grandad shirt a great many sizes too large, and carrying a bottle of red wine. “Not to everyone, I hope,” she said, looking at Helen and licking her lips lasciviously.

“I might make the odd exception.” Helen paused, casting her eyes over the framed photos on Suzi’s desk. “She’s very beautiful, your Mum. You’re very alike.”

“Thank you, I’m flattered. Yes, she is isn’t she? Did you I tell you she used to be a model?”

“Really? I’m not surprised. What kind, fashion?”

“With those boobs? I don’t think so! No, back in late seventies she was a Page Three girl. She was Judi Truscott in those days, but she was a bit of a celebrity at the time.”

Helen was interested. She knew very little about Suzi’s family even though they had been at school together, and she sensed that the blonde girl wanted her to know more about her.

“How long did she do that for?”

“Oh, quite a while. She started when she was seventeen and went on until she had me.”

“When she married your Dad?”

Suzi grimaced. “Not quite. My Dad – my biological father – was someone she met in the early eighties. He was a musician: a drummer, and American. He was over here touring with some band at the time and met Mum at a party at Stringfellows or somewhere. They were briefly a much-photographed couple, I believe, very popular with the tabloids. Drink?” She proffered a glass of wine from the bottle she had brought from the kitchen.

“Thank you. So what happened?”

“Oh, the usual I suppose. They had their fifteen minutes, media darlings and all that, then Mum got pregnant with me. He didn’t fancy the idea and did a runner back to the States.”

“What a…..” Helen stopped herself just in time, realising this was Suzi’s father she was insulting.

“It’s ok, babes,” Suzi took a big gulp of wine and refilled her glass. “He may be my Dad, but he still behaved like a twat. I don’t have any false illusions.”

“So what did your Mum do?”

“Well, everything she could, I suppose, but this was twenty years ago, and he’d buggered off back to the land of the free. She chased him through the courts, but he was always away on tour, and when he wasn’t he was hiring hotshot LA lawyers to defend him. In the end she got a settlement of sorts, but it probably amounted to less than it cost her to bring the action in the first place.” Suzi refilled Helen’s glass and stretched out on the leather sofa, balancing her own glass on her stomach. “So that left Mum with me to bring up and no way to make a living. After I was born she didn’t feel that taking her clothes off for money was appropriate, so she packed in modelling. Her family were from a mining community up North and this was right in the middle of Thatchers’ miners strike. Mum had actually been supporting them for quite a while, so there was no money coming in that way. Things were pretty tough for a while. Then she got asked by one of these men’s magazines to review films and books and stuff – they thought it was great to have a former Page Three girl doing it, and Mum actually turned out to be pretty good. Most of the stuff she had to review was pornographic, and she reckoned the majority of it was pretty poor, so after a little while she started writing it herself and selling it to the magazines – under a pseudonym of course. Before she knew where she was, she was making a very decent living out of it. That was when she met Tommy.”


“He’ll always be my Dad as far as I’m concerned. He was quite a lot older than my Mum, but he really looked after us. He was a successful businessman who had gone through a divorce a few years earlier and had two grown up sons who lived with him. He was totally besotted with Mum, and spoiled me rotten – he’d always wanted a daughter.” Suzi smiled at the memory. “Tommy originally was going to buy this house so we could look after Grandad when Grandma died, but when it came to it the old man wouldn’t leave Yorkshire. By that time Mum had fallen in love with the place, so Tommy bought it anyway.” Suzi’s eyes misted over. “Tommy was the best, I never wanted for anything. He taught me to drive at the age of thirteen in the yard out there, and when I passed my test he bought me the Mazda the same day. He took me windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, quad biking…. everything he tried I had a go at. He even supported me when I wanted to move into here and Mum wasn’t so keen, saying I needed my own space.”

There was a pause. Helen felt she was on dangerous ground here. “What happened?” she asked tentatively.

Suzi sighed. “He died. Went windsurfing and dropped dead of a heart attack. Apparently he’d known for ages that he was ill, but said he’d rather enjoy himself while he was alive, than be an invalid.”

“He sounds like a wonderful man”, said Helen, gently.

“He was. I miss him. So does Mum. He would have approved of you and I, I think.”

“How’s that?”

“He always told me to make sure I did what I wanted, not what some man wanted. Being a strong man, he knew all about how men can dominate women, but that wasn’t his style. He loved Mum because she always stood up to him. He would have loved to see us together because he liked to see me happy, he liked to see me breaking the rules, but most of all he liked beautiful things. And he would have thought you and I together were a beautiful thing.”

Helen stared into her glass. “Have you ever met your real Dad?” she asked.

“Yes, a couple of years ago. He called up out of the blue; God knows how he got the number. Tommy insisted that I see him, even drove me up to London himself.”

“What was he like?”

“Very nice, but rather distant. I got the feeling he would have been a lot less receptive if I’d turned out to be fifteen stone and had a face like the back of bus. He had this girlfriend with him – Layla I think she was called – about my age, very blonde, very beautiful. She was so bored it was embarrassing, and he just kept saying he could get me tickets to this and that, and did I want to meet David Bowie, etc. etc.….and all I could think of was when I was ten and I fell off my bike and cut my knee open, and how Tommy found me and bandaged me up, and how he had me laughing even before he got me back to the house, and how he got me a new bike the next day because he said it must have been because it was too small that I fell off it…..”

“Have you seen him since?”

“No. I don’t really want to. Tommy was my Dad as far as I’m concerned.” Suzi grinned at Helen. “So that’s the story of my family. The man I call my Dad wasn’t, I’ve only met my real Dad once, and my Mum writes mucky stories!”

“Does she still?”

“Well only occasionally – just to keep her hand in, I suppose. She’s been doing a lot of designing recently, jewellery and stuff. She still does the reviews though. I’ve got stacks of dirty DVD’s thanks to her.” Suzi suddenly seemed to realise she had monopolised the conversation for a while. “Weren’t you going to let me wash those trousers? Feel free to use the shower if you want.”

“Do you mind?”

“Of course not. Just lob the trousers over here and I’ll put them in the machine. There’s a dressing gown on the back of the bathroom door if you want it.”

“Thanks Suze.”

Helen disappeared into the small bathroom, and a few seconds later she appeared at the door wearing only a thong and threw her trousers out at Suzi.

“Shan’t be a minute”

“You’d better not be. If you’re going to walk around like that I shan’t be responsible for my actions!”

Helen grinned and closed the door behind her. Suzi collected her friends’ trousers and put them in the machine in the kitchen. Pouring herself another glass of wine she went back into the main room, listening to the sound of the shower running, and imagining the water cascading over Helens warm brown skin. A wave of sexual desire rose within her, and she smiled in anticipation of the carnal delights that awaited her that evening.

She had little doubt that Helen would end up spending the night – the attraction between them was too strong, their love-making earlier that afternoon had shown that they were both highly physical creatures whose bodies were wonderfully in tune with each other. She realised suddenly that she was unconsciously stroking her breast through the material of the shirt. Not yet Brakespeare, she reproved herself, contain your lust a while longer. She gazed out of the window across to the main house, now slightly in shadow as the sun dipped down behind it. Her mother was no longer on the balcony, she noticed.

Probably she had gone downstairs to make herself something to eat. Something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye and she crossed to her work desk and stood for a while staring at the flashing red light on the answer phone. She took a deep breath before she pushed the message button. She hardly ever got calls on her land-line – hardly anyone had the number for a start – and she had a pretty good idea who the caller was.

“Suzi, it’s Jason. Where the fuck are you?” a man’s voice demanded. “I’ve been calling your mobile all day, but it’s been off. I presume you’ve forgotten you were going to meet me for lunch? It was bad enough you waltzing off home on your own last night, without so much as saying goodnight – if you don’t want to see me, then at least would you mind having the decency to tell me? I know you think you’re God’s gift, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to run ‘round after you like some infatuated schoolboy. If you get this, do me the courtesy of giving me a call. If you can be arsed, of course. Bye.”

Suzi pulled a face. “Arrogant wanker,” she muttered.

“He sounds pretty pissed off, too.” Helen’s voice sounded form the bathroom door. “I guess between us we’re doing a pretty good job when it comes to raising male blood pressure.”

She walked slowly into the main room with an indefinable sensuous grace and collected her wine from the table. She raised the glass to Suzi.

“Fuck men, here’s to us”.

Suzi stared at the girl who had so recently become her lover. She had fastened a bath towel around her waist in the male fashion, leaving her pert, firm breasts exposed. With her brown skin and damp hair curling slightly from the shower she looked like picture of a fantasy warrior princess. Suzi wondered if she’s ever seen anything more beautiful. She struggled to control her desire.

“It’s not men that are going to get fucked if you walk around here like that.”

“I should hope not. Now that you've shown me what I’ve been missing, I’m determined to catch up. Besides, it’s too bloody hot to cover up.”

Suzi looked at her. “You’re not scared any more?”

Helen took a sip of wine. “I thought about that just now in the shower. I don’t see how I could be scared of something that feels so right and natural. I think your body is beautiful – I think your body and mine together are beautiful. You’ve made me come in a way I’ve never experienced before. Something that feels so good can’t be wrong.”

“Oh God, Helen, I want you so badly!” Suzi put her arms around her lover and kissed her passionately. “Give me two seconds in the shower and I’ll show you how beautiful we can be!”

“I can’t wait. Hurry up!”

Suzi made for the bathroom, unfastening the shirt as she did so. Over her shoulder she called: “There’s a bag in the bottom drawer on the right hand side of the bed – why don’t you get it out?” And with that she was gone, slamming the door behind her.

Helen put the wine glass down and walked slowly over to the bed. Her topless state felt natural, comfortable and cool after the heat of the day. She stared down at the white duvet on the four-poster bed, and wondered with growing anticipation about the sexual delights she would experience there soon. She sat on the edge and opened the bottom drawer, which was empty, save for a pink cloth bag held closed with a drawer-string. She lifted it out, knowing even before she did so what it contained.

Smiling to herself she tugged open the neck of the bag and allowed the contents to spill out onto the bed. She sat there for a while, contemplating the objects before her and then got up to retrieve her wine. As she made her way back to the bed, the ‘phone suddenly began to ring again, four times, before Suzi’s metallic voice on the outgoing message said “Hi, this is Suzi. I can’t come to the ‘phone right now, so leave a message.”

There was a pause, then the same man’s voice said with controlled fury: “Suzi, if you’re there will you pick the bloody phone up?” There was a pause. The voice continued. “OK, so I assume you’re not there and there’s some really good reason why you can’t be bothered to speak to me. But if you are shagging someone else, would you at least have the decency to let me know?” Click, the message ended. Helen grinned as the accuracy of the callers’ supposition suddenly struck her.

“Jason Ryder is an such an arrogant tosser.” Suzi emerged from the bathroom, towelling her wet hair. “I’ve only known him a couple of weeks and he thinks he owns me.”

Helen smiled. “Of course he does, he’s a bloke. That’s the way they think, isn’t it?” She cast her mind back to the night before. “He looked pretty hot though.”

“Oh God, yes!” Suzi laughed. “An amazing body and hung like a donkey.” She stopped suddenly and stared in embarrassment at the dark haired girl. “But not a patch on you, baby.”

“Oh, I’m afraid that’s one department where I can’t compete.”

“Don’t be so sure. Did you find what I asked you to look for?”

“I did indeed. You are a very naughty girl Miss Brakespeare!”

“Are you telling me that you don’t own one?”

“One yes. Not four!”

“Variety is the spice of life.” Suzi giggled seductively. “And in my defence I have acquired them over a period of time. Do you think that between them they could make up for any short fall we might have in the anatomy department?”

“I’m sure we could find a use for them.” Helen picked up one of the vibrators from where it lay on the bed and drew it slowly down between her naked breasts. Suzi’s tongue ran along her lower lip as she watched the sensuous gesture, her breathing coming quicker. Helen fixed her gaze on Suzi’s.

“It’s a good job you’ve got more than one,” she said softly. “That way we won’t have to share.”

Suzi unfastened the oversized shirt and shrugged it off her shoulders. The light was starting to go as evening approached, and in the half-light of the unlit room she glistened slightly from the damp of the shower. Slowly she reached out and tugged the towel away from Helen’s waist. Stepping forward she pushed her lover’s naked form slowly backwards until she sprawled on the bed.

“I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop,” she said quietly, gently pushing Helen’s legs apart and moving between them.

Helen laid her head back and closed her eyes with pleasure. “Do your worst,” she whispered.


With a final grunt of pleasure, Judi’s head thumped back against the pillow and she lay eyes closed, chest heaving, as her orgasm slowly subsided. She felt the vibrator still buzzing frantically inside her, and slowly withdrew it, savouring each of the tiny spasm of pleasure that the action brought. Exhausted, she relaxed and allowed her breathing to return to normal.

It was still so hot, she thought. The evening had brought little respite from the heat of the day. Beyond the blinds the French windows lay open onto her balcony, yet the breeze barely stirred them, and Judi was aware that her body was covered in a film of sweat from her exertions. After a few minutes of lying immobile and naked, her heart rate returned to something approaching normal, and her breathing slowed. Her body was satiated, at least for the time being. A gorgeous warmth spread through her body, and even as she thought that she ought to get up before sleep overtook her, she slipped silently into a euphoric slumber.


Helen Chapman was screaming with pleasure. Suzi had taken her clitoris into her mouth and sucking furiously on it, causing Helen’s hips to buck and writhe as not just one, but two orgasms wracked her being. Her hands scrabbled at the bedclothes behind her head, pulling the sheet up towards her face as she arched her back, her eyes alternately tight shut and then snapping wide open as another wave of delight hit her. Her strong brown thighs clamped either side of her lover’s head, forcing her away from her genitals.

“Oh God, Suzi, no, stop please, it’s too much, let me rest!”

Suzi raised her head, licking her lips that were wet with the secretions of Helen’s sex.

“Told you you’d beg me.”

Helen was busy getting her breath back. “You win, baby, you win. But any time you want to try again….” She smiled and reached up to pull Suzi’s face down to hers. For a moment she looked into her eyes and then kissed her deeply and passionately, tasting her own sex in her lovers mouth. They lay there for a while, not talking, but kissing each other gently in the classic missionary position; Helen with her knees drawn up, while Suzi lay between her spread legs. Suzi spoke first.

“Do you want a proper fucking now?” she asked.

Helen pulled her lover’s head down to her breast and said with a smile: “Why don’t you get one of your toys and fuck my brains out with it?”

Suzi caught her breath. “God I love it when you talk dirty!” She hooked her left leg over Helen’s and lowered herself onto her lovers raised thigh. Helen felt the dampness of Suzi’s pussy, and stiffened her right leg to press harder upwards. Suzi responded by beginning to slowly ride Helen’s thigh, making her pelvis rock back and forth, while lowering one of her substantial breasts towards the mouth that eagerly lifted to meet it. Helen bit the nipple gently, and was rewarded by a moan of pleasure. Lifting her head to Suzi’s ear, she whispered: “Ride my leg, baby. Fuck yourself on my leg, let me watch you come.”

Suzi didn’t reply. Already her whole being was concentrated between her legs. She arched her back and tilted her pelvis so that her clitoris got maximum contact with Helen’s smooth thigh, the dampness between them enhanced by the sweat of her exertions in the hot still darkness. She lifted herself by her arms up from Helen’s prone body; beginning to moan softly as she rocked back and forth feeling the power build with in her.

Helen was talking to her all the time: “Yes, baby, like that baby, that feels good doesn’t it? Rub that pussy on my leg baby. It’s getting closer isn’t it? You gonna come baby? Oh, please baby, let me watch you come, I want to see you come, come on Suzi, come for me…”

“AAAAArrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh!” Suzi let out a huge yell of pleasure as she climaxed violently. For a moment she remained rigid and upright, then she collapsed forwards onto Helen’s chest in a heaving mass of hair and sweat.

“Oh baby, baby,” Helen was whispering in her ear. “That was just so beautiful! When you come…oh wow!”

Suzi raised herself onto one elbow. Gradually she got her breath back and looked quizzically at her lover. “Hey Chapman, are you the best fuck on the planet or what?”


Judi awoke suddenly, instantly aware that it was dark, and she must have been asleep for some time. She moved to swing her legs off the bed, and as she did so encountered the cold plastic of her vibrator. Smiling at the memory of the evening’s pleasure, she tucked the toy back in its drawer, pulled on her dressing gown and made her way onto the balcony, pouring herself another glass of wine as she did so. She looked out across the yard to the coach house, but no lights were on there. She looked at her watch, and discovered it was just gone nine.

Suzi and her friend must have gone out for the evening, she thought, imagining the admiring glances they would get from local men with just a twinge of jealousy. Hello, that’s odd. Suzi’s car’s still here…I suppose they must have got a taxi. Maybe they decided to go clubbing and Suzi fancied a drink….At that moment Judi became aware of a soft sound carried on the air from across the yard. At first she wasn’t sure, and cocked her head towards the source in an effort to hear more clearly.

It came again, clearer now, unmistakeably a woman’s voice. It was faint, but the timbre of the voice suggested either extreme pain or extreme pleasure, and clearly it was coming form the darkened coach house. Intensely curious, Judi hurried back into her bedroom and dressed quickly in the clothes she had been wearing that afternoon. Pausing only to turn some lights on in the darkened house, she made her way downstairs and out into the yard. She couldn’t be sure, but she felt sure the voice had called her daughters name…..


“Yes”, said Helen. “Now are you going to give me that fucking you promised me?”

Suzi grinned. “I can’t believe you just said that.”

Helen giggled back “Neither can I!” There was a brief flurry in the dark as their lips met and tongues danced around each other. Suzi’s left hand cupped Helen’s right breast gently, circling slowly around the nipple. It was now so dark that they could barely see each other in the gloom.

“You ready for this?” Suzi was sliding something cold and metallic up and down Helen’s inner thigh.

“Oh God, yes.” Helen kissed her again in the dark. “Are you going to fuck me?”

Suzi slid the vibrator up Helen’s stomach, past her breasts, and under her chin. “Damn right I am! You want this, baby?”

“Yes! Yes!” Helen felt the tip of the toy slide into her mouth, and she ran her tongue around its tip.

“This is my favourite toy,” Suzi’s tongue joined Helen’s in wetting the shaft. Helen could feel her breath on her cheek as she spoke. “My Silver Bullet. I want you to enjoy it the way I have.” Suzi got to her knees and moved down the bed between Helen’s legs. “Spread ‘em, Chapman, I’m about to fuck your brains out.”

Helen moved her legs as wide apart as she could, at the same time raising her knees to provide her lover with better access to her sex. She had never in her life felt so wild and wanton before, her whole being was focused on the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure – nothing else mattered. She saw Suzi as a vague shape between her legs, silhouetted in the moonlight that was now flooding through the uncurtained windows.

She watched the blonde girl toss back her hair and twist the control at the base of the vibrator, heard the low buzz build in intensity, and felt the gentle vibrations ripple across her skin as the tip was lowered slowly until it touched her belly. She caught her breath as it began to move slowly down towards her mound, trailing across her skin, and then travelling slowly through her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Seconds later, the tip bumped across her clitoris, causing her to cry out suddenly, as the already highly sensitive organ reacted to the stimulus by sending shock waves throughout her body.

Then, for a moment that seemed to last a lifetime, Suzi held the instrument of her pleasure at the entrance to her pussy, so close that Helen could feel it’s vibrations on the lips of her vagina. In desperation she pushed her pelvis towards it, craving penetration, invasion, sluttish submission to a mechanical instrument of sexual pleasure. With slow deliberation Suzi drove the toy deep inside her, and Helen cried out with delight as the vibrations seemed to pulse to the very core of her being.

Suzi reached up to caress one of Helen’s breasts with her left hand, while she used the vibrator held firmly with her right to pleasure her lover, slowly at first, in, out, in, out; each in stroke greeted by a moan of pleasure, which began to rise slowly in pitch as the minutes past and the tempo increased. Skilled in the art of doing this to herself, Suzi twisted the vibrator as she pushed it in to provide maximum stimulation the nerve endings at the entrance of Helen’s vagina and was rewarded by an increasingly vocal display of appreciation.

“Oh, Jesus, Suze, yes….like that. Oh FUCK yes! More, faster….don’t stop, please don’t stop…God,that is soooo good….it’s coming Baby….I’m so close……

Helen had thrown her arms back above her head and had hold of the metal frame at the end of the bed. She was bucking her hips furiously in time to Suzi’s thrusts. Her eyes were shut, and her mouth, when it wasn’t gasping encouragement to her lover, was open as her breathing became quicker and quicker.

Kneeling between her legs, Suzi began to thrust faster and faster, building to a crescendo. Her began to vocally encourage her partner.

“Come on Helen, honey, let it go. There’s no way I’m going to stop until you do. Come for me Baby, I want to hear you scream. I’m not gonna stop till you come, Baby……you ready?”

Unable to speak for her impending orgasm, Helen let out a series of grunts as her body went increasingly rigid. There was a brief moment of inactivity, and then with a scream Helen began to writhe furiously, her pelvis rising and falling as her orgasm took control of her body.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming! Suzi, Suzi, Suzi!” For what seemed like minutes Helen screamed and cried and writhed and moaned, as Suzi drove the toy mercilessly in and out of her most sensitive regions. When at last she could take it no longer, she pulled herself away, and lay, shaking quietly, before her lover.

It was a long time before either of them said anything. Suzi turned the vibrator off, and laid it gently on Helen’s heaving stomach. After such an intense experience the silence and the darkness seemed to hang heavy around them.

“It’s never been like that before, never” Helen had her face half buried in the pillow, but her words were clear enough.

“Not for me, either.” Suzi said gently. “You are truly amazing.”

“God, no, you are.” Helen’s breath was still coming in gasps. “No one has ever made me feel like that.”

They lay in silence in the dark. Suzi felt the sensitivity of her whole body heightened by the intensity of the sexual desire running through her. Her nipples were painfully erect, and her pussy drenched with the need to be physically gratified, but she fought down the urges, sensing the time was not yet right. She put her arms around Helen, who responded by resting her head in the crook of Suzi’s neck, her breathing now slowly returning to normal. They lay like that for such a time that Suzi feared Helen had fallen asleep, but then the dark haired girl stirred. In a small voice she said:

“I’m still frightened, Suze. I know I said I wasn’t, but I know deep down that I still am.”

“What of?”

“This. You. Us. It’s scary.”


“Because it’s so intense. I’ve never felt anything like this before with a man. It doesn’t seem right somehow that it’s so good.”

Suzi grinned in the dark. “Are you complaining?”

“About having the best sex of my life? No, of course not!” Helen paused. Then she said quietly. “But where’s this all going, Suzi?”

“I’m not sure I get what you mean.”

“I mean, are we just going to go back to our respective boyfriends after this and pretend it never happened?”

Suzi thought about that for a moment. “Is that what you want?”

“I don’t know!” Helen sounded tearful. “Right now I want this moment to last forever, I want us to just go on having fantastic sex and not have to think about the consequences. But I know that tomorrow morning we’re going to have to face the reality of what’s happened.”

“I’m not sure that now is the best time to think about that,” Suzi said gently. “Things always seen easier to deal with in the morning.”

“But you understand what I’m getting at?”

“Yes, I think I do. We’ve both taken a pretty big step this weekend.”

“At least you’ve been down this road before. This is all so new to me…maybe that’s why I find it all so frightening.”

Suzi raised her head and looked down at Helen in the darkness. “This is pretty new to me too,” she said, gently.

Helen shifted her position on the bed. Looking up at Suzi she could only just make out the features of her lovers face in the darkness. “I thought you said……”

“….You thought I said I’d slept with loads of other girls? I didn’t mean to give you that impression. There have been two others apart from you.” She paused. “Do you want me to tell you this?”

“Yes, I do. I want to know everything. Don’t worry, I won’t get jealous!”

“You’ve nothing to get jealous about, there’s not much to tell. The first was the girlfriend of one of Tommy’s sons, Greg. Not long after he died they stayed here, and Mum and Greg had to go up to London to see a solicitor about the will, so Kelly stayed here with me. We got drunk and she seduced me on the living room sofa. The next day she left with Greg and I never saw her again. The second was someone I met on the Net…..I was trying to get to the bottom of my sexuality, experimenting. We went to a hotel and did it there. She was very pretty, but we didn’t have much in common, so I didn’t keep in touch. That’s the lot”

“And did you get to the bottom of your sexuality?”

“What do you think? The sex was very good both times. On a purely physical level I found sex with another girl very enjoyable. Unlike you, obviously.” Suzi grinned.

“Don’t tease me; you know what I mean. How did you feel emotionally?”

Suzi thought for a moment. “OK, I suppose,” she said slowly. “I was happy enough both times to be there with them, and it made me think about women as potential sexual partners as well as men. But it was just sex, no real emotional attachment.” She stared into the gloom at Helen’s indistinct form. “And this is different, isn’t it?”

“It feels to me like it might be. I’ve been telling myself that it’s the taboo that makes it so exciting; I’m just getting off on the fact that I’m not supposed to be doing this.”

“Who says you shouldn’t?” Suzi stretched out beside her on the bed. Inwardly she was surprised at the questions Helen was asking. True to her own impetuous, adventurous nature she had dived into this affair in the same way as she had embarked on most of her previous relationships, following her instincts and throwing caution to the wind, leaving the consequences to be worried about tomorrow. When she had seen Helen the night before, her ambitions had gone no further than simply getting her into bed, but now she suddenly began to realise that she herself was already viewing this relationship as more than just a passing moment of sexual experimentation. She felt a sudden and intense panic, like standing on the edge of a high diving board the moment before the plunge. She rolled over and nuzzled her nose into Helen’s neck, kissing gently.

“It’s not at all unusual, these days. Loads of women do it, especially celebrities.”

“That’s not the point, Suzi.” Helen’s voice was still muffled slightly by the pillow. “Yes, sure, this could just be a bit of fun for both of us. A couple of great shags, a bit of a giggle and then we go our own ways. But already it doesn’t seem like that to me. There’s a warmth, an intensity…a… you know what I mean?”

“I think I do.” Suzi turned Helen’s face towards hers in the dark. “Does it really matter if this goes beyond your delightfully put ‘couple of great shags and a bit of a giggle’? Does it make any difference to us, really?”

“Yes, it does to me. I know I’m being shallow and cowardly, but I’m worried about what people would say.”

“About what? Us being in a lesbian relationship? Who’s going to know unless we tell them?”

“That girl last night, the one who saw us come out of the pool house together.”

“Lisa Mochan? She was off her tits, like pretty much everyone else at the party. I was only sober because I was driving that knob Jason, so he could get trashed. I bet you most of the people their remember less about last night than you do. And I’m surprised you can remember Lisa, given how far gone you were.”

“But I don’t just mean then. I mean in the future….everything.”

“Baby.” Suzi cradled Helen’s head, holding her face between her hands. “Look, like I said before, it really doesn’t matter right now. At the moment all that matters is tonight. If it turns out this is just a bit of fun, so what? No one gets hurt, and we’ll still be friends, won’t we? And if it goes deeper….well, we’ll deal with that as and when it happens.” She lowered her head and kissed Helen deeply and passionately, feeling the tide of desire rise within her again. “I’m still so fucking horny,” she murmured, her tongue gently running over her lover’s lips.

“Oh Suzi, I’m so sorry! I’m thinking about myself instead of you. What do you want me to do? I’d love to see you come again…”

“Mmmmmmm, that’s what I like to hear.” In the dark Suzi rose to her knees, straddling her partner’s body. Helen felt her fumble around on the bed as if looking for something, and then she felt a hard plastic cock being placed firmly in her hand. “My turn for a fucking, “ the blonde girl whispered.

Helen raised the dildo in her right hand and allowed it to slide down the valley between Suzi’s fabulous tits. Slowly she drifted it further down, across her belly, until the base of the shaft reached her own stomach. Lying back, head raised on a pillow, she looked down at where she held the shaft protruding incongruously erect from her own flat abdomen.

“Want to ride my cock?” she giggled.

Suzi didn’t answer, just raised herself up and inched forwards until she was positioned over the tip of the phallus, which she took in her right hand to guide it gently between her pussy lips, before slowly and deliberately, and with a low moan of pleasure, impaling herself on it.


Judi made her way out into warmth of the summer night on her way to the darkened coach house. Despite her best efforts to be quiet she found her heels crunched noisily on the gravel of the yard, so she followed a circuitous route around the paved edge, noticing as she did so that the coach house windows were all wide open to take advantage of what little wind there was on this glorious August night.

No light stirred from within, but she thought she briefly caught the sound of snatches of murmured female conversation drifting down to her from above. The path that edged the yard ended up by the double doors of the lower floor of the coach house. Judi lifted the latch and slightly surprised to feel the door swing open – it was normally kept locked at night. She slid through the narrow gap and tiptoed past her own car, a large Mercedes estate that was parked within, making her way towards the flight of stone steps that she knew was located on the right hand side.

Climbing them as silently as she could, she came to the wooden door that led into the main room upstairs. As she did so, she became aware of a sound coming from within, a sound with which Judi was all too familiar. Not sure if her ears were deceiving her, she leant closer to the door, and as she did so she heard the unmistakeable sound of her daughter’s voice, low and excited, almost imploring in her tone:

“Come on Helen, honey, let it go. There’s no way I’m going to stop until you do. Come for me Baby, I want to hear you scream. I’m not gonna stop till you come, Baby……you ready?”

Judi froze. Sensing she had stumbled into something intensely private and personal she felt embarrassed by her eavesdropping, but her natural curiosity, and her concern as a parent, made her want to be absolutely certain that she had interpreted the nature of the sounds she had heard correctly. Almost before the thought had crossed her mind, she heard the sound of Helen’s voice screaming her daughters name behind the closed door, followed by the unmistakeable sound of a girl having a truly spectacular orgasm.

Not caring how much noise she made, Judi stumbled down the steps and leant against the back of her car while she gathered her wits. From above the cries of pleasure slowly subsided, to be replaced by the low murmur of voices. Judi was torn as to exactly what she felt about what she had just discovered. On the one hand, as a mother she was concerned for the welfare of her child. True, Suzi was legally an adult and could do what she wanted, but her own unhappy experiences in relationships had led Judi to believe that her impetuous daughter would probably still benefit from the counsel of a head older and wiser than her own, especially in matters of the heart.

On the other had she was remembering her own experiences with Suzi’s father, and the nights that they had spent sharing their bed with girls he had procured for their pleasure, something in which she had been a willing and enthusiastic participant, and from the back of her mind rose a vision of how gloriously erotic the two beautiful bodies in the room above would look together.

She fought down the image, gathered her wits and made her way back out into the yard, closing the big double doors behind her. She didn’t want to interfere in her daughter’s life if she didn’t have to, and she decided to give the matter some more thought in the morning if she needed to. Once again she skirted the gravel of the yard, and entered the house through the back door, heading for her favourite sofa and another glass of wine. As she went to pull the curtains that hung on the big bay window in the living room, she was surprised to see car headlights swing through the gate and head slowly up the drive towards the house.


Helen held the dildo rigidly upright, the base hard against her pubic bone, as Suzi loomed above her supporting herself on her arms, her breasts jutting out provocatively as she raised her head and arched her back. She gave a little moan and shuddered slightly.

“Baby?” Helen wanted to reach up to her, but didn’t want to relinquish her hold on the instrument of Suzi’s pleasure.

“It’s ok Gorgeous….just feels so fucking good…and looking down at your fantastic tits…! Can you hold that there?”

“I don’t know…probably not….not long enough….”

“For me to come?” Suzi lowered herself gently down onto Helen’s body, squashing her hand between them. They kissed long and passionately, tongues twirling and entwining, Suzi’s hands caressing Helen’s face and hair while she held the latter’s hands trapped between her legs. She savoured the sensation of the dildo inside her, loving the stretching feeling within and the little ripples of pleasure that it caused every time she moved her pelvis. She broke off her kisses and raised herself slightly, sliding herself up her lover’s body. She reached down between her legs and slid the plastic member out of her.

“Hold it like this, baby” Suzi murmured, moving Helen’s hands until she was grasping the toy, with it pointing at forty-five degrees to her own belly.

Now with her legs clamped either side of Helen’s waist, and her belly raised slightly, there was room for the Helen’s hands to lie between her legs, as she lowered herself back onto the shaft with a satisfied grunt of delight. She began to rock her pelvis slowly back and forward, and felt the dildo slide effortlessly in and out of her pussy. She looked down at the beautiful face that looked up at her, and wondered if she’d ever experience anything as wonderful as this ever again.

Helen spoke, “Happy Baby?”

“Oh God, yes! That feels so good.”

“Don’t rush it, Suzi. Make it last. I want to watch you for as long as I can.”

Suzi did not disappoint her. For nearly twenty-five minutes she rode the plastic cock, keeping herself on the plateau for as long as she could, savouring the glorious sensations within her, but never allowing herself to go over the edge. She could feel herself sweating from the exertion, and hear the little whimpering noises that she could not suppress, but her whole being was concentrated between her legs and on the vision of Helen’s face looking up at her, smiling. Finally, when she could no longer control the raging tide within her, she gasped:

“Fuck, Baby, I’ve got to, come….can’t hold back any more.”

“Oh yes, come for me, Suzi!”

Muffling her scream in the pillow by Helen’s head, Suzi exploded into orgasm. Her body briefly went rigid before she began to shake violently as the spasms tore through her. She fell forward onto Helen’s body and lay there, shuddering, until finally her breathing returned to something like normal.


Judi heard the car pull up outside the front of the house, and the drivers door open and slam shut. Peering through a gap in the curtains she was astonished to see the tall figure approaching the front door. With a look of determination she drained her wine glass, smoothed down her skirt, and went out into the hall.

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