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The Holiday Part Five - The Revenge

Christine, the Kiwi, does a good turn but get punished for it
Christine was at the hotel checkout when Julia appeared in her casual clothes looking slightly knackered, dragging her case behind her. She looked pretty good despite the fucking she had received from Peter.

“Hi Christine,” said Julia. “I need you to take this iPhone back to lost property at Heathrow. A woman left it on the flight and I didn’t have time to get it back. Is that Okay?”

“Yes of course Julia,” replied Christine. “Have a great time in New York, and I think we are doing a flight to Berlin in a week or so. See you then.”

The flight back to London was packed and very busy. Christine had no time to relax but still managed to flirt with Peter and Simon the co-pilot. Saying she was a flirt was a massive underestimation.

She loved to show off her 38D breasts and would always make a point of leaning over the crew and passengers. The thought of people staring at her always made her a bit damp and if the flight was quiet she would often nip into the loo, pull out her Lelo and get off. The thought of people being just feet away always made her come hard.

On landing she carried out her duties on the plane and made her way to lost property with the iPhone nestling in her red jacket pocket. She told the rather dour woman, called Sharon, all the details.

“Oh yes,” replied Sharon over her glasses. “I wondered when this was going to arrive back. She’s been on the phone virtually every day asking for it. She lives in some big house in Buckinghamshire and sounded a bit desperate to me.”

“Oh dear I am so sorry. We had to take it to New York as you were closed when we came through,” replied Christine.

“Well never mind now, its back,” said Sharon. “But she’ll have to wait as its Sunday tomorrow.”

Christine suddenly thought she was due to meet a friend in Buckinghamshire tomorrow for a BBQ.

“Sharon, I will be in Buckinghamshire tomorrow. Perhaps I could deliver it if you can tell me where this woman lives,” said Christine.

“Mmm. I am not sure that’s proper, but I will ring her and see what she says,” said Sharon, before she disappeared off in to her back office.

After five minutes, Sharon reappeared and told Christine that it would be Okay as long as it was before 1:00 pm. Once all the details had been exchanged and pieces of paper one signed, Christine headed off to get the train back home.

Christine spent the whole evening relaxing in her two bedroom flat in Battersea. A bath, food, a film, wine and a couple of orgasms later she was curled up in her bed ready to catch up on her sleep after what had proved to be a long shift.

The alarm went at 7:00 and Christine stirred, made coffee and toast before grabbing a shower and getting dressed for her trip to the Home Counties. She picked out a nice off the shoulder black mini dress, which was tight around her bottom and loose around her breasts. She also pulled out some heels and her favourite matching lace bra and panty set.

As she stood in the mirror, she admired her body. She loved her 38D breasts and years of playing rugby back home had left her with a pretty toned body. She also loved her All Black tattoo on her left breast. She got dressed quickly as she was running late and decided to go commando as it was hot out and she, well, just fancied it.

She jumped in her car and set off for Buckinghamshire. She stopped to get some petrol, wound down her windows and decided to get some music on. Pulling out the well travelled iPhone, she slipped it into the holder, turned up the volume and pressed play.

“What the fuck,” said Christine, as the sound of woman having a massive orgasm came hurtling out of her car speakers as she pulled up to some traffic lights. “Oh my God. Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she shouted as she reached for the volume button.

She glanced around to see if anyone had heard. On her right was a blonde women in a silver Audi, who was laughing at her and raising her thumbs in approval. Suddenly a look of horror came over her face, and she reached for her phone before frantically dialling a number.

Christine could see the blonde gesticulating and pointing at her as she spoke to some unknown person. Christ she thought, what was all that about.

As the lights changed to green, Christine sped off and quickly put the woman out of head and turned the volume back up. For the next hour she sat in her car, listening to a series of women coming over her car speakers, every now and then putting her hand up her skirt to touch her naked and ever increasingly wet pussy.

Fuck she was so horny, she thought as she sped along the motorway and then through a series of ‘A’ roads to her destination. The house she was looking for was massive and hidden behind a large wall and security gates.

As she pulled up, she reached and pressed the intercom and announced her arrival to a woman who had what sounded like an American accent.

“Hello. It's Christine from the airline. I have come to return your phone,” she said.

“Oh right,” replied the voice. “Come in and follow the drive to the main door.”

Christine did as she was told and soon found herself outside the main entrance. As she got out of her car, the door opened and the woman appeared. She had dark hair and a curvy figure. Good hips and good breasts.

“Hi Christine. Thanks for bringing this back. I was getting a bit worried that I had lost it for good,” she said, as Christine walked up to her.

“I’m Heather, would you like a coffee or something?” she said.

“Ummm, yes that would be great thanks,” said Christine, conscious of the throbbing wetness between her legs.

Heather showed her into the large kitchen and poured her coffee and beckoned her to sit at the breakfast bar. The coffee was good, but she was conscious of her pussy leaking onto her dress so excused herself to the loo to try and clean up a bit.

When she returned, she saw that Heather was opening a bottle of white wine and offered her a glass. It was quite early but Christine fancied a little livener before she set off for her BBQ. It was cold, refreshing and most welcome.

They had been chatting for about twenty minutes when the buzzer went on the kitchen wall. Heather walked over and pressed a button.

“Oh hi. I am glad you are here lovely. See you in a sec,” she said into the intercom.

“Just a friend popping in for a coffee,” she said, turning to Christine.

Christine’s face dropped when she saw a silver Audi pull up on the gravel and the blonde woman from the traffic lights get out and walk in through the kitchen door. She could feel herself blushing as Heather got up and greeted the blonde with a warm embrace.

“She has arrived Sam. Her name is Christine and we were just having a wine. Would you like one?” said Heather

“So did you enjoy your drive Christine?” said Sam turning to her. “I hope you concentrated on driving rather than anything else.”

Oh Jesus thought Christine. She recognizes me and she must have rung Heather to tell her something. How embarrassing.

“Now tell me Christine,” said Heather suddenly. “Did you listen to anything in particular on my phone?”

“Umm not really,” replied Christine. “Just some music.”

Her inadequate reply set off an interrogation from both women about the bloody iPhone. Just a series of questions about why the phone hadn’t been returned earlier, who had kept it, where it had been and why Christine felt it was okay to treat it as her own?

Despite the intensity of the questions, Christine noticed that the two women seemed to be smiling and having fun. It was all getting a bit weird thought Christine and started to get up to leave.

“In fact, I have decided to report the whole crew to the powers that be,” said Heather. “I think you have all taken advantage of me, my friend here and our good nature.”

Christine was a pretty tough cookie, but the thought of being reported, just having started her dream job, and incurring the wrath of Peter and Julia made her feel ill.

“Look, I am really sorry,” spluttered Christine. “Please don’t report this. I have only just started my job, and I’ll probably get the sack.”

With that the two women looked at each other and walked slowly towards Christine.

“Well, I am not sure about that,” said Heather. “You see, we think you listened to the iPhone all the way here, and it wasn’t any music. So we think you ought to come with us.”

With that the two women took one hand each and led her into the hall and up the wide stairs. Christine was now feeling slightly excited despite not being in anyway bi-sexual. She had an idea what was coming and with each step she took, she could feel a tingle growing in her pussy.

The three women entered a large bedroom and Christine was guided to the centre of the floor. As she stood there, Sam and Heather moved towards her, Sam in front and Heather behind.

Suddenly Christine felt four pairs of hands all over her body, on her neck, breasts, bottom and thighs. It felt so delicious that Christine just decided she wasn’t go to fight it. She was going to take one for the team.

She felt a pair of hands left the hem of her skirt and lift it up and over her head as her arms were held aloft by another pair.

“Well well you naughty girl,” said Heather. “No panties eh?”

With that Christine felt a sharp slap on her bottom from Heather, and Sam’s hands undid her bra and let it slide to the floor. She was now naked and at the mercy of these two posh women who were still fully clothed.

Suddenly there was another slap on her bottom and the feel of two mouths on her neck, the sides and the back and hands running over her naked flesh. Fingertips grazed her back and bottom, her breasts, stomach and legs, and she could feel her pussy starting to throb.

As she began to drift into a sea of pleasure, she felt another sharp slap on her bottom and Sam’s mouth on her nipple. She moaned softly as Heather’s hands squeezed and kneaded her bottom and Sam’s lips descended south over her stomach and kissed her shaven mound.

As she thrust her hips forward, she felt Heather’s lips on the back of her neck and another sharp slap. Then as Heather gently bit her shoulder, Sam’s tongue found her clit, which was already swollen from the car journey, and started to gently lick up an down and round and round on her.

Christine parted her legs and felt a finger slide up into her wet pussy and touch her g-spot. At the same time Heather lips started to kiss her spine as Sam sucked her clit gently, and started to slowly finger fuck her as she stood helpless in the centre of the room.

Just as Christine felt the stirrings of her orgasm, the women stopped their giving and led her to the bed and made her lie on her back and watch them both undress. Heather was fuller, while Sam was slim. They were both attractive and when they kissed, Christine knew they were more than just a couple of kinky friends.

“Turn over and get on your stomach Christine,” said Heather. “Its our turn now.”

With that Christine lay on her stomach and Sam came over and lay in front of her, propped up on the pillows. Her pussy was inches from Christine’s face. It was wet and open. Sam reached down and pulled her towards it as Heather knelt on the bed behind Christine, lifting her bottom up so she was almost on all fours.

Christine moved her lips towards Sam’s pussy and as her tongue flicked at the clit in front of her, she felt Heather’s lips on her own pussy. Christine started to suck and lick on Sam’s clit as her own pussy received the same attention from Heather.

Between Heather’s tongue and fingers, Christine felt the slaps on her bottom coming quicker and harder and the pressure in her pussy growing with every lick, flick, suck and slap. In front of her, Sam’s hips were beginning to move in time with her own tongue and when she slid two fingers into the blond’s pussy, Sam moaned loudly and screwed up her eyes.

She could hear Heather behind her, breathing hard as fingers started to fuck her,. She could tell Heather was masturbating as she licked Christine’s pussy. Sam’s hips were rising and falling with every fuck and her own orgasm was beginning to rise from deep with in her.

Slowly but surely, the three women started to show the tell tale signs of approaching orgasm. Hips were rocking, breathing was deeper and quicker and tongues and fingers were moving more urgently by the second.

Christine sensed that Sam was getting close while Heather was now rubbing her pussy frantically behind her and fingering Christine’s sopping pussy harder and faster at the same time. The air was filed with the smell of pussy as the three women went at each other harder and faster.

Suddenly Sam cried out and started to come and as her thighs snapped shut, Christine’s own orgasm hit her hard. As Christine’s orgasm reached its peak she heard Heather cry out and come, collapsing on the bed behind her.

For moments after, all three women lay there panting and breathing hard as their orgasms subsided. As Christine turned on her back, Heather crawled over to her and kissed her mouth, while Sam shifted round to kiss Heather.

“Now Christine,” said Heather. “I hope this has taught you a lesson not to be so nosey.”

With that, all three burst into laughter and proceeded to spend the whole afternoon on the bed, fucking each other in every conceivable way. The three women blended into one as they licked and sucked each others pussies into oblivion.

Anyone watching would have been unable to decide which body belonged to which woman or which orgasm belonged to which body, as the three of them indulged themselves with orgasm after orgasm, one after the other and often all together.

Christine was made to watch Heather and Sam make love, who then watched Christine masturbate for them. It was one thing after another including Christine being tied up and spanked before being teased for what seemed like forever.

When it was over, the three of them shared a walk in shower before getting dressed and saying their goodbyes.

As Christine drove down the gravel drive and made her way to the BBQ, she felt absolutely fucked. Not even her session with the gorgeous Peter could beat what had just happened. She had always considered herself to be straight but the sound of women coming in her car had made her give in to the demands of her body and the two women who had punished her.

The iPhone was back with its owner and Heather, Sam, Julia and Christine had all enjoyed its company over the past few days.

Happy holidays everyone she thought as she pulled up at the BBQ ready for anything.

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