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The Holiday Part Two

Two good friends continue the lesbian experiences in Italy
I opened my eyes as the Italian sun streamed in through the windows. I was lying on my back with Sam’s blonde hair on my breast. She was still asleep and looking so beautiful. Her left arm was draped across me, holding me tight.

I could feel her left thigh pressing lightly against my pussy which was still wet from our lovemaking. My god it was amazing. I had never come so hard and so often in a such a short period of time. As I looked at her and smiled, I could smell our sex clinging to the air.

I needed the loo so I gently shifted from under Sam, leaving her to sleep and made my way to the bathroom. As I sat there, all I could see was Sam, naked, coming, eating my pussy and her nipples hard and erect.

It had been one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I wondered what would happen when we were both awake and with it. I just hoped it hadn’t ruined our friendship.

I felt hungry and decided to get dressed and walk down to the local shop to get some fresh bread, some ham and some cheese. I went to my room and slipped into a pair of panties, a t-shirt and a long summer skirt and set off.

As I tip-toed past the beautiful Sam, still asleep on out makeshift bed, I noticed her iPhone on the table with the headphones still attached. I had a good 20 minute walk to the shop and back so I picked it up, put the head phones on and walked out of the door.

As I reached the road I checked Sam’s playlist for some Daft Punk or Pharrell but stopped at one called Me. I looked at what was on it and it was just a list of girls names. There was Claire, Kate, Joanne, Ann, Vicky, Rachel and Polly among others.

Oh my god I knew what this was. It was her orgasm playlist. As soon as I realised that was what it was, I felt my pussy react as I remembered how Sam orgasmed with me during the night.

I scrolled through the list as I started to walk down the hill towards the shops and the beach. It was hot and people were out being tourists alongside the locals opening up their boutiques and kiosks.

Claire was first up on the list. She was English and I could hear her moving about on her bed, sighing and moaning as she was obviously touching herself. Then I heard the distant sound of a vibe and as she touched herself with it, she gasped with pleasure.

I could hear the urgency in her moans and gasps as she got closer and closer. She was obviously fucking herself with her vibe as I could hear how wet her pussy was. She was getting frantic and as her orgasm hit, she groaned loudly as she came. Oh fuck this was so horny and I felt my own pussy dampen as I listened.

It took me a good 15 minutes to get to the shop and during that time Kate had come whimpering as she climaxed on her fingers. Joanne was loud and swore as she came, calling out as wave after wave hit her.

I was so wet when I left the shop with the sound of women masturbating themselves to orgasm after orgasm in my ears. It was all getting too much for me. My pussy was aching, my panties were soaked and my nipples were burning holes in my t-shirt. I couldn’t wait to get back.

I walked up the stairs as Rachel was in the midst of her orgasm and as I opened the door to the apartment, I could see Sam still on the floor covered with the blanket, eyes closed and looking gorgeous.

As I stood there, all I could hear was women coming. All I could see was Sam looking so beautiful. All I could feel was my pussy dying to be touched, throbbing and wet.

I looked around the room and found the stereo. I was a surround sound system. I walked over to it, found the auxiliary cable and plugged in Sam’s iPhone and as if by magic the sound of female orgasms filled the room.

I moved to stand over Sam and spread my legs. As the orgasms built in the speakers, I slipped my right hand under my skirt and into my soaking panties. I looked down at Sam and started to rub my clit, urged on by the sounds coming from the speakers dotted around the room.

I was so wet and my clit was hard and swollen. God it felt so good as my senses were bombarded by the sounds of sex. Suddenly I sensed a movement below me as Sam’s eyes flickered open and she moved onto her back, staring up at me.

The sight of her smile sent a shockwave to my clit as I rubbed it, looking at her face, hearing women come all around me. She moved up looking at me, smiling and pushed open my skirt, kissing my right thigh and getting closer to my aching pussy.

Her hand reached up and pulled my panties aside. As she took my clit into her mouth, my hands went straight to my nipples and I pinched them hard. Oh god I was gong to come so quickly and as Sam’s tongue licked me, I felt my orgasm beginning to rise inside me. It was unstoppable.

My breathing shortened, my hips were moving and suddenly it hit, taking me completely. My stomach tensed and my legs gave way as I collapsed in a heap on Sam, breathing uncontrollably and holding her head as I came slowly down from a massive orgasm.

I just lay there holding Sam tight for about 10 minutes before I regained my composure. I leant down and kissed her hard before taking her hand and pulling her up so she was sitting naked, legs apart on the back of the couch.

I knelt in front of her as she spread her legs wide and I slid two fingers into her wet, tight pussy. There was no messing about this time. I just finger fucked her hard and fast, listening to her juices as my fingers drove in and out of her.

As I fucked her, I watched her face closely. I could tell from her expression see was going to come. She was thrusting against me as my fingers went faster. Her moans increased in speed and got louder and louder. Then she exploded and her juice squirted from her pussy covering me and the couch.

“Oh my god,” she cried, “Jesus that was amazing. Fuck I’ve never done that before.”

She fell into my arms and I held her close as she whimpered on my shoulder before lifting her head to kiss me hard on my lips. I felt so good and I couldn’t believe how the last two days had gone. My best friend and I had become lovers.

The rest of our stay followed the same pattern. We would go out, sunbathe, eat, drink and then go back to the apartment and make love until the early hours. We did it everywhere and it took us nearly a whole day to put the apartment back in decent order.

I did have one more trick up my sleeve as I wanted Sam never to forget our Italian stay. One day when she had gone to the shops, I filmed myself masturbating on the very couch where we had first savoured each others bodies. My plan was to e-mail it to her at the right moment.

Our last day was short because of the flight time but the airport was pretty quiet and plane seemed almost empty. We managed to find ourself a couple of seats away from the rest of the travellers.

Once we were in the air, we settled into our seats, chatting and laughing as we had always done. A very attractive German stewardess, called Julia, brought us a couple of gin and tonics and we couldn’t resist nudging each other as we watched her walk away from us, joking how much we might like to fuck her.

Our weekend had given us a new type of freedom. Somehow we were so much more natural than we had been before. We talked through what had happened without holding back or feeling in anyway embarrassed.

About 45 mins into the flight, I pulled out my phone, found the clip of me and showed it to Sam. The look on her face was priceless and as she watched I could tell she was getting turned on.

She reached down into her bag, pulled out her headphones and gave me one earpiece while she grabbed the other. She went back to the beginning of the clip and pressed play. As I came into view on the small screen, I felt her hand slide up under my skirt.

I pulled a blanket over us and returned the favour. We sat there in our own little world, hands in each others panties watching me getting off in our apartment. It didn’t take us long to come, both of us stifling our moans so that no-one would hear.

As we tidied ourselves, the stewardess walked past us, causing us to giggle at the thought of how close we had been to getting caught. We were safe, the plane was pretty empty and the lights were out.

I needed the loo, so I got out of my seat and walked down the aisle. The stewardess saw me and smiled as I squeezed past her. On my way out, I asked Julia, the stewardess, if we could have another couple of drinks.

“Yes of course,” she replied in a thick German accent. “You must be very thirsty after what you have just done Madam but it was so hot.”

I looked straight at her, blushed and smiled before making my way back to my seat. I didn’t tell Sam what had just happened but just put my hand in hers and together we enjoyed the drinks and the rest of the flight.

We landed and made our way to the departure area and on to our cars. We kissed goodbye in the car park before setting off on our own journeys home.

I needed to ring my husband to tell him I would be home in about two hours so delved into my bag and hunted for my phone. It wasn’t there, it wasn’t anywhere. Shit. As I put my case back into the boot, a plane soared overhead and as I looked at it I realised I had left my phone, and what it contained, in the loo.

(to be continued)

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