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The Jelly Bean Factory (for J)

A bi curious girl became obsessed with a sexy redhead at a club, unaware she has a girlfriend...
a real quick write - not a literary masterpiece, but fun - hope you enjoy it. I know I did - dedicated to J, who inspired it. ;) 

Mist hung like a spectral curtain, clinging to everything inthe heart of downtown Vancouver, turning the night primeval. A brick wall, dingy and home to graffiti rose from rain soaked concrete and was seemingly lost in the clouds. Reflected streetlights and traffic signals shimmered in the puddles and gutters, trembling with the beat of distant thunder that spilled out upon the street every time the door opened to admit yet another yearning soul within the almost forgotten candy factory. Almost, but not quite; an enterprising trio having decided that there was a different kind of joy to be had within. They’d dubbed it the Jelly Bean Factory, multicolored neon lights marking it from without.

And Within?

Once through the doors, the dreary and gray was left behind and, in its place where pulsing lights, bouncing beats, and a cacophony of colors that would put a rainbow to shame. It earned its name, the walls, the tiles, the carpets, even the furniture reminiscent of a row of jars, each containing brightly colored jelly beans. Tonight, like most weekend nights, the place was packed. Catering mainly to gays and lesbians couples and singles, it had quickly become the place to party if you were even the least bit curious…

This was J’s forth visit in as many weeks. Twelve dollars was such a small price to pay for a night of losing herself in a crowd of sexy, beautiful, and fun people. The first time, she’d been with her girlfriends, and had managed to convince them that her state of inebriation led to the kisses she stole as the night grew closer and closer towards morning. The next time she’d gone alone, needing the anonymity to reinvent herself or, more accurately, to become who she was. That night, there was no hiding her true self. She danced with the other girls there, the music too loud to be conducive to conversation or even the exchange of names. She never had to worry about being hit on by guys; they were too into each other to bother her, sometimes seeking dark corners for their passionate embraces and sometimes not. It no longer surprised her to see two men engaging in mutual mauling upon the dance floor, their drunken passion rough and ready. It was rumored that there were cubbies to disappear into and discretely continue those passions to their logical conclusions, and she often saw couples of both sexes slipping into the shadows, clearly looking for a place of privacy. Oh, how she longed to see for herself what went on behind the curtains that others passed through, and the hallways beyond, of which she had caught glimpses.

With a sigh, she downed a shot of Don Eduardo, savoring the smooth taste as it warmed her throat and filled her belly with fire, loosening her up enough to move out onto the dance floor and throw caution to the wind, her smile full of shy promises, a secret hope in her heart as her gaze swept the crowded room.

The first time she’d dared the club on her own, she’d been captivated by a red headed pixie with a bright smile and a sense of style that matched the décor as if she was, herself, part of the scenery. She watched, enchanted as the girl or rather, young woman flitted like a souped up butterfly, her kisses seemingly random and yet obviously welcomed by one and all. She watched, somewhat smitten, her eyes straying as often to the way her ass moved beneath her daringly short skirt as they did to the uncensored look of desire behind her flashing emerald eyes. A longing filled her, one that was fed when the small woman paused in her fluid dance to rise upon tip toe and tease J with a brush of strawberry scented and silky smooth lips. Had it only been the one kiss, she might not have thought much of it, but it became a game of cat and mouse that night. She’d lose sight of the girl for a quarter of an hour or often more, only to find her standing before her when she’d turn to leave, stealing kisses, her amused laughter swallowed by the sound of bass heavy house spun on old fashioned vinyl by a DJ who knew how to gage the mood of the crowd, amping the beat up as the party grew wilder…

She never learned the girl’s name, nor was given a chance to even ask. Sometime after the clock struck two, she was simply gone, leaving J with one last lingering kiss that lasted long enough to taste her mouth as well as her lips. She went home that night buoyed by wings of desire, unable to keep her hand from wondering between her thighs at each and every stop light, finishing the joy she’d started in the car just inside the door to her house, back to the front door, her skirt bunched around her waist, her panties peeled halfway down her quivering thighs as she fingered herself into the first of three screaming orgasms that night. The other two, like the first, were fueled by thoughts of her nameless playmates head pressing between her thighs, her hungry lips devouring her pussy.

The next morning, all she could think of was her next venture to the Jelly Bean Factory, her hopes and fears pinned on the presence of the red headed vixen who’d ignited her with such lust.

The following weekend turned out much the same, only this time, J found herself wandering through the club, seeking out the girl with the red hair and infectious smile, the weight of disappointment slowly pushing the tequila born smile from her lips as the night grew older with still no sight of the object of her attraction. She was just about to call it a lost cause, when she spotted the girl weaving between same sex couples, artfully avoiding any mid floor collisions. J’s panties grew moist as she recalled her trip home, and what had transpired in her living room the week before, and her cheeks grew warm. Still, embarrassed as she was at the memory, her eyes were drawn like a magnet to this charismatic girl. As before, her clothes belonged in a black light painting; her skirt was neon green, her top day glo orange. Bangles and beads decorated her like some acid drenched Christmas tree, not that she was so out of place among the other club goers. Still, she stood out. Amazingly, her skirt length seemed to have lost an inch, making J wonder at the color of her panties, sure that she’d catch at least a glimpse as she danced.

Her heart skipped a beat, and then another, matching the thump thump thump of the bass, the sound enveloping her, making it impossible to ask even the most simple of questions, such as; what is your name? or can I, please please please kiss you all night long?

She never got the chance to ask either, melting against the nameless girl, her waist encircled as she was kissed playfully. Heat filled her, radiating in her core, teasing a soft moan from her very being, one that found its way between lips that tasted like strawberries and hinted at carnal delights that J could only imagine. It lasted an eternity and yet, it was over too soon. Before she could catch her breath, she was alone in the crowd, a glimpse of orange and green topped by flame red hair dissolving into the crowd.

Once again, a game of cat and mouse was played out. J wandering in a daze of drink and desire, ambushed without warning, the kisses between them growing deeper and deeper, their touches bolder and bolder. Soon, her blue lace panties clung to her pussy, threaded between her quivering folds, wet and sticky and smelling strongly of her desire. She felt so alive, so sure that she had found the key to what she’d felt had been missing, and yet had never been able to put her finger on it before.

That night she left with a pair of canary yellow panties in her purse, a gift from the seductive girl, one that she’d watched, both speechless and breathless, as they slid past firm white thighs to pool around slender ankles. One last kiss, this one burning with more passion than a lifetime of kisses, silky smooth underwear pressed into her hand as the girl make her exit, once again becoming impossibly invisible in the crowd.

Once again, J was unable to keep her hands from herself, this time barely able to get the front door closed before falling to the floor, knees in the air, one hand inside the band of her panties, the other holding the girl’s to her face, inhaling her scent and then, unable to resist, licking her still fragrant dampness from the crotch as she shuddered and shook, her cries filling the stillness of her house as she climaxed over and over and over, loosing count as well as all sense of time.

Finally, she fell asleep, passed out in the floor, her knees curled up against her chest, clutching her souvenir to her cheek, her saliva mingled with the juices from the girl’s cunt cool against her flesh. When she awoke the next morning, she fingered herself to another orgasm, and then again. Afterwards, she slipped the soiled panties on, wearing them all of that day, thinking of their intermingled fluids brushing against her pussy, driving her to distraction. By the time she fell asleep that night, sprawled out on the bed, too exhausted to fall under the covers, she’d managed to cum a total of six more times.


the night was cool, the sky clear. The moon shone brightly outside the Jelly Bean Factory, illuminating the faces of the crowd as they filed slowly in and turned over the price of admission. J was by herself again, searching the crowd for a sign of the red headed girl, her heart misfiring every time she caught a glimpse of flame colored hair, each time, disappointed to find it belonged to an unfamiliar face. Where were those sparkling green eyes, she thought. That bright, never fading, smile. The grace with which she moved through even the most crowded room?

She would be here tonight. She had to be. There was no room in her heart for doubt. She wondered if, tonight, she would be brave enough to ask for what she really wanted, what she desired above all else. She’d spent the entire week imagining what it would be like to do more than kiss or be kissed. She’d fantasized every night, what it would it would be like to taste pussy, to feel someone in her arms as they shivered and shook, moaning into her open mouth as she made them cum, over and over and over… she couldn’t stand it any longer. She needed to experience what she’d only dreamed about before the first rays of dawn drove the club goers back to their homes, slipping into sweet slumbers beneath their sheets.

A strange sensation washed over her, that feeling of being watched. She surveyed the room, her gaze wandering from person to person, seeking out the mystery girl, unable to prevent the most wonderful of sensations blooming within her, tendrils of lust taking root in her sex, spreading through her, fusing with her nervous system. The thick bass of the music seemed focused between her legs, making her clit pulse in time. She had to remind herself to breath as their eyes locked from across the room. Already, her pussy soaked her barely there panties, anticipation wrapping its arms around her and teasing her intimately.

J moved across the room in a trance like state, licking her lips nervously, wondering if once again she’d end driving home frustrated and making herself cum on the living room floor or…

The red headed seductress smiled, the tip of her tongue running between her lips seductively, her eyes full of knowledge, a wiggle in her walk as she navigated the dance floor. They both stopped near the center, only a few feet separating them. J wondered if anyone else could feel the sexual tension that filled the air like a physical presence. Her knees felt week, her mouth dry, and her pussy…

Blushing, she lowered her gaze, drinking in the sight of the nameless nymph, unable to hide the hunger in her eyes. As before, she was dressed brightly, her tight hot pink tank fitting like a glove. J could see her nipples straining against it, visions of what it would be like to suck on them filling her head. She was wearing a silver skirt that as the lights caught it, so short that, had she been sitting down, it would reveal her secrets. She’d adorned herself with cheap looking bangles and charms; colorful and fun and fitting her personality.

J found herself moving, dancing along with the music. So did the girl, her movements playfully seductive as she narrowed the distance between them. Soon, they were almost touching, brushing against each other accidently, hip to hip, fingertips brushing arms, shoulders, hair, breasts… J could feel a slow, warm trickle escaping down the inside of her thigh. She closed her eyes, wondering what it would feel like to have those raspberry colored lips between her legs as she followed the trail to its source.

She was brought back with a gentle caress, deft fingers brushing against her cheek, then her lips, emerald eyes looking up into hers, noses almost touching. She slowed to a stop, breathing hard from the exertion, want nearly overwhelming her, a soft moan slipping between her invitingly open lips, startling as she felt the touch of an unseen stranger behind her. Before she could turn, her dance partner took her face between soft palms and captured her gaze, smiling as she stood on tiptoe and pressed soft, moist lips against hers, her wet tongue slipping between parted lips.

J relaxed, welcoming the kiss, sighing into it, her own hands resting on the girls slender hips, doing her best not to wonder at the presence behind her; gentle hands stroking her hair, gathering it to one side, the touch of warm breath upon her neck, soft kisses that sent shivers down her spine…

She lifted her hands, running them over the red head’s curves like a sculptor; her narrow waist, her small breasts, swollen nipple, soft shoulders, the curve of her spine, finally coming to rest against her swaying ass, pulling her closer, hips grinding against each other, never breaking their intimate kiss, losing herself in the sensation, in the moment, surrendering to the girl, and to whomever teased her from behind, giving tacit permission to continue…

Teeth brushed against her neck, her shoulder, small nibbles that made her whimper with need, the sound lost between raspberry flavored lips, crying out softly as sharp teeth bit into her, the slight taste of pain somehow making the kisses sweeter. She felt beasts pressing against her shoulders, hips grinding against her bottom as she was trapped, sandwiched between strangers in the middle of a crowded dance floor. Her cheeks burned, wondering how far they would take it, wondering what it would feel like to cum while being watched… she wanted it so bad, she suddenly realized. She welcomed it. Nothing else mattered.

An unseen hand caressed her ass, slowing lifting the hem of her skirt, grapping her bottom roughly and squeezing. Her head rolled back, allowing her dancing partner to cover her throat with hot kisses, pushing her top from her shoulders, her lips painting her exposed flesh with overwhelming sensation as her top was slowly peeled from her, bunching at her waist, her breasts straining against the blue lace bra beneath. She felt her thighs being pushed apart from behind, a hand cupping her cunt, rubbing against it, fingers pushing the material into her drenched slit, teasing her clit.

She felt like she might collapse if even one of the women stepped back. Her hips rocked forward, grinding against the hand of her unseen assailant, trapping it between her and the brightly dressed girl whose mouth was on her breasts now, her teeth trapping her nipple through the material of her bra. A finger slipped beneath the leg band of her panty and into her soaking wet pussy, leaving her groaning breathlessly. She almost cried when it abandoned her again…

Hot breath kissed her ear, and then a tongue, tracking the curved ridge. A finger was pressed to her lips. It smelled of cunt; her cunt, she knew instinctively. The same finger that had invaded her in the middle of the bustling club. Without hesitation, she took it, sucking it into her mouth, swallowing the taste of her own pussy, not caring that her bra was being unfastened, that its straps were sliding down her arms, that her exposed tits here being cupped and fondled and bitten and licked, that her skirt was being unzipped from behind. Soon, it too, lay forgotten on the dance floor. In a moment of panic, she looked around, noticing that she and her partners were the center of attention. Humiliation washed over her, filling her with heat, quickly washed away as the redheaded girl’s mouth travelled down her quaking belly, her hands trapping her own, fingers twining as she lovingly kissed her mound, the dark patch of hair that decorated it, her steaming pussy…

Arms wrapped around her, cupping her breasts from behind, teasing her aching nipples, twisting and tugging. Fevered kisses played up and down her neck, interspersed with sharp nips that made her jerk her hips forward into the other girls face. Small hands gripped her ass, nails digging into the tender skin, pulling her hips forward as her clit was encircled, tongue tip flickering like a hummingbirds over it, then lapping up the fluids that ran freely down from her parted, pink edged lips. Her thighs trembled and shook as a skilled tongue curled into her cunt, moving slowly in and out of her. She abandoned herself to pleasure, no longer caring that she was naked and sandwiched between two strangers in a public place. Nothing mattered to her except the need to cum.

Her arms were pulled behind her. She didn’t resist, not even when she felt the cold hard kiss of metal upon her wrist, a short length of chain connecting them. Her entire being became centered around her cunt, the sight of red hair between her thighs, moving back and forth, driving her hardened tongue deeper and deeper and…

She felt it wash over her, robbing her of all thought, her nervous system on fire, white hot pleasure detonating within her. She cried out wordlessly, loud enough to be heard over the pounding beat, her head thrown back, belly and breasts jutting forward, her legs no longer able to keep her upright. She was embraced from behind, held upright, tightly squeezed as she came, her orgasm building and building until she thought it might claim her, her toes curling, her trapped hands clenching and unclenching as her hips pistoned, pounding against her tormentor, driving her tongue even deeper…

She would have collapsed had her lovers not held her upright. The red headed girl kissed her way sweetly up her naked, damp body, suckling at her aching nipples until she writhed and moaned while her partner run her hands, from behind, over her fluttering tummy and teasingly over her slick mound and beyond until she came again, this time with less force, but longer, kisses coated with her own juices pressing against her wide open lips…

They led her from the club, her clothes tucked under the arm of the redheaded girls partner, a busty, olive skinned woman with luxurious hair the color of the night sky, her hands still cuffed behind her, a whispered invitation in her ear. She simply nodded, the cool, wet night kissing her flesh, cooling her off, her shivers as much from anticipation as cold as two pairs of hands fondled and caressed and teased her intimately until she climaxed again, this time bent over the hood of a silver Toyota Corolla, the dark haired beauty’s fingers curled inside her cunt, her head turned to one side as she watched the redhead hike her skirt up slowly to reveal her clean shaven pussy, her lips parted like a flower in bloom, glistening with nectar as she teased herself. This time, when J came, she had company.

As they drove, J laying in the back seat, head cradled in the redhead’s lap, gently hands stroking through her dark hair, she let slip a dreamy sigh, a smile soon following it. She wasn’t sure where this would go, nor did she care. Turning her head, she gazed into bright emerald chips, drinking in a playful smile that promised so much more before the night was spent. The redheaded girl must have seen something in her eyes for soon, she was giggling softly, her hand playfully petting J’s cum filled pussy, the tips of her fingers teasing knowingly between her folds…

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