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The Lingerie Store

Sarah's job opens the door to a whole new world
Sarah had just taken a job in the curvy girlies favourite store - Bravissimo. As she’d worked in fashion for a few years she knew what she’d have to do and, having a good pair of boobs herself, thought she might be inline for a staff discount on some of the beautiful undies.

One day as Sarah was hanging out some new stock, a young blonde girl walked in and went straight up to her, not even bothering to look around.

“Excuse me” said the girl, “I think I need measuring again, could you do it for me now?”

“Errr…..sure….no problem” Sarah replied, “follow me.”

Sarah led the girl to the back of the store to the fitting rooms, she’d been given training on how to measure properly on her first day, and had subsequently come face to face - and face to boob! - with numerous pairs of customer’s breasts. Some were rounder than others and some definitely firmer, but they were all on the large side and some extremely large.
Sarah had always been proud of her 34DD’s, but some of the stock was twice the size of her own bra and she could only wonder at the boobs that would fill them.

“Hi, I’m Sophie” said the girl as Sarah closed the door behind them.
 “I’m a model, but I’ve had a bit of re-modelling done, if you know what I mean?”, Sophie giggled.

“Oh…Ok.. It’s not a problem, let’s see what we can do. I‘m Sarah by the way”, responded the young assistant.

Without prompting Sophie was pulling her hooded top over head.

“I’ve always been big…I was a 30F before…but I’ve got to keep them at their best in my line of work.”

Sarah could now see the full size of the other girl’s impressive chest, her boobs spilling over the, obviously too small, white bra momentarily, as Sophie reached behind to unclasp the hooks and let her breasts bounce free.

“I’ve got a new shoot in a couple of days and it’ll be the first time the camera will get to see ‘em. So I’m looking for a really sexy set that fits properly but looks absolutely knock out!”

Sarah was temporarily mesmerised by Sophie’s enormous assets, but told herself to concentrate on the job in hand.

“Well I’m sure we’ll get you fixed up in here…it’s all really lovely stuff” said Sarah

“Now, can you just lift them up slightly, so I can get the tape round” she continued.

Sophie cupped her boobs in her hands and lifted them free of her rib cage, enabling Sarah to pass the tape around her back and read off the number.

“That’s twenty-six, so you’re a thirty band size still” explained Sarah, “now let’s see the cup size.”

Sophie let her breasts full back as Sarah let the tape out and inched it up over Sophie’s nipples. Whether it was the air con, or something else entirely, Sophie’s nips hardened to attention.

“Oooops, don’t mind them… they’re always doing that!” she giggled

“38” stated Sarah “errr…..just let me work that out” she continued slightly embarrassed.

“Double G” Sophie exclaimed, “two bigger than before!”

“Blimey!” Sarah blurted out, before hurriedly trying to gain her composure, “I..I..I’m sorry…I mean….”

“Don’t worry, hun…they are rather big… and I bet you don’t get that sort of size every day, not even in here” Sophie was laughing off the assistants embarrassment.

“Here….what do you think?”
Sophie reached for Sarah’s hands and opened them out flat across her breasts, her own hands covering the other girl’s.

Sarah was a little shocked, but didn’t resist, as her palms met the firm flesh and Sophie pulled her in closer.

“Nice?” Sophie asked

“They’re bloody fantastic” replied Sarah, now completely forgetting where she was.

“Why, thank you” came the response,
“I haven’t got too long now, but I guess I’d better pop outside and find something suitable” Sophie continued.

Sophie reached for the hoodie and pulled it on over hear naked breasts, before stuffing her bra in the top of her bag.

Sarah’s head was in a spin as the gorgeous model walked back into the shop and began searching through the racks of intimate apparel. Picking up where she had left off, Sarah resumed her stock filling duties, keeping a look out of the corner of her eye for Sophie. After only a few minutes, she noticed her marching back towards her, a sheer black bra and knickers set in her hand.

“Have you got this in my size?” Sophie asked.

“Err…come over to the till and we’ll have a look on the system” a still flustered Sarah replied.

After a few quick key strokes, Sarah relayed the bad news.

“Not today, but I can get it from the warehouse the day after tomorrow, if that’s OK?”

“Ummmm” thought Sophie aloud, “that’s the day of the shoot….can you promise it will be in by lunchtime?“

“Oh yeah” said Sarah, “deliveries are here by mid morning.”

“Well, if you promise, then that’s OK, I’ll call back then.”

“Promise.” replied Sarah

“Great…I’ll see you then” the model gave Sarah a cheeky little wink and turned on her black patent heels.

Two days later, just before one o’clock, Sophie returned.

“Hi, hope you got my new stuff babe” she said to Sarah

“Sugar!” exclaimed the assistant, “I haven’t even heard the delivery arrive yet, let me go out the back and check…be right back”

Flustered again at the sight of the gorgeous model, her mind flashing back to their flirtatious first encounter, Sarah hurried into the store room. Her instant relief at seeing the boxes of stock, soon evaporated as she realised nothing had been opened and she wouldn’t have a satisfied customer within the next two minutes. Sarah returned back to the shop floor.

“Well….it’s like this” she stammered, “the delivery’s arrived but no-one’s sorted through it yet…errrr… how long have you got?”

“Hmmmm” mused Sophie”, I’ve got to be at the shoot by two and it’s a thirty minute ride, so about half an hour….think you can do it?”

“Sure. I’ll find ‘em. Have a browse round and I’ll get looking.”

Sarah went to start rummaging through the delivery, and left Sophie to peruse all the gorgeous lines on display. Thankfully, it only took about fifteen minutes for Sarah to get to the third box and pull out the tiny, sheer knickers and mega-cupped bra. She quickly ran through to find Sophie.

“Found them!” she shouted over proudly.

“Great! You’re a star, babe.” said the model as she made her way to meet Sarah in the middle of the shop.

“And as a special thank you, how would you like to join me and see the shoot?” she continued.

“Errr…thanks…that would be great, but I don’t finish here til 5:30” the assistant replied.

“Just pull a sickie” Sophie countered, “tell your boss you’ve got a migraine and need to go home and lie down. Go on! I’ll wait outside for you.”

Excitement got the better of Sarah, and always acting with her heart rather than her head, she agreed.

“Great” said Sophie, “let me pay for these and then you go see your boss.”

A minute later Sarah was wandering over to the shop manager, hand on her forehead and wearing a pained expression. The little white lie was bought and Sarah picked up her bag from the locker and made her way out the door. Sophie was stood waiting, looking through the window of the next shop.

“Ooooh you naughty girl. Well done!” she squealed, “quick let’s get a cab.”

Around thirty minutes later they were on the other side of town and pulling up outside an office unit, a sign above announcing their arrival at “T & M Photographic”.

“Follow me, babe, I’ll introduce you to the others.”

Sarah followed the other girl through a door labelled “Studio 1”. Once inside, she recognised the set-up from things she’d seen on the TV; brilliant white screens providing a backdrop and shielding the brick wall behind, numerous high powered lights shone brightly at the screens and a camera and tripod were in place in front.

“This is Mike, the photographer” said Sophie, introducing a long-haired man in his early forties to Sarah.
“This is my agent, Simon” she continued”, and this is the beautiful Lucy.”

A gorgeous, and equally busty, brunette kissed Sophie on both cheeks, before asking,
“Who’s this, babe?”

“This is Sarah, she works at the Bravissimo store, and helped me get my outfit right for today.”

“Oooh, well done” cooed Lucy, “nice to meet you Sarah” and planted kisses on both Sarah’s cheeks too.

“Right, we’d better get ready” said Sophie, “and I’ve got something to show you that only Sarah’s seen before.”

“Oh yeah, your new boobies!! Let me see, let me see!!” Lucy squealed

Sarah pulled off her top to reveal her new, improved breasts, and the other model instinctively reached out to grab a feel.

“Mmmmm, beautiful, babe….they’re the business!”

The girls got changed into their new underwear, pulled on their five inch heels and strode across to the set.

As they embraced and pouted, the camera clicked excitedly.

“Hands on boobs, girls”
“Lean forward….show me that cleavage”
“That’s it…look into her eyes”

Mike shouted out his instructions, and the girls responded accordingly.
Sarah was sat quietly to one side, loving every minute of the performance, dreaming of having Sarah or Lucy’s body and being able to join in.

“OK. Tops off!” ordered Mike.

The girls pushed their naked breasts together, grabbing at each others bums as the camera continued whirring.

Ten minutes later, Mike tells them to take a break.

“Then we’ll get the oil out, girls” he added.

Sophie and Lucy walked over to Sarah.

“So, what do you think? Enjoying it so far?” Sophie asked.

“God yeah” Sarah replied, “you two are so sexy” staring longingly at two enormous pairs of boobs.

“It gets even sexier next!” giggled Lucy, “we get to oil up our tits and slide up against each other.”

“Mmmm…I can’t wait” the other model squealed, “I love getting all slippery with another girl.”

Mike called the girls back to position and handed Lucy a bottle of baby oil. The model aimed the bottle at her chest bone and squeezed hard. The clear viscous liquid started to slowly run down over her giant melons, and Lucy smoothed it into her skin with her fingertips.

“Oooooh, that feels soooooo good” she panted.

Lucy handed the baby oil to Sophie, who copied the other girl, and coated her own impressive chest with the slippery fluid.

The two models embraced again and slid their bodies over each other, breast slipping over breast, the firm flesh squeezed together as they tightened their hold on each other. Giggling excitedly, the girls were giving Mike a difficult job in getting his shots, and after a few more minutes he decided to call it quits.

“OK girls, that’s enough for today. Good job!”

Lucy and Sophie towelled the oil off themselves and went back to Sarah to pull their clothes.

“Ooooh that was fun” said Sophie, “can’t wait til the next time!”

“Me too babe, gotta run now though, got to do an interview and think up some sexy secrets to reveal!”

The brunette kissed Sarah and Sophie goodbye and disappeared through the door.

“Right” said Sophie, “fancy joining me for some champers?”

“Eh?” asked Sarah not really understanding.

“Well I’ve got a personal appearance to do at a club at eleven tonight, so they’ve got me a hotel in town. They’re pcking up the bill so let’s have some bubbly on ‘em!”

“Wow, this is the life” Sarah replied, “I could get used to this.”

After another cab ride back into the city centre, Sophie had checked in and was leading Sarah to her room. She’d already asked reception to send up champagne and sandwiches, and was now planning on acting out the next stage of her seduction.

“Let me take a quick shower, babe… you can come in and chat to me while I clean up.”

Sophie stripped off for the second time that afternoon, this time peeling off the sheer underwear to reveal her clean shaven pussy to her new friend. Sarah marvelled at the sight, her own pussy began to twitch in excitement, her nipples hardening as her arousal grew.
Under the stream of hot water, Sophie was lathering her body with the complimentary toiletries.

“I love Molten Brown” she said

“Mmm, me too” Sarah agreed, “I wish I had a bathroom like this at home aswell.”

“Yeah, great isn’t it?…. Plenty of room for two!”

The blonde model was stood in a walk-in shower area, a big dinner plate sized shower head cascading water down from the ceiling.

“Wanna join me?” Sophie opened her big blue eyes wide at Sarah sat on the toilet seat opposite.

“Go on, babe…it’ll be just like me and Lucy earlier!” she encouraged.

Sarah’s thoughts raced from excitement to panic to embarrassment, and she could tell she was blushing profusely. Sophie offered out an arm and Sarah stood up without speaking. Se shrugged off her cardigan and began to unbutton her blouse, tugging it free from her skirt, which soon joined it at her feet. Sarah reached back to unclasp her bra, her own impressive breasts spilling free.

“Mmmm, nice pair, babe…..quick come and join me” Sophie insisted.

Sarah slipped out of her white cotton knickers and stepped into the shower alongside the model.

Sophie immediately embraced her and Sarah could feel the pressure of the huge tits push against her own. She felt her arse cheeks being cupped by Sophie’s hands and looked up longingly into the other girl’s eyes. As the blonde moved her head so their lips could meet, Sarah was powerless to resist, and Sophie’s plan was moving on to the next phase.

Sophie’s touch was tender at first, delicate little kisses being planted on her companion’s lips, but as Sarah’s confidence grew she returned the caress. The blonde model ran her hands up Sarah’s sides, soon finding her large soft breasts. Reaching for the shower gel, Sophie began to lather the orbs in her hands , translucent bubbles forming over Sarah’s chest. Her nipples instantly hardened to the touch, the dark brown areola puckering and tightening, and Sarah moaned softly.

“Is that good, Honey? “ asked Sophie

“Mmmmmmm” was the only response Sarah could manage.

Sophie continued to work the scented gel into her friends skin, working her way down over Sarah’s stomach to her thighs. A small batch of dark brown fur was now matted against her skin, and below, Sophie would see the delicate petals of Sarah’s pussy poking from between her legs. Wanting to continue the tease for a while longer, Sophie handed the shower gel to the other girl.

“Here, every bloke in the land wants to get his hands on these, but you’ve beaten them to it!” she said.

Sarah poured the liquid soap into her hands and reached out to the huge tits being thrust towards her. The firmness was in contrast to the softer flesh of her own breasts and Sarah relished the task she had just been given.

“Mmmmm, that feels good.”
Sophie encouraged the other girl, before placing her mouth to Sarah’s once more, this time pushing her tongue to part the other girls lips. It found it’s mate and the two girls swirled their probes into each other’s mouth, licking at the other’s tongue, their lips smacking together as their caresses turned more urgent. Sophie’s hand snaked down between Sarah’s legs and cupped her mound, her fingers searching out the folds of Sarah’s sex, slipping between the lips of her pussy to feel the warmth within. A finger found Sarah’s entrance and continued it’s journey, sliding effortlessly into her love tunnel to probe the moist spongy inner flesh. Sophie withdrew her finger and brought it to her mouth, sucking the clear juices to savour the sweet taste.

“You taste great, babe….I wanna lick your pussy til you come all over my face.”

Sarah’s head was now in orbit, her thoughts removed from this planet and now residing in some far off universe of sexual pleasure.
“Let’s go find that bubbly and continue our fun on the bed” Sophie instructed.

Not bothering to towel, the two girls left wet footprints as they made their way from the bathroom. The cool air caused goosebumps to form on their skin, their nipples growing and hardening. Unashamedly, Sophie opened the door naked, oblivious to who might be in the corridor.
Room service had left a silver platter of sandwiches, two glasses and a bottle of champagne, outside the door. Once back inside, Sophie popped open the fizz and poured two glasses.

“Cheers girlfriend, this is gonna be a great afternoon!” she toasted.

Sarah tuck a swift gulp of the champagne, feeling she still needed some Dutch courage for what lay ahead.

“Lie back on the bed, babe.”
Sarah did as she was told and Sophie sat beside her, moving in for another deep kiss, cupping Sarah’s right breast and squeezing it firmly.

“I know what these need!” giggled the model and dipped a hand into the ice bucket to pull out some frozen cubes.

Sophie massaged the ice over both breasts causing Sarah a jolt to the senses.

“Aaarrrrrrggggghhhh” she cried, “God that’s cold!”

Sarah’s tit flesh firmed and her nipples ached from the searing bite of the ice.

“Don’t worry, here, I’ll warm them up.”
Sophie’s mouth took a hard brown teat within and enveloped it within. The surround had crinkled and Sophie flicked her tongue over the rippled skin.

An ice cube traced it’s way down over Sophie’s stomach, and created a pool of melted water in her navel, before finding the top of her sex.

“Oh God!” gasped Sarah, inhaling deeply.

“Mmmmm, what have we here?” Sophie replied, moving her head down to Sarah’s thigh, gazing at the swollen pussy lips the ice was now stroking.

“You’re so hot it’s gonna melt in seconds” she teased

Sophie slid the cube inside her new lover’s opening, then dipped her head to lap at the mingled juice and water as it trickled forth. Her tongue flicked the ice up to Sarah’s clit and Sophie pushed her mouth, and the remaining frozen block, onto the little bud.

Sarah grabbed at the bed sheets as her bean throbbed with desire, Sophie now tonguing the length of Sarah’s sex and up and over her clit. She could sense her companion was close to cumming and decided it was time to up the ante. A slim finger parted the labia as she circled the nub of her sex. The combined sensations had Sarah writhing in pleasure and she knew it was only seconds before her orgasm hit. Squeezing her breasts together, her thumbs finding her hard nipples, Sarah let wave after wave engulf her body. Arching her back from the bed to push her hot pussy further onto the probing tonguing momentarily, Sarah then collapsed back as her limbs quivered.

Sarah had never experienced an orgasm like this before, her limbs were numb, breasts heaving as she gasped for breath, with nipples harder than they had ever felt. Her sex was pure liquid, it’s juices trickling down under her body to form a wet patch on the bed sheets.
Sophie’s arousal had been elevated to another level and she now needed to feel the same euphoric pleasure as she had just given Sarah. Sliding her body over her prone lover’s, Sophie drew level with Sarah’s face, ready to share the sexual honey that coated her mouth.

Weak from her climax, and not wanting the feelings to subside, Sarah made no attempt to move, but lay passive as Sophie’s body pressed into hers. The model’s huge breasts weighed heavy on her chest, their hands now locked together above Sarah’s head, as Sophie forced her mouth on to her partner. The taste was delicate, Sophie’s tongue forceful, as the two girls shared a deep kiss passing Sarah’s musk between them.

Sophie’s desire was getting more impatient and she rolled her lover on top of her so that She was now in a position to receive. Spreading her legs around Sarah’s thigh, Sophie raised her hips to rub her hungry pussy against the firm body. But this would only suffice for a few seconds and Sophie locked her gaze on to the other girl.

“Sarah, I need you…..need you to lick my pussy like I did yours. I need you to give me the biggest fucking orgasm I’ve ever had…..please baby…I’m soooo fucking horny….I just gotta cum!”

Sarah soon realised the degree of control had passed to her, she wanted to satisfy her new friend, that was for sure, but she also wanted to savour this new world for aslong as she could. Sarah put her finger to Sophie’s lips, instructing her not to speak, before placing both hands on one of the large round breasts beneath her.

The orb was far bigger than even both of Sarah’s hands could manage, as they tried to cup the pale flesh from above and below, pushing the dark centre upward to meet Sarah’s mouth. An inquisitive tongue flicked across Sophie’s areola, causing her to squirm.

“Ooooohhh you little minx…you wanna play with my big tits do you?” Sarah teased Sophie, but was also teasing herself.

“Go on then…suck my nips, babe…suck ‘em hard….I fucking love it!”

Sarah pressed her lips to the stiff little bud, and pulled on it gently. before her own passion took over and she sucked harder, drawing the teat from it’s surround, feeling the firmness in her mouth. Pulling away, Sarah looked down at Sophie and smiled a mischievous little smile…she was enjoying this!

Sarah repeated her performance on Sophie’s other breast and gazed in pride at the twin peaks pointing excitedly back at her. Her hands reached forward and squeezed the nipples simultaneously, sending Sophie into further delirium.
“Pleeeeaaassseee babe…pleeeaasssee…I need your tongue in me….lick my pussy now…pleeeaasse”

Sarah’s own thoughts were now uncontrollable and her brain urged her to taste another girl for the first time. Kissing her way down over Sophie’s stomach Sarah found the indent of her navel and tickled her lover’s sensitive skin. Sophie giggled and squirmed, but pushed Sarah’s head lower, insisting that she get down to business.

Sarah reached the blonde’s mound, silky smooth with not a trace of fur, the moist pink folds glistening below. This was it for Sarah, her first pussy was just an inch from her lips, and she could wait no more.

Sarah placed her hands on Sophie’s thighs and dipped her head to seek out the sweet nectar. Feeling the warm juices start to seep onto her tongue, Sarah was spurred on to probe deeper, pushing past the delicate petals, further into the slick tunnel. Sophie’s exotic syrup flowed freely and soon Sarah’s chin was covered with clear fluid, just as if she had sunk into a slice of ripe melon. The sound of Sophie’s dripping flesh as it was licked and sucked had both girls desperate for more. Sarah was literally eating her partner’s sex, her whole mouth spread wide around the gaping slit.

Sophie gasped “that’s it…..fuck me….fuck my wet cunt with your tongue babe……..oh yeah….oh yeahhhhh….”

Sophie’s hands pulled Sarah’s face deeper into her, nose against clit, lips against labia, tongue straining to push ever deeper. The mixture of sexual fluid and saliva was now running down Sarah’s neck, but there was never a thought of stopping to wipe herself dry. Still she continued to torture her prey, her tongue’s incessant probing scooping more and more honey from it’s pot.

“My clit……on my clit Sarah….make me cum baby pleeeaaassee…” Sophie pleaded

Sarah flicked her tongue upward to find the hard little button at the top of Sophie’s sex, she knew she’d hit the spot as Sophie initially tried to wriggle free, before raising herself closer to the tormenting probe.

“Oh yeah…..oh yeah….that’s it………now finger me!…….push your fingers deep inside and fuck me!”

Sarah did as she was ordered and slid two fingers easily inside Sophie’s dripping hole. She slowly pumped the digits to and fro, twisting them around on each stroke in and out. All the while Sarah continued to circle Sophie’s sensitive nub, but Sophie needed one last effort from her new best friend.

“Harder Sarah….fuck me harder……suck my fucking clit……fuck my cunt hard…….get your whole fucking hand in me…….”

Sarah had never heard such filthy demands, Sophie was obviously close to her climax and Sarah was determined to give her a mighty finish, just as she had received. Sarah slid another finger alongside the others and penetrated Sophie’s soaking entrance.

The model’s pussy was saturated with juice and made a loud slurping sound with every withdrawl. Pressing her lips around Sophie’s clit, Sarah sucked hard as she continued to finger fuck the blonde. Sensing that the slick hole would just take another digit, Sarah stretched Sophie wide so that just her thumb and palm were visible. The extra pressure was too much for Sophie and her body jolted off the bed as if she had received an electric shock.

Unable to form any words, Sarah just heard a deep humm from behind Sophie's lips, as the orgasm took it’s hold.

The End

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