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The Massage

Business woman gets more than she bargained for with a Hotel massage
Through my work, I regularly travel away from home and have to stay in Hotels up and down the Country (great job, and nice work if you can get it!)

Some of the Hotels I stay in have Spa and Therapy Rooms. Whenever I can afford to spend some money on myself, I like to invest in a massage...

On this occasion, I was away for just one night, but whilst exploring the fabulous Hotel, I found a Spa. I looked in to see if it was busy, and there was just one person inside sitting behind a Reception Area. I've always been the type of person who appreciates and admires beauty in other women, and I was immediately struck by how gorgeous she was.

She was about 35 years, with a great figure including beautiful 34 DD-E cup breasts and she had long dark hair and sparkly blue eyes. She looked up and smiled at me, and I grinned back. I asked whether there was any possibility of having a massage - I quite fancied an all over treatment as I was really tired after the long day I'd just had sitting cooped up in a seminar. She told me that strictly speaking, there was time only for a back and neck session. Pleased just with getting an appointment for the lesser treatment I agreed to pop back in 10 minutes.

Working in a male dominated area, I never let my dress code slip and so I was still in my business suit, although by now, slightly hot and bothered after my long day. So I returned to my room, and feeling excited at the prospect of some indulgence I laid my yoga pants and a tee shirt out on the bed, and began to change.

I removed and hung up my jacket, and as I walked across the room, I became aware of a huge full length mirror. These can be very unforgiving, but I noticed that I didn't look too bad after my day... I dropped my skirt to the ground, and stepped out of it. I then stood for a second looking at my reflection. I was wearing a tiger print blouse unbuttoned to my cleavage, black silky panties, and black fish net hold ups. In my heels my legs looked really toned and I did a twirl round smiling to myself that the gym visits really did pay off! Such hard work, but to see the results close up was a huge reward. I unbuttoned my blouse and as I removed it, I realised I was almost doing a strip tease for myself!

I felt a tingling in my clit at this, and smoothed a finger down to the visible crease in my panties. I was horny and promised myself a play later on after my massage. I then removed my bra and slipped on a tee shirt. I have always been happy with my breasts, and never wished them a different size or shape. I paused and admired how my nipples stood out so proud through the tee shirt, I rubbed them sensually through the material with my middle fingers, and felt the reaction to that in my pussy immediately. Having carefully slipped off my fishnets and shoes I slipped on my yoga pants and flip flops before heading off for my treat.

On arrival back at the Spa, I knocked, but there was no one on reception. A voice called my name from inside one of the treatment rooms. To my surprise, the "receptionist" from earlier came out into the lounge area to greet me. She was wearing white therapists overalls - unbuttoned to the top her ample breasts. As they were on show, I couldn't help but stare at them for a second, I was drawn to them!

"Take a deep breath as you enter the Sanctuary of my room," she said, "This is your time, your treat - forget about work for the next hour..." I resolved to do as she said.

The room was warm and smelled of spices. The massage table was prepared and ready to go. I felt a strange feeling when she said, "Take off your clothes down to your underwear". I then panicked for a second when I realised that I'd forgotten to leave on my bra. I apologised about that, and half expected her to leave the room whilst I arranged myself face down on her table.

However, she stayed and chatted with me whilst I began to remove my clothes. I slipped down my yoga pants first, and kicked off the flip flops (under floor heating, lush). I was facing her as I lifted up my tee shirt and carried on talking. As my breasts come into view, I noticed her staring at them. I felt another clit tingle as she paused talking for a second. She then walked me over to the table and I felt my already hard nipples stiffen up more. On another day, I may well have wanted to cover them up, but I felt daring and let her see them. I saw her lick her lips quickly, and then immediately questioned whether that was my imagination or not!

I climbed up, lay down on my front and instantly felt relaxed. The soft material of the couch smoothed across my erect nipples. I slyly "adjusted" myself by moving from side to side in order to cause some friction. Oh that felt so good. She covered my body with hot towels, but then removed the one covering my legs. She positioned my legs so that they were slightly apart. I felt a bit vulnerable for a second. The material of my silky panties was so thin, and I was already aroused before I even left my Hotel Room, I worried she may see a tell tale moist patch between my legs. She continues to chat away to me and I am so reassured that this woman just wants me to have a good massage and to feel completely relaxed that I put my worries aside. There was something about this woman that I really liked.

She covered my legs again and uncovered my back. I felt her drizzle warm oil along my spine, and she began the massage starting off with slow, light strokes, then built up the pressure. It felt soooo good, and I think I told her so! She told me that she wanted me to leave the room relaxed and satisfied. I smiled to myself, because where I come from "satisfied" has a whole different meaning, and a massage doesn't normally cover that!

She then covered my back, and uncovered my legs again and I recall feeling relieved that they were going to get worked on, as they were a bit sore from the 90 minute spin class I had done the previous evening. I felt the warm oil being poured down each of my legs and the feeling was incredible. As she started to stroke my legs I realised that I was feeling very turned on. Actually horny! I couldn't help my urges, but felt bad because it wasn't really fair on her?

There was no way obviously that I was going to reveal my heightened arousal to her. She commented on how muscular my legs were, I told her about my fitness programme and tried to keep my mind focused. She pummeled up my hamstrings. Then, - horror of horrors - my bottom started to rise (of it's own accord!) to meet her strokes. I wondered what the hell I was doing. It's like I was daring her (or guiding her?) not to stop at the top of my thighs, but to keep going...

She stopped and so did my heart for a second - I thought she was sensing my arousal and was trying to control me back down to earth. Awkward silence - then I felt her gently peel back my panties, into the crease of my cheeks, and I felt her thumbs circling the plump flesh.

Wow I thought, "This ups the ante of any other massage I've ever had!" then I noticed how her breathing had got heavier. I dismissed this as exertion due to the physical nature of the massage and I asked her if it was hard work giving people wonderful massages all the time. She said that she didn't get the opportunity to do as many as she liked any more but that she did find giving pleasure to special clients hugely satisfying.

I realised at that point that I wasn't imagining the fact that there was electricity in the air. I told her she was doing a great job, and that I could feel the tension I had felt earlier draining away (which was very true)

Then, without a word I suddenly felt her sliding my soaking wet panties down my oily legs and in silence I felt oil being poured all over my cheeks and it ran down into my crease and in between my legs...

"Oooohhhhh," I couldn't help but let out a huge sigh.

"There baby," she said, "let me look after you". She began to massage my arse, first squeezing my cheeks together then pulling them apart, allowing the settled oil to drizzle down the canal onto the lips of my pussy. I heard another sigh but this time it's hers.

"Such a beautiful bottom," she said... "to match your gorgeous breasts."

Totally gone now, I realised that we were on the same pitch, I lifted my bottom to meet her strokes. She knew what I wanted and she slid her hand in between my legs, cupping my smooth waxed pussy, and drew a finger back to part my now engorged pussy lips. She easily found my clit, which was huge and standing out ready to be played with. She circled it with her fingers, whilst the fingers of her other hand slid inside my wet, waiting and wanting hole. I let out a loud moan, and I gripped her fingers tightly with my cunt muscles. She found my g spot immediately, and my juices begin to flow.

I couldn't control my reactions it was like a tap being turned on. "Good girl," she said, "this is what I call a perk of the job - bringing women to their satisfaction".

By now I was so turned on that I was lost. Still face down, bottom in the air, - being worked on from behind by a beautiful woman with a pair of well practised hands. She guided me nearer and closer with each sweep of her hand until I could bear it no longer and let myself go.

I grabbed my breasts, and moaning her name I started to shake and lose control as my climax hit me, and I started to cum loudly. I gushed juices all over her bed, then I squirted everywhere and I could hear her encouraging me to squirt more! It was an orgasm of joy and such extreme pleasure, I never wanted it to end. I am not sure whether I lost consciousness or not, so intense was the orgasm. I collapsed back down onto the bed, and when I next looked up she was smiling down at me.

"Wow you needed that!" she said. I looked at the time and saw that two hours had passed since I first entered the room.

It had been mind blowing, but I knew it had come to an end. I slowly got off the bed, and started to dress, not really sure what to say.

"Oh I need to pay you don't I?" I said, smiling at her sheepishly.

"Nope, no charge for that one," she said, "make sure that you come back and see me next time you're here; I think that your quads could well do with a smoothing too?"

So I left The Sanctuary feeling very satisfied and relaxed.... but should I go back?

Minxy xx

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