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The Neglected Wife's Revenge

I had neglected my wife for a couple of weeks and she sought revenge
I had been working on a difficult project with a looming deadline for about three weeks without giving much thought or consideration to life outside the job. I had not taken time for personal time, including spending time with my wife. She said she understood and had kept herself busy with her work, friends and outside activities. Until one Saturday morning.

Having worked late into the night Friday night talking to personnel across the country coordinating a solution to our problem, I was planning on sleeping in a little later than usual. I was sleeping peacefully somewhat aware that my wife, Diane had gotten up and was milling about the house. I vaguely heard her working around our bedroom and talking on the phone. It sounded like she was making plans of some sort with two of her girlfriends.

Diane came up on my side of the bed and took my left hand into hers and slapped a handcuff onto my wrist. Okay, I thought, she wants to play and I have ignored her and her magnificent body lately, so a good fuck was just what I needed, especially if she would be doing all of the work.

Diane had pulled my right hand over and encircled my wrist with the other half of the cuffs. She had obviously tied the cuffs to the headboard since I couldn’t lower my arms. She moved to my feet, where she had apparently already tied ropes to the footboard of the bed. She tied my ankles separately allowing little movement of my legs.

Diane came up and shook me slightly. I acted like I just woke up to find myself all tied up.

“What’s going on?” I asked in my best surprised voice.

“You’ve been ignoring me lately and I really don’t appreciate it. So now I’m going to get a little revenge.”

“This should be fun,” I teased. How can you get revenge by fucking someone who wants it and needs it?

“I think this might be torture for you.”

“No way it could be torture.”

“We’ll see.” With that she covered my mouth with duct tape.

Now I was getting a little concerned, uncertain what she was planning to do. Torture? We had played around with a little BDSM. BDSM is the convenient abbreviation for Bondage & Discipline (B&D) Domination & Submission (D&S) Sadism & Masochism (S & M). But nothing serious ever happened, more like role playing, than actual BDSM.

Then I heard Diane on the phone with her girlfriend Amy. Amy is almost a mirror image of my wife, except that she is a brunette and of Italian decent. The Italian in her just adds to her sexuality. Since Diane had walked out of the bedroom I couldn’t hear the any of the conversation, but wondered why Diane had started to fool around and was now making phone calls to her girlfriend.

As she ended her phone conversation the doorbell rang. Diane turned to answer the door and allowed another of her friends, Kelly to enter. Now I was really confused. First a phone call and now company comes calling? Shouldn’t she have explained to her friend that she was in the middle of something and needed to excuse herself?

Diane and Kelly were standing in our living room talking about nothing in particular when I heard Diane tell Kelly that Amy would be arriving shortly. WHAT? I’m tied up in bed, gagged and my wife is having company over.

Sure enough, about ten minutes later Amy came bounding through the front door with no doorbell or knock on the door. Amy is a long, lean blonde with nice tits, flat stomach and cute little caboose. The three of them were standing in the living room talking and glancing towards the bedroom, when they started walking towards the bedroom.

The three of them stood at the foot of the bed looking me over like merchandise on display for their review.

Amy spoke first, “Well, let’s see what he’s got.”

Since Diane and I both sleep in the nude most of the time, I was naked under nothing but the sheet that was pulled up to the middle of my stomach. Diane simply walked to my side of the bed and pulled the covers off of me in a moment of grand exposure.

My cock was standing at about half staff, having wilted slightly with all of the confusion over what was happening.

“Let’s see what we can do to make that bad boy stand up and take notice,” Kelly offered.

“Agreed,” was the response from Amy and Diane.

Then it hit me. I was going to have a foursome with my wife and two of her hottest friends! Unbelievable! And sure enough all three started stripping off their cloths simultaneously, in almost identical fashion. All three had reached down grabbing the bottoms of their t-shirts and pulling them over the heads. Only Amy had a bra on to remove. Then Diane and Amy pulled their sports shorts off while Kelly wiggled out of her tight fitting jeans. Three thongs came off and I was looking at three beautiful, naked and horny young ladies. I was making all kinds of approving noises around my gag, repeatedly raising my eyebrows in appreciation of the three nudes. My cock had grown to its full height in respect for the little hotties that filled my view.

Diane was crawling up on the bed between my legs, while Amy moved around to my left side and Kelly crawled across the bed to take position on my right side. My head was spinning in anticipation of what they were going to do to me! Oh! God! This was going to be one hot story to share.

The three girls were kneeling around me, sitting on their feet with their knees just barely out of touch with my body. Almost as one they rose up over me and embraced in a three way kiss. A passionate, tongue probing, hot kiss. Each ones hands were reaching out to caress the other two girls. Diane’s right hand was tugging on Amy’s left breast, pulling on the nipple while her left hand was filled with Kelly’s hair. Kelly’s right hand was pulling on Diane’s pierced nipple ring and her left hand was stroking Amy’s taunt belly. Amy had wrapped her arms around Diane and Kelly stroking their lower backs and ass cracks.

They were kissing and touching and making little mewing noises as each one continued their exploring of each others bodies. I watched a hand slide down and find Kelly’s pussy before the fingers disappeared inside and began their magic dance. Kelly shifted slightly with her right knee making contact with the top of my leg. I began moving my leg against her, only to have her shift her position to break the contact between us. Frustration was setting in.

I was making pitiful begging sounds desperate to join in the action. I twisted and turned trying in vain to get free. The handcuffs were biting into my wrists and I was getting nowhere. I decided to relax, watch the fun and hoped to be joining in soon.

Amy and Kelly were leaning into Diane, with their hands roaming freely over her beautiful body. Their were two hands on her breasts, one lightly stroking her midsection and the other hand with its fingers buried deep inside. Diane’s arms were draped across their shoulders and she was taking turns deep kissing Amy and Kelly.

She had her mouth covering Kelly’s mouth and they started to play tongue wrestling, moaning into each other’s mouths. Amy had Diane’s nipple in her mouth and was alternately sucking and kissing the breast. Her right hand was the one inside Diane making Diane wiggle and twist above me.

For a porn film recording, I was in the perfect position, but with only my eyes, it was pure frustration. I could smell the sweet scent of raw sex as it filled the room. My cock was now throbbing and seemed to be growing out of the skin.

Then the activity slowed almost to a stop. Without saying a word to each other, Diane and Amy crawled off of the bed, and kissed each other before moving around to Kelly’s open side of the bed. Amy and Diane got up on the bed as Kelly lay back, spreading her legs and her arms. Diane dropped down between Kelly’s legs and began to shove her tongue deep inside and then kiss and nibble on her clit. Amy fell into Kelly’s open arms and they kissed hand and deep. Diane kept eating Kelly while Kelly and Amy used their hands to explore each others body for a few minutes when Amy shifted around and straddled Kelly’s face. Kelly wrapped her hands around Amy’s thighs and pulled her down onto her mouth and her tongue disappeared in her moist pussy. Amy was squirming around on Kelly’s face and began fondling and caressing Kelly’s erect nipples and boobs. Her hand was making circles around the areolas in ever decreasing size, until they found the nipple. She tugged and twisted the nipples in unison making Kelly moan deep inside.

Kelly’s body started to twitch and tremble. She pulled her mouth off of Amy’s mound and cried out to Diane,” Yes, yes, yes. My god, don’t stop. I ccccuuuummming.” Her body convulsed and a smile erupted across her face.

Amy swung her leg over Kelly and stood along side the bed. The smells of sweat and sex were heavy in the room as Kelly rolled off of the bed and Diane lay down beside me.

“Having fun?” she asked sarcastically through glazed eyes. She turned before she could see the pleading desperation in my face.

With that, she lay back and Amy took position between Diane’s legs. I watched as she reached down and when her hand reappeared it held one of Diane’s favorite toys, her Insatiable Butterfly G-Spot Vibrator from Adam & Eve. I caught sight of Amy Smearing KY jelly before putting the head against Diane’s lower lips. I heard the hum of the toy as the little bullets inside it vibrated and pulsated the soft jelly shaft as it entered Diane’s

Begging-for-it pussy. Amy was busy working the toy in and out of Diane’s pussy, while using her free hand to stroke, squeeze and caress Diane’s clit.

I was twisting and turning again, trying to free myself or at least be able to touch my adorable wife. The rope on the cuffs allowed me to get close, but not to be able to reach out to Diane. She was right. This was pure and simple torture, being able to see, smell and experience an unbelievable female threesome, and not participate.

Kelly knelt on the bed and was using her tongue to caress Diane’s pierced belly button, her smooth tummy and worked her way up to Diane’s 36 C’s. Her tongue twirled around Diane’s heaving breasts licking their way to the nipples. Then she kissed Diane softly, just letting their lips brush each other‘s. She was whispering quietly to Diane with her lips grazing her ear. Whatever she was saying was intensifying Diane’s emotions and her body began to twist and turn in response to the whisper and the action of the vibrator. Her back arched and her hips trembled in anticipation of an orgasm.

“Amy, go deeper, faster. Yes! There, Oh! God! That feels ssssooo good,” she cried out.

Her head was flipping from side to side, her breathing edgy and ragged as she tilted her head back. Her body began convulsing, with her back arched high in the air, she began to babble undistinguishable noises.

Suddenly she screamed, “Oooooohhhhhh, Ggggaaaawwwwdddd” and then went limp.

Amy removed the vibrator and took it into the bathroom to clean it off. When she returned she had a warm washcloth in her hand as well as a cup of cool water. She went to Diane and began to wipe the perspiration from Diane’s body, while Kelly took the cup of water. She held Diane’s head up enough to allow her to get a small sip or two of the cool liquid.

Diane was stirring now and stretched her arms wide in a deep yawn, bopping me on the nose with her outstretched hand. She turned her head to look at me but made no comment. She just smiled a quick sympathetic smile my way before turning her attention to Amy and Kelly.


“No problem,” came the response in unison as the two began to dress.

As she pulled her t-shirt over her head obscuring my view of her perfect round orbs Kelly offered, ”I’ll just bet you never take your wife for granted again, will you.”

I was shaking my head ‘no’ and making promising and pleading sounds through the duct tape. I’m not sure which was more sincere, the promising sounds or the pleading to release me and let me play with all three ladies.

Amy stepped over to my side of the bed and reached down, dragging her perfectly manicured nails along the length of my now harder-than-steel cock. Then it was my back arching and I cried out against the duct tape as I covered myself in my own juices when my cock erupted from the small caress of pain and pleasure. Then she snatched the duct tape off of my mouth in one quick move.

“Ow!” I probably screamed like a little girl, but at this point I didn’t really care. “That hurt!”

“They say it hurts less if you do it quick,” she threw over her shoulder as she headed out of the bedroom.

Kelly slapped her on the ass before giving her a quick hug and a kiss, promising one another to call each other soon.

I heard them leave through the front door leaving Diane and I alone.

“Lesson learned. I’m sorry I ignored you lately. It will never happen again.”

Diane rolled over on her side and began to draw little designs in the pools of cum that covered my belly, chest and my cheek.

“Promise?” she asked pitifully with a little pout on her lips.

“Promise,” I reassured her. “Never again.”

“Good!” she yelled as she stood.

“Okay. You’ve gotten your revenge. Undo the cuffs.”

“Ooohhh! Nnnooo! Not until after the guys who are coming over to fuck me leave,” she exaggeratedly cooed as she picked up the duct tape and moved to my side of the bed. “Now just be a good boy and be quiet.”

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