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The New Toy

Lucy's new purchase leads to some fun
I returned from a run, sweaty and red-faced, stripped off in my room and grabbed a towel, heading for the shower. My flatmate and occasional fuck-buddy Lucy was in the kitchen, an assortment of bags on the table.

“Hey, nice view!”

I giggled. “Lucy, I’m sweaty for all the wrong reasons. Gonna hit the shower.” 

She playfully slapped my ass on the way past.

“Come up to my room when you’re done, I’ve got a new toy to show you!” She stood up, kissed me on the lips, and grabbed her purchases. Lucy had an array of sex toys, each one more bizarre than the last- and occasionally we tried them out together.

I stood under the tepid water, washing the soapsuds off my body, wondering what her ‘new’ toy could be. She had one of just about everything you could buy. Despite the water, I knew I was getting damp from anticipation. I rushed the shower, not washing my hair but tying it up in a ponytail. I rubbed the towel over my skin, wrapped it around me and tied it above my boobs. I got a glass of juice and headed up to Lucy’s room.

As usual, she’d got paid and had spent almost all of it on clothes and things she didn’t need. I’d be left to bale her out come Monday. Luckily, she paid off her debts, not always with cash, and I got to wear her new clothes whenever I wanted. She’d taken off her dress, sitting cross-legged on the bed in her mismatched bra and thong. The bags were open, the contents scattered over the duvet. I picked up a pretty red flowery dress, holding it up to me.

“Look better if you lost the towel,” Lucy commented.

I smiled at her and shook my head. “I’m seeing Connor later, so keep your hands off!” I laughed. “So, what’s this new toy you have to show me?”

She pushed the purchases to one side- never one to take very good care of things, was Lucy. She pulled a Hustler shop bag from behind her pillow.


Lucy pulled the bag open, and extracted her latest acquisition.

It looked like a big rubber tick, like a Nike swoosh.

I looked quizzical.

“It’s a Feeldoe”.

“A dildo?”

“No, a Feeldoe. It’s like a strap-on, but there’s no strap.” She held it up, showing me the bright pink toy in detail.

There was one end, shaped a bit like a butt plug, about four inches long. The other part of the ‘tick’ was slimmer, with a tapered shape, about six inches long.

“You insert this end,” Lucy said, holding the shorter end, “in your pussy. You hold it in place with your cunt muscles.” She had a wonderful way with words. “This end, the longer part, goes in your partner’s hole.” 

She took a tube of lube from the bag.

“Wanna try?”

I did, but I liked to make Lucy work hard for her fun.

“No time now. What say you put it away and we’ll play at the weekend.”

“That’s fucking ages away! C’mon, I’ll be quick, promise.” She leaned forward and kissed me long and hard on the lips.

“Umm… okay! But I’m gonna fuck you, not the other way round!”

Lucy’s eyes lit up. She cleared the bed of clothes, all dumped on the floor. Her hands practically ripped the towel from me, and I took my time taking off her undies. Her hands were on my boobs, caressing them. She pushed me back onto the bed, then knelt either side of my head. My hands on her thighs, I tilted my head back towards her pussy.


Lucy laughed. “Hold on, sweetie, just getting the toy lubed.” 

She finally bent forward into a 69 position, my hands on her ass, and my tongue ready to probe her. I felt Lucy’s warm breath on my pussy lips, and gasped a little when her mouth made contact with me.

Our bodies pressed together as we settled into our rhythm. I’d never had a lesbian experience before meeting Lucy. We’d clicked when we both moved into a shared house, and had soon after got a place together. Our first love-making session had been the first night. Her bed hadn’t been delivered so we found ourselves in mine.

I knew she was gay. She’d never been pushy, and I’d felt a bit hurt that she hadn’t made a move on me. All that changed that first night. Too much wine led to flirting and that led to amazing sex. Although we both saw other people regularly we still enjoyed each other from time to time.

Lucy’s legs moved to open further as my fingers brushed against her outer lips, and my tongue got busy on her clit. I loved the familiar, safe taste of her, my nose buried against her wet opening. She pressed herself hard against me, and I had to smack her ass to get her to move. She’d suffocate me one of these days, but what a way to go! I could feel her big breasts crushing against my stomach, her nipples hard already. She got excited very quickly.

Lucy’s fingers pressed against my labia, pushing the lips hard together, making my clit stick out so she could clamp her lips around it. I shifted my legs, giving her better access. Lucy’s head lifted and I heard her squirting some lube, presumably onto her fingers. Then, I felt the rubber dildo being pushed gently between my lips, and slowly entering me.

Lucy had shifted again, lifting her body, her breasts lifting from my tummy. She settled onto one arm and gently probed my pussy with the dildo. It fitted quite snugly. She pushed it back and forth into me, sending waves of desire through my body. I pressed my tongue deeper into Lucy’s slit, her juices beginning to flow.

The dildo was all the way in, filling my cunt nicely. Using my internal muscles I made the long end twitch. Lucy lifted her legs from beside my head, her wet pussy looking inviting.

She scuttled back on the bed, legs apart, arms beckoning me to her.

“C’mon, Stace, fuck me with that,” she said with her eyes on the long pink length. I moved to get up, a little difficult with the dildo inserted inside me. Carefully, I moved to position myself between Lucy’s legs. She put one hand on the back of my head, pulling me in hard for a kiss. Our tongues locked, and her other hand gripped my breast, fingers pinching the nipple, hard.

“You bitch! You are gonna get so fucked!”

I grabbed the lube, squirting a good load onto my hand, and began to rub the lube onto the free end of the dildo.

“Looks like a guy wanking,” giggled Lucy.

“Like you’d know, dyke,” I teased.

Lucy eyed the dildo as I moved closer to her, the tip just touching her slit.

“I’m glad my first time is with you.” Her eyes crinkled at her little joke.

I guided the tip between her lips, gripping the bulbous end tight as I could in my pussy. It felt odd, but would give my internal muscles a good work-out. Little by little, I pushed into her.

Lucy’s eyes widened as the shocking pink ‘cock’ penetrated her. I shifted up the bed, closer to her, being careful not to hurt her, but she spread her legs wider, one hand holding her cunt lips wide, one finger on her clit. Her breasts heaved as I pushed harder into her.

“Oh fuck, that feels good!”

It was difficult to do at first, fucking her like a guy and trying to keep the plug held in place, but with a little practice, we got into a rhythm. I was trying hard not to cum too soon, concentrating on Lucy’s needs. I was kneeling close to her, her legs wide. I gripped her just below the knees and pulled her legs up, moving my hands to her ankles, holding her wide open. Her tits bounced, her hands on her nipples as I rammed into her as best I could.

“Fuck, yesss. Stace, give it to me, uuuuuh.”

Her body was bathed in perspiration, her face tense with concentration. I could see she was going to cum. I shifted the position slightly, dipping my hips so the angle was more acute. The response was instantaneous.

“Uuuuh, fuck yeah, that's it right there, uhhh.”

Her body bucked as she came, the dildo almost coming out of me as she writhed under me. I slowed, leaning forward to kiss her, my hands on her tits, feeling her heart beating fast underneath.

“You okay?” I asked her.

She nodded, her breath catching in her throat.

“Turn round.”

She looked at me.

“Turn around. I wanna fuck you from behind. In the ass.” 

She looked at me, unsure, then nodded again, getting warily to her knees and bending forward, her ass in the air. I lubed up and pushed the Feeldoe against her ring, her left hand slipping between her legs to help guide it in. There was more resistance this time.

I wasn’t sure if she’d ever had anal penetration. We’d never done it together. I pushed back and forth, slowly going deeper and deeper. I had to clamp my cunt muscles tighter around it, and when I pulled back there was a reluctance for the thing to slide out, so I had to almost pull it out of her.

I got into a rhythm once more, my hands on her hips, building up speed. Lucy gasped as the pain turned to pleasure, her hand dipping between her legs to finger her clit. I tried to reach her tits, but I needed to lean back to keep it clamped inside me.

I felt Lucy play with the dildo, and all of a sudden it started vibrating! I didn’t realise it did that. The shock almost made me lose my grip on the thing. A ripple ran through my womb, a tingling settled into my clit. I lost the rhythm for a second or two, then got back into the groove. Lucy was grinding back into me, grunting and moaning in equal parts. The vibrations were getting to both of us, the constant throb of the powerful motor doing its work.

I pushed hard into her, determined to make her cum again before I did. Although my climax was imminent, I couldn’t hold off much longer. I fucked her with short strokes, my cunt muscles screaming to be released. Lucy’s legs buckled and I held her tight by the waist for the last few final strokes, pressing the Feeldoe as hard as I could into me, the vibrations pushing me over the edge.

Lucy sobbed as she came. Her back arched as she collapsed, the dildo slipping from her ass with a soft ‘plop’. My legs ached, my pussy tingled, my internal muscles were on fire. I pulled the dildo from my cunt, switching it off. I cuddled up to Lucy, her breathing still hard. She nestled into my arms. I decided my date with Connor would have to be put on hold.

I kissed Lucy’s forehead.

“What else did you buy?”

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