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The Night to Come--Part II



Okay Katelyn, calm yourself down.  Just because she pressed you up against the wall, it doesn't mean she's actually still interested in doing anything.  I kept telling myself in order to keep a lid on my enthusiasm.  It was not working.


My parents had left an hour ago, it was very close to when Patricia was supposed to be showing up, and I was beginning to panic.


Ah well, might as well enjoy my Friday, right? I thought, logging onto my laptop in the living room.  After a few minutes of searching, I'd finally found an appropriate video.


My arousal grew quickly, and within moments I unbuttoned my jeans and began rubbing myself over my thong.  I ran my other hand over my tight black shirt, teasing myself a little.


I heard the doorbell ring.  I let out an exasperated sigh, muttering to myself, "Why is it I'm always interrupted right when it gets good?"


I went downstairs to answer the door.  I think my jaw may have unhinged and dropped to the floor, I was unable to speak for several long seconds.  Patricia stood there, wrapped in a sexy red shirt and black pants.  Her hair was down, and reached to her shoulders.  She looked hotter than I could ever remember.


"Can I come in?"  she asked.


I finally found my voice.  "Yeah, of course."  I stepped aside, letting her in.  I closed the door behind her.  "Up the stairs," I told her.


She began climbing the stairs, and I was in the middle of admiring her shapely form, when she asked, "Was I interrupting anything?"


I let her into the apartment, saying "Nah, just watching TV."  She glanced at the TV.  It was off.  We both heard a moan, it was coming from my laptop.  I gasped, realizing I'd neither paused the video, nor muted the sound.  I rushed over to it and shut the lid, without bothering to turn it off.


Patricia chuckled, "No wait," she reached over and reopened it.  The welcome screen was there, asking for my password.


"Wait for what?" I asked.  "I'm not sure you won't really want to watch this."


"Why?" she asked, sitting on the couch.  "Come on, what's so bad about it?"


"It's lesbian.  You sure?"




I typed in the password and press play on the screen.  The two women were on a bed, one had her legs spread, and the other was teasing her clit.  After a few moments I became very aware of the beautiful woman sitting next to me.  I wanted to wrap my arm around her and kiss her, tease her, to make her moan.  I didn't know if she would react well.  I stood, muttering the first excuse I could think of, and ran into my room.


Patricia followed me.  I sat on my bed.  "Were you serious about what you said this afternoon?"


She straddled my lap, knees on the bed.  "Does that answer your question?"


I pulled her lips to mine, brushing her lips with my tongue.  She opened her mouth to let me in.  After several minutes of exploring each other's lips and mouth, I broke the kiss for a breath.  She and I carefully undressed each other down to our bras and underwear.  I stood up and laid her on my bed, making sure her head was resting on the pillow.  "Are you sure you're okay with this?"


She nodded, "Yes."


I kissed her again, trailing down her neck to her bra.  I unclipped it and tossed it aside.  I ran my hands around her breasts, teasing her with kisses and fluttering my tongue at random.  My hand slid down to her legs, massaging her inner thigh until I felt her relax and her legs part.  I teasingly rubbed my palm against her, kissing her neck.  Enjoying her squirming in pleasure.


"Stop," she begged.  "Stop teasing me."


I chuckled and slipped my hand into her underwear.  I found her clit and stroked it quickly.  She inhaled sharply.  "How's that?" I whispered, noticing how wet she was.  She really was enjoying it!  I massaged it harder until I heard her moan and felt her hand in my hair.  She tugged a little and moaned.


I repositioned myself so I was between her legs, I slid off her underwear and parted her lips.  I allowed myself a moment to memorize what I saw.   Her pussy was glistening, it was so wet.  I smiled, knowing I could make it wetter.  I attacked her clit mercilessly with my tongue, alternating between long and slow strokes to short but rapid strokes.  I fluttered my tongue and swirled it around.  I felt her hands in my hair, felt her hips bucking, heard her moaning, and tasted her as she came. 


I took my mouth off of her long enough to lick one finger and slowly insert it into her.  I pressed my mouth to her clit, sucking it furiously.  Her moans became louder as I moved my finger in and out of her, making her even wetter.  She came again.  She tasted delicious.


I stopped to kiss my way up to her lips, wrapping my arms around her waist.  She wrapped her arms around me.  Our legs wrapped around one another's bodies.  I was very aware of the friction and heat between my body and hers, only hindered by the little clothing I still had on.


She rolled me onto my back, and climbed on top of me.  "My turn," she said and continued to kiss me.


I moaned in anticipation.  I'd thought she only wanted me to please her.  I looked into her eyes and saw the fire in them, knowing that she wanted to make me moan louder.


I didn't mind at all.



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