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The Night to Come--Part III



Suddenly Patricia took on a role I was not expecting.  Perhaps she was merely becoming more and more comfortable in this situation, more okay with wanting a woman.  Whatever it was, she quickly assumed the more dominant role by ordering: "Lay on your stomach, Katelyn."  When I looked at her in shock she grabbed a handful of my long dark hair and pulled so my ear was inches from her face.  "Lay on your stomach.  Now."


I shuddered in pleasure.  Patricia knew I enjoyed a more submissive role, while she was more comfortable being in control and she was doing her best to accommodate us both.  I quickly obeyed, lying on my stomach, my head resting against a pillow.  I cried out in surprise when I felt a slap on my ass.  She slapped me again, and I felt the stinging ripple through my body.  I moaned in pleasure.


Patricia grabbed another fistful of my hair and pulled until I was on my hands and knees with my back arched.  She kept a hold on me while she spanked me until I was sure my ass was very red and stinging.  I tried to turn my head to check, but her grip was too firm.  She spanked me again, and I felt myself getting wet.  "You like that, don't you?" Patricia growled.


I moaned in pleasure.


But that wasn't good enough for her.  "Answer me!" she demanded, pulling my hair a little harder. 


"I love when you spank me," I muttered, embarrassed.


"Lay on your back," she ordered, releasing her hold on my hair.  I swiftly obeyed.


She began to teasingly run her fingers around my body.  Starting from my chest, she lightly swirled her fingers in patterns of tingling pleasure.  When she reached my stomach, she brushed lightly against my labia, but not enough to do anything more than just tease me.  She made her way to my legs when I realized I could take no more teasing, reached to rub me pulsating clit.  Patricia slapped my hand off, smiling.


She laid next to me and grabbed another handful of hair, pulling it towards her.  "Did I say you could touch yourself?"


"No, you didn't," I admitted in apology.


She rubbed my pussy with the palm of her hand, "Do you want me to give this area more attention?"


I nodded as adamantly as I could manage.


But again, it was not enough for Patricia.  She tugged my hair again, ordering: "Ask me, Katelyn!"


"Please, stop teasing me and rub my clit!" I begged, moaning.


"I'll do even better," she declared, she dug a pair of handcuffs from her purse beside the bed.  She quickly fastened my hands to the bedrail above my head.  I shivered in pleasure.  She spread my legs and knelt between them.  From her purse she dug some whip cream.


I chuckled, "You came prepared."  And was rewarded by another hard hair tug.  Patricia shook the whip cream, and sprayed some on my breasts and nipples, and in a swirling trail to my mound.  She leaned over me, and started on my breasts, flicking and sucking on my nipples.  She worked her way down my stomach, sliding her tongue over my very sensitive skin.  I moaned softly when her head finally disappeared between my legs.  I tried to see what she was doing, but the way I was handcuffed to the bed made that impossible, so I closed my eyes.


I felt her spread my lips to reveal my clit.  She slowly ran her tongue from the bottom of it to the top, sending shivers of pleasure coursing through my body.  She lapped up the whip cream before moving back to my clit--which had begun to throb intensely.  Without warning she attacked it with her tongue, quickly lashing in random patterns and pressures, finally settling on upward strokes with hard pressure.  She alternating sucking and licking until I came for the fourth time, shaking and moaning.  She kissed her way back up my stomach and chest, pausing to bite my neck, making me moan and shiver more.  Damn, she's a quick study, I thought, biting her neck back.


She released me from the handcuffs.  "I know you have toys.  Get one."  I obey immediately, reaching into a bag I kept at beside my bed and retrieving a seven inch ribbed vibrator.  I turned it to a low setting and rested it on her clit while I kissed and bit her neck, and she rewarded me with moans, and she wrapped her fingers into my hair and tugged.  Not enough to move my head, but enough to make me moan as well.  We lay there together, passing the vibrator between our respective clits, kissing and biting each others lips and necks.


I kicked the purring vibe into it's highest setting, making both Patricia and myself, jump and come simultaneously, both moaning and bucking our hips.  We rode it out, holding onto each other for balance, and collapsed.


She rested her head against my chest after I switched off my vibrator.  I stroked her hair and closed my eyes.  "What do you think?" I asked.


She laughed.  When I looked at her questioningly she said, "I can't believe I've been missing out on that!"


"What do you mean?"


"I've been wasting my time.  We're so doing this again.  That is, if you want to."


I chuckled.  "Of course I want to."


We drifted off to sleep, comfortable.

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