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The Princess Chronicles - Playtime in the Guest House

The Princess Chronicles - Playtime in the Guest House

Princess has fun in the Guest House with Sweets
In all my life I have never been restricted from doing what I want so this is odd. Sweets, a friend of mine for a long time, and I were bored at my house, and we thought we would cure our boredom by experimenting with things we had never done before. Sweets is , twenty plus years old and very cute. She’s a ginger, with a petite little figure, sometimes I just want to squeeze her. We love to read, and discuss the crazy erotic stories we have found on this site we like to chat on. No one there knows we really know each other; it is kind of amusing as we have so many inside jokes and innuendos. I can’t believe we have not given ourselves away yet.

Sometimes I just get bossy, and make her do stuff with me that she really doesn’t want to do. I don’t tell her in advance and I believe she trusts me with her life but not so much with the craziness I get her into. She is always apprehensive when I just drag her off, especially when we are chatting across in the chat rooms, and she is shy until I make her otherwise. It is always fun to see how far I can get her to go. For weeks I have been talking about my waxes that I get monthly, but she can’t begin to imagine someone touching her there, she is really a ninny that way. It drives me bananas. So when I get up and move her laptop out off her lap, and take her hand she is pulling back. She thinks I am going to wax her, and she starts begging me to stop and promises to go with me next time. I continue to just let her beg. It amuses me that I have the control over her that I do. I walk her to the guest house with it’s gorgeous bath and wet area, the perfect place for my release of my little plan. I push her down on the chaise lounge and take her in a deep kiss, as I work on getting her pants down. She is pleads for me to stop; promising she will really go with me to the wax bar. We love kissing, but the anticipation is great, I can feel her body responding as she eyes the wax warmer and tenses.

“Please princess, please I will go with you I promise” she pleads.

My hand finds her damp neatly trimmed mound. I moan in her mouth, and begin to rub her clit with my finger. The moment I touch her clit she jumps, like she was electrocuted. I am so amused and pleased with myself. I have never touched her. We have only just masturbated together and kissed. My free hand lifts up her shirt, and my mouth captures her nipple. I circle my tongue around and around nice and slowly. She has told me how much she loves this. I bite her nipple, and give her clit a pinch at the exact same time, holy crap she orgasms instantly. I so want to taste her. I replace my mouth with my finger and thumb so that the sensation her nipple is feeling will continue.

She is so worked up I don’t think she could stop me if she wanted to. With the way her eyes are rolling back in her head, I am positive she doesn’t want me to stop. My tongue dives in to her sweet hole. I have been told that is why she was given the nick name Sweets, but guys will say anything to have it again. The honey she is giving my tongue is amazing, I don’t want to stop. I pull my tongue out, and she thrust her hips, and my tongue bumps her clit, and she is cumming again, twice as much this time. I think I have figured out how to make her edge. I will have to utilize this. I am going to bring her to the edge and let off and do it again and again. She is going to beg me to cum. I want to be the cause of her pleasure and agony at the same time.

Now for the tricky part, I want to try something I have never tried before. It is scary, Sweets has told me how much she likes it when her guys do it to her. I have always found it just a turn off. I have her nipple in my between my thumb and finger of one hand, her clit with the other. The motion is working the same on rubbing around the area then lightly squeezing with the occasional pinch at the same time. Every time she shudders, I know there is more and she is ready to cum for me. I back away going back to the same rhythmic routine. I have more in store for my Sweets. My tongue leaves her pussy, and flicks the connecting skin between the ass and pussy. I feel her tense and begin to pause, Sweets grinds her hips towards me so I don’t stop. That is all the encouragement that I need. I begin to run my tongue along the edge of her puckering hole, her honey is flowing into my mouth and my tongue slips into the tight pucker of her ass. I can taste her juices filling my mouth and her ass, her muscles convulsing on my tongue. I move my tongue around the inside, in and out it goes (when it stops nobody knows, giggles). I Rub her clit slowly, just making her wild. my finger teasing Sweets clit, it wants me to rub it. I can feel she is on the edge, and about to go over. I want her to beg, beg for the release. She doesn’t disappoint.

“Please, please, please. Oh princess, please I need to cum for you”.

My answer is to plow my fingers into her pussy harder and harder, my tongue enjoying her ass, pussy honey from my Sweets coating my tongue.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeez” I hear once again. All movement stops. I don’t pull anything out, it all just stops, nothing.

“Noooooooo” she screams, it is deafening “ fffffffffffffffffuck...Please”.

Calmly I respond “Then wait”.

Whimpering she waits, Sweets has far more control than I have. She has been trained well (she hates when I say that.) After a minute or two, because I need to cum, I say the words she needs to hear. “Go , cum with me Sweets.” As I begin all movement again quick and fast.

What I didn’t notice was the silhouette of the tall muscular body standing in the door way of the guest house bathroom. He clears his throat, loudly to interrupt the two of us enjoying ourselves. The scowl on his face tells us he is none too happy and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out what I have done to disserve this look. Then I hear it, the Voice I never want to hear, but I hear it often. It is deep, stern and bellowing. “Princess, here now”.

I want to glance at Sweets, but I know better. I immediately go to my Knight. I stand in front of Him, my hands behind my back, and look down. I am so impatient, I look into His eyes with my pouty face full on. (I know how well that worked when I was younger, but this man loves me it will work, right?)

SLAP!!!! “Never, never when you are about to be disciplined give me that look, or anytime for that matter.”

In utter shock, with tears streaming down my face, I can only muster a “yes, sir”.

“Strip now, Go to your room and wait.”

Stripping very fast, leaving my clothes in a heap on the floor, I head for the door when I hear….

“Sweets will join you in a moment, and you better be in thinking position when I get to you.”

I remember my manners, well not really manners, but more of the ways of a submissive should act. I walk over to Him and say, “Yes Master, I will not disappoint you again.”

On the way into the main house, I start replaying what I could have possibly done to disappoint my Knight. I was told I could not play with myself, or no one could play with me four days ago. But that was because I was caught masturbating without His knowledge. I am extremely worried about Sweets, Why is she coming to my bedroom, when I am to be disciplined. She knows all about my life, but has never witnessed it firsthand. I will have to see what happens when He get to my bedroom.

Written by TxPrincess for publication on LushStories Only!

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