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The Realtor

The Realtor

When a woman is seeing a condo, her realtor shows her the goods
My name is Paige, I'm twenty-seven, and I have brown hair. I'm 5'5, and I just happen to be a lesbian with c-cup boobs. I actually never had an experience with a guy, because I just wasn't interested. Anyway, I just had a four year relationship with a girlfriend suddenly end. I found her face buried in another lady's pussy, and that was that.

Anyway, I had been using this realtor, who happened to be a woman, named Dina. She was smoking hot, and she always managed to get my panties wet. I couldn't tell her that I wanted to ripped her clothes off, and scissor her all night Although, I could still stare at her ass when she wasn't looking. Anyway, one day she was showing me this condo, in a small multiplex.

"There are approximately twenty different condos here, but people tend to keep to themselves. Not the friendliest place to live I guess," she told me.

"So, if I ask for a cup of sugar, will they give me the finger?" I pondered.

"I wouldn't think so, but I'm not gonna say definitely not," she put on the record.

We made some more small talk about the place, but then she mentioned something interesting.

"Also, if you didn't notice, there are some single guys that live here too. So, there are definitely some sexy possibilities there," she mentioned.

Well, it's not quite like spotting a dog, in amongst a bunch of cats.

"Dina, I'm a lesbian," I let her know.

She blushed, and seemed to be speechless.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I had no idea. Well, in that case, there are a few sexy and single ladies here too," she told me.

She was embarrassed, but I couldn't blame her. It wasn't like I had a sign that said I was a lesbian. Anyway, as she showed me the rest of the place, I did notice some ladies walking outside. She was right, they were sexy. Even though, those ladies caught my eye, I still kept the other on Dina's ass. She had C-cup boobs too, and a great figure. I couldn't help myself, and I finally knew how guys felt. She was eye candy, and she eventually caught sneaking some sweet candy.

"So, does that mean you like my ass?" she wondered.

"Yes, Dina. You are one hot fox, if you don't mind me saying so," I let her know.

"Well, thank you, I guess. I've never had a woman tell me that before," she told me.

I think I made her feel a little uncomfortable, so I resisted eyeballing her. Anyway, as we were done, she asked me that one important question.

"So, what do you think of the place?" she wondered.

I liked the place, the ladies around it, and most definitely, the one in it.

"I'll take it, Dina," I replied.

She was delighted to hear that, so she got started on the paperwork, and all that. I was happy, and I was busy looking out the windows. She was in the other room, and I was just checking out some big racks. There were a lot of ladies out there, and I wasn't sure where I could start. Then, unexpectedly, I had my first coming back in the living room, wearing absolutely nothing.

"I wanna be surprised, but you are one beautiful chick," I muttered.

I began to drool. I already thought she was a fox, and then she exposes herself to me? She already had the sale, but it seemed she wanted to seal the deal immediately. I couldn't take my eyes off her to save my life. She had that 'Let's have some fun' look on her face, as she walked towards me. She got about a foot in front of me, and my panties were soaked.

"You know, I never had a woman check me out quite like you did. I've always wanted to fuck another woman," she said, just before she kissed me.

We made out for about a minute, and she took my hands. She put them onto her boobs, and put her hands on top of mine. I never had sex with someone I barely knew before. I only had her be my realitor for a couple weeks by then. She was hot, naked, and seemed down to fuck. Three things that made her absolutely irresistible. Eventually, her hands went down south just a little bit. She put her right hand onto my pussy. Even through my shorts, and panties, she could definitely tell my pussy was wet.

"If I didn't know any better, Paige, I'd say you wanted to fuck me. Is that fair assessment?" she pondered.

I just nodded sightly, and she put her lips onto mine yet again. We slowly made our way into the living room, and got onto the couch. The condo came furnished, and it had a very nice couch. She laid down on it first, and had me get on top of her. She immediately put her hands at the bottom of my shirt, and pulled it off me.

She seemed impressed my boobs too, so she wasted no time getting my bra off. Once it was off, she was more than impressed, she was speechless. Even though she didn't talk, she still used her mouth. She leaned towards my tits, and began licking my nipples. I loved the feeling, it was something so far beyond kinky.

"You have a tongue, and you know how to use it," I moaned.

She didn't answer, she just kept her slick tongue on my nipples. I kept my head up, and eyes cosed too. Eventually, I reached over, and put my right hand onto her wet pussy. It was even wetter than mine, which was a little surprising. I rubbed her pussy really slowly, and forced her to throw out some passionate moans.

"Fuck yes," she moaned really slowly.

Then, as my fingers were drenched, I brought my hand up to my face. I leaned back, so she could watch me. I put my hand into my mouth, and sucked off all the cum. I actually had never done that before, but I wanted to get her off. She was grinning, and then I slowly got down on the floor. I got an eyeful of her glorious pussy. It was like seeing one of the seven wonders of the world, only better. I slowly leaned down towards her pussy, and began eating her out.

"Oh, I thought about this so many times," she mumbled.

I guess she might have been in the closet, so I made sure her first time was magical. I enjoyed the sweet smell of her pussy, it just made me wanna go nuts. I spread out her pussy lips, until she began screaming.

"Fuck!" she screamed.

That was music to my ears, and I wanted to turn up the volume. If people heard, then they'd know just how well I can eat pussy. In less than a minute, my entire face was completely drenched. I always loved my face being covered in cum, and I loved it even more from her. She was an incredibly hot fox, and she seemed to needed to be fucked. I also inserted a couple fingers up into her pussy, and it just made her cum more. Then, I had her screaming so loud, we actually did get someone to knock on the door.

"Everyone alright in there?" some guy asked.

"Yes, we're fine," I yelled.

I just had to smile at that, it was weird to me at first. I just never had a third party react when I had sex before. Then I came up with her, and kept my fingers inside her pussy. I sucked on her nipples, and began thrusting my fingers in and out of her sweet tasting pussy.

I never thought this would happen, but yet I found us both naked, and having sex. Not a bad day, especially when I could get pussy, and a kick ass condo in the same hour. In no time at all, it became too much for her. She began moaning really loudly, and then she graced the couch with a lot of lady juices.

"Shit, if you wanted me to pay a little more, you didn't have to come in here butt naked," I put on the record.

We both giggled for a minute, and then she got up. She went down towards my glistening pussy. I was begging her to fuck me, in my head anyway. Sense I just fucked her, she felt she'd even the score. Also, she just learned a few things from me. So, she used that to both of our advantages. She inserted her tongue, and a few fingers into my pussy.

I could tell she didn't like it completely, at first anyway. She just wanted to fuck me, and make me feel good. I was more than willing to wait for her to sharpen her skills. I put my hands onto her head, and rubbed it softly. I had quite a few women eat me out, but she was the only really passionate one. She wasn't about to stop, until I graced her face with a shit load of cum.

"Yes, Dina. Make the sale, by sweetening the deal," I moaned.

I heard her laugh again, but her tongue didn't leave my pussy. She reach up, and began caressing my tits. They were soft, and big, just the way she seemed to like them. I was gonna be writing Penthouse Letters, because I actually got to fuck, and be fucked by this smoking hot woman. I looked over at her, and she was enjoying her cum soaked face. I never had such a thrilling fuck before, so it was becoming all new to me.

I fucked women before, but they weren't as feisty though. Anyway, she began thrusting her fingers in and out of my pussy really quickly. As if she was in a hurry for me to completely cover her face. I would have loved to do that for her, but I also wanted it to last. She had me close to cumming, so I leaned up. I brought her up with me, and put my lips onto hers. We made out, and I cooled off a little bit.

"Does that mean you like me?" she wondered.

"Maybe," I let her know, as I leaned back down.

As I was more than ready for her again, she went back in for more. She used her magnificent tongue, and she found my g-spot. Once she did, I was defenseless, I had to unload.

"Shit!!" I screamed.

I splattered both of us, along with the couch. Everything was soaked. I kept my eyes closed, and just enjoyed the pleasure while it lasted. My entire body tingled a little bit, and then she laid down with me. She wrapped her arms around me, and we both stayed silent. I figured she had a lot to think about too. She just had sex with a woman for the very first time. I guessed that was quite a big thing for her. It wasn't as big for me, because I already loved pussy. Anyway, after a few minutes of silence, she finally said something.

"Seriously, if aren't interested, I got someone who wants to see it in an hour," she said.

"Oh really? In that case, this time you better really get working on the paperwork," I let her know.

She grinned, and gave me another kiss. Then she got up, and went to other room, without getting dressed. Once the deal was final, she let me know to call her, if I wanted to get together again. Although, I did tell her that I just got out of a long relationship. She understood, but told me her offer would stand. That was a couple months ago, and she is still driving me crazy, So I think I might give her a call.
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