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The Rejection Chronicles: Carmyn and Angel

John deploys his charms, but fate intercedes......
The Rejection Chronicles: Carmyn and Angel

Guess what ladies? Men have huge egos. When we meet you and we’re attracted to you we can’t help it, our egos swell to enormous sizes along with other parts of our body. We start to imagine you are interested in every third word that slips from our lips. Our imaginations run wild and we believe our cocks must captivate you. We sit there pretending to listen to you prattle on about your latest hair or clothing crisis while in our brain we are imagining you impaled on our protuberance with our smooth moves driving you to states of ecstasy you have never experienced in your life. We think of you transported into the throes of passion by the magical power of our unique and super powerful erection.

So that is how it was when John who at forty was nineteen years her senior met and was besotted with the voluptuous and smoky-eyed caramel skinned beauty Carmyn Delioz. John met the young twenty-one-year-old brunette stunner at a local writer’s workshop. Tired by years of toiling away building his law firm, John had decided in his spare time, to return to his true love, writing. Attending the writer’s workshop John had found most of the other participants to be mediocre at best and overall as a group quite boring. Carmyn on the other hand was enthralling and the two of them quickly formed a close bond.

In most things John was a classicist. He drove a fully restored 1970 California 2+2 Coupe 280SL Mercedes convertible in British racing green. John’s car had the extremely rare ZF 5-speed transmission that was last offered by Mercedes in the 1970 model. With its classic inline six-cylinder engine and multi-port fuel injection using a mechanical pump system the car ran as smoothly as a Singer sewing machine. With the hardtop off on a bright sunny day John got more than his share of envious looks. All that was required to complete the car in terms of accessories was a stunningly attractive woman for the passenger’s seat.

For his watches John alternated between a 1969 stainless steel Paul Newman Rolex Daytona and a 1970 Steve McQueen stainless steel Rolex Explorer II. No nouveau riche shiny gold watch (god forbid rose gold or diamonds) since John understood that understated elegance and genuine sportiness was more appealing than the fleeting sparkle of overpriced baubles with no genuine place in history. For more formal occasions John had his 1940 Cartier (a war years watch) with a black alligator strap, which Cartier had informed him there were only three of these watches in existence in the entire world. For his ties John was exclusively a Hermes man, classic width, classic patterns. For wine John tended towards classic Bordeaux vintages with 1982 Latour the 1983 Palmer being his personal favorites and the incredible 1970 Montrose following close behind. Sunglasses? Well the articulated Persol 714’s of course as homage to his icon of course. Most movie goers today John knew had no inkling of why George Clooney and Tom Cruise featured Persol sunglasses in almost every one of their movies. No appreciation for history, John sighed to himself. Most Americans don’t even bother to recall the Vietnam War. The result John knows was Iraq.

In women however, it was a completely different matter and John was no classicist. John liked women who were more like a voluptuous young Australian Shiraz or an almost over-ripe chewy and lusty American cabernet like a 97 Hillside Select. Brassy, young, sexily teasing and flirtatious or overwhelming, smart and confident to the point of perfection, that’s how John liked his women. Well Ms. Delioz was certainly young, brassy and confident and she was smart as a whip. All this served to beguile John and he made his best efforts to ingratiate the young lass in his direction (which in male terms means in the direction towards their penis).

John tried his best efforts on young Carmyn hoping his success in life; his obvious wealth, his sophisticated appreciation for all things material, his innate charm, his incredible intelligence and his razor wit would win the day and he would be able to soon bed her. John invited Carmyn to dinner and while he was in the washroom she would pay the bill. John would make plans and Carmyn would end up changing them. He tried flowers and Carmyn would make some joke like “flowers always die for me”. John tried perfume and Carmyn joked, “I’m highly allergic you know, but you’re sweet.”

John couldn’t help sometimes gazing at Carmyn’s five-foot-six stunning body with curves in all the right places. Her thick and shiny dark hair, her honey caramel flawless skin, her rounded ripe breasts, her long eye lashes, her firm rounded ass profiled by any number of her tight dresses; John found it impossible not to stare. Carmyn seemed oblivious to his sexual interest and ignored his stares like they were unimportant. John had never experienced such indifference to his money, his sophistication, his car, his wit, his charm, or his cock from any woman. Usually the women either got very interested, or they got mad. Never had he experienced complete indifference and it was frustrating John to no end.

Sometimes a man can make his best efforts but nothing is going to work. Perhaps she is already in love he thought? Yet she doesn’t mention any other men? John ponders and ponders but can come up with no concrete and convincing reason for Carmyn’s indifference to his efforts at sexual attraction. There was one thing that kept their relationship going and that was their mutual love of writing and John’s “never say die” attitude. No matter how many times Carmyn let his efforts fall by the side of the road, no matter how many times he was kicked to the curb, his mind would conjure up some new abracadabra scheme to win her heart and lure her into his bed. Well then things changed completely.

One day meeting for coffee Carmyn introduced John to her best friend Angel. Well here was a tempestuous blond bombshell with a mercurial personality that can only be properly described as a drama queen. In a completely unexpected turn Carmyn clearly was directing John towards being interested in her friend Angel. How confusing was this? Well what’s even more confusing is that John started to really become attracted to this high maintenance triple crown worthy thoroughbred of a curvaceous blond.

Angel had the most gorgeous wavy natural blond hair and beautiful porcelain like perfect pale skin paired with a whirlwind like personality full of typhoon like force. Standing five-six like Carmyn Angel looked stunning in heels and a mini skirt, a youthful sexy look that profiled her gorgeous tanned toned legs and her ass that had no comparison to John’s knowledge, tight, firm, rounded and ever so tempting. Angel also had a vivacious laugh and giggle that would turn anyone’s head and piercing blue eyes that she generally hid behind sexy sunglasses lest anyone misinterpret her intense gaze. When Angel smiled, which she tended to do rather too much, her white teeth would dazzle anyone within range and her delicately plump and arched rose-colored lips would look ever so sweet and kissable. Angel often liked to pull her luscious blond tresses back in a casual ponytail looking more than a little ironically like a real “girl next door.” Since it was summer Angel would wear cut-off jean shorts that made her ass look beyond perfect and just more than a little tempting. At times Angel would further enhance her beauty with elegant little diamond encrusted half-moon earrings that would draw John’s eye to her elegant neckline and her ever so sexy shoulders that were demanding to be kissed, nibbled on, lightly teased and caressed. Just being near this sexy and vivacious young woman was maddeningly arousing for John.

Angel was currently an art history major and wanted to work for either Sotheby’s or Christie’s in their art auction divisions. John’s knowledge of fine art and the fact that he has visited the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery in London, the Tate and the Louvre (among others) made John extremely interesting to Angel. When Angel finds out one of John’s friends has actually been painted by David Hockney well they soon are deep in conversation. John’s revelation that he owns a prime example of David Robert’s “Approach of the Simoon” sends Angel off to her art history texts to research David Roberts and the development of multi-color lithography.

The fact is that Angel changes college majors like she changes boyfriends, usually once a month. Angel was like a moth that will flutter amongst glowing bulbs and be attracted by the strongest light she happens to be passing. When her wings flutter too long in one place and insufficient pollen is forthcoming she flutters onward looking for the next flickering flame that attracts her eye. Angel had a way of subjecting men to a purgatory of penis procrastination as she fluttered and flitted but would never alight. Today and perhaps tomorrow John would be her burning filament of Edison like energy, but who knew about next week?

This month as far as Angel was concerned John was the “flavor of the month”. Angel at the clear recommendation of her good friend Carmyn had selected John to be subjected to her very own special version of acting the prick tease extraordinaire. Angel became a taunting, tantalizing, tempting and rather toying and playfully affectionate young woman who never really puts out. Angel would agree to go out on a date with John and then at the last minute invite Carmyn along because “she’ll be lonely if we leave her all alone”. They would go for coffee and Angel would talk about how difficult it was being so beautiful and how she loved “real” coffee and “real” friends and then she would segue off into a discussion of how Carmyn was her only “real” friend. Invariably Carmyn somehow would intrude on every encounter with Angel and John was working his brain overtime to come up with a strategy to get Angel on her own, get his lips onto her rosy lips and get his tongue in her mouth and his finger in her pussy.

Well John now had his battle plan so to speak and this weekend was going to be D-Day. On Friday John was taking Angel for a romantic dinner and then to a club with a great local live band. John had worked out the entire scenario in his mind and the two of them would return to his house after the club where there was no doubt he would lure Angel into his bed. The premise for inviting Angel to his home would be to show Angel his David Roberts lithograph and his other contemporary oils. John had collected numerous significant works on his business trips to China such as two paintings by Guo Ruen, an artist who’s works hang in the National Gallery in Bejing.

Carmyn would be going out with her attractive roommate Tammi to a movie so John knew there was no prospect of Carmyn interfering in his romantic plans on Friday. John’s cock had hardened several times as he thought about the various directions his lovemaking with Angel could and would take on this evening of carnal delights. John thought extensively of how he would tease and kiss Angel’s lips and how his tongue would slip into her mouth probing and dancing. John thought how he would nibble and suck on Angel’s cute ears, tease her slender neck, before his lips descend to attack her wondrous firm young round breasts, his lips and tongue alternately sucking and flicking and turning her nipples into burning little hard points of pleasure. John thought of how his hands would tease and touch Angel’s inner thighs before lightly and teasingly stroking over her panties and checking her level of wetness. John wondered what Angel would wear for their date? Would she be wearing sexy lingerie? Of course Angel would be wearing sexy lingerie he mulled and then his mind wandered into various images of white sets of bras, panties and garters, black sets and then moved on to contemplate perhaps Angel might deploy a half-corset? John’s cock was pulsing and pumping in his pants as the imagined Angel’s amazing body available for him to tease and pleasure and how it would shiver and shudder in response to his expert ministrations. Would Angel like him to tie her up? How kinky was she in bed he wondered? Did Angel like toys and vibrators he contemplated? Perhaps a little too forward for a first time in bed together John thought. He reminded himself to buy some more flavored gels and to put some towels in his master bedroom.

Sitting in his office on Friday morning all of John’s pent up sexual frustration was getting ready to peak in only a few hours time. John can’t help but to keep contemplating the beautiful Angel and her tempting young voluptuous body that he lusts for so much and the delights of the coming evening. Just then John gets a text and checks his Blackberry. It’s from Carmyn asking to meet for lunch. John quickly checks with his secretary to make sure he has no meeting and then confirms meeting with Carmyn at a local Italian restaurant. Better he thinks to spend some time with Carmyn now so she has no excuse to suddenly intrude on his romantic plans for the evening.

Quickly dictating a few key legal memos John looks around his desk and checks all the current files to make sure he hasn’t left anything hanging and unattended. John’s nerves are on edge for some reason, his anticipation of having Angel tonight is acute and he feels a sexual tension he hasn’t felt for ages. Looking at his Daytona stainless steel watch John knows he still has a few moments so to take his mind off the swirling turmoil he goes to Youtube and pulls up his favorite videos. A little Gaga and “The Edge of Glory” in the acoustic Howard Stern show version will do the trick he thinks and he clicks on the amazing song. Gaga’s performance transports John to another place where he thinks of his parents who have passed away and his young brother who died at a very young age. While most people who encounter him see only the “lawyer” persona, the “business John”, inside he is actually a very sensitive man who’s main interests in life have little to do with money or material things. Finishing the video, the last remnants of Gaga’s impassioned performance about her dying grandfather lingering in his mind, John heads out of the office to meet up with Carmyn for lunch.

John arrives and Carmyn is already seated with an animated and clearly excited face greeting John’s arrival. John seats himself and Carmyn can hardly restrain her enthusiasm to begin her chat. John looks across the table and Carmyn presses him to quickly order. With the food ordering out of the way Carmyn launches into her excited delivery of what she clearly views as most important news. Carmyn starts off with some light banter about how John’s day is going and how’s work and chitchat like that. Carmyn talks about her attempts at writing her novel and how she has been stalled in developing her outline. John can sense that all this chitchat has no bearing on the true purpose of the lunch meeting, but bears with Carmyn patiently giving her time to come to her real objective. After a while John decides to probe to see if he can lead Carmyn to her purpose.

“So, you’ve been so busy, I haven’t heard from you for a few days. What’s up Carmyn? What’s keeping you so busy darling, work or play?

Carmyn blushes and averts her eyes before flirtatiously replying with a mischievous giggle.

“Play, play, play…..” Carmyn pauses and in a lower softer voice continues… “Naughty play.”

John perks up immediately. They have had playful and flirtatious conversations in the past, but never an explicit discussion about their sex lives, or, in John’s case, the lack thereof. John leans forward and puts his elbows on the table, his keen interest made clear.

“Oh really Ms. Delioz. Now you really must continue. Tell me everything!”

John retorts in a playful and teasing tone, coaxing Carmyn to tell him all the spicy details of her new relationship. John wants to hear all about Carmyn’s new man and the prospect of sex being described is even more tantalizing. After all John now has Angel so it is only fair that Carmyn find a man of her own. John considers it a bonus, in fact, that he can now vicariously enjoy Carmyn’s sex life through hearing all about it second hand in saucy chats like this one. Carmyn returns her eyes to John and continues.

“Well you know I’m lesbian right.”

To say John had his “light bulb” moment would be an understatement. A cascade of LED lights went off in his head, fireworks burst and John all of a sudden realized why all of his efforts to woo this beauty had been in vain. Jesus Christ he thought to himself, no wonder Carmyn was oblivious to my charms, she isn’t even into guys at all! John’s head is dizzy from this stunning news but he tries his best to mask the shock on his face. Actually this realization is a bit of a comfort to John. He had been having severe doubts about his masculinity as a result of his failed efforts with Carmyn, feeling a bit “over the hill” if you will and the news that she was a lesbian was more than a little reassuring to his ego which now proceeded to re-inflate. Carmyn for her part is so keen to get on with her story the effect of her disclosure of her sexual preferences on John makes no impact.

Carmyn goes on to give John a little background on how she discovered her sexuality in summer camp, how she slowly opened up to sharing her love with other girls and how Angel had come to her rescue at school to become her best friend and defend her against the bullying by other students. Carmyn related how Angel had set the ground rules early in their relationship: she would be Carmyn’s best friend so long as Carmyn NEVER tried to have sex with her. Angel was adamant that she was STRAIGHT—straight as an arrow in fact—and that is how the relationship had progressed. Well this was all great news for John since now he understood his lack of progress with Carmyn and he had received the further confirmation that Angel was straight. That meant Angel was available and ready for his seduction this very evening and that news was ever so sweet music for his ears.

John now prepared himself for what he thought would prove to be an even more tantalizing chat with his now “lesbian” friend Carmyn. Oh my god John thought to himself, he had never had a close lesbian friend and the prospects of having a window into the world of girl on girl sex was more than deliciously tempting. John’s face was alight with eager anticipation for Carmyn to get on with the “good parts” as John wanted more than anything to hear what girls would do to each other in the privacy of a sexy relationship. Even more was the mystery of the identity of Carmyn’s new girlfriend. Who might she be? Could it be one of the girls from their writing workshop? Was it her other very cute girlfriend Tammi? John’s mind was swimming with kinky sex images of girls doing various things to each other and teasingly erotic questions were provocatively dancing through his brain regarding what Carmyn might reveal in the coming minutes. Carmyn looked up at John with her big round eyes, smiling a huge grin, like the girl who has just won the prize.

“Angel let me taste her cookies for the first time!”

Carmyn proclaimed. John thinks he knows what she means, but isn’t certain and the sudden disclosure of Angel’s name in the most unlikely of contexts has thrown John into a bit of a tailspin. Lacking anything sensible to say he flirtatiously offers,

“So you two were baking together?”

Carmyn looks at John like he’s a dunce.

“Are you trying to digress from my story?”

John laughs nervously as Angel’s name has thrown him completely off kilter.

“No, sorry. I was trying to be flirtatious and it was sort of a joke. A double entendre if you will. Too obscure?”

Carmyn laughs.

“Oh. No I guess I was so excited telling you about Angel and me so I missed your joke. Baking, cookies….”

Carmyn chuckles as she appreciates John’s attempt at a joke and smiles before continuing with her story about Angel and her and how it all came to be. John is confused to say the least. Taste her cookies? Angel? Angel and Carmyn? Angel was going to be his girlfriend? What in the world was Carmyn talking about? John stutters and stammers lost for words and finally asks what the hell Carmyn is talking about. Carmyn proceeds to explain how while she has never tried to have sex with Angel, she has always had a crush on her for years. She then continues.

“Well I’ve been being a slut lately and I think it got Angel to thinking. She saw me living out the song “If I Were a Boy” in real life and I think Angel got just a bit excited.”

John not knowing at all what to say at this point feebly interjects with,

“Oh, I love that Beyonce song.”

Carmyn looks at John like he’s a dunce again.

“Well look John if you’re going to act weird then I won’t tell you what transpired between Angel and I in her bathroom.”

John grins and even though he is now starting to feel down hearted realizing his prospects of seducing Angel tonight were quickly fading into oblivion, he can’t help himself as the opportunity of hearing about how Carmyn and Angel ended up together is too tantalizing and erotic to ignore. John implores Carmyn to continue and does his best to mask from his face his intense disappointment at losing Angel. However, in an involuntary reaction common to all men confronted with an erotic situation, John’s cock starts to get hard and begins to fill the front of his pants as a light pink blush covers his cheeks. Carmyn looks at him quizzically.

“John is this exciting you?” She asks teasingly.

“It is exciting you!! You’re blushing. Oh my god, you are turned on by the thought of two girls together aren’t you?”

Carmyn is grinning from ear to ear as she teases her friend without mercy.

“Are you getting HARD?”

Carmyn asks provocatively as John averts his eyes and his brain struggles to find an exit from this embarrassing situation. Nothing he can do he surmises except fess up.

“Well, you know what happens to men.”

John chuckles and Carmyn giggles in reply.

“Are you always this direct Carmyn?”

Carmyn continues giggling and playfully pretends to try to look around the table to see if she can see the bulge in John’s pants. John chuckles and uses the menu to protect himself from her leering eyes. Carmyn looks right back at him.

“You LIKE my directness don’t you John?”

“Well, I am laughing and chuckling.”

“Well since Mr. Thumper is already awake and hard can you let me finish my story? I bet you’ll like it. It’s pretty funny and steamy, sort of like a story I should write for our workshop.”

Carmyn chuckles and laughs at that last part thinking of what the writing lecturer would think if she handed in a story about a lesbian love affair. John joins Carmyn in her laughter.

“OK, fire away honey, get me all riled up.”

With that Carmyn settles down and continues with her tale of Sapphic seduction.

“Well it was just a normal evening and I was over at Angel’s place. I always knew she was curious, but I didn’t know she was a FREAK! We were talking about stuff…oh, I don’t know….stupid stuff, nothing important I can remember.”

John looks completely absorbed in the story at this point.

“OK, that sounds suitably girly, go on.”

“So, at some point Angel is talking and she just comes out and asks me how hooking up with girls feels.”

Carmyn looks at John with keen interest and pauses.

“How’s your thumper doing? He pretty interested in the story or shall I just stop so you can eat your noodles.”

John can’t help grinning.

“Uh, yes….Ah well “thumper” as you call him is VERY interested. He is standing to attention so to speak. As you were saying, what it feels like for girls to hook up…..oh, and I’m interested too Carmyn, not just thumper.”

Carmyn giggles, she quite likes John and loves having someone to share her intimate thoughts with like this.

“Well, Angel had asked me this before, so really I didn’t think it was any big deal. I just said that well, I like it a lot and girls are really hot and…well…..girls are warm and tender and smell so sweet and it’s really exciting, especially if the girl is sweet and innocent.”

John nods his head in agreement and smiles, encouraging Carmyn to carry on with her story.

“OK, yeah they are. I agree with all of that…..warm, tender….Thumper is VERY interested now Carmyn, just in case you are still wondering.”

A slight pause as they both chuckle lightly.

“As for innocent? Well some of them are innocent, not all. By the way I’m just picturing the two of you the whole time you are describing this.”

Carmyn ignores John’s interjection and continues.

“Well I like innocent girls. I like to seduce innocent girls for the first time. That’s why Angel was so much fun.”

John laughs along with Carmyn as his arousal increases.

“Oh for sure Carmyn, that’s half the fun. For sure there is nothing as sweet as “first time.” The corruption of a little bit of innocence…”

John’s voice trails off as Carmyn takes over the tale once again.

“So Angel shifts and looks uncomfortable when I go into actual details, so I stop and changed the topic. I mean she looked like the imagery disgusted her.”

“Oh dear, that’s not good! A set back.” John frowns.

“Yeah so Angel runs to the bathroom all of a sudden.”

“Haha…ok. Should thumper be excited now?”

Carmyn grins a wicked grin.

“Well Angel always told me we could be friends as long as I don’t try to hook up with her because she wasn’t into girls.”

“OK, wow….so those were the ground rules. That’s a big obstacle to overcome? This is a great story by the way Carmyn!”

Carmyn giggles flirtatiously.

“Well she’s my BFF so I never tried. I mean she defended me at school. I mean I think about it, about being with her….a lot actually…she’s so hot.”

John nodded in complete agreement with Carmyn on the thought that Angel is hot. So hot in fact that he had been planning to bed her that very evening, a thought now very distant from his mind. John interjects.

“Well it means you need to overcome adversity. This is a true American tale…and….well…..yes, she is HOT! Gorgeous in fact.”

The longing in John’s voice, the sense of loss, does not register with Carmyn who is totally wrapped up in the telling of her tale.

“Exactly John, gorgeous!! I mean desirable, really desirable. But I always knew I couldn’t have her and I just accepted that fact. Actually….”

Carmyn looks at John with a sheepish guilty look.

“I was hoping Angel would go out with you John so you would tell me all about having sex with her. I was going to possess her vicariously by getting you to tell me about your sex with her.”

Carmyn blushes deeply through her caramel honey colored perfect skin as she feels intense guilt at how she had wanted to use John for her own sexual titillation. Carmyn quickly reverts back to her story wanting to escape the embarrassing admission she has just made.

“I don’t go check on her in the bathroom. I thought she wanted her space or whatever. I just sat in the living room and flip through the channels on TV.”

John smiles,

“OK, so you’ve established your such a very good BFF, so considerate! Giving her space…I like this story.”


Carmyn looks at John with an accusatory look wondering if he is being sarcastic.

“No, I mean it proves your character is sound and makes the seduction….”

“John? Are you being sarcastic?”

“No, I mean it makes the seduction so much more pure. No I like it, you are trying to give her space because she’s really your best friend and you don’t want to endanger that relationship….”

“EXACTLY!” Carmyn jumps back in.

“So Angel comes back in after a few minutes and throws a fit.”

John looks perplexed wondering at this turn in the story.

“OK? Hmmm….well SOMETHING is up? Temper tantrum? I guess boys…well….we know all about girls throwing fits.”

Carmyn rolls her eyes dismissively at John’s comment.

“Throws a fit about what John? I don’t know. It was so random. The main moral of it was that I wasn’t respecting her wishes not to discuss my girl experiences with her.”

Carmyn steels her face for the next part of the story.

“Well now I’m so MAD at her. I mean, SHE asked me to tell her!!! I didn’t offer to tell her, she asked me.”

John nods his head in agreement as he interjects again.

“Oh, so Angel has attractions and feelings, but cannot admit them and needs you to push a little harder. But you are oblivious to her little fantasy world and are respecting her as a best friend should. Oh my god, you are in such a dilemma Carmyn.”

“Well John, I can tell you that’s Angel all the time. She’s a drama queen. Can’t you tell?”

John looks at Carmyn inquisitively.

“How will sex ever happen in such circumstances Carmyn?”

John chuckles before adding.

“Carmyn, you know men are also familiar with the concept that along with the beautiful package comes the price tag!”

“Patience my dear.” Carmyn says.

“Yes Carmyn, thumper is happy and listening attentively. Continue.”

Carmyn carries on.

“Angel gets even madder when I laugh at her. She's so wild with words and I'm wild with actions. I think that's why we argue a lot, but still besties. She goes into the bathroom again and slams the door shut with a huge bang.”

“Wow! OK, this is getting hot, it’s like a movie my god.”

“Well, I’m so confused and mad at her.”

“I bet you are. Steaming I imagine. I mean she’s the one who asked you to tell her what hooking up with girls was like.”

“I know. I told you it's funny.”

“No, I wouldn’t say funny actually. More like it’s compelling. Real human drama, she’s in pain, she’s so attracted but she’s afraid. Oh my god, this is better than TV. I can tell you Carmyn, thumper is standing at attention.”

Carmyn laughs and again playfully tries to take a peek at John’s pants, which he deflects again with his menu. Carmyn continues.

“Skipping a few back-and-forth comments irrelevant to the story... I go into the bathroom to see what Angel is up to.”

John smiles and laughs lightly.

“OK, into the bathroom we go.”

“She's lecturing me about being a lezslut blah, blah, blah and how “wrong” it is to be with girls blah, blah, blah….”

John laughs.

“OK, now this is cute.”

Carmyn starts to giggle uncontrollably and John tells her to calm down.

“I know this is exciting, but breathe slowly and just keep telling me the story Carmyn.”

“I'm not even turned on because Angel's fussing and acting like an idiot. She’s just making me mad.”

“Well yes, that’s understandable, she’s being a bit of a bitch. Why be turned on? Exactly, I can see your point.”

“I'm extremely mad at Angel because she initiated the discussion about sex and now she's judging me and putting me down.”

“Yes, so true, so true.”

Carmyn chuckles as she continues.

“Well you know I’m not shy. You know from our writing workshop how NOT shy I am. So, well…..I flashed her and tell her to shut the hell up.”

“Wow, now there’s some conflict resolution technique for you. Flash your boobs and tell her to shut the hell up. You should be a professor at law school.”

Carmyn starts laughing at John’s joke.

“ Well, I'm not the arguing type. I didn't know how to defend myself.”

John looks at Carmyn sympathetically.

“Awww poor Carmyn.”

“So I just told Angel don't diss it until she’s tried it. Angel's like she'll NEVER try it, blah blah blah. Skip a few more lies Angel tells...”

John laughs.

“Carmyn, you’re too cute! “Lies Angel tells…..” Now that’s a good line for a story.”

Carmyn smiles.

“So, I told her to get out of the bathroom. Angel yells it's HER house, I can't put her out of her own house.”

John laughs being a lawyer and interjects.

“Oh, well that’s a rather legalistic reply, but ok….”

“Ok fine, don't get out. I pull my pants down to use the toilet to pee and yeah, you know, Angel doesn't leave. She’s still arguing, about what, I don't know, blah, blah, blah. Angel carries on blabbing.”

“Wow Carmyn, this is really better than a soap opera, better than Desperate Housewives. Way better if you ask me. Peeing is good. Nice detail. Makes your story so realistic. A very Lucien Freud like detail to add in. He just died yesterday by the way.”

The mention of the passing of one of the century’s greatest painters of exaggerated realism makes no impact on Carmyn who rolls on with her story.

“Angel’s exact words - Carmyn, you think you’re all that great. Ugh. You need to stop.”

“Hmm ok? Stop what? Does she mean stop being a lesbian? Stop liking girls? I mean you can’t just stop who you’re attracted to?”

“No, she meant, stop being so nasty because I had pulled my clothes down in front of her and went pee.”

“Oh, OK. I understand.”

“Well, when I’m done and cleaned up I turn and I rub my bare ass on her…..”

John jumps in at this point in the story.

“On purpose or by mistake?”

“Well we do that a lot when we go out and we’re in the bathroom and it’s so cramped, so no big deal. But usually we have clothes on. But I did it on purpose.”

“OK, I’ve got the picture Carmyn.”

“So Angel starts laughing.”

“Well that’s good. So the mood lightens?”

“Yeah, and just like that Angel's transformed from cranky stubborn bitch to giggly girly girl. Typical Angel.”

John laughs.

“Ok a real tempest.”

“That’s a true blond. Get this, she slaps my ass!”

“Oh, wow!!!! Now that’s provocative.”

“Well no more skipping details now. We need to keep your thumper happy.”

“You’re teasing me Carmyn. Be warned, I love teasing. Okay girl, thumper is all ears, continue.”

“So I tell Angel to stop judging me. And then I tell her to squeeze my ass before she disses it.”

John laughs.

“You actually ask her to squeeze your ass?”

“Yes, I ask her. Angel's laughing and saying “No”, but it doesn't take a lot of convincing until she does. I mean she reaches down and gives my ass a playful squeeze.”

“Oh wow, progress.”

“Well she’s still saying it's yucky and her parents would kill her if they knew, blah, blah, blah. Again she prattles on with why she shouldn’t be doing it and how “sick” lezbos are, blah, blah, blah.”

“Oh more bad sex advice from parents rears its head.”

“So I turn my body into her and turn my face to hers. Angel’s in the corner against the counter, so I’ve got her trapped. Yippee.”

“Your prey is cornered, literally and figuratively. Oh my god, so symbolic.”

“I whisper some stuff to her. Angel tells me to move out of the way and to stop, but her eyes say the opposite. Her body says the opposite. It's like the curiosity is pouring off her body. I can literally feel it on my skin.”

John looks at Carmyn with rapt attention completely riveted at this point by her story. Carmyn looks at John.

“How’s thumper doing? Still interested or shall I stop and perhaps you need to go back to your important lawyer job?”

John laughs at Carmyn’s sarcastic joke.

“Thumper is thumping. This means your story is good and you need to carry on.”

“Ok, so I look right at Angel and I tell her I’ll leave her alone if she kisses me.”

“Oh, good line. Good move Carmyn, so classic. The proposition of just one kiss, when we both know you have no intention of stopping with just the kiss.”

“Angel’s all hesitant and reluctant, but meanwhile her hands have arrived on my ass.”

“Really? Holy cow…”

“Yeah and my body is pressed up against hers. She isn’t trying to wiggle free, so I knew she wanted it just as bad as I did. From that point on I wasn’t giving up.”

“Oh god, this is so erotic.”

“So Angel averts her eyes, I mean won’t look at me, but she just outright asks, will you do me, like, will you eat me?”

“Holy shit! Have you even kissed her yet?”

“But Angel says that if she says, “Stop Carmyn” then I have to stop. I’m like so serious and I promise I will stop if she asks.”

“OK, again you’re the good friend. You let her set the ground rules. Wow, what a vixen. She does want it doesn’t she?”

Carmyn giggles before carrying on.

“So Angel says, “stop” almost as soon as I’m in front of her pussy. So I just wait patiently, don’t do anything, never mind I can stop if she wants and she keeps saying “don’t” and “I’m sorry” and “please stop” like a hundred times. I just wait on my knees patiently in front of her, not forcing her to do anything. But her body is saying the opposite of her mouth and her juices are flowing like mad and her hands don’t stop me from slowly unstringing her shorts, instead she holds onto my head and moans. Then all of a sudden she just says “Yes, OK Carmyn, please…..”

“So what do you do next? Oh my god shorts. So cute! Angel must have looked amazing in cute shorts.”

John’s cock is really pulsing and thumping from the image of his beautiful Angel, the girl he has been obsessing about, her shorts pulled down to her ankles, having her pussy licked by the also beautiful Carmyn. This was an image, an event, even John’s wildest kinkiest dreams could not have conjured up for him and here he was reliving it as a real life occurrence that had happened only yesterday. Carmyn continues.

“I've been with hesitant girls before, so I already know. Move gradually and ignore their reluctance, be patient no matter whatever comes out of their mouth and only listen to their bodies, only pay attention to where their hands are. Eventually if you are patient and wait them out, they’ll ask you to do it. You don’t need to force them.”

“Oh, so that’s the strategy? Otherwise they will back out if you’re too pushy and you scare them?”

“If she had really wanted me to stop, she would have never let me pull her shorts down and she would have never had a puddle of juice in her undies.”

“So it’s slow and steady as she goes. Well the puddle in her panties is concrete evidence of her desire isn’t it? The body doesn’t lie.”

“Meanwhile she's shaking and begging me to go slow and saying she doesn’t know if this is right, blah, blah, blah. Really her body is trembling and shaking and she’s like begging me to go really slow.”

“Oh my god, really? Shaking and begging?”

“Yeah, Angel is holding the sides of her panties so I can't pull em down. She's not really putting up a struggle, because I know she wants it, I mean I’ve been with a few girls and I can tell Angel really, really wants it. She’s just reluctant and nervous.”

John can’t move and his eyes are riveted to Carmyn’s face waiting for the next part of the story.

“I just feel her thru her moist panties, I rub lightly over the fabric, teasing her pussy. Girls love that. Meanwhile I'm dripping wet too. I can't believe after all this time; I'm with Angel and stroking her panties, stroking the top of her pussy. This girl has been my crush for I don’t know how long.”

“Carmyn, my god, what a thrilling moment. So tantalizing, so erotic, you’ve been dreaming of this for so long.”

“Angel's all paranoid, talking about her phone is ringing and someone might be at the door blah, blah, blah.”

Carmyn giggles as she recounts her dream coming true.

“My god Carmyn, this is a veritable fantasy. OK, so you ignore her again, the phone, the door, you ignore her I assume? God thumper is hard Carmyn.”

“Well John, Angel’s body is ignoring her blabbing too haha. But I'm having a hard time concentrating because I'm nervous too.”

“Yes, I bet. I mean this is a momentous moment for you. You’ve probably fantasized about this moment a hundred times, if not more.”

“Well John, I'm usually the dominant factor, controlling it all and I feel like I’m not in control here, like events are just happening. Well Angel is still asking me to go slow, but her voice is now lower and sounds more like a low purr now.”

John laughs and chuckles.

“Oh nice, a pussy starts to purr.”

“Very cute John. I’m kinda mad now because she won’t let me in her panties and she’s holding them on. So I adopt a strategy I’ve never used before and had never planned on using it with Angel, but it just popped into my head.”

“Oh really? How interesting? What strategy was that?”

“Well Angel kept holding onto her panties and wouldn’t let me into her panties, so I just suddenly stopped everything I was doing. I mean I’m not going to force her.”

“Cool. So you just improvised. In the middle of a fluid battle you changed tactics. You’re like all great generals, like Patton, Rommel, Admiral Nelson, you read the feel of the battle and you think while on the move. Well-done Carmyn! OK, what happened next?”

“Actually it was more of a pause so I could think, but Angel panicked thinking I was going to stop altogether and she said I can go ahead. Then without me doing anything Angel pulled her undies down all by herself basically inviting me to lick her pussy.”

“Oh my god, really? Wow she does have strong urges!”

“For the millionth time she’s making me promise I won’t tell anyone, no one will find out, blah, blah, blah….”

“Of course Carmyn, she’s so nervous. Completely understandable since society is still not very tolerant you know.”

“Well John, I can tell you her pussy was swollen to ripeness.”

“Oh I bet darling. Of course Angel’s probably been dreaming of this too. She’s probably had hundreds of fantasies herself and now it is actually happening to her and your tongue is about to taste her for the first time. She must be completely on the edge.”

“Well look John, everyone at school already thinks she’s gay because she hangs around with me, so actually having some girly sex won’t change anyone’s view of her.”

Carmyn giggles.

“Well Carmyn, she’s been waiting, been dreaming about this moment and now it’s going to happen and Angel finally gets the benefits of the relationship, not just the opprobrium of people you both know.”

“John, one lick, just one lick and it’s like she melted. I had to shut her up she was moaning too loud. I mean really, really loud moans.”

“Oh my god, really? Are her hands gripping your head? I love it when a girl’s nails dig into my head.”

“Well so she’s just pouring juices out now and I’m licking frantically and she’s moaning. Really John I think it’s one of the most erotic moments in my life. Somehow I get her into the bedroom and she’s on the bed with her legs spread wide. Angel’s hands are literally pulling my mouth against her pussy really hard. Well, fuck me, when Angel cums the first time from my tongue and my fingers she really screams. It was amazing John, just amazing, she fucking screamed. I mean her whole body arched off the bed and she went rigid. In fact it was so intense it almost scared me. I thought she might faint. Holy shit it was amazing!”

John looks at Carmyn and he’s literally almost exhausted just from listening to this tale of first time seduction. John’s cock has been hard the whole time and he is so sad that there will be no date with Angel tonight for him, no flirtation, no sexy lingerie, no holding hands and certainly no sex. Another night with no sexual release, just another night on his own with a movie, TV or some random wandering across the Internet and John’s mood slumps, his face falls dejectedly.

Carmyn, having no idea of all of the hope and future happiness John has invested in his dreams about Angel sees John’s face fall and doesn’t understand his reaction.

“Aren’t you happy for me John? What’s wrong?”

John looks back and not wanting to dampen Carmyn’s mood and understanding the energy and happiness that flows in the first days of new love, he steels himself to come up with his own lies.

“Sure Carmyn, wow, I’m so happy for you.”

To be continued……

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