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The ride of my life Pt 1

Getting my moneys worth at a theme park.
Walking into the theme park, me and my friends had finally arrived after a 4 and half hour car journey. Grabbing the tickets with one of my friends, the others grabbed everything else from the boot of the car so it would save us some time, instead of coming back for all of it later on during the day. Waiting for our turn at the counter to get the all important tickets we both begin talking about me being a lesbian and how I had come out about it and how everyone had reacted with my decision. Going in deep depths of the conversation we hadn’t realized that It was our turn at the counter, walking up to it I finally glanced at the girl on the other side, she was laughing at something and I would sure as hell would have liked to know.

“Enjoy your conversation?” she giggled.

“We did thank you, enjoy listening to it?” I laughed.

“I did, it’s not very often you listen to a fellow lesbian talking about how they came out” she said.

“Ahh... you’re a lesbian then I take it” I replied.

“Ding, ding, ding, yes I am” she winked.

Not realizing that she had placed the tickets in my hand and that I was holding the queue up I knew I had to unfortunately leave it there.

“Well, seeing as I’m holding the queue I think I should make a move on instead of wasting your time” I smiled.

“Thanks for making my day, it’s not that often I get to have a decent conversation with another lesbian” she said.

“I made your day did I? I could make your night too” I said, whilst walking away.

Slightly turning my head so it’s not obvious I catch the sight of her cheeks filling up whilst she kept that glistening smile on her face. Smiling to myself whilst walking over to my friends who had been standing quite near to the ticket booth to get the whole conversation by ear.

“Did someone get lucky?” laughed my friend Sarah.

“Let’s just say I left her with a bit of a cliffhanger to think about” I replied cheekily.

Lining up in the first of many queues that day we were about to ride some ‘death defying’ roller coaster. Half an hour passed and we had finally reached the beginning of the queue, strapping myself in quite tightly. Listening to someone talk through the speaker about ‘how to strap yourself in’ and ‘Why you should always keep your arms and legs in at all times’ I realized that I had heard that voice from somewhere very recently but I couldn't’t put my finger on who it was. Still listening to the voice ramble on she says ‘especially the girl sitting in seat number 6, wouldn't’t want her hanging would we’. Thinking nothing of it and trying to find out what person was sitting in number 6 I took the time to look at everyone, they were looking at me. Spreading my legs to see what seat number I had I realized I was sitting in seat number 6. It had finally clicked, the voice was that ticket girl who had served me earlier that day, becoming embarrassed I slowly bury my head in my hands while laughing.

Finally, the ride had finished and my embarrassment was over. Well, that’s what I thought. Walking through the tunnel and coming away from the rides exit I catch sight of the girl, trying to avoid her I begin heading the other way away from her. It was too late; she’d seen me and was walking towards me.

Keeping my cool and trying not to let her see that she embarrassed the hell out of me I smiled.

“Is that the best you’ve got?” I winked.

“Oh, I’ve got loads of things up my sleeve and top, just you wait” she chuckled.

“Care to share any with me?” I replied.

Reaching for my hand she pulls me to a deserted alley at the back of the theme park and slides my hand all the way up her top, becoming aroused and surprised at the same time, groping her breasts very gently I begin to fondle with her nipples. Pulling them and stroking them with my hand.

“Mmm, that feels so good, carry on!” she moaned.

Wrapping my mouth around her nipple through her top I begin teasingly nibbling on it and flick my wet tongue over it. Removing her top completely I stare in awe at her perfectly rounded breasts, so perky and edible looking.

“That feels amazing, but I’d much rather you flicked your tongue over my dripping wet pussy” she whispered in my ear.

“Oh how I’d love to fill your pussy with my fingers and let you come in my mouth” I replied.

Sitting on the bench down the empty alley I lay her back and hastily spread her legs revealing her soaked pussy. Sliding one finger across her clit her body shudders and bucks, edging three fingers inside I bring my mouth down to her pussy lips and steadily but firmly begin sucking them and running my tongue up and down them all the while my fingers are plummeting deep inside her tight pussy.

Running my tongue up her thigh and around her pussy her moans become a lot more frequent and deeper.

“I’m so close, my pussy feels full to the brim with your fingers and it feels amazing” she said hurriedly.

But before I could give her the pleasure of an orgasm we were interrupted by someone standing at the end of the alley, not knowing how long they’d been standing there for. Jumping to her feet and sorting herself out I realize it wasn’t just another person enjoying their time at the theme park, she was wearing some sort of uniform with a badge, looking harder to see what the uniform represented and what the badge says I become wide-eyed, the woman worked at the theme park and the badge said Gina, Gina was the manager. The thing is she didn’t look angry or confused; she seemed to have the look of pleasure and fulfillment plastered across her face.

“In my office now, both of you” she grinned.

We follow….

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