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The Riding School

Womens Adventures at the Riding School
The Riding school

Danielle squatted on her haunches, her skirt up round her waist, pulled the gusset of her knickers to one side and pissed on the ground, unconcerned that anyone who happened to be passing the stable might look in and see her. In fact, she rather hoped that one of the lads who hung around the stables might see her, because she loved to prick tease them, causing their pathetic little cocks to harden and secretly delighting as they were forced to toss themselves off while they watched her. She had no time for boys. Her interests lay elsewhere. She looked down between her splayed thighs and watched the damp patch spreading on the ground between her feet. Then, still squatting, she slid her hand inside her knickers and rubbed the pad of her middle finger against her clitoris. Immediately she felt that wonderful fluttering sensation in the pit of her stomach and that strange tingling in her nipples as they hardened and protruded visibly against the material of her blouse. She squeezed her lips tight and frowned in concentration, her face going red and puffy as her probing finger kneaded the sensitive flesh of her clitoris more and more vigorously. Occasionally she would slide two fingers inside her cunt to feel its slippery silky wetness. If only Jemma were here to share the moment! The hot stickiness on her fingers as she withdrew them from her steamy pussy was in her mouth in no time as she sucked on her fingers. She uttered a little sigh of pleasure and returned her hand to its haven between her legs. Then, as her squatting position caused her legs to begin to ache, she fell back on the straw and splayed her thighs wide open, imagining to herself that her two fingers rammed tightly up her cunt were really Jemma's fingers. She rocked back and forward on her hand, thrusting upwards from her buttocks as her excitement increased. How she longed to have Jemma's probing fingers exploring her cunny at this moment!

The two girls had first started to play with each other about a month earlier, shortly after Jemma’s 17 th birthday, egged on by a dare from one of the older stable girls. Jemma had been reluctant to do more than put her hand between Danielle's legs, but Danielle had been much bolder.

"Come on, Jemma, please touch me there. I'll touch yours if you'll touch mine!"

And she had thrust her hand inside Jemma's knickers before she could protest. Jemma's cunt was hot and dry, and it took Danielle some time to find the slit between Jemma's puffy cunt lips. Even after she had inserted her finger experimentally inside Jemma's quim, the girl stayed dry.

"Is that nice, Jemma?"

Jemma didn't reply, but her eyes were bright and she made no effort to push Danielle's hand away.

"Please touch me the same way, Jemma!"

Jemma reluctantly let her hand stray up to the crutch of Danielle' knickers, and noted how hot it felt there. Danielle obligingly pulled the gusset of her knickers to one side with her free hand, and guided Jemma's hand on to her pussy.

"Try to push your finger inside me!"

Jemma did as she was asked. Her finger slid easily between Danielle's already moist cuntlips and probed the wet cavern between.

The older stable girl, a dark-haired rather muscular young woman called Judy, looked down at the two 17 year olds and smiled. She loved to watch girl-only sex, and even more to participate in it. She noted with satisfaction that Danielle and Jemma were concentrating hard now on their mutual fingering and that their faces were beginning to get red and puffy as they became aroused by the tingling sensations that were spreading through their limbs.

She threw herself down on the straw next to them and lay on her back.

She was already beginning to pant as her lust rose within her, and her heavy breasts heaved and fell rhythmically, pressing the outline of her hard nipples against the material of her thin woollen jumper. The two girls stopped their mutual masturbation and turned to look at her lying beside them, her lips parted and her eyes excited as she imagined what it would be like to join the 2 in their first wonderful exploration of all-girl sex.

"Isn't it fun touching each other like that? I'm going to touch myself. Do you mind?"

Danielle shrugged her shoulders and turned her attention back to Jemma's hot little cunny, which was at last beginning to become moist as she yielded to the ministrations of Danielle's probing fingers.

Judy sighed deeply. She remembered the time when she was 18, when she had first tasted the forbidden fruits of girl sex, and the memories of a thousand passionate moments of fondling and being fondled by tasty girls and of torrid sessions with big-breasted older women made her growing randiness almost unbearable. She could smell now the hot pussy odour that was always such a turn-on for her.

Danielle and Jemma had fallen back on the hay and were lying with legs intertwined and their hands buried between as they became more enthusiastic about the delights of having another girl's fingers in their cunt. Judy envied them: they were just starting out on a wonderful journey which, if they were lucky, would take them to the exciting twilight world of lesbianism. Her own fingers were now starting to get busy. It was always time for a wank, as far as Judy was concerned. She wondered if the two would panic if she tried to join in their finger fucking games. Deciding against a direct approach, she pulled off her woollen jumper and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to expose her plump round breasts with their delicate tracery of veins and the dark circles of her aureoles surmounted by starkly protruding nipples. She cupped her beauties in her hands and started to knead the flesh voluptuously. Danielle looked across and drew her breath in sharply when she saw Judy's magnificent naked boobs.

"Would you like to feel them?" Judy asked tenderly.

Jemma watched open-mouthed as her erstwhile partner rolled over towards Judy and reached out a tentative hand to touch the warm white flesh of Judy’s boobs. Judy allowed Danielle to explore her breasts. Danielle was fascinated by the protruding nipples and ran her fingers over them repeatedly. Judy was getting really steamy now as she felt the fluttering fingers on one of her most sensitive and responsive spots. She put her arms round Danielle and pulled her towards her bosom. Danielle willingly allowed herself to be cradled and loved the sensation of Judy's warm flesh against her face. Judy lifted one of the breasts and pushed it towards Danielle's mouth. "Suck it, lovely," Judy whispered. "Go on! It's really nice. You'll like it. Honestly."

Danielle did as she was bid, parting her lips and sucking the nipple into her mouth. She held the breast with her own hands at the same time and began to suck vigorously. She loved it, and was amazed to feel her clitty tingling with excitement as she took the hot flesh deeper into her mouth.

Judy looked over to Jemma and gave her a nod of invitation. Jemma, not wanting to be left out, crawled over to Judy and allowed herself to be pressed to Judy's other breast. She imitated what Danielle was doing and soon Judy was going into orgasmic paroxysms. Judy's cunt was on fire and her whole body was trembling as she succumbed to the assault of their eager mouths clamped over her nipples. She had her legs wide apart, with one girl straddling each thigh. She could feel their pussy heat against her and knew that they were getting really turned on too. She slid her hands down their backs and managed to insinuate her fingers between their buttocks just enough to get the tips of her fingers against their hot wet little fannies. When they felt the Judy's fingers probing their cunnies, Danielle and Jemma became even more worked up. Keeping their mouths clamped tight over Judy's nipples and continuing to suck on them even more enthusiastically, they also began now to raise their buttocks and work themselves rhythmically on to her fingers, which she was using expertly to claw the juices out of their pretty cunnies.

As they sucked away greedily at her nipples, Judy felt a strong urge to be fondled between her legs. Her own hands being fully occupied with fingerfucking the two vixens, who were by now, making squealing noises of satisfaction, an idea came into her mind that almost took her breath away.

"Danielle, Jemma," she breathed, "I wish you would touch me the way you were touching each other. I would really love to feel your hands down there."

There was a moment of awkward shuffling as Danielle and Jemma reached down between Judy's thighs and insinuated their fingers under her knickers. They felt each other's fingers fighting to touch the hot wet gash that was Judy's cunt. They were amazed at how wet it was and the smell of it. Without taking their puckered lips off Judy's nipples for a second, and with an increasing rhythmic thrusting of their cunnies against her fingers, which had now penetrated them really deeply, Danielle and Jemma got to work on Judy's cunt. They thrust their fingers deep inside her. It was real fun to feel each other's fingers inside Judy's cunt. Now Judy was content at last. Her cunt felt full, with the girl's fingers crammed inexpertly but enthusiastically inside her. Best of all was the feeling of triumph that she had won the two over to the lesbian cause.

It was, of course, inevitable anyway that Danielle and Jemma would become lesbians. they had, thanks to Judy, discovered the delights of mutual fondling, a pastime they would indulge constantly from now on every time they were alone together. And now, finally, they had experienced sex with another girl and both knew how much they liked it. It was good and it was safe and it was secret. Nobody would guess that they had established an enclave of the lesbian sisterhood. Nobody would realise that they were also mad about each other!

The aroma of cunt in the stable was so strong now that anyone walking past the stable door would have picked it up. At that moment, in fact, Naomi Coulter came down the yard leading her pony Melody. As she passed the stable, she heard sounds of giggling and immediately after that the scent of cunt on heat invaded her nostrils. At once, her cunt gave a little spasm of delight, a reaction she always had when she smelled another woman's cunt. She tethered her pony and silently tiptoed up to the stable door. Through a small peephole, she could just make out the writhing bodies of the three females inside. They were half naked and were obviously engaged in some very steamy sex with each other. She recognised Judy at once, and gasped when she saw those naked boobs being sucked by Danielle and Jemma. She could just make out too that Judy's legs were splayed wide and that the two girls had their hands between her thighs. What was most horny, though, was the way Judy was finger fucking the two from behind. She watched fascinated as their bums rose and fell onto Judy’s fingers. Her own cunt started to throb and she felt a real twinge of envy at their obvious enjoyment of each other. She slid her hand into the top of her riding breeches and down, under her knickers. Her fingers were soon wedged deliciously in her slit, and she began to toss herself off while she watched the lesbian orgy unfolding inside the stable. Naomi was so absorbed in watching their secret rituals and in bringing herself to climax that she did not hear Danielle's twin sister, Hannah, come up behind her. Hannah watched Naomi wanking for a few moments, fascinated. Then she touched Naomi gently on the shoulder. Naomi went red with embarrassment and quickly withdrew her hand. Hannah could not help noticing how sticky and wet Naomi's fingers were.

Naomi looked at Hannah with her wide blue eyes and her full heaving breasts, nipples clearing poking through her t shirt as Hannah made a grab for her wet crotch.

"Not here, Hannah!" Naomi whispered. "Let's go where people can't see us."

She took Hannah by the hand and led her into a small cattle stall on the other side of the yard. Once inside, safe from prying eyes, Naomi threw herself down on some bales of straw and pulled Hannah down after her.

"Did you know that your sister Danielle is in the barn over there with Jemma and Judy?"

"Is she?" said Hannah unconcerned. "I don't care. I don't really like Jemma, she smells too much. Anyway, I'd much rather be with you. You smell nice and I think you are beautiful."

She reached forward to fondle Naomi's breasts, which were spilling out of her scoop-necked white tee shirt. She reached inside and got her hand on the naked flesh of Naomi's left breast. Naomi gasped. She had not expected Hannah to be so forward, so uninhibited.

Quickly, Naomi shucked off her tee shirt and bra so that Hannah could get a real eyeful of her magnificent boobs.

Her hands were all over Naomi now, and she laid back and closed her eyes, all her being focused on the wonderful caressing and squeezing as Hannah's hands worked over her breasts.

"Will you show me your cunt as well?" Hannah asked suddenly. Naomi was taken aback by the forceful nature of Hannah’s demands.

"Would you like to play with my cunt?"

"Mmm! Yes, please!"

"On one condition, Hannah."

"What's that?"

"That you take your knickers off and let me play with yours as well."

"I'd like that"

Naomi gasped at the girl's use of such a crude expression for such a wonderful girl-to-girl pastime. Naomi had had lots of encounters with 18 year olds, but they had never used that expression to describe the way they would touch each other and bring each other off.

The two girls shucked off their knickers, laid their coats carefully on the straw and laid back to start a wonderful game of wanton lesbian sex, Hannah taking the lead role.

"Let's see if you can stand being tickled!" she said with a giggle.

She slipped her hands between Naomi's already wide open legs and began to imitate Naomi's wandering walking fingers on the inside of Naomi's thigh. She wriggled sensuously at the prospect of those busy fingers getting closer and closer to their goal. Her pussy was already steaming wet in anticipation.

"Go on, Hannah, touch me you-know-where!"

Hannah looked at Naomi's lovely cunt with its dark brown lips and its fringe of reddish hair. She could just make out the slash of bare pink flesh between the puffy cunt lips, the entrance to Naomi's most secret place. Hannah's fingers were now so close that she could feel the heat emanating from Naomi's excited pussy. All of a sudden the tables were turned

Naomi sat bolt upright and threw Hannah back on the coats. She looked deep into Hanna’s eyes as she hooked her forefinger into her tight cunt and then pressed her hand on to Hannah's pubic mound so that her forefinger now lay wedged in Hannah's slit. Slowly she withdrew the tip of her forefinger, which was now well lubricated with Hannah's increasingly copious flow of cunt juices, and sought out the girl's throbbing clitoris. When Hannah felt the tip of Naomi's forefinger on her clit, she sucked in her breath sharply at the wonderful sensation.

Gradually Naomi increased the rhythm of her rubbing and caressing of that sensitive little knob of flesh, until she was able to slide her finger over it and down Hannah's wet slit and into her waiting cunt.

Soon she was masturbating her friend really vigorously and noted with satisfaction how Hannah was raising her buttocks and wriggling to increase the contact. With her free hand, Naomi took Hannah's hand and placed it over her cunt.

"Do the same to me, please, Hannah!" Naomi whispered hoarsely. "Put your fingers inside me!"

Naomi had always preferred girls, ever since an older woman, Moira, had seduced her. Even before that. She remembered how she used to stare at other girls and long to touch their breasts or stroke their hair, how she used to hate it when girls talked about their latest boyfriends, and how she used to love it when one of the older girls would stroke her hair or touch her as they passed. She remembered how scared she had been that first time with Moira, and how much she had enjoyed their passionate lovemaking once she had finally admitted to herself that she was lesbian, like so many other girls of her generation. And now, she had the chance to introduce the delights of girl-on-girl loving to another generation. It was clear that Hannah's twin sister, Danielle, was already hooked — seeing the way she was carrying on with Jemma and that horny dyke, Judy. And now it was Hannah's turn!

Feeling a sudden surge of affection, she pulled Hannah on to her so that their pubes were pressed together. Hannah loved the sensation of having her face pressed between Naomi's full warm breasts. They stayed in a tight embrace for a long time, gently moving their pubes against each other in a delicious grinding motion. Hannah loved the feel of Naomi's fine red bush against her own shaved cunt. Naomi sat up and pulled Hannah into a position straddling her thighs. How she wished she had Moira's lovely dildo at this moment so that she could really fuck the girl properly! Instead she pulled Hannah's hand down between their thighs so that she could finger Naomi's aching cunt.

"Look into my eyes while you touch me there!" she commanded. As she said this, she slid her own hand down between their legs and started again to masturbate Hannah expertly. Their eyes were locked now in a steady almost hypnotic gaze, Hannah's eyes wide and bearing a startled look, as she felt Naomi's powerful green eyes seeming to penetrate her very soul. Then Naomi's eyes softened into a loving look and Hannah felt wonderful. She was acutely aware now of Naomi's finger in her cunt and she trembled as feelings were aroused in her that she had never experienced before, lovely shooting thrills that made her tingle between her legs and nearly took her breath away. She was acutely aware, too, of the hot wetness of Naomi's cunt as she struggled to push her fingers deeper and deeper into its cavernous depths. Hannah loved the heat and the wetness and the silky feel of Naomi's cunt. How she wished that her cunt would make so much wetness and heat!

As they continued to gaze deep into each other's eyes, they could read the thrills that they were experiencing. Occasionally, Naomi's eyelids would half-close and a moan of pure pleasure escape from her throat as her cunt responded to the probing fingers clawing out its juices.

Hannah, too, was revealing in her eyes the wonderful thrills that Naomi was giving her as she finger fucked her girlfriend more and more vigorously.

With her free hand, Naomi cupped one of her breasts and offered it up to Hannah.

"Kiss my tits, Hannah?" Naomi ordered.

But now, as she clamped her lips over Naomi's aching nipple and began to suck hard on it, the shooting thrills inside her increased to a point where they were almost unbearable. Naomi, too, was beginning to spin out of control at this simultaneous onslaught on her most sensitive areas. Surges of electric power shot between her nipples and her groin, her clitoris went into spasm, and she fell back exhausted, pulling Hannah down on top of her. Then she cupped Hannah's face in her hands and kissed her full on the lips.

Hannah had never been kissed like that before by another woman, and she liked it.

Naomi's mouth was wet and her lips full and soft. Naomi's generous lips engulfed Hannah's mouth as they sucked on each other, tongues touching and saliva mingling in a loving French kiss that sent their senses reeling and spinning. Sprawled semi-naked on the straw, their legs intertwined, the two girls hugged and kissed passionately until they were both completely breathless.

Hannah wriggled and squirmed with delight, loving the feel of Naomi's pneumatic breasts beneath her and the raging heat coming from her throbbing cunt. Naomi for her part was delighted to have found such an enthusiastic and uninhibited partner to play sex games with.

She squeezed Hannah tight and experienced another surge of orgasm as she did so, while Hannah, breathless and red faced, pushed against Naomi's groin to increase the delicious rubbing against her clit, which by now was so sensitive that it felt as if it was on fire. Each little movement now sent Hannah into wonderful sexual paroxysms until her whole body was trembling and pulsating in response to Naomi's wonderful ministrations. Hannah didn't want the moment ever to stop. This was real fucking! She remembered with disgust the one time she had let one of the stable boys "feel her up", as he put it. She would never let that happen again! She had not enjoyed it very much, and that was before she had known what real sex could be like, sex with a lovely woman like Naomi Coulter, with her big soft breasts and her full wet lips and her wonderfully insistent fingers probing and exploring Hannah's hot cunt.

"Well, you two look very comfortable!"

They looked up startled and embarrassed as if they had been caught doing something wicked. It was Judy looking down at them. Her blouse was still undone and her nipples were wet where Danielle and Jemma had sucked on them. Danielle and Jemma were nowhere to be seen. Naomi guessed that they were still in the other stable playing sex games together. After all, they were aroused enough after their orgy with Judy.

"Well, if it isn't Hannah!" she went on, staring at the girl with an obvious glint of lust in her eyes.

Naomi did not reply. She stared defiantly at the woman.

"Fancy a little something with me?" Judy added, cupping her breasts in her hands and standing, legs apart, in a suggestive posture. Naomi had to admit that Judy was a dishy woman, and the prospect of sex with her was quite and exciting one. She licked her lips as she took in Judy's juicy boobs, her neat waist, the flare of her hips and the promise of the puffy cunt outlined under the soft material of her jodphurs. Naomi swallowed hard. Judy could easily read Naomi's thoughts and smiled, a long slow lascivious smile that drew attention to her generous mouth and the snakelike tongue that licked her lips in an unmistakeable gesture of invitation. Hannah looked on silently as the two women continued their playful negotiations.

"What about Hannah?" Naomi said.

"She can watch. And join in, too, if she wants to."

Judy replied in an offhand manner. She didn't care about Hannah: her sights were set on Naomi Coulter's luscious body, and she was getting impatient to explore its delights. Judy reached down and offered her hand to Naomi. Naomi took the offered hand and Judy pulled her up without effort. Naomi noted with a shiver how strong the woman was. Before she had time to gather her thoughts, Judy had pulled her close and had planted a big wet kiss on her mouth, forcing her lips apart with her tongue. Naomi gasped for breath but did not resist.

She was too aware of her breasts pressing against Judy's ample pair and could feel Judy's hard nipples rubbing deliciously against her own. The two women stood kissing, their arms round each other, their half-naked bodies pressed together for what seemed like an eternity.

Hannah watched spellbound.

When the two women finally broke off their passionate kiss, it was Judy who spoke first.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time," she said in a soft loving voice.

"Really? I had no idea you would be interested in me," Naomi replied.

"I have always found you really sexy, but I never dreamed you would take any notice of me. I didn't know you even knew that I was, you know, that I turned on to women."

"You must be joking. I could tell a mile off which way you swung!"

"How? I thought I was very discreet about my, my sexual preferences."

"Maybe, but I could tell from the way you looked at the other girls that you were interested in more than their riding ability. And you must surely have known that I was a lesbian."

"Well, to tell you the truth, I guessed as much. The way you ogled my tits gave me the clue!"

Judy laughed loud and long at this.

"Right! The way you are stacked, the way you fill a tight sweater is enough to make a straight woman want a nibble! As for me, well, you have been the subject of some of my most lurid fantasies."

"Well, now you can help yourself to the real thing!" Naomi rejoined.

"Let's go back to my place and work out one of your fantasies in a real bed, away from prying eyes."

She looked at Hannah.

"I didn't mean you, lovely. You can come and watch if you'd like."

Hannah joyfully accepted the invitation, full of anticipation at seeing a lesbian fuck fest.

Back at Naomi's house, Naomi led Judy gently by the hand to her bedroom. The walls were covered with posters and photographs of Naomi's lesbian heroines: Madonna, Navratilova, Cindy Crawford, and, more surprisingly to Hannah, who was naive in these matters, a whole lot of celebrities — TV personalities like Anna Ford, film stars like Barbra Streisand, writers like Jilly Cooper and even women from the Royal family like Fergie and Sarah..

"Are all these women lesbians?" Hannah asked incredulously.

"All women are lesbians, lovely," Judy said quietly. "It's just that some of them don't know it yet."

"Yes," added Naomi. "It's true. Women are naturally attracted to each other, but they aren't all as lucky as I was, because they don't meet someone who can bring them to life."

"Well, I think I am very lucky, because I have got two women to bring me to life," Hannah said proudly.

As if in response to her words, the two women looked at each other and grinned wickedly. Then they grabbed Hannah, stripped off all her clothes and threw her naked on to the bed.

"Now, Hannah, just relax and enjoy yourself!" Judy said.

The two women then began a slow striptease as they shucked off their clothes, item by item. Naomi's blouse slipped easily off her shoulders to reveal the full charm of her bosom, and then she slipped off her trousers and lastly, with tantalising slowness, her knickers. Judy followed suit, removing her blouse and her jodphurs and then playing a tantalising game of stick finger on herself before finally discarding her panties too. Then the two women came down on the bed, either side of Hannah and began to explore her body with their hands and their mouths and their tongues.

While Judy kissed her roughly on the mouth, Naomi's tongue trailed wetly down Hannah’s defenceless body until it reached the hot slit between her legs. Hannah writhed as she felt this amazing invasion of the cunt by Naomi's snaking tongue.

And now, Naomi Coulter, sliding her tongue between her puffy cunt lips and probing the her slit. It was the most heavenly sensation that Hannah had ever experienced and she never wanted it to stop. She returned Judy's kiss passionately. It was her way of responding to Naomi's cunnilingual assault. Hannah's hands, too, were restless. They ran this way and that over the warm womanly bodies that were pressing against her, fondling and caressing and squeezing. She felt as if she was drowning in a sea of soft sweet-smelling female flesh, and she loved it. She became so excited eventually that she inadvertently released a jet of urine, which splashed over Naomi's face and into her open mouth.

"You vixen!" Naomi hissed.

But she was not really annoyed. She knew from her own experience that it was possible for a woman to become so sexually aroused that she lost control of her bladder. She took it as a compliment that Hannah was so worked up that she couldn't help herself. Judy, hearing Naomi's words, looked down and immediately saw what had happened.

"Hey, what about me? Don't I get any?" she said in mock indignation.

As Naomi rolled out of the way, Hannah got into a squatting position over judy’s face, and Judy moved until her mouth was directly below Hannah's crutch. Judy looked up hungrily at the girl's pink pussy with its puffy labia and its delicious smooth shaven slit.

"Come on, lovely," Judy said to Hannah, "Piss into my mouth too!"

As she squatted over Judy's face, she could hardly believe that the woman really wanted her to piss in her mouth.

"Come on, Hannah! I'm really thirsty! I want to taste your piss. I want you to piss in my mouth! I promise I will swallow every drop!"

Naomi was masturbating vigorously now as she watched the scene unfolding before her eyes: the heavy-breasted woman lying naked on her back, her eyes sparkling and her mouth wide open and the pretty blond girl squatting over her face ready to release a jet of hot urine into the waiting mouth. Judy too had her hand between her legs and was rubbing her clitoris violently in anticipation of the excitement to come. Naomi slid forward and buried her head between Judy's parted legs, eager to tongue the woman's hot wet cunt simultaneously with the frigging finger and the moment at which Hannah would finally release her precious golden fluid into Judy's gaping mouth. Hannah pressed and the first jet went over Judy's face. Judy eagerly licked her lips to take in the first taste of Hannah's wonderful offering, and at the same time she reached up to pull Hannah's shoulders forward so that the next spurt would not miss its target. She looked into Hannah's eyes and saw there a look of such naked lust and excitement that she would not have believed possible. Hannah grinned evilly and released a long stream of urine, which this time filled the cavern of Judy's mouth. Judy gulped greedily, loving the sensation of the salty liquid trickling down her throat. Her finger attacked her clitoris more and more violently now and then, suddenly, the sensation of Naomi's mouth clamped over her cunt and her tongue flicking in and out as it found its target was too much. Judy let out a long gurgling scream as her orgasm began to build inside her. She pulled Hannah down on to her face, insinuated her tongue into Hannah’s vulva and tongue-fucked her stiffly as if her tongue were an erect penis. Again that unearthly gurgling sound emerged from Judy's throat as her spasms built up to an ever higher climax, and her excitement transmitted itself to Hannah, who was experiencing surges in her belly which forced more jets of urine from her; and to Naomi, whose own orgasmic surges were making it difficult for her to keep her mouth over Judy's pulsating cunt.

Finally the 3 women flopped on the bed all completely spent, their sexual energies making them fall together where they fell quietly asleep entwined as one.

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