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The Road Trip

Lauren and Jenny go on a road trip they'll never forget
It was six o'clock in the morning when Jenny pulled up at Lauren's house. She tiptoed to the front door and tapped gently, so she didn't wake Lauren's family up. The two 21 year olds had decided to go on a four day road trip to Kent, England. Jenny was the eldest of the two being a September born, she had long blonde hair, and a big toned bum because she was very sporty. At 5'6 she was one of the taller girls at school but her boobs were well above average; her best friends said she had the biggest boobs in the town for her age, secretly she knew this was true.

One of the best friends, and her best of all friends, was Lauren. Who stepped out of the door and walked with Jenny to the car. Lauren was a brunette, 5'3 and had average sized breasts. Her body was nothing special, maybe not even noticeable compared to Jenny's, but she still had a curvy figure. As Jenny pulled off the drive and drove across town the girls chatted about their last minute packing and their excitement for the trip ahead.

Soon the girls were deep into the countryside, out of range of any signal and lost. Just at that moment it started to rain and the pace along the dirt tracks was slow, luckily they came across some ramblers who were sheltering under a fallen oak. There were two people, a man and a woman, maybe a couple, neither of whom were expecting rain as they were both dressed in shorts and a T-Shirt. The female rambler had noticeably big breasts and the man had a handsome private school look to him, both looked in their mid 20s. They hailed down the car and Jenny stopped and let them in.

"We're lost, we'll take you to where you need to go if you can get us out of here" negotiated Jenny.

The man obliged and started to give Jenny directions to a little village only a few miles away. Both girls were admiring the man who they both thought was ridiculously handsome, but they both noticed the lady was wearing a white top. The rain had soaked it to her skin and a lacy black bra was very visible, neither Jenny nor Lauren took notice at the time.

After about fifteen minutes they'd reached their destination, the girls knew where they needed to go and the ramblers could shelter in a pub until the rain stopped, just like that Jenny was driving again. Instantly the conversation turned to the rambling man and his good looks, Lauren thought he looked like Leonardo Di Caprio but Jenny thought he was more like their old English teacher Mr. Rodgers whom they had both fancied in year 12. Lauren was the first to bring up the good looking female rambler, although neither of them were bi-sexual or lesbian they both admitted that she was very sexy and attractive.

Jenny was tired of driving so they made a joint decision to park up next to a pond and have lunch in the car. The image of a black lacy bra was still fixed firmly in Lauren's head and she felt a new feeling which made her bring up boobs in the conversation.

"I'm so jealous of your big boobs Jen, mine are nothing compared to yours" she muttered.

Jenny was a little surprised at this random outburst but she replied quickly, "I bet you have stunning boobs hunny, in fact you do, I have seen when we get changed before parties, I can't help but look".

"Really" cried Lauren, "I'm always trying to sneak a leak at your perfect bum and tits"

The girls grinned, that's when Jenny suggested that they both remove their tops on the count of three, just for a look out of "curiosity". One, two, three... Both girls pulled their tops over their heads, Lauren revealed a cute pink bra but Jenny's bear boobs hung loose.

"No bra! You slag" laughed Lauren. But Jenny convinced her that if she wasn't wearing one then neither should Lauren, within five minutes both girls were topless and their curiosity had got the better of them; they were fondling each other's boobs. They circled their nipples with their fingers and held their boobs in each other's hands. Giggling they pinch and twisted each nipple, and secretly both girls were getting very wet.

Jenny broke the laughter first by leaning in and giving Lauren a kiss in the lips, both girls wrapped their arms around the other and kissed passionately with tongues while occasionally grabbing a nipple. Jen was wearing a tartan skirt and led Lauren's hand underneath it , she wasn't wearing panties and Lauren's fingers instantly touched Jenny's warm, wet, swollen clit. Using her middle finger she rubbed and rubbed while Jenny panted before she slipped in her index and middle fingers. The blonde let out a long moan of pleasure and was nearing her climax, no sooner did it come and Lauren's fingers were covered with juices, which she seductively licked off.

This really kept Jenny horny so she climbed through to the back seats pulling a horny brunette behind, like a general she commanded Lauren about where to lie so that she was in a comfortable position with her feet spread apart in the air. This revealed a matching thong to Lauren's bra. The thong was pulled off quickly by Jenny who was eager to bury her head in her best friends mound. She started by teasing Lauren by kissing up and down her thighs but Lauren grabbed her head and pushed it towards her awaiting cunt. Jenny buried her tongue in the sweet wet vagina presented before her, she licked and nibbled at Lauren's pussy lips and erect clit which made Lauren scream with joy.

Soon Lauren orgasmed and her cum dripped down her leg but it was quickly lapped up by a grinning Jenny. The two girls lay across the back seats for an hour, touching each other's boobs and bums between kisses.

For the next four days they made passionate love, the two girls never touched another cock, no man could please them like another girl could.
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