The second story about Jenna and Tanya

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I was going to meet Tanya's family and I was nervous, if only there was someway to relax...

“ You ready?” Tanya shouted.

She was stood down in the hall, with an eye on the clock.

“ Yep,” Jenna said.

Jenna's mind was on other things. She looked again to make sure her new hair colour matched the clothes she'd picked to wear. Tonight was such a big night that her dark red hair was playing on her mind. She usually slapped any colour on her head, safe in the knowledge that it wouldn't be too bad and who was going to care? But did match the red dress she was waering? Did she look a slapper? -

“ I thought you said you were ready?”

Tanya had appeared in the bedroom doorway. She had a brown shirt on that complimented the dark lustrous hair that framed her face. Her black trousers showed off her fine curves.

“ My hair, what do you think about it?” Asked Jenna.

“ Same as a week ago when you started asking me. Perfect. And it goes with the dress. Don't stress. You look drop dead gorgeous.”

Tanya, the older lesbian by five years, came over and pulled Jenna's face round to her's so the young one wouldn't keep taking worried glances in the mirror.

“ We're only visiting my cousin's, right? It's not like I'm taking you to meet my parents?” Jenna looked panicked again, so Tanya added: “not that my parents will hate you, but I thought we'd take introductions you don't panic. Not doing much good is it?”

Jenna calmed looking into Tanya's warm brown eyes, but as their relationship was only a few months old whenever they got this close they always felt excitement rise and lust speed their hearts. After a few seconds of rising heat they gave in and kissed. They held on to each other and let their hands roamed over the other's body, enjoying the firm curves that made up the other's body.

Why had it taken her so long, Jenna thought, to realise she was lesbian? This was love; Tanya was what she had always needed.

She enjoyed the slow, tasty kiss, and the heat of their bodies through their clothing. Then it was over and they were parted.

“ Time to go?” Jenna whispered, still clinging to Tanya's waist.

“ Yes, but plenty of time tonight for more. Come on.”

Suddenly Tanya looked down and smiled. “Oh dear.”

“ What?” Jenna followed her gaze.

Around the tight fitting dress a line of underwear was visible. Before Jenna could react Tanya was on her knees with her hands up Jenna's skirt.

“ I thought you said we didn't have time?” Jenna asked, a wide smile spreading across her face.

As Tanya's hands passed along her thighs Jenna felt an exciting tightening deep inside.

“ Well, I was trying to avert a fashion crisis, but what the hell! Always time for you, you come so easily. Like you're permanently horny. Must be your age.”

Tanya's hands came down with the red frilly panties. She pushed the skirt up revealing a shaven pussy with brown lips, the thin inner pushing out of the outer covering. Tanya kissed Jen's pussy, dipping her tongue between them, lapping at Jenna's quickly moistening pussy. Jenna moaned softly at the warm touch of the moist tongue.

Tanya parted the lips and looked at the smooth swelling nub that was growing with her touch, she put her tongue to it. Jenna parted her legs further and leaned back on the sink to help Tanya get to where ever it was she wanted to go. Tanya's tongue went to work on the clit. Jenna felt it harden fully as Tanya passed her tongue over it hard and fast. Tingling soon passed up through her stomach.

“ I'm not horny all the time because of anything I do, oh,” Jenna broke off to moan.

After a few short moments ripples of pleasure began passing though her pussy and Jenna's moaning got louder and more passionate.

“ Oh fuck baby, your tongue feels so good. Fuck, fuck, fuuuck.”

Jenna rolled her aching breasts and squeezed hard on the nipples that were pushing up two little points on her dress. She pulled her breasts up out of the dress and freed them. She squeezed hard on the long nipples and satisfied her need to touch them.

A great sigh signalled the onslaught of another powerful orgasm. She lowered herself on to Tanya's tongue; the message was understood and Tanya licked faster, forcing her tongue hard over Jenna's clit.

Tanya's tongue threw wave after wave of pleasure through Jenna as her climax rose to a peak and began to decrease slowly. Eventually, with one last lick of her pussy hole and a sucking noise Tanya came out from between her legs.

“ Calm now?” Asked Tanya, with a beautiful smile that made Jenna feel dizzy again.

“ But you don't get anything,” Jenna said, recovering slowly, but still leaning against the sink.

“ I have. I'd been drinking your spunk.” Tanya's licked her lips. “Your lips are bright red,” she pointed out. “And your cheeks, and your tits! You're all red tonight!”

Jenna looked in the mirror. Her lips had flushed as had her cheeks, and tits.

Tanya carefully squeezed Jenna's perky little tits and then put them back inside the dress. The low cut top had two points where the nipples were still hard.

“ Cherry red,” Tanya said thoughtfully as she looked at Jenna's lips. “I think we might be late.”

They kissed and Jenna could taste her pussy in Tanya's mouth. She wanted more: she wanted Tanya. Jenna's hands found Tanya's ample breasts, heavy and firm. They were trapped in a shirt that was straining, just the way Tanya liked it. At first Jenna thought Tanya would give in, but she pulled Jenna's hands away and ended the kiss.

“ Now we really have to go,” Tanya said flustered.

She took Jenna's hand and led her to the car. The winter night was already dark and chilly and the long red skirt didn't keep her legs warm. The air on her warm pussy made the tingling grow again. She could feel the cold air trying to freeze the saliva and spunk that had oozed since Tanya's cleansing lick.

“ I've never been out without under wear on before,” Jenna said. “Not in a skirt anyway. I like it.”

“ You're not still horny?”

“ Horny! I wasn't horny until you started licking me like!”

Tanya just laughed, but Jenna thought about the night a week ago when they had played with the ice cream. The shivers of the cold cream on their nipples and pussys had mingled with the tingling orgasms to make them both cum wildly. We'll have to do that again.

Once Jen got horny she got stuck in horny mode. A good lick and fingering would have sorted her out. Tanya had only teased her with that short play. Why would she turn me on? I'm desperate now. And the air movements down there aren't helping.

Tanya let go of Jenna's hand and they got into the shelter of the car.

As they rumbled along Jenna's thoughts turned again and again to her wet pussy lips. She had to mop up the mess of oozing cum or it would get all over her dress. In the dark car she pulled the dress up and took a handkerchief out of Tanya's bag.

“ Hell, you are hot aren't you?” Tanya said.

“ I'm drying the mess -” she paused as the handkerchief, sodden with her lubricating spunk, moved over her clit.

Tingling passed through her and now she really needed to come again. She leaned back in her seat and rubbed faster. They had to stop at some lights. In the car next to them was a man in his thirties. Tanya moved her car forwards a bit so the masturbating 20 year old would give him a thrill. He looked over as the car moved and his gazed passed from Tanya to Jenna.

Jen had her eyes closed and was moaning softly.

“ Oh, I think I'm a tiny bit too horny tonight.”

“ So's the guy in the next car.”

Jenna instantly stopped what she was doing and looked at the man. He was cute, wide-eyed and his face was flushed.

“ Tanya!” Jenna said reproachfully, while she tried to hide from view.

Tanya laughed as they pulled away. The man hadn't noticed the lights were at green and it took an impatient blast from the car behind's horn to get him moving.

A thrill of been watched passed through Jenna and her tingling grew again after the initial shock had dampened the urges.

“ We're going to have to have sex in a public place,” she said, resuming the movements of the damp tissue over her clit. She pushed harder to get in between her now swollen labia lips and started rolling it over just her clit.

“ You like the danger of been caught?” Asked Tanya.

“ I think so.”

“ Yeah, look how we met.”

They thought about the lecture in which they had both masturbated. That was the day they had got together. Jenna started moaning again as heat passed into every part of her. She rubbed her aching tits. Squeezing hard on the nipples. Another another orgasm passed up her clit, pussy and into her whole body. She sighing as the orgasm rolled through her and leaned back into the seat. Smaller waves of ecstasy made her shudder. She calmed down and opened her eyes to look at Tanya.

“ Having fun?”

“ Yes,” said Jenna, “you wet?”

“ God yes. Soaking. Glad I'm wearing underwear. You owe me, teasing me like this!”

“ You started it!”

“ I gave you one orgasm to help you relax, now look at you, preforming for strangers!”

“ Ha! I'll make it up to you tonight.”

“ Promise?”

“ Promise.”

Tanya pulled up outside a house and leaned over. Jenna could feel in Tanya's kiss the passion and the need. She hadn't been joking, she did want Jenna desperately.

Tayna's took the tissue out of Jenna's hand. While they were still kissing she pushed it in to Jenna's tight pussy. Both the pussy and the tissue were spunked-up and soon the tissue was deep inside Jenna's body.

“ I know you like things in you. This'll help remind you you own me.”

“ No, all it'll do is make talking to people embarrassing. I can't be horny when it's your family.”

“ They won't notice. It's already 7pm, they'll be pissed already. Keep it in. Dare you.”

Whenever Tanya dared Jenna she felt unable to refuse, she was competitive, but she liked the thought of keeping a secrete like this in a public place.

“ Come on.”

The cold night air circulated Jenna's pussy again, giving her a thrill, but the tissue had mopped up the cum. Hopefully it wouldn't drop out during the visit. She felt the pressure of the folded tissue and thought of ways she wanted to it make up to Tanya later.

In the house Jenna was introduced to Tanya's sister, who was older than Tan but also good-looking, and her three cousins; a man of thirty and two girls between thirty and forty. All had their partners there. In total their was eight people at dinner.

The conversation was soon fast and furious. They were a close family and talking seemed easy, even for horny Jenna. Whenever the conversation took a dive though the sodden tissue in her pussy began to turn her on again. The night was a cycle between turn on and pleasant distraction.

Jenna got up last after the meal when the others were going into the living room. She knew her pussy had continue to water thanks to Tanya's glances and the throbbing had probably loosed some juice on to her dress. When the people were ahead of her she turned round to look at her arse to see if any wet patch was visible.

Shit, there was.

“ Is the seat wet?” Asked a voice.

Shit! Lyn, Tanya's sister was behind her.

“ Er, I think I split my drink.”

As if she believes that now I've gone bright red!

Jenna quickly looked around for a cloth and her heart stopped when Lyn came over and wiped the sticky liquid from the seat. Lyn went red when she saw the fluid was obviously not wine, but made no comment. Going to the loo would probably look suspicious right now.

“ Jenna?” Lyn called her as a burst of laughing came from the other room.

They were both red-faced and avoiding too much eye-contact.

“ Yes?” Jenna panicked.

She didn't know why, we all have pussies, right, and they get wet, right?

“ My sister has only ever had one other girlfriend, when she was a teenager, she always picks beautiful women to go out with.” Lyn smiled warmly.

“ Thank you,” said Jenna shocked, but flattered. “I've been worrying about meeting you all.”

“ You relaxed now?”

“ Yes.” No, she thought. “I didn't know Tanya had a girlfriend when she was younger?”

“ Yes. Our mum and dad didn't know of course, Tanya keeps herself to herself, but she was so desperate to show her off she told me, she was called Leanne, very pretty. Moved to America though. Tanya was heart broken, but they were young. It was the same with you, she wanted us all to meet you. To show you off.”

Lyn took Jenna's hand as Tanya had done and lead her gently into the other room. Jenna was overcome with happiness, and thought's of her pussy were, for the moment, forgotten.

The night went on quickly and eventually she did get to bathroom. As she went up the stairs the movement caused a big sticky drop of her slick spunk to slide out of her pussy and hit the carpet. She looked down to the door that led into the room, it was opened, but no one saw. She rubbed it in to the carpet with her shoe and rushed to the bathroom.

She pulled her skirt up and mopped up the fliud trapped between the lips. She tried not to rub too hard otherwise she might cum, and she wanted to wait now. Let it build up. The next time I cum I want it to be with Tanya.

Tanya was the quiet member of the family, just as Lyn had said. She sat to the side laughing and watching. Tanya, after months of being with her, could still drive her wild with passion even from across the room with those big brown eyes. Her hoarse voice was getting worse. Can they tell she's horny?

As Jenna sat waiting for the conversation to move round to her again she fantasised about Tanya, imagined her naked on their bed. She lingered on her cherry lips, her large firm breasts that she liked to feel squashing her own, and the wet, thick-lipped pussy shaking in climax around her fingers. Her stomach knotted in almost overwhelming excitement.

“ Jenna?” Asked Tanya.

Someone must have asked her something while she had been dreaming.

“ Sorry. Miles away.” Jenna gave Tanya a wink.

Finally the party ended. She had had fun. The people were interesting, they never stopped laughing. The promise of what was to come was in the air, and in Tanya's glances. Jenna knew that the slow increase in excitement would mean a more powerful orgasm later.

They said good night and left at about midnight.

“ You had fun?” Tanya asked as they walked hand-in-hand to the car.

“ Yes, but we still have more fun to come, right?”

“ Oh, yes.”

The air circulated Jenna's pussy and made her realize how wet she had become again; she wondered how she had not de-hydrated.

The car ride was long. They hit all the red lights. They passed the time by saying what they would do to each other.

“ Sixty nine?” Asked Jenna.

“ And that. And...tribbing, I want our pussy's together.”

Jenna leaned over and put her hand on Tanya's thigh. She stroked back and forth for a while before running her hand up further. She found the fly and unzipped it. As soon as her hand was in Jenna was surprised at how wet Tanya's panties had become.

“ You've got a leak,” said Jenna, kissing Tanya's cheek.

Tanya stayed quiet, not wanting to talk and ruin anything.

Jenna could feel Tanya's thick lips through her panties. She pulled them to one side, moistened her fingers in the feminine nectar and found Tan's hard, hooded clit hiding under her labia. At the touch of her smooth throbbing clit a fast breath was forced from Tanya, Jenna – who was leaning over – breathed it in deep, sharing in Tanya's pleasure.

“ Oh, baby, you're making me cum. We'll crash.” Tanya's voice was thick with desire.

Tanya pulled the car over. They kissed deep. Between mouthfuls of each other Tanya moaned loudly. Jenna felt Tan's body moving in time to her fingers. Now Jenna needed to cum, but she ignored her own pussy. Tanya's long clit had been weak under her rubbing at first, now it was fully erect.

Tanya gasped and came while their tongues moved back and forth in each others mouths. The kiss slowed, as did Tanya's body rocking.

“ Get us home quick,” Jenna said, barely able to keep her fingers away from her aching pussy. “I need you.”

She licked the spunk off her fingers while Tanya watched.

“ Mmm.”

Jenna didn't dare go near her pussy, but as Tanya drove she pushed her breasts together. They ached again and wanted to be set free.

They no longer noticed to chilly night air when the got out of the car. Tanya practically kicked the front door down when they got back. They found moving to the bedroom difficult as they kept kissing and tearing each other's clothing off.

Both women's nipples could be seen through their cloths, briefly – as Jenna's dress was off as soon as they got through the door and Tanya's bra was thrown off somewhere along the stairs.

Breasts rolled free as they ran into the bedroom, the bouncing was a pleasant feeling for their tender breasts. Both woman were used to walking round naked so cloths sometimes felt constrictive.

Tan turned the lights went on, the curtain were open, but there was no time to close them; if there was anyone out there they were welcome to watch tonight.

Jenna closed her eyes as Tanya's skilled hands worked her breasts. Jenna stroked Tanya's hard nipples in return. They were both drawing things out.

A slow kiss brought shivers to them both. Their tongues moved into each others mouths. The kiss's speed became faster, more urgent. Tanya had one hand on Jenna's right arse cheek, rolling and kneading slowing, the other was in her hair, keeping her head – not that she needed the encouragement – to Tanya's lips. Jenna's hands were all over Tanya's toned body. When their mouths were free of each other they moaned softly.

They were thinking about each other pleasure so much that they were not taking what they wanted, but Jenna knew that Tanya could take no more, she needed to come, she was getting rougher now she was desperate. Jenna longed to make her love come furiously.

“ I love you,” Tanya said.

“ I love you.”

Jenna pushed Tanya down and pushed her pussy into Tanya's. Control slipped away from Tanya, she could only lay shaking under the vigorous grinding of Jen's pussy. Their pussy lips moved in and around the other, their slick clits gliding over each other built up the waves of ecstasy. Heat flooded their limbs, their tummy's knotted and suddenly their pussies twitched.

“ I'm coming, ” Jenna cried, she came first and tried to stay in control so she could give Tanya the orgasm she'd promised.

Fighting against her own orgasmic shudder Tanya reached down into Jenna's pussy and yanked out the handkerchief. With a damp noise a load of spunk came out with it. The movement dropped Jenna to the bed in pleasure. Paralyzed by her orgasm she could no longer rub their pussies. Tanya jumped up and ground her swollen pussy against Jenna's as Jenna squirted all the trapped spunk from her pussy and into Tanya's groove. That made Tanya reach the height of her orgasm. She shouted out in pleasure, competing with the sounds Jenna made while she trembled under Tanya's forceful thrusts at her young pussy.

Panting and shaking they gazed into each others eyes as the powerful surge of their orgasms held them in it's grip. The smell of the long trapped pussy juices surrounded them as they struggling for breath.

As the orgasms strength passed the grinding slowed down. Jenna had nearly fallen off the bed, so Tanya gave her legs a quick pull so she was safe from falling before collapsing completely on to her lover.

“ Hell, babe, you squirted again. Wish I could.” Tanya said.

“ I could feel all that cum in me and, well,” Jenna struggled to talk; she was still panting, “it came out. Wow.”

Their bodies were in full contact: mouth to mouth; Tanya's large breasts squashing Jen's pleasantly in to her. Their nipples were still hard, but Jen's slowly softened as they lay together. The dizziness passed. Tanya's nipples were still hard.

Jenna moved under Tanya to kiss her cheek, her jaw, then she reach the soft smooth flesh of her neck. As she kissed she breathed in the sweet smell of her hair. Then rolled so she was on top and continued kissing all the way down Tanya's body; collar bone, breasts.

The nipples were stood erect in the middle of large brown areolas. She played with them, squeezing and rolling the breasts while she licked and sucked. She pulled the long brown flesh and watched as it stretched. Tanya moaned louder as the pain got more intense a sure sign that she was as horny as fuck. Jen felt the weight of each breast, squeezing tenderly.

“ Are you going make me come already?” Said Tanya smiling.

“ Mmm,” answered Jen.

Jenna's played with Tanya's aching heavy breasts driving her close to another orgasm, but she waited. Let it build again. Tan took a deep, slow breath. Then Jenna moved down, over Tan's toned tummy, kissing all the way down until she was between Tanya's long smooth legs.

“ I owe you a lick,” Jenna said when she was comfortable between Tanya's thighs. She looked up to see Tanya's longing gaze. “You want to cum?” She said teasingly.

“ Yes. I want you to make me wake the neighbours. Make me cum baby.”

Tanya's reached down to stroke Jenna's hair, then she lay back and played with her own breasts. Jenna felt a tremour run through Tanya. She loved to feel her love's body rive in pleasure under her.

Slowly she kissed up Tanya's thighs. Making her painfully slow way to the thick red lips of Tanya's cunt. It was wet from the mixed pussy juice, red and swollen from the night's teasing and Jenna was surprised by the amount of spunk that came out when she parted the lips. When freed it ran over Tanya's beautiful curving arse. Jenna quickly bent in to licked it up. Her tongue and lips on Tanya's arse made her giggle in pleasure.

“ Now, fuck, now!” Tanya begged.

Jenna had no intention of putting a decent orgasm through Tanya just yet. She kissed the sensitive thighs right at the top. And ran her tongue up them, getting painfully close to her throbbing leaking pussy. Tanya whimpered in frustration.

Jenna watched Tanya's heavy breathing lift her heavy aching breasts while she kissed between Tan's hips.

Tanya reached down to her own pussy.

“ No,” said Jenna, pulling the hand away. “Wait.”

“ Lets trib,” Tanya's husky voice was begging again.

Jenna moved the wet lips apart to look at Tanya sex. Tanya's pussy was oozing cum, her clit was long, red and throbbing. Finally, Jenna's tongue found Tanya's smooth hooded clit. She kissed it, then licked soft and slow.

The shock of the contact brought tingling waves of pleasure up Tanya's body.

“ Oh,” Tanya sighed, “Jenna. Harder, babe, faster, please. I'm...'

She couldn't finish, Jenna had pushed two fingers in Tanya's pussy at the same time as pushing her tongue hard and fast over her clit. Tanya's toned body had a tighter pussy that Jenna's, but she forced two fingers in easily because she was so wet. Jenna found Tanya's mound inside that she liked rubbed hard: her G-spot.

Tanya's body tightened. Her stomach fluttered. Tanya shouted in pleasure as her pussy clenched Jen's rapidly moving fingers.

“ Oh, Fuck, Jenna!”

The spasms made Tanya's breaths short and jarred. Her back arched slightly as the highest point of Tanya's orgasm hit. Her quivering was shaking the bed.

Tanya bucked and squirted spunk from her pussy on to Jenna's chin. Tanya's cries descended to soft moans as Jenna finished seeing her through her shuddering orgasm.

“ You squirted!”

“ Whuhos.”

Jenna laughed at how drained Tanya was. She lapped up the cum. Savouring the taste. Then crawled up to lay beside Tanya. Tanya licked her cum off Jenna's chin. Jenna pulled the sheet over them and hugged Tanya as they both lay satisfied.

They talked about the night, before Tanya rolled onto her side. Jenna, the tallest of the two, put her arm round her and squeezed momentarily, before putting her hand on Tanya breast, and they spooned.

“ I love you.”

“ I love you.”

And they drifted into a deep sleep.