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The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 3.

Sarah gets her woman, her school teacher crush.
The summer school trip was coming up. It wouldn't be like your usual school trip, however. The Long Stockings Private School for Gifted Girls and Young Ladies never really seemed to have party style school trips. They would go to Sea World to study the marine life – no rides while there, no swimming, no fun! The students even had to have their swimmers made to school regulation, with a bare minimum of flesh to be seen and not skimpy in any way. That was a no no.

Head mistress Miss Noefun always said, “A lady does not show off her beauty to all and sundry. Men prey on women who wear such clothing, which could leave little to the imagination. We are ladies, not tramps.” She would come up with any excuse for the girls not to let their hair down and relax on a school trip. Why would the final year trip for the young ladies, the ‘Wilderness adventure trip’, be any different?

Even the inter-school activities such as debating and sports were carefully orchestrated so the girls were unable to spend any time, Heaven forbid, with boys. There was to be no mixing with males without either a teacher or a parent present. It made no difference if they were in first grade or their last year. The school policies were strict on mingling with males.

All of the teachers and other staff were female, except for this year. Mr. Black had joined the faculty. He was the new health and physical education teacher. There were three physical education teachers: Miss Shapely, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Sharpe. But Mrs. Brown had done the unthinkable. She had gotten pregnant and so was taking a year off from teaching.

Miss Noefun was happy to have Mr. Black join the faculty, especially when she found out he lived with his ‘special friend’ Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones taught at the all boys’ school on the other side of town. Mr. Black was gay, or so she thought. Miss Noefun believed that Mr. Black could be trusted not to take advantage of any vulnerable and hormone charged young lady.

When the list of ‘fun educational activities’ was read out, the whole student body groaned. Swimming and kayaking in open waters, orienteering, and the list went on. When were they going to have any fun? It would be even harder with all the teachers that were going to be there too.

They were mostly all eighteen; only a handful had not yet turned eighteen. They will by the time they graduate at the end of the year. Kelly and her two best friends, Sarah and Sally were trying to think of ways they could get away from the main group and have a little girly fun in the bushes.

“Hang on,” Kelly whispered, “Orienteering is usually through bushland. There is a forest near this wilderness place. We could get lost and go there. No one will know we are missing until long after we have sucked each others’ pussy dry.”

The three young ladies began to plan all sorts of sexual adventures to have while on the trip away. For them it was going to be the first time they really enjoyed a school-organized trip.

It was Sunday evening a few weeks later. The whole of year twelve was headed for the week long camp at Lake Blue Water. Miss Noefun called it a study and learning ‘wilderness adventure’. Even the class bitch Becky Watts was going. Becky was the worst student ever; she would beat other girls if they did not do her homework for her. She even broke the arm of a girl after she had been seen talking to her boyfriend on the weekend. But Becky’s mother was the town mayor, so Becky was allowed to do anything. They were two buses full of hot hormone charged seventeen and eighteen-year-old young ladies, and not a boy in sight.

Kelly was horny and sitting next to Sarah on the bus. She looked around; the bus was dark with no interior lighting. Miss Noefun had gotten a discount for late bus services and another discount from Lake Blue Water for arriving after 9pm on a Sunday night, not that she passed the savings on to the parents of the schoolgirls. Kelly kissed Sarah on the cheek.

Sarah whispered, “We will get caught if you keep that up.”
But Kelly was going further than just a kiss. She lifted Sarah’s skirt and started to rub her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties. Sarah tried to push her hand away, kind of. She wanted to have Kelly play with her pussy. Sarah didn't want to let Kelly just have her. Sarah wanted Kelly to work for it. Sarah wanted Kelly to show her that she wanted to play with her pussy.

Kelly grabbed Sarah with her left hand. As Sarah brushed away Kelly's left hand, Kelly slipped her right hand inside Sarah’s panties. Kelly was in; she now had a nice pussy at her fingertips. Kelly started slowly running a finger up and down Sarah’s bald; neigh waxed pussy.

“Oh my god. You waxed your pussy.”

“I am so horny now I want to eat you, right here, right now,” Kelly whispered into Sarah’s ear.

With that Kelly slid to the floor of the bus. She crouched there in the tight space between the seats, lifted Sarah’s leg over her shoulder… and then yummy. Kelly was able to insert her tongue into her friends sweet little pussy. Just as long as they could keep things quiet and not wake the other girls or any of the teachers. They were going to have a very good time.

After a couple of minutes Sarah pushed Kelly’s head away form her pussy. She was close to climax. There was no way she was going to risk cumming on the bus. Just in case someone heard her and they were busted. But now Sarah was horny and eager to eat Kelly's pussy. So they swapped places. But not before Sarah warned Kelly not to cum. Not here on the bus. Later when we are in the camp bedroom, you can cum for me then. Besides you are so loud when you cum, the whole bus will know.

Kelly did as she was told and stopped Sarah before she cum. After a short while Sarah started to eat Kelly once more, building her up to climax. Kelly stopped her again. Oh how she wanted to cum on Sarah’s tongue. Kelly loved it when Sarah and Sally ate her pussy, even more when they both ate her together.

The buses finally arrived at Lake Blue water at 9:45pm. Everyone got off the buses and was given a quick pointed out tour of the facilities. Shower block and toilets over there. Dining room there. Breakfast will be at 7am sharp. The dorms are this way.

The schoolgirls eventually made their tired way to the beds. They were expecting luxurious motel style rooms. No sharing of course, a room for each and every girl. With room service if they were lucky. When they opened the door to their rooms, the students and teachers were all shocked to say the least. The accommodation was in the form of two dorms. They were just one big long open room. There was a row of beds down each of the two sidewalls. Kelly and Sarah knew they were not going to continue their bus ride sexual antics tonight.

The only lucky thing here was that Becky was not in their room. Unfortunately there was no Mr Black either. He had to share the male accommodation building with Mr Michaels, the camps activity planner and supervisor. The students and teachers were determined that they were going to have fun on this school camp anyway.

All of the young ladies had been to school together since first grade. They had spent twelve years of their lives growing up together. From children to adolescents, and now to be confident, smart young ladies. Sarah had always liked to perve on some of her schoolmates, tonight was going to be no different.

Everyone found themselves a bed and began to move in. Miss Shapely was the only teacher in the dorm with Sarah, Sally, Kelly and twenty-five of the schoolgirls. She was a student teacher in her last year of University. She was at the private school for her hands on physical education and sports sciences teaching experience.

The Long Stockings Private School for Gifted Girls and Young Ladies had a very diverse and in depth curriculum. Sarah thought Miss Shapely was simply gorgeous. She was only three years older than her students. Her figure was awesome in Sarah’s eyes, and in those of many males in town. They were always asking her out on dates, but no one ever got to date her. Sarah often wondered why.

Miss Shapely certainly had a nice figure, and she spent a bit of time in the school gym and exercising to keep her body looking hot. She had a 36-28-36 figure. Sarah was dying to see Miss Shapely naked. Now Miss Shapely was staying in the same room as her cousin, Sally and her best friend Kelly. Sarah's excitement levels were unbelievable; her young pussy tingled with the endless possibilities. Whenever the schoolgirls changed or showered at the school gym and pool, the teachers always had their own private change room. Sarah could only imagine what her teacher looked like nude. Where did her tan lines end? Did they?

Sarah always got wet when she thought about her fantasies of girl on girl sex with Miss Shapely. But to top off Sarah’s excitement levels – Miss Shapely was going to be sleeping in the very bed next to Sarah.

When Miss Shapely called “Lights out ladies.”

Sarah took the opportunity to make her first move. She took her clothes off, stripping down to her panties only.

Miss Shapely looked at Sarah and inquired, “Sarah. Why are you naked?”

“I am not naked Miss Shapely, I am wearing panties. I always sleep naked at home. I was going to sleep naked here too, or should I leave my panties on? Besides that it is so hot in here. This dorm must have been locked up all day. I am much more comfortable sleeping without any pajamas when it is so hot,” Sarah's reply was matter of fact.

“Sarah I am sure your mother would not approve of you sleeping naked in a strange place. Put some clothes on at once!” Miss Shapely was stern.

“I have no bedclothes. What do you suggest I wear? Does anybody else think it is too hot in here not to sleep naked? It is just 'we' ladies here isn't it? We have all seen each other naked many times before. So there is nothing any of us have not seen before tonight.” Sarah said. She was hoping to find some solidarity among her classmates.

The room soon filled with murmurs like, “Yes, it is too hot,” then someone said, “Sarah is right, I am stripping down too.”

Sarah was a little stunned and happy with herself when she saw the whole room strip off down to their panties. She looked at Sally and Kelly; of course they were on Sarah’s side here. Sarah then looked to her crush, Miss Shapely. Miss shapely was still fully clothed. Miss Shapely was now the only woman in the room wearing more than panties.

“Well Miss. Are you going to strip off too? Or are you scared of us seeing your birthmark?” Sarah said, with a light chuckle in her voice.

“It is okay Miss Shapely, if you are scared or something we will all understand. We will all tease you all week, but we will understand,” said Kelly, who also wanted to see their teacher nude.

The trio of Sarah, Sally and Kelly had all chatted about a shared fantasy of kissing Miss Shapely all over and eating her sweet pussy. So Kelly was going to help out if she could. Soon the other girls all started to tease Miss Shapely about not getting undressed. So she went with it.

“OK ladies, I'll strip down too. It is very hot in here, and we are all women. We have the same bits as each other.”

She looked at Sarah and continued, “Granted some of us have bigger bits… But I think we are all mature enough to sleep nude if we want to.”

She then shocked all the young ladies by dropping her panties too. Revealing the hottest little manicured landing strip any young lady had seen, and no tan lines.

Sarah’s pussy was wet in an instant. All she could think of now was Miss Shapely sun bathing nude. With the warm, summer sun beating down on her gorgeous body. What a mouth watering thought.

All the girls got onto their beds as Miss Shapely turned out the lights. Sarah lay there, pondering how to make her move on Miss Shapely. Would she brush her body somehow? With the usual problems holding her back.

“What if she says no? Or worse still, “What if she tells the headmistress and her parents?”

It had been about half an hour and Sarah decided to make her move now. Throwing all caution to the wind, not that there was any in the dorm. Sarah quietly sat up and surveyed the room. No one was awake, she was sure of that. The only sound Sarah could hear was that of her heart. It was beating like a drum. She got out of bed and crept over to Miss Shapely’s bed.

“Miss Shapely. Are you awake?” Sarah whispered.

There was no response. So again she whispered.

“Are you awake?” Again, there was no response.

Sarah could feel her pussy getting wet with the thought of kissing or even more with Miss Shapely. Sarah slipped off her panties and carefully slipped into her teachers’ bed. Miss Shapely stirred a little, but didn't wake. Sarah was getting brave now and her heart rate was going through the roof. Miss Shapely was on her side, facing Sarah. Sarah was on her back. Sarah reached over and slowly, but carefully Sarah lifted Miss Shapely’s arm and draped it over herself. As Sarah rolled onto her side to spoon with her, Miss Shapely stirred, just a little. She clenched her hand it was on Sarah’s left breast. Then it happened…

Miss Shapely was now awake. She squeezed her hand once more, an inquisitive squeeze. Miss Shapely then slid her hand down. Lower down the body of the young woman who was in her bed. She felt Sarah’s smooth waxed pussy.

Miss Shapely then whispered, “Who is in my bed? Who are you, and what do you think you are doing?”

Sarah rolled over to face her and as she ran her hands over her teacher’s beautiful body. Sarah whispered back.

“Miss Shapely it is Sarah. I have wanted to tell you all year, but I have been too scared. I like girls, and I really like you. I want to be with you. I want to make sweet sensual love to you.” Her voice was quaking in fear of rejection and the repercussions to come of her actions.

Miss Shapely was silent for a moment. Sarah was beginning to think she was now in serious trouble. She felt her heart rate plummet. She could feel every beat like a slow drum. Sarah was beginning to get a frog in her throat thinking it was all going to end very much different to how she had fantasized each and every time before.

Then Sarah got the biggest surprise of all time. Miss Shapely began to kiss her full on her lips! Exploring the young firm body of her student, slowly and softly with her hands and fingers. From her firm D cup breasts down to her sweet little bald pussy.

Miss Shapely then stopped and pushed Sarah back.

“We shouldn't. I am your teacher. I have wanted to fuck you myself. But I shouldn't be fucking my students. It is unethical, it is not allow...”

Sarah cut her short by kissing her. There was no way Sarah was going to let her back out of this now. Not when she was so close to making love to her teacher! She had kissed Miss Shapely. They had both explored each other’s firm young hot bodies. Sarah was going to do her best to get her tongue into her teacher, and not just her mouth.

Sarah began to kiss her way down Miss Shapely’s neck, on down to her own pert breasts. Sucking and nibbling, enjoying every moment having her teacher's nipples in her mouth. It was even better than she had ever fantasized. Sucking on her teacher’s lovely firm breasts was magical. Miss Shapely’s nipples were erect almost as soon as Sarah started to suck on them.

After a short while Miss Shapely lifted Sarah’s chin and started to kiss her way down Sarah’s young body. Sarah gasped as Miss Shapely inserted a finger into her sweet wet pussy. Sarah clenched her muscles on the probing finger, which was now deep inside her. Sarah now wanted to taste Miss Shapely’s pussy. Sarah got off the bed.

Miss Shapely reached out for her and whispered, “Where are you going? I want you to stay. Don’t go now that you have made me so horny. I want you.”

Sarah just giggled as she lay back on the bed in a 69 position. Neither woman could hold back their desire to taste the other woman’s pussy. Sarah and Miss Shapely both alternated between sucking and licking their lovers’ pussy, to furiously fingering each other. But always stopping before their lover climaxed.

Sarah could take no more. She had been fingered and eaten on the bus trip here, but not climaxed. Now once again she was close to climax. With her crush and her teacher, Miss Shapely in control to boost. Her pussy was aching to cum.

She got up and whispered to Miss Shapely, “We need to find somewhere else. I want to cum, but I am too loud to cum here and not get caught. Let’s go to the shower block. No one will hear us cum there.”

They grabbed some clothes and quickly went to the shower block. In no time flat they were both naked again, kissing and sucking each other’s body once more.

They lay on a bench in a 69 once again. Sarah came first, closely followed by Miss Shapely. Neither young woman wasted a drop of orgasmic love juice. Slurping every drop from each other’s now satisfied sweet pink lips.

“Miss Shapely, you have no idea how much I have wanted to do that with you. We were fucking on the bus, but couldn’t cum. I was not going to hold back and go without cumming a second time,” Sarah said, with a happy satisfied tone.

“You can call me Jane when we are alone, and whom were ‘we’ fucking on the bus? Do I have to share you with someone else?” Miss Shapely queried.

Sarah looked at her with a big smile.

“Well Jane. You will need to find a way to get Kelly, Sally and I all in the same group when we do group activities on camp. Then I will let you know whom I was eating, and who ate me on the bus. But right now, I think we should dress and go back to bed before we are discovered.”

Sarah and Jane returned to the dorm room and stripped each other for bed. They kissed each other a short passionate goodnight kiss, the taste of pussy still on each other’s lips. Undiscovered by the rest of the dorm, they slept well.

Until next morning when the dreaded alarm rang…

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