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The Sexual Awakenings of Teenage Private Schoolgirls, Part 2

Teenage girls and their sexual experimentations, Kelly learns her best friends' secret.
Dinner with the Barkers that night was a little awkward for Kelly. She had just had oral sex and then showered with Mr Barker, her best friend Sarah's Dad. It was not something you just blurt out. Especially when Sarah's mother is away with work. If they found out, what would they think of her? Would they tell her parents?

Kelly was wondering what Sarah’s surprise had been. Had she set it up for Kelly to lose her virginity to her father? Kelly had only sucked and stroked his cock. She thought he was too big for her first time.

‘Surely Sarah had not set that up? Surely not...’ Her mind raced with the possibilities.

Kelly wondered just what Sarah had planned to surprise her with. Kelly knew she could not just ask her about her dad being there. But why else would he have been in the bathroom when she went to shower? Every time Kelly looked at Mr. Barker, Kelly could still see him naked. Like they had been in the shower earlier in the evening.

After dinner, the three teenagers returned to Sarah and Sally’s bedroom. They continued to study and work on their chemistry project. Until Sarah turned to Sally and with a cheeky smile said.

“I think it is time for bed. We can pick things up in the morning. We have all weekend to do our project. Anyway, it is not actually due for another three weeks.”

It was getting late, so Sally and Kelly agreed with her.

The trio had all seen each other naked many times before. As the days had begun to warm up and when no one was around, they had all gone sun tanning naked. There was a river that ran along the back boundary to the Barker’s property. There was a nice secluded spot where no one could find them without first alerting the trio.

They had also seen each other naked at the pool and gym changing rooms as they changed for and showered after class. So when it came time to change for bed, they all just stripped off like it was second nature.

Kelly had planned to sleep in just a G-string and loose fitting t-shirt. As Kelly stood at the desk in her G-string, she took her shirt from her clothes bag and unfolded it. Kelly looked around and saw Sarah and Sally both naked and getting ready for bed.

Kelly was always envious of the two cousins, and so were some of the other young ladies from school. All three of the eighteen year-old young ladies had athletic bodies due to all the netball, swimming and other athletic sports they played in school. They all had great butts and a nice all over tan. But Sarah and Sally had something Kelly wished she had. Kelly had fantastic, pert C cup breasts, but her best friends both had bigger D cup breasts.

To Kelly’s surprise, Sally got into bed naked.

Kelly looked at her and asked, “Sally, are you just going to sleep naked?”

Sally’s reply was a shock to Kelly. “We always do. Especially now its summer and the nights are warmer. Clothes just make it hotter, besides they get in the way when we…”

Kelly asked rather curiously, “When you what?”

But before Sally could answer her, Sarah cut in. She was also naked and standing by the light switch. “Ready for lights out, ladies?”

With that she turned out the light.

Kelly decided not to put her shirt on. After all, the other two girls were naked and the bedroom door was closed. Mr. Barkers’ bedroom was down the hall. Besides, he had already played with her whole beautiful body.

'Why not go topless?' Kelly thought, and got into bed wearing only her G-string.

As she lay there, her thoughts drifted to her first orgasm shared with someone else. She could feel her pussy was getting wet as she thought of how Mr. Barker had eaten her pussy. Kelly remembered how hard his cock had been and how good it tasted.

Then muffled moans brought her attention back to the room. Muffled moans of pleasure! But Sarah and Sally were in the same bed, and one of them seemed to be masturbating. But wait a minute… there were muffled moans coming from both girls! Who had they snuck in to their room?

Kelly got up and quietly crept to the door. She silently felt for the light switch and when she flicked it on, she froze. The two cousins were on the bed, with their faces pushed deep into each other’s pussy! Kelly did not know what to do now. This evening was a whole shock to her system.

First Dave, her best friends’ dad had seduced her and taught her some sexual lessons. Now her two best friends – cousins no less, were in a lesbian 69! They were having hot lesbian sex, right before her eyes. She just stood there with her mouth wide open.

Sarah got up and walked over to Kelly. She kissed her on her mouth and said, “Come join us, Kelly. I was going to tell you tonight in the shower. But before I could tell you all about it, Daddy sent us both to town. I wanted you to undress and then I was going to do something to you. Something that both Sally and I both really want to do.”

Kelly looked at Sally, then back to Sarah. “What... What was that? What do you both want to do?” she stammered as her heart began to race. Kelly had an idea, after seeing the two girls together in a whole new light. But was very naive to say the least.

Sarah pulled Kelly’s G-string to the side and ran her fingers gently over her pussy. "We want to eat your pussy. We also want to suck on these.” With that, she started to suck on Kelly’s pert breasts.

Sarah ushered Kelly over to the bed. She then slowly removed Kelly's G-string and told her to lie down between Sally and herself. Kelly lay down. It all seemed so unreal. It felt like a dream. The sweetest sensual dream you could ever have.

Both girls were kissing and sucking Kelly’s mouth, earlobes, neck and breasts. Her nipples were fully erect as her two best friends nibbled them softly. At the same time they were both exploring her inner thighs and moist, soft pink folds, ever so softly with experienced fingers. Kelly’s body was covered in goose bumps. Her senses were working overtime.

“Oh my god! I've never been with a woman before. I mean I have thought about it. Hasn't every woman? Now I am with two women at once. But you are my best friends. We never hide anything from each other. How long have you been? You know… lesbian lovers, lesbian lovers with each other, no less? Oh fuck… It feels so nice. Sarah, Sally, teach me. Teach me how to fuck a woman.” Kelly was in a blissful sensual heaven as she began to explore her friends’ bodies with her own inexperienced hands and fingers.

Sarah looked into Kelly’s eyes and said, “You want to learn how to please a woman? So you want to have more than just a curious kiss between two ladies? I think we can help with that, we are best friends after all.”

Sarah kissed Kelly once more on her mouth, then with soft kisses traced her way down Kelly’s beautiful teen body. Stopped off at her breasts for a lingering nibble on her nipples then continued her way on down her flat stomach, and on down to her swollen mound. Sally took over kissing Kelly as Sarah worked her way down Kelly’s body. Kelly and Sally both kissed each other as they massaged the other girls’ breasts, tweaking their erect nipples too.

Sarah blew a gentle breath over Kelly's moist pink lips. Kelly felt her pussy tingle as her friend worked her magic. Sarah blew a breath over those sweet wet lips once more before parting them with her tongue and eventually sucking them into her mouth to enjoy Kelly’s sweet, flavorful juices. Then Sarah alternated between licking Kelly’s pussy and sucking her sweet pink lips, circling her tongue around and then sucking on Kelly's erect little love button.

The whole time, Kelly moaned with pleasure as she felt each new touch from Sarah. It was different than earlier in the night. When Dave had kissed and sucked her all over, he had been a strong masculine lover. Now Sarah and Sally were soft and sensual.

Goose bumps still covered her body. Kelly's mind was still racing. Filled with thoughts of ‘How would Mr and Mrs Barker react if they found out?’ and ‘What would my own family, or their friends think of them?’ and to her senses. Her nipples were fully erect as Sally sucked them, her body covered in goose bumps.

Kelly’s body had never felt like this. As Sarah ate her, Kelly's pussy was wet, with her love juices dribbling down between her butt cheeks and drenching the bedclothes beneath. Her nipples were fully erect. They seemed to be harder than she had ever managed to achieve on her own. They seemed harder than a cold winter's breeze could ever make them. Sally was working magic on them with her warm, wet mouth.

There seemed to be a warm fire in her pelvic region – a fire she wanted to fan and not extinguish any time soon. Then she could feel it building. When she lay down with her best friends, Kelly knew she would have an orgasm with her lady lovers. She had no idea it was going to come so soon.

Frantically Kelly spoke to alert her lovely lady lovers, “Girls, I am loud when I cum! Ooh fuck! I am going to cum. I need to be quiet or we will be busted. I don’t want this to end. I want to feel like this forever, well at least all night.”

Sally just giggled. “Suck on my tits. Or Sarah’s pussy, just bury your mouth in her delicious mound. Don’t hold back, baby. Don’t squeeze your pussy down on her tongue or fingers. Cum for us. Let your climax build until you feel you’re about to burst. Then as you orgasm, relax your whole body. Let go of your senses. Allow the crescendo of wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure take over your hot body, and let your cum flow into Sarah’s willing mouth. Then it will be my turn to eat you.”

Kelly sucked on Sally’s right nipple as the warm feeling of her orgasm built more and more; she had never before felt so close to cumming, without actually cumming. Then it started to peak. Kelly knew she was going to be too loud; she quickly turned her head to bury her face deep into Sarah’s mound. Sally was right; it was delicious. She screamed at the top of her lungs deep into Sarah’s sweet soppy pussy. Relaxing her whole body as she did. Kelly came into Sarah's mouth, as Sarah’s sweet juices flowed into her own.

As her climax took control of her body, Kelly thought it was never going to end. Wave after wonderful wave shook her body. Sarah finally stopped sucking on her little love button. When the waves of pleasure finally subsided and she had once again caught her breath, Kelly realized she had lost any and all concept of time and reality. She had just had the most explosive orgasm she could remember. Nothing could compare to this.

Kelly’s entire body felt wonderful, from her head all the way down to her curled up toes. It felt like each and every nerve was firing off signals to her sensually overloaded brain. She had heard of fireworks during orgasm, but that was something else. As Kelly lay back to regain her breath she wondered, ‘Did Dave hear my screams? Is he on his way to the girls’ room to investigate? Is he about to find the three of us on Sally’s bed, our bodies in a sensual twisted mess? Do I actually care at this moment in time if we're caught?’

Kelly soon found herself being brought back to reality very quickly. Sally had pushed Sarah off Kelly, saying it was her turn to taste that sweet pink pussy. Kelly thought to herself, ‘Oh my god, Sally is just as good as Sarah! My pretty little pink pussy is in for the night of its life. Who cares if we get caught, I hope they don’t stop.’

As Sarah positioned herself above Kelly's cute face, she told Kelly, "Your turn to eat pussy, baby."

Kelly protested just a little. "I. Sarah, Sally. I have never... I have only ever sucked a cock. I have never done anything with a girl before you two... I don't know what to do. I do want to learn though. Will you both teach me to eat pussy as good as you do?”

Sally did not stop eating Kelly’s pussy; she just seemed to nod as she worked her magic.

Sarah's voice was soft and sweet. “You know what feels good for you when Sally and I eat you? If you do that to us, we will love it too. Don't forget to use your hands as well as your mouth. Feel the body of the woman you are pleasuring. Kiss, suck and caress her inner thighs, her back, her butt and of course, don't forget her tits too, hun. Don't worry about trying to make us cum as quick as you did. By the way babe, you must have been really horny, because that was quick! Just enjoy yourself and your lover will enjoy herself too.”

Sarah kissed Kelly once more. The taste of Kelly’s pussy was all over her face, but Kelly did not care. She was in heaven tonight. Kelly was hoping it would lead to more fantastic orgasms shared between her and her two best friends. Sarah repositioned herself above Kelly's eager mouth. Sarah was anticipating Kelly's first tentative licks of her own hot pussy. Her pussy was aching to cum. Sarah was aching to share her love juices with Kelly. Kelly was quick to learn too.

The rest of the night was spent with the three young ladies kissing, sucking and caressing each other’s tender body. Eating pussy, deep fingering and clit sucking. Oh, and the sound of three teenage girls screaming into each other’s pussy as they climaxed time and time again…

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