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The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 11

Sarah reminds her headmistress of her indiscreet threesome while at camp
The summer school trip and camp had been a trip for all to enjoy. As always, the school trip did not fail to deliver its fair share of hard work. The Long Stockings Private School for Gifted Girls and Young Ladies had always had education foremost in its trips. Student fun and laughter was usually a distant second.

This time however, there had been a few differences between what happened on camp, and what had been planned. For instance, no one would have ever planned for any of the young ladies to be performing oral sex on one another on the bus heading to camp. But Kelly and Sarah did.

No one would have ever planned for students to have sex with their teachers, but Kelly, Sarah and Sally made sweet love to each other and their teacher Jane, many times. The headmistress and a male teacher had a threesome with a married man. A male teacher took one of his students’ virginity, twice. A male teacher had sex with a camp supervisor, a married woman no less. A student and a married man, the list of sexual trysts was amazing for such prim and proper young ladies and their teachers. It really had been a coming of age for some of the young ladies.

At least those involved with each affair had managed to keep them secret from the others, except for two of the affairs. Sarah had caught Becky having the affair with a married man. Such dirt on the school bully, the worst bitch any school had ever known. The other was to be just as valuable. Sarah did not know it just yet, but she was in a position to save her lover’s career if she wanted to.

Sarah had witnessed Mr. Black, Miss Noefun and Mr. Michaels, the camp supervisor having their threesome. This would become invaluable when the students and teachers returned from the trip away.

After the trip away, Jane Shapely began to tutor Sarah and Sally Barker at their house. She also tutored Kelly Smith one on one at her house, or sometimes along with the Barkers at their house also. The reason was for ‘extra curricular tutoring’ as they called it, to ensure the three young ladies got the best possible marks on their final exams. This fooled their parents and all who would ask a question, but it was really just the three students and their teacher continuing an affair that had started at camp. It was during one of these ‘tutoring’ lessons, that Sarah found out Jane was going to be punished for the mud fight at camp.

Miss Noefun had decided to discipline Miss Jane Shapely over her loss of control of her class. The class had descended into chaos and had a mud fight. Such a thing was not conduct becoming of prim and proper young ladies. She would need to be punished.

Sarah and Jane were seated at the kitchen table. Jane was helping Sarah to study to get her first aid certificate. Sarah’s cousin Sally, and her father were also home. But Mr. Barker soon took Sally to band rehearsals, leaving Sarah and Jane home alone. It was usual for them to strip down and study either in just their underwear, or sometimes they stripped completely naked. But when they stripped completely naked, there was never much study done. Well not study of books; more of each other’s beautiful bodies.

“Daddy and Sally have gone now Jane, we can strip off if you like. I promise I will study if we strip off. I really do want to get my first aid certificate. But I need you to help out with some of the theory it is a bit hard for me at the moment.’ Sarah said as she stood up and stripped down to her pink lace g-string and brassiere. This time however, Jane did not respond the way Sarah had hoped. She actually disciplined her pupil. 

“Sarah, put your clothes back on. You always end up making me so wet I can’t concentrate and we end up fucking more than we study. You are sexy and very smart. You know how to make any woman want to fuck you in an instant. Even if she were straight, you would end up fucking her.” Jane was very stern with her tone of voice.

“But my darling Jane, I promise I will study… First I will study my textbooks and then your gorgeous body. I promise Jane.” Sarah was almost pleading with Jane.

“Put your clothes on now, or I will leave.” Again Jane was stern in her delivery.

Sarah gave in and got dressed then sat at the table again. Jane did cave in a little though. How could she not? She had just seen her beautiful young lover in a sexy and very skimpy little lace number. Jane was going to find it difficult to teach a normal lesson. But Jane was always a great improviser; today was going to be no different.

“Sarah, honey, I want you to learn this properly. I know you can do it. I feel you know the answers and will get your certificate first try. I believe in you, you should too. I have a little game for us to play. It is based on strip poker. When you get an answer right, you can take off ONE item of clothing. Or tell me to take something off. I think we are both wearing enough to see you pass the exam.” Jane purred.

Sarah was so eager to please she agreed in a heartbeat. Jane’s unusual lesson then began. With each answer sending an item of clothing to the floor.

“You arrive at a car accident, the driver is unconscious and the passenger is bleeding from a small cut. Who do you attend to first? How do you treat a sprain? What do you do in a case of electrocution?”

Jane would ask and Sarah answered without thought, never getting an answer wrong. Until…

“You and Kelly are at the pool. There are only two other people present. A male and a female diver are practicing their diving techniques. When the female dives too early and lands on the guy. He is knocked out and she has hurt her shoulder. Once you and Kelly get the two of them out of the water, what do you do?” Jane asked.

“How cute is she? I might need to help her out of her bathers. Just so they are not restricting her movement,” Sarah giggled.

“Sarah I am not joking honey. Look at us I am completely naked, and you are only wearing the sexy little g-string. I want to fuck you, but not if you don’t get this right. Concentrate honey. Although I must admit I am finding it increasingly difficult not to just throw the books away and tear that g-string off you right now.” Jane replied.

“Sorry darling, I get Kelly to go for help and an ice-pack. I start CPR on the guy and save his life. Then Kelly and I fuck her when she gets out of hospital. Right Darling?”

Sarah then stood up and only inches from Jane’s face, removed her sexy pink g-string.

Jane commended her lovely pupil on her studies.

“Sarah you knew all of your theory, you had let it all get to you. This made you felt a little daunted at first. You just needed to look at it a little differently. I know you will pass the exam easily honey.” Jane purred, proud and hungry for her sweet body.

Sarah now felt empowered at the prospect of being able to save a life, should she ever need to. Sarah got up and headed up the stairs to her bedroom, as she went she said she had a present for Jane. When she reappeared, Sarah was holding a doubled ended dildo. It was fourteen inches long and an inch and a half thick, with nice ribs all the way along each of the shafts to a thick ball like section in the middle.

“Jane darling, I bought this on line. It arrived in the mail yesterday, how do I use one of these? Can you show me? I have never used a dildo before, and I have just bought this one to use with you, Kelly and Sally. Will you show me darling?” Sarah said.

Sarah’s voice was so sexy and sultry. Jane’s pussy was dripping wet after the last half hour of strip learning. Jane was eager to teach her young student all about how to pleasure another lady with a toy. But this one had an end for both teacher and student. Jane stood up and reached for her star pupil.

“Jane darling, sit on the table. I love eating pussy. I have always wanted to eat a woman’s pussy at the kitchen table. But don’t tell mommy and daddy though. Mm Jane your pussy tastes so good darling, I bet Daddy would love to join me eating you. Why do you not have a boyfriend anyway darling? I would not mind if you did. I would not mind if he knew about me either.” Sarah said.

Jane sat on the edge of the table, just as her young lover had asked. Jane spread her lovely legs and as Sarah sat on the chair and pulled it close, Jane draped her legs over Sarah’s shoulders. Sarah slowly kissed her way from Jane’s knees, along her sexy thighs to her sweet moist honey pot. Jane placed her hands on Sarah’s head and pushed her back just so she could kiss her softly on her forehead, before Sarah began to gently probe and tease Jane’s honey pot with her well-experienced tongue and fingers.

“Oh Sarah baby, I love the way you eat my pussy. You, Sally and Kelly all eat me so well. You all know just how to make me feel so wonderful. Each of you eats me so well; each of you has her own different very wonderful technique. Ooh my pussy feels fantastic baby.” Jane sighed.

“We all love eating you too darling. We all wanted to make sweet love to you for ages before we actually said anything. I am so glad I made that move to strip off the first night at camp; I had no idea the other girls would too. But it took me a while to pluck up the courage to slip into your bed that night. I was so worried you would say no and report me to Miss Noefun. Jane darling, do you love me? You never tell us that you love any of us when we make love. Do you love one of us? But say nothing so we don’t get jealous of her?” Sarah replied.

“Sarah, I need to explain a few things. I don't have a boyfriend because I am not interested in men. I am a lesbian and I am in a relationship with a woman. She cannot have anybody find out though; it is a small town we live in. It would have a disastrous effect on her career. I wish I could share her with you. Maybe one day she will let me share her with all three of you. I do not say I love you, because I love her. I am sorry Sarah. I never meant to hurt any of you. You probably want me to go now, so I will get dressed and I will see you at school. I am so sorry Sarah; I love you, Sally and Kelly. But not as my girlfriend, if I was not dating her I would not be able to choose between the three of you. I am sorry I will go.” Jane said as a tear ran down her cheek.

Sarah stopped her from being able to leave. Sarah stood up, kissed away the tears from her cheeks and wrapped her arms around Jane giving her a warm loving hug.

“Jane darling, please don't go. I love you. I hope you don’t mind me saying I do, but I do. I know that Sally and Kelly both love you too. I said I would share you with a man; what makes you think I would not share you with another woman? Does she know about us? What does she think of you screwing three seventeen, well almost eighteen-year-old young ladies? We are all discrete, you could bring her over if you like and see if she would be happy to make love to us. Oh Jane, I would love to have an orgy with you, your girlfriend, Sally and Kelly too. Kelly told me about you and her in the dark, it sounded so sweet, so sensual, so sexy, and so very erotic. Maybe your girlfriend would fuck us three with you in the dark? But right now… I have the most beautiful teacher and lover I have ever had, right here in my arms. Sexy naked and I bet horny; I still need you to teach me how to use a dildo on someone, and how to use this here double-ended dildo. Will you stay and fuck me darling?” Sarah comforted Jane, and was almost begging to get her to stay.

“Are you sure baby? Sarah, are you sure you are happy to share me with another woman?” Jane asked, another tear rolling down her cheek.

Sarah kissed it away, “Of course I am happy to share you. I share you with my best friend and Sally too; why should I be unhappy to share you with your girlfriend? I love you, and I never want to leave you. I never want to lose you either. Now stop worrying, and I wish you would not cry. You are so beautiful; beautiful women should not cry. I am so lucky to have you as my lover. It also hurts me to see you unhappy. So will you stay?” she replied.

Jane did not answer; instead she just pulled Sarah close to her. Jane hugged her young lover tighter than she had ever hugged her before.

“I deeply love you Sarah. I really do, I just love Renée as my girlfriend and you with Sally and Kelly as my lovers. I am so lucky to have four girlfriends to have regular and fantastic sex with. I never want this thing we have to end either. Maybe one day we will all get together and have mind-blowing sex? But right now, I have you and I am going to show you how to fuck another woman with that dildo of yours.” Jane said.

The two young lovers made their way to Sarah’s bedroom, stopping every few feet to kiss each other’s sexy body somewhere, and to finger each other too. Sarah had the dildo in one hand, and the other hand on Jane’s sexy toned ass. Eventually they fell onto the bed, still kissing and exploring each other with their hands. After a few minutes, Jane rolled Sarah onto her back and looked deeply into her stunning deep blue eyes, brushing Sarah’s blond hair from her face.

Before asking, “Sarah, honey, have you ever had sex with a man?”

“No darling, I have only ever had sex with Sally, Kelly and you. Well there was…” Sarah replied

“You mean, you have only ever had sex with Kelly, while your cousin Sally was there. And who else was there? Huh? Have you been a bad girl honey?”

“No darling, I do not mean sex with Kelly just while Sally was there. I mean I have had sex with Sally too. Sally and I, we love to fuck each other; we were our first sexual experience. Kelly was our second. And yes, I have been a bad girl. Sally, Kelly and I all had sex with Mrs. Michaels when we went on our school camp. We were all naked and she caught us. Darling, she was so hot. Can you blame us for fucking her?” replied Sarah.

“No honey, I secretly had sex with Sandra Michaels too; she is so sexy. But having sex with your cousin? That is a pretty taboo thing to do honey. Although you are both so sexy, I would be into it if I were one of you. Have you and Sally or Kelly ever used any toys together?”

“No, just fingers and tongues. Sally and Kelly can each get two fingers in me, but not a third. When did you and Mrs. Michaels get together? I wish I had been there.”

“No problems honey, we will take it slowly then. Sandra and I had sex in an old hut in the woods while we were having a look at one of the hiking trails. I will tell you about it another time; right now I want to fuck you with your dildo.”

Jane kissed Sarah’s sweet lips. Then kissed and sucked her way down Sarah’s body, her breasts and erect nipples dragging down Sarah’s body as she did. Sarah’s heart rate had climbed rapidly; her breathing was also increasing. Jane slowly used two fingers inside her very wet little pink pussy. Without saying anything, Jane inserted a third. Sarah said nothing; she just rode Jane’s fingers and squeezed her own breasts, while tweaking her nipples.

“Oh Jane, I am going to cum baby. Finger me deep, finger me hard baby. I love you. Make me cum,” Sarah cried as she neared her climax.

Jane stopped though; she lay on top of Sarah to stop her from self-pleasuring to orgasm. Jane kissed Sarah as she lay over her hot and horny lover. When Sarah had calmed down a little, Jane started to finger her again, slowly working her fingers in and out. Stopping only to suck Sarah’s succulent sweet love juice from her fingers. Then without making it obvious, Jane reached over and grabbed the dildo. She slid it into her own dripping wet pussy, coating it with her own love juices. Jane then slowly inserted that end of the dildo into Sarah’s virgin pussy. Sarah squirmed a little as she did.

“Relax honey, don't squeeze my hand so tight. Look into my eyes as I finger you. I want to see the pleasure in your eyes and on your face as you cum for me.” Jane said.

Jane was trying to keep Sarah from noticing it was actually the dildo inside her. It was not long before Sarah erupted on the dildo. Her whole body began to shake and shudder.

“Oh my God baby! My pussy feels so wonderful. I love you. I want to cum on your hand, give it to me deep baby, I am Cumming,” Sarah screamed as she came.

Sarah had never cum so hard before. She had never been so loud either. Kelly was the loud one. Jane and Sarah managed to maintain eye contact, while Sarah’s eyes were open anyway. Sarah was now coming down from her peak, and Jane surprised her. Jane slid both of her hands up Sarah’s body, squeezing her breasts and asked her how her pussy felt now.

“Oh my God baby. You don't have your hand or fingers inside me. What is it?” Asked Sarah.

“Sit up and take a look honey,” came Jane’s reply as she moved aside.

Sarah sat up with a little help from Jane. She could see one end of her double-ended dildo was inside her pink swollen pussy; while the other end lay on the bed sheet. Jane pushed her young lover back to gently lie down again. Jane positioned herself over Sarah missionary style. Jane made sure that Sarah could see as she put the other end of the dildo into her own pussy. Jane pushed the dildo into her own dripping wet pussy until her pelvis touched Sarah’s. The only thing between them was the thick middle section of the dildo.

Jane gripped the ribs tightly with her womanhood; she then started to slowly fuck Sarah with the toy. Jane could not resist kissing Sarah. Sarah’s soft sweet lips were simply irresistible; Sarah was a great kisser too. Jane slowly kissed her way along Sarah’s jaw line, nibbling and kissing as she made love to her young lover. As Jane started to kiss and nibble Sarah’s D cups and nipples, Sarah gasped.

“Oh god Jane, my pussy feels fantastic, fuck me deeply honey. Make me cum. I love you honey, make me cum on our hot rubber cock. Oh fuck Jane! I am about to cum. Oh Jane! I am cumming.”

Sarah was screaming as she climaxed, her fingernails dragged down Jane’s back. She then clenched her hands around Jane’s arms; Sarah’s back had arched up as her climax peaked. Jane slowed her pace; she now slowly slid the cock all the way into and then very slowly out of Sarah. Staring deeply into her gorgeous blue eyes. Sarah had the kind of eyes that could mesmerize you and pierce their way through your defenses, all the way to your heart. Even if you had no real intentions of falling in love with Sarah, her eyes would captivate you. This was exactly the case now, as Jane looked deep into Sarah’s eyes. After Sarah’s breathing had returned to normal, Jane kissed Sarah on her cute little nose.

“Your turn honey. It is your turn to make love to me. Show me you like the way I made love to you.” Jane purred.

“But Jane darling, I. I have never. I told you, it is my first time. I don't know what to do,” Sarah replied.

“It is okay honey. I will teach you, don’t worry. I was a virgin once too; we all are until someone shows us the way. I love teaching you little things; I have even learned a couple of things from you, Sally and Kelly. Just enjoy yourself and I will too. I am so horny just thinking about you fucking me with your hot ribbed cock.” Jane said as she reassured Sarah.

Sarah and Jane changed positions. Sarah’s heart was racing; her mouth became dry; her arms were trembling as she readied herself for her first time. Jane slid the toy back inside herself, then into Sarah too.

“Grip it with your pussy, and rock back and forth as it slides in and out of me. The same way your boyfriend does with you, once you have the basics we can work on improving your technique. Then who ever you are with, she will love it too.” Jane smiled looking up at her inexperienced but keen lover.

“Jane, I am a virgin. Well to guys anyway. You were the first to put anything bigger than fingers inside me. Remember?” Sarah replied, with more than just a hint of nerves showing through in her voice.

“I know baby, I do remember you said you were a virgin. But you are doing fine so far, it does not feel good for me; but it does feel fantastic. I have never felt so horny as I do now. I want you to fuck me. I want you to enjoy making me cum on your cock. Forget it is plastic, imagine it is real, and imagine it is a part of you. Then you will be a better lover honey, not that you are not a great lover now. I could fall in love with you so easily Sarah. You are so beautiful, and so sensual. Your long blond hair and sexy blue eyes are so captivating. I love every minute I spend with you. I never want our love making sessions to end.” Jane said as she pulled Sarah down to her.

Jane helped Sarah to work on her technique. Sarah was always a fast learner; this situation was no different. Jane was nearing climax, but Sarah pushed deep into Jane and stopped.

“Not yet darling, I love to build you up close to orgasm; but not let you climax. Then let the feeling subside a little, before building you up again. Edging you closer and closer to an earth-shattering climax. I love the expression you get on your sweet face too. It satisfies me greatly to know I am the reason you smile as you slow your pulse, as you regain your breath, and as you look into my sexy eyes… I sometimes wonder just what you are thinking. Time for you to climax darling, hold me close as you do.” Sarah said as she started to build Jane’s climax once more.

“Oh Sarah, I love the way you tease me honey. You are making me cum again. Oh Sarah. I could love… Oh fuck Sarah. You are going to make me cum honey. Oh fuck me, I love you Sarah. I am going to cum all over your hard cock honey. I am cumming,” Jane exclaimed as she neared, and then climaxed.

As Jane regained her senses once more, Sarah slowly slid in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Sarah was satisfied as beads of sweat rolled down their bodies. Sarah had learned something new; something she was keen to teach Sally and Kelly too.

Sarah was now lying beside Jane, exchanging kisses and caressing each other’s breasts after an intense one on one tutoring session. However, Jane's mind was on other things; Sarah thought that Jane seemed distant.

“What is wrong honey? Is it your girlfriend? Do you want to end it with us schoolgirls? Do you no longer want to make love to Sally and I?” Sarah asked.

“No baby. I definitely want to keep seeing you both, and Kelly too. You are all so sweet and sexy. I love every minute I spend alone with you. When I see you flirting and having fun with some of the guys in town, I wish I could tell them how good you are in bed. I wish I could tell the world I enjoy sleeping with the three of you. I am a little sad because Miss Noefun has decided as headmistress, she needs to punish me over the mud fight we all had on camp. I just hope she does not decide to fire me,” Jane replied.

"Jane honey, I can assure you that you will keep your job. I will have a word with Miss Noefun tomorrow at school. Trust me honey, we will enjoy making love to each other for a long time to come. I hope forever, even if I get married I will still need some lady loving. I love the way you make me feel, the taste of your pussy. But I really love the taste and feel of your sweet kisses.” Sarah said, before kissing Jane and taking her mind of her problems.

“What do you mean baby? What can you do to stop Miss Noefun from firing me?” Jane inquired of her sexy young lover.

“Don't worry honey, I love you and I will not let you down. I will have a word to Miss Noefun to remind her of something she said at camp. You will get your teaching degree. You can teach here at the Long Stockings until you retire if you like. Miss Noefun will not fire you; trust me. But we should have a shower and get dressed honey. Mommy, Daddy and Sally will all be home soon, I don't think they would like to see me naked with you. Well, Daddy would love to see your gorgeous body; but Mommy might not. But they will not like the fact that we are both naked and making sweet love to each other instead of you tutoring me.” Sarah replied.

Jane and Sarah showered together before Jane left Sarah with a smile and a kiss. The next day at school and Sarah had a meeting with the headmistress, Miss Noefun. She was determined to save Jane’s career, no matter what the cost…

“Sarah, you wanted to meet with me. What is it that you need to see me about?” Miss Noefun said as Sarah walked into her office.

“Well Miss Noefun, I need to know that nobody else can hear what we are talking about. I need to know your assistant is not going to hear what I have to say. So I sent her to lunch early. You will not mind when you hear what I have to say. It involves Mr. Black, Mr. Michaels from camp blue water, and yourself. Do I need to elaborate and refresh your memory?”

Sarah was very forward, even if she did not feel all that confident inside; Sarah sounded like she was.

“Whatever do you mean Sarah? I have no idea what you are talking about. Show some respect for authority and stop this foolishness,” Miss Noefun replied.

“Miss Noefun, I was in the garden outside the window when you had Mr. Michaels’ big black cock in your mouth. I have no idea how you managed to take all of his thick manhood inside you too. It was also very erotic to watch you and Mr. Black sucking it together. Do you think everybody would like to know what the three of you got up to that night? Would you like them to know how prim and proper the headmistress really is? Would you like everyone to know how you loved sex with two men at the same time.” Sarah said, trying to keep the frog in her throat and sound confident at the same time.

“Oh my God. It was you were under the window in the bushes! You saw everything. What do you want? You obviously want something in return for keeping quiet. What do you want from me? You blackmailing little bitch,” Miss Noefun knew she was over Sarah’s barrel.

“I don’t want anything for me. I do want something for someone else though. You will not be punishing Miss Shapely for what happened at camp, will you? What happens in Vegas; stays in Vegas. Jane is one of the best teachers we have ever had. All of the girls love her. She has a way of teaching us the boring stuff, without us realizing it. Just take a look at our grades if you don’t believe me. Any punishment, any punishment at all; and I will tell the whole school, and the whole town about your indiscretion. Your career will end; you will leave this town in scandalous shame. You do understand what I am saying? You do understand what your answer will be?” Sarah said as she left the headmistress’ office.

As Sarah walked down the corridor, her heat beat loud and strong and her shoes clacked loudly on the polished timber floorboards. Sarah was proud of herself. She had just ensured her favorite teacher, her gorgeous lover and friend was not going to suffer any repercussions from the camp. The fun day the girls had on the banks of the lake would now go unpunished. She had played her all of cards in one go, but left Miss Noefun with no doubt of her intent. Sarah knew Miss Noefun had no choice, but to let Miss Shapely off the hook.

Then Sarah heard the familiar sound of Becky Watts bullying a thirteen-year-old girl for her lunch money. She looked around the corner and there she was. Two of her friends standing backup; how brave they were, three eighteen-year-old girls on one thirteen-year-old. Sarah marched up to them and in her most authoritative voice, stood up for the younger girl.

“You two can leave. Becky, let her go. You and I have something very important to discuss.” Sarah said.

Becky looked at Sarah, “You have got some nerve bitch. What makes you think you can tell me what to do?” She said.

“Remember our deal at camp? Remember what I said as we walked down to the lake? Well Becky, today is one day. You owe me, or do you want me to break my word? I have just come from Miss Noefun’s office. I can go back there if you like.” Sarah replied.

“Okay, you win.” Becky said.

She turned to her friends and said, “You two go and powder your noses or something.”

Becky turned to the younger girl and added, “As for you missy... I’ll have your lunch money another day. Now scram before I change my mind.”

When they had all left Sarah and Becky alone, Becky was still furious at Sarah.

“Do you realize I will have to get even with you?” She said.

“Do what you like bitch. As I said, touch me and I go to Miss Noefun and tell her about your fuck with Mr. Michaels at camp. You will do something for me now. You will go to Miss Noefun; you will tell her that she should not sack Miss Shapely. You will use whatever you need over her to persuade her. Then you and I will be almost even.” Sarah instructed.

"Almost? What do you mean almost?” Becky asked.

" I still know what you did. If you want everyone else to find out… Say nothing to Miss Noefun, hurt my friends or myself. I have no problems with spilling the beans. I would love to see the look on your mom’s face when I tell her all about how you loved that big black cock in you. Do as you're told, and I say nothing. Don't do as I say. Well you know what will happen then. Good day bitch, I mean Becky.” Sarah said, before turning and walking away.

“Oh and Becky. Today. You need to go to Miss Noefun today.” Sarah said smugly.

Sarah had now played her biggest card. Sarah knew if Becky did as she was told, Miss Noefun would have no choice. Becky had something on Miss Noefun, no one knew what it was. Maybe it was to do with Becky’s mother being the mayor of their town and funding for the school? All Sarah knew was that Miss Noefun would have no choice but to let her friend, her lover and her favorite teacher, Miss Shapely off the hook. Sarah smiled on the outside and on the inside, knowing she had used Becky Watts well. She had said nothing to anyone, so Sarah still had a very valuable piece of dirt on the schoolyard bitch, Becky Watts.

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