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The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 1

Teenage girls and their sexual experimentations.
Kelly Smith went to an all girls private school. Her marks were always high. Kelly had always studied hard, right from her early days at school. Kelly knew to get into a really good University she would need good school grades.

Sally and Sarah Barker were cousins, although they lived together and had a bond like sisters. Sally’s mother had died when she was a toddler. Her father worked on offshore oil rigs, so she lived with her aunt and uncle to keep her home life and schooling stable.

Sally and Sarah Barker were also Kelly’s best friends. They had been friends for as long as she could remember. They would always go to each other’s house to study or do projects for class. This weekend was just the same. Kelly was going to stay at Sally and Sarah’s house while they worked on their chemistry project – only Kelly had no idea that this weekend, she was going to learn more about human chemistry than she ever imagined. The Barkers lived on 40 acres, a short drive from town; it was nice and quiet there and perfect for peaceful studying.

The girls were in their final year of schooling. They were working harder than ever trying to get the best marks to get into University next year. They were all a grade students, but you never know what other school kids are doing, and how well you will go. So the three girls were doing everything they could to make sure they got that all-important 'A' mark for every subject this year.

Sarah and Sally shared a bedroom and had started a little early in the sexual experiment stage. They masturbated once - just to try it to see what it was like. That was the idea, but it felt soo nice and they craved the climatic rush before drifting off to sleep. Screaming into their pillow to keep from being caught. This soon progressed to a nightly event. Then one evening Sarah had asked to finger her cousin – just to see what it was like to finger another girl, and to be fingered in return. 

Then one day they had heard sounds coming from Sarah’s father’s study. Sounds like they had been trying to muffle each night. They crept closer to the study. The door was slightly ajar. They could see his computer screen. He was watching porn, not just any porn though. This was lesbian, young lesbian porn. The two girls were barely of a legal age. It seemed the cousins were the same age as the two girls on the computer screen. They were not just fingering each other; they were also eating each other and sucking each other breasts too.

Sarah and Sally were dumbfounded; they had never seen lesbian sex before. That night as they lay in bed, naked as usual. Sarah asked Sally if she could try sucking her tits and maybe licking her pussy too. Sally had seen the look of pleasure on the porn starlet and wanted to feel the same pleasure, so she agreed. That night, the cousins went from just playing with each other’s tits and fingering each other to eating pussy too.

Kelly headed to the girls’ room for her nightgown, towel, etc. Sarah had told Kelly not to turn the bathroom light on before getting into the shower; she said Kelly would get a nice surprise if she left the light off. She had planned to introduce Kelly to the pleasure of girl on girl sex.

It was late when Mr. Barker got home from work. Mrs Barker was away this weekend for a work conference and Mr. Barker had ordered pizza for dinner instead of cooking tonight. While Kelly was getting her clothes to take a shower Mr. Barker asked the cousins to go to town and pick up the pizzas, as he had already had a drink and so he was unable to drive.

“They do deliver you know Daddy.” Sarah said agreeing to drive to the shop for dinner. Sally wanted to get a few things from town, so was happy to go too.

The girls had left before Kelly returned from their room; she knew Sally had gone for the pizzas, but did not know that Sarah had also gone. Mr. Barker had overheard Sarah and Kelly but did not know what Sarah had in mind as a surprise for Kelly. He had his own surprise waiting for her.

Kelly went into the bathroom, left the light off as she had been told and stripped off. “Ok, Sarah. I’m naked so what is the surprise?” She said.

The light came on, and Kelly was surprised to see Mr Barker also naked. He had a huge hard cock. It was 9 inches long and thick too. Kelly was a virgin; she had never seen a cock up close before. She had seen her brothers’ cock a few times when his girlfriend was in his room giving him a blowjob and they had left the door open. But Kelly had never seen one this big either. She began to get scared and blurted it all out.

“I. I’m a virgin. Mr Barker, I. I have never done anything before. Please don’t hurt me. I wont tell Mrs Barker, Sarah or Sally you were naked in here. Please.” She was almost in tears as she begged while trying to cover her own well-developed young body.

“Relax Kelly. I wont hurt you, and you can call me Dave.” He replied.

His words were kind and soft, but all Kelly could do was look down at his big cock. Dave then pushed Kelly gently against the wall. He leant down and kissed her breasts. Kelly had never been touched by anyone; she had never had a boyfriend. Dave’s kissing and sucking on her breasts and nipples felt wonderful; goose bumps spread over her whole body and her pussy started to get very wet. Dave then knelt down, slowly sucking and kissing her stomach as he did. Kelly let out a small moan of pleasure as he sucked her neatly shaven pubic mound.

Dave gently pried Kelly’s legs open. “Relax Kelly, I am not going to put my cock into you if you don’t want it. I am not going to hurt you.” He said softly as he gently massaged her wet little pussy.

“Oh my god Mr. Uh Dave. I have never had anything like this before. It feels so nice. Please don’t stop.” Kelly moaned.

Dave then put Kelly’s legs over his shoulders to open her thighs and allow him better access to her young sweet pink pussy. He wet his thumbs and forefingers then as he squeezed and tweaked Kelly’s firm tits and nipples. Dave was enjoying her sweet pussy; Dave had never eaten a virgin pussy. Even his wife had not been a virgin when they met.

Dave worked his tongue deep into Kelly’s pussy, her hot juices dripping off his chin. He breathed in Kelly’s musky aroma as he pushed his face hard into her pussy. Kelly started moan louder and louder; soon she was shaking on his shoulders. Kelly had her hands on the back of his head pulling him in deeper; deeper into her now sopping wet pussy.

“Oh Dave. It feels so good. I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She cried as she climaxed.

Dave stood up as he lowered Kelly from his broad shoulders and said.

“My turn now Kelly, I want you to suck and stroke my cock. Make me cum all over those gorgeous tits of yours.”

Kelly had never had a boyfriend, and had never spoke dirty with a man before. It was a bit of a turn on for her. But now reality caught up again. Kelly had no idea what to do. Well of course she had an idea, but just how do I fit that big cock in my mouth?

“Dave, like I said before. I am a virgin, you will have to teach me what to do.” Kelly said in a sultry; yet innocent voice.

Dave took her hands and wrapped them around his shaft. He began to stroke his cock; then he let go and let Kelly take over. He instructed her to play with his balls too.

In no time Kelly was stroking his cock and massaging his balls like a pro. She was looking intently at the head. Eventually Kelly poked her tongue out to taste it; licking it like an ice cream. She swirled her tongue around the head and began sucking it just a little; Dave was having the time of his life enjoying her adventurous exploring.

Then Kelly got the shock of her life. Dave put his big hands on her head and pulled her onto his cock; as he did he said, “Take a bit more into your hot little mouth. Oh fuck Kelly; for a virgin you are doing an amazing job. Ooh. Suck my balls too.”

Kelly started to suck more of Dave’s cock into her hot little mouth. Alternating between sucking his cock, sucking his balls and running her wet tongue over his length. She stroked his cock the whole time. After only a few minutes, Dave pushed her head back. Kelly thought she had done something wrong.

Until Dave exclaimed, “I am going to cum Kelly. Stroke my cock baby; make me cum all over those sweet firm tits. I want to cum on your tits!”

Kelly did as she was told and when Dave started to cum; his cock began to spasm in her hands, shooting his warm sticky cum all over her tits. Stream after thick, creamy stream; Dave’s cum now covered her pert tits. She rubbed her hands over her tits. Dave’s cum felt warm and sticky as she rubbed it in.

“Oh Kelly that looks so hot babe. Let’s wash them clean before the girls come home and catch us.” Dave’s tone was strong yet gentle and seductive too.

They both got into the shower and Dave took the soap first he lathered up his hands and told Kelly to turn around so he could do her back. He started up around her shoulders, then down her back to her cute ass. “Open your legs.” He instructed as he washed her beautiful young body. Kelly was enjoying the feeling of Dave’s strong hands caressing her body.

Then he slid one hand between her ass cheeks and the other between her legs. He started to work her ass and pussy together. Kelly moaned one long low moan of pleasure. Then to Kelly’s surprise Dave slid a finger into her ass and one into her pussy at the same time. Kelly played with her tits with one hand and Dave’s cock with the other as Dave fingered her two little virgin holes. They both started to moan and breathe heavily together. Until Kelly came on Dave’s hand, and Dave came on Kelly’s sweet little ass.

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