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The shocking confession

Will one confession cause two girls to engage into passionate wild sex?

I opened the door, feeling rather nervous but still eager to talk to her. “Hey”, she said, smiling eagerly. “Hi”, I replied, genuinely wondering why she had even come. “I need to talk to you”, she said, walking in the door and sitting on the couch. “Okay, what is it?” I asked, sitting down next to her. “I’m sexually attracted to you”, she said, quickly looking away and focusing on the ground. My mouth dropped open and I almost chocked on my own spit. “I didn’t expect that”, I said, “I thought you were coming here to yell at me for kissing your brother”. “Oh”, she said, looking at me and slowly moving her eyes to my cleavage. “Do you want anything to drink?” I asked, hoping she would say yes. “Okay”, she said, smiling at me and relaxing a bit.

 I got up and went to the kitchen, hearing her walking behind me. I handed her a glass of water and waited for her to say something, “Do you want to go to dinner or something tonight?” she asked. “Sure”, I said, thinking that it was a rather odd thing to ask but accepting anyway. “I’ll just go and change”, I said, walking to my room. I was slightly turned on by knowing that she was attracted to me so I put on a short dress, hoping she would stare. I walked out of my room, wearing the short dress and smiling as she looked at me, slowly running her eyes over my legs.   I stood staring back at her, suddenly for the first time in all of our friendship, feeling attracted to her. She was rather beautiful and she had truly amazing eyes.

I stared into her eyes and felt my legs buckle beneath me. “Can I kiss you?” she asked, leaning in closer to me. “Yes”, I said, truly wanting to kiss her. Her lips pressed softly against mine and I felt myself ache for her more and more. “We should go to dinner”, I said. “Yeah”, she said, picking up her bag and walking to the door. As we got to the car she pushed me up against it and kissed me again, making me lose my balance and almost fall over. I moved away and got into the car, turning it on and waiting for her to get in the car. She got in and looked at me, waiting for me to say something. “What?” I said, feeling rather confused about everything.

“Are you going to have sex with me?” she asked, still looking at me. “I’m currently going out with your brother!” I snapped, hoping she would get the point. “So?” she said, acting rather immature, “What’s wrong with that?” “Don’t even go there”, I said, feeling angry and disappointed in myself. Do you admit that you’re attracted to me?” she asked, smiling and waiting for an answer. “Well yes, but..I’m with your brother and I love him” “Fuck you”, she said, hitting me on the leg.

“You seriously have issues”, I said, hitting her back and then looking back at the road. “I don’t care if you if you love my brother, it’s not like he has to know, it’ll be our little secret”. “I don’t like secrets”, I said, “Secrets fuck things up, secrets are a waste of time”. She suddenly placed her hand on my leg, I felt myself tingle from her touch, I felt the feelings that I had repressed for so long come to the surface. “You like that?” she said, moving her hand up and down my leg. “I...I don’t know”, I said, knowing full well that I loved it. “I know you do”, she said, suddenly moving her hand up to my panties and slipping her fingers in me. “I can’t drive with you doing that” I said. “Let’s go back then” she said, smiling eagerly at me. I couldn’t refuse her any longer, so I gave in to her pleads. “Okay”, I said, seeing the relief come over her face.

She moved her hand away so we could wait until we got back, the anticipation almost killed me, I me was dying, pleading, begging for her touch. I needed it now, I was desperate, I drove home as fast as I could, desperate to get there. When I got home I jumped out of the car and ran to the door, getting my key out and opening it as fast as I could, she was behind me, feeling my ass and moving her hands to my breasts. “Somebody will see”, I said, “I haven’t even opened to door yet”, “I want you”, she said, kissing me on the neck. I opened the door and quickly closed it, locking it and then turning to face her. She was already heading to the bedroom and had taken her top off, exposing her breasts to me. I followed her and watched her as she undressed, eventually taking her pants off and rubbing her clit in front of me.

 I took my dress off and slowly removed my panties and bra, watching her hungry gaze of sexual hunger as I did so. I walked toward the bed, looking at her sitting on it and feeling aroused by her breasts. “Feel my tits” she said, feeling one herself and licking her lips. I agreed and placed my hand on her right breast, feeling her nipples get harder from my touch. I pushed her down then and kissed her, darting my tongue into her mouth and then placing my mouth on her nipple, sucking at it and biting it. “Oh god, that feels good”, she said, moaning and arching her back. “Suck my nipples” I said, desperate to feel her mouth on my body too. She moved her mouth to my nipple and I felt her tongue and teeth graze over it.

I moaned and ran my hands over her back. She moved her mouth all over me then, exploring every inch of my body, making me feel so pleasured that I couldn’t even explain how much I loved it. She placed her tongue inside my pussy and licked at it, making me scream in pleasure and tell her to keep going, begging her not to stop. Eventually I came and she went up to kiss me again, drenching my face in my own juices.

We stayed hugging for a minute, feeling each others warmth and pressing our breasts together. “So” she said, kissing my neck and then sucking on my nipples again. “How often do you think we’ll do this?” “Whenever” I said “I have two lovers now, you and your brother, lucky me”.

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