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The Shy Student Part II

Emma's adventure continues
Jenny and Emma exchanged knowing glances during their lectures the next week, until the tutor approached the younger girl on Friday afternoon.

“What you doing tomorrow night? Fancy coming over?”

Emma didn’t have to think about the offer, of course she wanted to get together again.

“Love to.” she replied

The next morning, Emma was lying in bed. She’d already planned to pop into town to buy some new underwear for Jenny’s appreciation, and her mind was now wandering as to what they’d be getting up to later. As she lay imagining Jenny in the bed with her, kissing her way over her body, Emma felt her nipples harden. She pushed the duvet down to reveal her breasts, and looked on proudly at her firm mounds, their peaks capped by deep brown buds aching for attention. Emma cupped the flesh from beneath, pushing at her tits, feeling the silken boobs brush together. Her fingertips found the stiff centres and she toyed with her teats, letting her arousal grow.

Mmmmmmmm. This was nice. But it was never enough.

Emma’s hands skimmed down her belly, and she ran her fingers through her wiry curls, over the hood of her clit, and on to the cleft between her legs. Her sex needed waking, and as she tentatively pushed inside her labia, she felt the juices coat her probing digit.

The hairs on the back of Emma’s neck pricked up, this was what she needed. The finger pushed deeper into the slick tunnel, the muscles still tight around it. Emma stroked her inner warmth, teasing her juices to flow more freely. Pulling the finger from her pussy, Emma rubbed the moisture into her outer lips, then the hard ball of her clit. She gently circled the sensitive nub, her other hand squeezing her breast firmly, as her senses started their journey towards the ultimate explosion.

Emma rang the doorbell of Jenny’s flat and waited for her new lover to answer. She considered her shopping trip a success. A black and white bra and knickers set from La Senza under her favourite jeans, and a new v-neck wool cardigan, which had revealed a decent amount of cleavage as she leant forward to check her lipstick in the mirror.

Jenny had a bottle of Pinot Grigio already open and the two girls chinked glasses in the kitchen before exchanging a long, deep kiss, smouldering with lust. They took their drinks up to Jenny’s bedroom, and the other girl was soon admiring Emma’s earlier purchase.

“Ooh la la!!” she teased, as Emma’s cardigan was pulled open.

“I like those” Jenny continued, squeezing the lace covered boobs.

The new underwear didn’t stay in place long as they hurriedly undressed each other, eager to explore their flesh once more.

“You have fantastic tits!” exclaimed Emma, filling her hands with the big, soft mounds.

“Thanks, babe. Get your mouth round ‘em and make my nipples all hard!”

As the pair rolled around on Jenny’s bed, the tutor guided Emma’s hand between her legs, letting her know that she wanted to move their playtime on. Jenny felt a slim digit work its way into her pussy, searching out the juices, and manoeuvred her own hand to copy Emma’s actions. The two girls rocked themselves back and forth against their lover’s fingers, their own arousal pushing them to probe deeper into each other’s sex.

Their kissing was almost animalistic, mouths open wide, tongues extended to explore as far as they could manage. The snog was broken occasionally when a gasp of breath was needed, and attention was switched to biting into the tender skin of neck, shoulder or breast. The fingering continued to increase it’s intensity, a second digit finding its way into each tight little entrance.

Jenny was first to succumb, pulling Emma’s hand up to her clit and pushing her face down to gorge on the large melons. The young student rubbed feverishly at Jenny’s nub, sensing she was close, and now knowing just what was required. When she saw her partner’s back arch, Emma pinched the ball of nerves between her fingers and Jenny let out a long moan.

With Jenny prone on the bed, Emma pulled herself to her knees and crawled up level with her partner’s face. She swung a leg across Jenny’s body and settled her weight down on her chest. Reaching for her pussy with her right hand, Emma splayed the lips of her sex and pulled Jenny’s head forward. The sweet musk filled the other girl’s nostrils, reigniting her subdued senses, and she instinctively stuck out her tongue to taste the clear nectar.

Tentatively lapping at first, Jenny started to make firm strokes on the silky inner flesh being offered to her mouth. Emma was now riding her tutor’s face, willing her own orgasm to the fore. The relief was immense once it did come, and Emma flopped on to the bed beside Jenny in a panting heap.

Jenny got up and walked naked across the landing to the bathroom. But before she could open the door, a heavily made up Siobhan appeared from her own room.

“Been having fun, have we?” she asked.

Jenny’s smile gave the game away.

“Come and share her with me, Jen. Why don’t you blindfold her, let’s give her a little surprise and see what she’s made of.”

Jenny returned to her room to find Emma lying on the bed a broad smile on her face.

“You fancy some more?” the tutor asked

“Of course” came the swift reply

“How naughty you feeling then?”

“Very!” Emma confirmed

“What about letting Siobhan join in, I’ve just seen her and she’s jealous as hell!” Jenny continued

“Mmmmmm, I’m up for it if she is!”

“Oh she’s up for it, Em. Be warned she likes it rough though” countered the older girl

“She likes a bit of domination, so wants you blindfolded. It’s horny as fuck - really heightens your senses - you OK with that?” she asked

“OK” Emma nodded

Moments later Jenny was guiding her lover across the hallway. Both girls were naked, the younger one with an eye mask obscuring her vision. Jenny had kept the complimentary gift from a flight to the States a year or so ago and had intended to use it when the sun was shining in through her curtains, and she wanted to lie in. Recently though, it had been used in her games with Siobhan as her flatmate lorded her powers over a more than compliant Jenny.

Not expecting the college tutor to fail, Siobhan had pulled on her leather outfit, and was stroking the fake cock as Jenny led the younger girl through the door.

“Welcome” announced Siobhan, “and what’s your name?”


“How cute. Well Emma, I’m Siobhan and I’ve been fucking your new friend every week for the past year. She’s a lovely fuck isn’t she?”

“Mmmmm…the best” Emma tentatively offered

“Such gorgeous big tits and a wet little pussy that’s always hungry for more” Siobhan laughed.

She reached up to touch her new captive and Emma felt the leather gloves against her skin for the first time. Her nipples hardening instantly as the material grazed over them. Siobhan moved closer and pressed her lips to the young student’s mouth, tasting her for the first time. Emma responded and parted her lips to accept the other girl’s tongue in between. A leather clad hand cupped her right breast and she felt two fingernails reach up to it’s sensitive point. The fingertips squeezed it hard, far harder then Emma expected ad she recoiled at the momentary pain.

“Aaahhhhhh” she gasped

Siobhan chuckled.

“Put her on the bed!” she instructed Jenny.

Jenny led her new love to the bed and helped her climb on to it. Silently, Siobhan pointed to a full length mirror propped against the wall and indicated for the other girl to position it in front of the bed. Finally, she directed Jenny to sit against the wall next to it. Her scene was now complete.

“Right. Let’s see what a horny little bitch she’s turned you in to!”

Siobhan slapped her palm against the creamy white ass cheek, the force pushing Emma forward. The spanking continued for another 5 or 6 strokes, turning the flesh a deep red. There was a definite warmth spreading across Emma’s backside, but she had quickly prepared herself for the next slap and the sensation was getting her excited.

Jenny was sat on the floor, looking up at her flatmate exercising her control over the new girl. She wondered for a second if she had done the right thing by getting Emma involved so soon, but the thought was quickly forgotten as she reached between her legs to find her own wetness.

Siobhan had now bent down so her face was level with the glowing arse in front of her. Her hands rested on the rosy hued cheeks and she position her mouth to the slightly parted folds of Emma’s pussy. Her lips pressed against the young girl’s sex and she tasted the sweet honey that Jenny had been enjoying previously. Instinctively her tongue flicked out, hungry for more, and her desire drove her face forward deep into the juice covered flesh. Her mouth sucked on the aroused labia, pulling them away from Emma’s body time and again as she devoured every last drop of nectar.

Siobhan’s arm passed round Emma’s frame and in between her legs. She felt the leather glove skim over her thigh, before a pair of fingers found their mark and started to tease at her clit. The fingertips rubbed urgently at the sensitive ball, pushing it against her pubic bone, pulling the moisture from the lips beneath to lubricate their stroke. Siobhan’s face hadn’t moved from Emma’s sex and her tongue was now deep inside the student’s pussy, feverishly probing into the hot tunnel.

It was never going to take Emma long to cum like this and soon she felt her body start to shake. Her arms began to buckle as she pushed her ass back against Siobhan’s face, sharp pants gasping for breath.

Emma slumped forward, her face resting on the sheets, as Siobhan wiped her forearm across her mouth to remove most of the wetness.

This was only the beginning.

Emma didn’t know it, but Siobhan did and, finger-fucking her pussy on the other side of the room, so did Jenny…..

The young student was still breathing heavily as Siobhan grabbed the plastic phallus between her legs. She offered the fake cock to Emma’s wet slit and watched as the labia parted to accept the strap-on dick. Emma’s pussy was tight and contracted from her orgasm, and the plastic filled her completely as Siobhan pushed it home.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh”, was all she could manage.

“Like it do we?” asked Siobhan, “well that’s good, as I’m gonna fuck you better than any guy can!”

Siobhan slapped her hand across Emma’s ass once more, before pulling back her hips to withdraw the strap-on half it’s length. Pushing forward, she got into a steady rhythm, loving the idea of fucking a new girl in front of her flatmate and lover.

As Siobhan continued to thrust back and forth she could see Emma’s blindfolded reflection in the mirror, her own dominatrix appearance kneeling behind. To the right of the mirror, Jenny was holding a large breast to her mouth, pulling on her aroused nipple with her lips. The two forefingers of her other hand probing her wet tunnel.

The sight was too appealing for Siobhan to keep from Emma. Reaching across her face, she pulled the mask over her head before tossing it to the floor. Emma blinked, getting re-accustomed to the light, before taking in her reflection. Her breasts were swaying with each stroke of the strap-on and Siobhan smiled as Emma caught her gaze.

“Look at that dirty bitch down there” Siobhan pointed, “sucking on her own tits, fingering her little cunt as she watches me fuck her new friend.”

Siobhan smirked to herself.

“Shall I fuck her hard, Jen?” she asked her flatmate.
“…reckon she likes it as hard as you do?”, she continued.

Jenny just stared up at the two girls.

“Well?” Siobhan demanded

“Yeah, go on Siobhan, fuck her hard!” Jenny finally replied.

The leather glad girl didn’t need telling twice, upping her stroke, increasing the speed with which she pushed deep into her prey.

 Emma groaned with each thrust.

Siobhan reached forward and placed a gloved hand on the back of the young girls neck.

“Good?” she asked, “Your friend there loves a good fucking too.”

“Now, why don’t we let her join in?”

Siobhan grabbed at Emma’s hips and inched her back across the bed.

“Let’s see how good you are with your tongue then…..up here you!” Siobhan gestured for Jenny to join them on the bed.

Sliding her legs either side of Emma’s arms, Jenny positioned her pussy beneath her student’s head. The gloved hand forced Emma down to meet the expectant sex and her tongue probed forward to sample the sweet juices once again. Siobhan’s thrusts continued. Revelling in the mini orgy she had orchestrated, she barked more commands.

“Go on bitch! Lick her! You know she loves your tongue in her cunt!”

Such was Jenny’s own arousal and the need to climax, she had reached forward and grabbed the back of Emma’s head, holding her in position to finish her task. Emma was completely stuck, impaled on the plastic cock at one end, held firm between her tutor’s thighs at the other. It didn’t matter, she was loving her predicament, and on the verge of another big orgasm.

She felt Jenny cum first, her hips twitching, pushing her sex up to meet the squirming tongue. As Jenny clamped her hands to Emma’s head, Emma’s own pussy started to convulse.

Emma’s body shook with pleasure, but Jenny’s grip allowed her to make no sound.

Siobhan withdrew the strap-on , pulled it from it’s mount, and flopped down on the bed.

“You bitches owe me” she said

Emma turned around and lay next to her latest partner, her arms and knees welcoming the rest from the pressure they’d been under. Jenny crawled up between Siobhan’s thighs and began planting firm kisses on the flat stomach. A gloved hand wrapped around Emma’s head once more, but this time pulled the younger girl in for a deep kiss. Siobhan tasted her flatmate’s juices on Emma’s lips and chin as her tongue flicked over them.

As Jenny’s mouth traced it’s way down between Siobhan’s thighs, Emma’s hand found a pierced nipple and twisted the new toy.

“Mmmmm, suck on my tits” Siobhan’s tone was softening.

The two girls worked on the prone body, Emma’s teeth nipping gently at one pierced teat as her fingers pinched at the other. Jenny’s tongue flicking the hard ball of her lover’s clit, enticing the long overdue climax from her flatmate.

A few sharp gasps and Siobhan fell silent.

The End
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