The shy student

By Janey79

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Emma gets introduced to a whole new world by her tutor and flatmate
Emma had taken the short bus ride across town and soon found Jenny’s flat. It had been a tough few months at University, trying to settle in to a strange place, away from home for the first time. She was naturally shy and had struggled so far to make any close friends in her halls or on her course.
Jenny had finished the course the previous year and was now starting her post-grad work, teaching the new intake for a few hours each week while continuing her studies. She noticed Emma sat at the front of the class, unable to mix with her fellow course mates, and as the weeks went by, thought she should intervene to try and help the new girl better integrate and enjoy the new life she was starting. What Jenny didn’t know was that Emma had developed a crush on her tutor. The young student was taken by the confidence the older woman showed and the way she addressed the class.

One day after the lecture had ended, Jenny asked Emma to stay behind for a chat.

“It’s not been easy for you so far, has it Emma?” she asked.

“Mmmmmm…, I guess not, it’s all so different, I feel so lost.” came the reply.

“Is there anyone in your halls you’ve made friends with? You seen a bit remote from your course group here.”

“No, it’s the same there…I guess I’m just not that good around other people” Emma admitted

“Well Uni’s all about meeting new friends and having a great time. I’ve gotta dash now, but my flatmate’s out tonight, so I’m in on my own. Why don’t you drop round for a chat over a glass of wine, and let’s see if we can’t bring you out of your shell?” Jenny offered.

A smile crept over the younger girl’s face, it was the first time that term that anyone had seemed to care for her.

“Oh thank you, Jenny, that’d be really nice” she accepted.

Jenny had poured them both a glass of Rioja and the two girls had chatted for about half an hour about their home towns and families, before Jenny started to enquire about how Emma was feeling.

“So Emma, what’s it gonna take to put a smile on your face?”

“Oh I dunno…I’m just so overwhelmed by it all…I feel so alone and just don’t know how to make friends.”

As Jenny looked over to her guest, she saw a tear well in her eye and then start to trickle over her cheek.

“Hey. It’s not that bad is it?” she asked

Jenny jumped from her chair and went to kneel next to Emma. Moving her hand across the other girl’s cheek, she gently brushed away the tear. Emma looked up at Jenny and managed an obviously false smile.

“I’m sorry…” she started

“Look. Don’t be silly. We all get a bit emotional from time to time.”

As Jenny cupped the young girl’s face in her hand, Emma started to calm and her sniffles subsided. She felt the caring nature of the touch and her heart skipped a beat. What Emma didn’t know was that Jenny had used her University days to educate herself in enjoying the pleasures of other female company, and she was now hoping that the delicate lamb in front of her might also find happiness there too.
It didn’t take long for her to find out…..

Jenny placed the lightest of kisses on Emma’s cheek, where the tear had left it’s mark, before looking into her companion’s eyes for permission to continue. Emma hadn’t flinched and Jenny decided to make her next move. Her lips met Emma’s and their first kiss was ignited. Half a dozen or more tender caresses followed, before Jenny tired of straining from her position on the floor. Pulling herself up, she climbed onto Emma’s lap and straddled her.

“These have made quite a few guys AND girls smile!”, she chuckled, placing Emma’s hands on her large breasts then placing her own hands on top to squeeze them firmly.

Emma watched the mounds of Jenny’s tits push up over the vest top she was wearing under her cardigan. Her gaze then moved over the freckled face and long, curled brown hair pulled back in a band behind. The next kiss was more passionate, the college tutor having more of her body weight to push forward onto her younger student. Jenny’s tongue flicked out across Emma’s lips and found it’s way inside her warm mouth.

Emma swooned at her first sexual contact with another girl, and Jenny could see that she was obviously enjoying the game they had started.

“Mmmmmm…I thought you might like them!” she giggled, before shrugging off her cardigan and grabbing the hem of her vest.

As she pulled it over her head, Emma’s eyes stared at the sight now inches from her. Jenny’s voluptuous breasts were straining at the fabric of her black plunge bra. Little diamantes edged the curve of each cup, drawing Emma’s gaze to the deep cleavage in between. Jenny giggled once more and reached behind her friend’s head, pulling her forward into the warm valley of her chest. Emma inhaled a sweet perfume, all her senses now heightened as her arousal sparked.

“More?” asked her tutor.

Emma didn’t need to respond as Jenny was now on an unstoppable path. Another smile grew over the younger girl’s lips as she first watched the bra straps slide down the outstretched arms, before Jenny’s heavenly boobs were revealed. Elongated by their impressive size, with small oval areola surrounding little pinky brown nipples at their centre.

“They’re all yours, babe” said Jenny thrusting her tits forward.

Emma’s hands tried to support each breast, and she gasped at the weight in her palms as she pushed them upward. Her fingertips brushed over the sensitive little buds, this time causing Jenny’s heart to flutter, closing her eyes and sucking on her bottom lip.

After several seconds loss of her senses, Jenny opened her eyes and looked down at her pupil.

“Your turn now. I wanna see what you’re hiding!”

Emma eagerly lifted her shirt, her round C-cup tits concealed within her everyday white bra.

“Off….off….off!” encouraged Jenny.

Moments later, Emma’s breasts were cupped in Jenny’s hands, the stiff nipples poking into her palms.

“Gorgeous, babe, absolutely gorgeous” came the appreciation.

Leaning forward Jenny pressed her mouth to Emma’s, arms by their sides, their hands locked together. Emma felt the other girl’s chest weigh down firmly and she wriggled slightly, savouring the sensation of the soft flesh against her. She could feel the hard little centres poke into her tits, as Jenny’s tongue started to explore her mouth.

Jenny broke away and stepped back off the chair before grabbing Emma’s ankles to pull her onto the floor. The tutor was now kneeling over her young disciple, large pendulous breasts hanging from her frame. As Jenny tormented her with her gently swaying boobs, Emma poked her tongue out, her eyes wide with excitement. Her vision was soon obscured as Jenny leant forward to place her big orbs over Emma’s face, guiding a nipple towards the expectant lips, which instantly latched on to it.

“Mmmmmm…’re a quick learner!” smiled Jenny.

The pair rolled over and over on the floor, locked in a deep kiss, hands running over each others bodies, squeezing at breasts and bums, until finally Jenny’s hand found the waist of Emma’s jeans.

“Now let’s have these off!” she squealed, pulling at the top button to force it apart.

As she tugged the denims off Emma’s legs, a pair of plain white panties preserved her modesty for a few moments longer. Jenny placed her fingers to the other girl’s mound and stroked the material, sensing the tight curls beneath. As her fingers reached lower, she could feel the first signs of Emma’s juices seeping through the cotton, and pushed a digit forward to explore.

Her shyness had meant Emma had limited experience when it came to sex. College parties and a few drunken nights out had seen her lose her virginity and sleep with just three different boys. But Emma was adept at bringing herself off with her fingers, and she knew this was what she needed right now. She pushed her underwear down past her thighs, revealing a patch of dark curls above her now wet pussy. Jenny hooked her fingers into the last piece of clothing and pulled it free from Emma’s ankles.

“Do you want me to get to work on this?” asked the older girl.

“Ohhhh…fuck yeah!” blurted Emma, not quite believing her own arousal-fuelled language.

Jenny reached between her pupil’s thighs, running her fingertips down through the tuft of hair, over the hard bone, and further, between the moist pink lips. The flesh parted and Jenny felt the warmth of Emma’s sex. Probing deeper, she coated her finger in the slick fluid, gently stroking the inner walls of her new lover. Jenny withdrew her finger and carried the moisture up to find the button that she knew needed pushing.

Jenny brought the younger girl to a shuddering climax with her tongue and fingers, before leading her up the stairs to her room. Their lovemaking continued for a number of hours, Emma enthusiastically learning how to tease and torment another girl, sending Jenny to a deep contented sleep.

When Emma awoke she opened her eyes to see Jenny’s head buried between her thighs. Gentle kisses were awakening her pussy, as she stretched her limbs and inhaled her first deep breath of the day.
“Morning, Sexy” Jenny welcomed, momentarily catching the other girl’s gaze.
Emma felt she had arrived in paradise, her memory recalling the pleasure of the previous evening, which was now seeming to continue uninterrupted. Her hands fell to her breasts and she stroked at her skin, teasing her nipples to stiffness.

Jenny increased the intensity of her caresses, pushing her tongue between the fleshy folds, coating it in the juices from within. Emma’s pussy was aching, the tiny ball of her clit poking out from it’s sheath, as she pinched at the hard centres of her tits. She was biting hard on her lip as the waves of ecstasy built, before tipping her once more into a deep pool of relief.

After the two girls had gathered their composure, Jenny’s mood altered slightly.

“You’d better be gone before Siobhan gets back” she said. “She can be a bit possessive on occasions.”

Jenny promised that they should get together again soon, as she showed Emma to the door.

Less than thirty minutes later Siobhan returned home, she could hear the sound of the shower running upstairs and made her way to find her friend. She stuck her head round the bathroom door.

“Hi. I’m back” she said, drinking in the curvaceous figure stood under the water.

Jenny’s eyes were closed as she massaged shampoo into her hair.

“Oh, hi babe” she replied.

“What did you get up to last night, anything?” asked Siobhan.

“Mmmmm. Maybe I’ve got something to tell you” Jenny admitted. “Let me finish off in here and I’ll come and explain.”

“I look forward to it!” her flatmate responded.

Siobhan was unpacking her overnight bag when Jenny entered her room, a towel wrapped around her and another drying her hair.

“So, what you got to tell me?” Siobhan’s voice had a slight demanding tone.

“Well, there’s this girl in my class……” Jenny started, before being interrupted.

“Oh….I get it” Siobhan countered, “since your first taste of pussy, you can’t seem to get enough can you? Well, I think you actually wanted to tell me. Just to get a reaction. Didn’t you?" she continued.

“Depends what the reaction’s gonna be” Jenny retorted.

“I think I know what you’d like it to be!” Siobhan was now pulling off her T-shirt.

The black haired girl finished undressing, turned, and bent over to pull open the bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet. A large outline of a butterfly tattoo covered her lower back. From under a pair of tracksuit bottoms Siobhan pulled a plastic carrier bag and tipped it’s contents onto her bed. Jenny was the only other person who knew what it contained, so was not surprised by what she saw, but excited nonetheless.

Siobhan fastened the clasp of the bra in front of her and spun it round before placing her arms through the straps. To call it a bra was actually an over-statement as there were no cups to provide support, merely a pair of studded PVC triangles which framed her pert, exposed breasts, nipples each pierced by silver rings.

Next Siobhan slipped her legs through two loops of the same material, a large flesh coloured phallus standing proudly from her abdomen. A pair of black fingerless leather gloves completed the outfit. The only other item left on the bed was a wooden handled whip, a dozen leather strips hanging limply from it.

Siobhan took a couple of paces to stand in front of her flatmate, she pulled the towel from her hair and tossed it to the floor. Reaching for the other towel, Siobhan untucked it from Jenny’s chest, it fell away revealing the curvy body once again.

Siobhan raised her right hand to Jenny’s neck and gripped it firmly, her thumb forced it’s way through the soft lips and pressed against the hard teeth inside. Jenny relented after a couple of seconds, parting her teeth and taking the thumb between them. Siobhan pushed it further, feeling Jenny’s tongue inquisitively meet her stubby digit, the teeth now clamping gently down on the leather clad knuckle.

An amused smile flicked over Siobhan’s face, before she pulled her hand free. Her gloved palms now pressed against the college tutor’s large breasts, the hard material irritating Jenny’s sensitive mounds. Siobhan’s mouth moved in to meet her partner’s, and she initiated an aggressive, passionate kiss. Her nails now primed at the top of Jenny’s chest, Siobhan slowly traced them down over her lover’s tits. The pressure was not sufficient to break the skin, but enough to be very clearly felt. Goose bumps prickled across Jenny’s full globes, the nipples expectant for the harsh contact they were about to receive.

Siobhan’s claws retraced their path twice more, before her hand snaked down over Jenny’s stomach and in between her parted legs. The leather pressed against the top of her sex, as Siobhan’s fingers curled between her thighs to find the folds protecting her entrance. Jenny felt the back of a nail gently scratch across her pussy, then the penetration as it started to probe inside.

Siobhan’s smile had now turned to a broad grin.

“I think you’re ready” she stated.

“Now. Get on that bed and take what you’re due!”

Jenny climbed onto the bed on all fours, she could see Siobhan reach for the whip. Her buttocks clenched, knowing what to expect, but still she jolted forward as the force hit it’s target, warming her cheeks to a red glow. Jenny stifled her moans as each stroke made contact with her tender arse, but she knew that once she’d told her flatmate of last night’s experience, there was only one way she would react.

Siobhan took up position on the bed behind Jenny and swished the whip over her head and on to the bare back in front of her. Tossing it to the floor, Siobhan slapped Jenny’s cheeks hard with her gloved hands, before manoeuvring the fake cock to the waiting hole. She pushed forward slowly, watching the plastic length slide inside her lover’s sex.

Siobhan built up a steady rhythm, fucking Jenny with long strokes, hearing her partner’s breathing become heavier. Reaching down behind the cock, Siobhan found her clit with her fingers and began to stroke at her sensitive nub. She had one final tease for Jenny, and that was to deny her what she really wanted.

Withdrawing the cock to leave just it’s tip inside, Siobhan continued to rub at her own pussy. The feeling of tormenting her best friend was so horny, it soon had Siobhan on the verge of orgasm, and she pressed hard on her clit to bring on her climax.

Jenny returned to her room, she needed her own relief and lay on her bed and reached for her pussy. Siobhan popped her head round the door,

“Let me know when your friend’s next coming over….”

To be continued, of course!