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The Sister - Part 2

A warm tongue moved across my slit. For some reason I dreamed it was my roommate between my legs. I am not at all attracted to my roommate, but something made my mind turn to her. In my dream, she looked up at me from between my legs and smiled. Her face was wet, her lips sticky with my excitement. I closed my legs around her head, and she went back down on me.

When fingers pushed inside me, I was brought out of my half-dream state. I opened my eyes. Sunlight painted the walls with hues of purple and red. Light fought to get through layers of curtain and cloth hanging over everything. Slowly I adjusted to the womb-like bedroom and its gothic decoration. When fingers sank deeper inside me, my eyes closed and I let out a desperate whimper of excitement.

I opened my legs wider. I couldn't see Alice because she was under the covers, but I knew it was her because her small hands moved up and cupped my breasts. Her green fingernails matched strands of green and black hair lying across my stomach. Wet sticky sounds were the only noise besides my desperate passionate breaths. I was making a mess under the sheets, and I was loving every second of it. Her mouth closed over my dripping warm folds, and I threw my head back biting my lip.

“Finally,” I thought. After all this time, I was finally was getting it on with someone from this fucking family! Originally I had come to see Alice's sister, Rochelle, at a nudist party, only to have her try to make out with me. I would have done it too, but it was my first time with another woman, and I was afraid. Rochelle got angry and left me alone at the party. Her father, a nudist, came over and tried to comfort me after Rochelle took off. He let me stay at their place, because he knew I didn't have a car or any way back to my dorm. He ended up with his cock in my mouth. But what could have turned into a fantastic first experience, ended with his sudden attack of conscience... and his wife appeared, almost catching us. Finally, after sleeping alone in the basement, I ended up with Alice inviting me back to her bedroom. And now, sweet doll-like Alice, was between my legs and... and I remembered what Alice had promised!

Alice pushed up through the sheet and wiped her mouth with a tattooed arm. Alice was absolutely, amazingly beautiful! Even with sleep still hazing my vision, her beauty struck me. Her blue eyes were huge, more the eyes of a doll than a living girl. Her hair hung down around her sweet little face in thick locks of green, black, and blue or purple, I couldn't tell which in the poor light. She smiled up at me, her wet lips even more amazing because two rings accented her pouting bottom lip. Her pale naked shoulders and tattooed arms framed her sweet full breasts. The perfect breasts of youth and budding womanhood.

I wanted to kiss her. I wanted my lips on her lips so I could feel those rings sliding along my mouth. I reached out and grabbed her under the arms and pulled her to me. She didn't fall on me, but responded with a sly grin, making my insides burn. She dipped her body down to touch mine and slithered up snake-like and sexy. Her hard nipples bounced along my skin, sending shivers up my spine. Her face hovered inches from mine, and when I tried to kiss her, she backed away quickly with an evil grin. God, she was delicate and raw at the same time, like cat curled up and ready to pounce. If I wasn't a lesbian before that morning, I was at that moment. My heart was beating through my chest, I would have done anything for her, anything.

“You're trembling,” Alice said.

“I can't help it,” I said apologetically.

My answer seemed to make her happy and an eyebrow shot up in a look of devious delight. She positioned her sweet nipple just above my mouth. When she lowered it, I wasn't sure what to expect, how to react, but I took her nipple in my mouth all the same. My lips closed over remarkably soft flesh. Her nipple hardened against my tongue. I took in every detail my tongue could discover, the soft skin around her hard little point, the tender little bumps along the skin, and the firmer skin where her breast met her areola. I took all of these details in eagerly, hungrily, trying to remember them in case I never saw Alice again. That's when it dawned on me that I was terrified she would make me stop, or we would be interrupted, or something. My grasping neediness consumed me and I shivered.

“Please, oh God Alice, please take my cherry,” I begged quietly. I sounded like an idiot. I regretted being so desperate as soon as the words came out of my mouth. My face burned, my breathing stopped. I was a virgin, and Alice had asked to take my cherry the night before. Now, lying here under her, I wanted nothing more in the entire world than to have her take me. Forget my childish dreams of some Prince charming...wouldn't a princess do just as well?

“You really are something,” Alice said, propping herself up on elbows and leaning back to get a better look at me.

“Is that good or bad?” I asked.

She looked at me for a moment, then she leaned down and kissed me. I closed my eyes and felt the rings through her lips sliding along mine. Her hair dropped down and tickled my face. Her small, pale body wrapped around me, covering me, enclosing me within her. I never wanted it to end. I actually let out a desperate moan when she pulled away.

She slinked off of me; her movements more feline than human. I pulled myself up and watched Alice walk to her dresser. She was even more petite than I thought. Her hair was cut so that the back ended in slightly curling locks in between her shoulder blades. Her waist was impossibly small, the thinness of those late teenage years before a girl becomes a woman. Her hips were small and round, and her ass was tight.

Alice was younger than me, of that I was certain, but I couldn't tell how much. Looking at her, it was hard to see how she had come from the same family as Rochelle. Rochelle was full of muscle, and power, like a dancer or a athlete. Rochelle was also very tall with huge breasts, which added to her almost freakish beauty. Alice, on the other hand, was so small, so different, not just from Rochelle, but from anyone I had ever seen, and seemed comfortable in her nakedness.

I was still staring at her when she turned around.

“So, you really are a virgin?” Alice asked.

“Yes,” I said. I pulled covers over my nakedness in a subconscious move of insecurity. Habit. Suddenly I felt so plain and so boring next to her. My hips seemed too big, my breasts far too small, my legs needed shaving. Hell, I had only just recently pierced my ears! But my fear, my reason to hide wasn't just a sense of shame or doubt, it had just dawned on me what she was looking for... a toy. Alice planned to put a toy cock, a dildo, or maybe a vibrator (I honestly wasn't sure the difference at the time) inside me.

“And you've never even played with toys?” She asked.

“No. I was always...” I stopped. Afraid. That's what I was going to say. But now it seemed so silly. What was I always afraid of? God? My mother? Society? Wasn't that the real reason I had been so eager to get naked? To prove I wasn't afraid?

“Wow. And you are sure you want this? I'm feeling a little guilty now,” She said.

“Yes,” I said too quickly.

I was afraid. I was afraid because what she pulled from the door wasn't a dildo, it wasn't a vibrator, it wasn't anything I had ever seen before. She stepped into straps and pulled them up. She leaned over and tightened a thick, long, erect phallus against her naked crotch! I'd heard about them before, but I'd never seen one. And this was a big one! Thankfully it wasn't one that looked like a real dick. I think that would have made me feel sick somehow. Real cocks should be real cocks, fake dicks should look fake. At least that was and still is, my opinion. This one was bright pink with circles of blue and red and purple moving up the length.

“Oh...that's big,” I said. It was a pitiful whimper of a comment. Hardly audible in the large bedroom. Alice responded with a smile. The extra straps hung off her like tentacles. I was dripping wet, and horrified.

Alice gave a slightly crooked smile and sauntered over to me. Her movements changed with the erect cock between her legs. She was more bold, in fact, she moved more like a boy, and her jaunting steps had an egotistical sureness to them. Alice grabbed my leg from the end of the bed and pulled me down to her. I felt my own wetness below me. My hips faced her, and she opened my legs wide. I was practically about to pass out. My breathing was heavy, my face flushed, my skin burned, and I was clinching and releasing the sheet below me without realizing it.

“God, you look terrified. Is it horrible of me to say, I find that absolutely hot?” She asked. “But don't worry. I'll be gentle,” She smirked. Her crooked grin more exaggerated than before. She pushed the thick rubber cock down to my pink lips and pressed the head against my clit. Oh God! I felt tingling fear and anticipation jolt all through my body. Alice lowered the head of the cock and I watched, propping myself up on my elbows. The head of the monster cock opened my labia and slick, moist pink and red folds wrapped around the dick like a kiss.

I was about to get fucked!

“Wow, I love your pussy. It's so hot. You really are amazing,” She said.

“No, you are the one who is amazing. I'm just ordinary and boring. I...oh...Jesus!” I was trying to keep giving her compliments, tell her how beautiful she was, how I was falling for her, how I had never been with anyone like this before. Everything about this was a shock for me.

“Oh God, I just wish I could feel it. You know? Like, what does it feel like to put a real cock inside? I'd like to feel that. God, I love your pussy. I love it,” the last part came out more as a silent whisper, almost as if she were talking to herself.

Then she pushed it in.

Electricity and fear and joy all exploded inside my body. There was pressure; so much, so fast that I could feel it all the way in my throat, but more than that, there was pleasure. When was the pain? I asked myself. It was coming. She seemed to sense what was about to happen. Her hands moved across my breasts before settling on my hips.

“I'm going to fuck you now,” she said.

“Yes, fuck me,” I said.

She thrust the cock inside me. If I saw fireworks before, now I was seeing explosions. I pulled my legs in and wrapped them around her. I may have screamed. I may have never stopped screaming. I don't really know. Her thrusts just kept coming. She wouldn't stop and the sensation was so intense that I wanted nothing in the world more than for her to just STOP!

“Puh – puh – God – Oh dear God in heaven,” I cried.

“Look. Look!” Alice said excitedly. She was looking down at the cock and I pushed my body up so I could see as well. All along the length of it was pink cream. My virginity torn away. Years of innocence gone. She pushed inside me again, and I grabbed her, driving my nails into her skin. She winced but didn't pull away.

“Oh my God!” Alice exclaimed as she pulled out of me again.

My virginity left a large circle on her sheets. I was embarrassed. I didn't know what to do. I tried to tell her I was sorry, but she put her fingers to my lips, pushed the cock back inside me, and we kissed. Our tongues danced together as she fucked me. She fucked me with hard short thrusts and noise. We were so loud.

Alice came. Her orgasms were as unique as the rest of her. She started with a frozen look, then her hips trust forward, shook, thrust again, and she began to rock her hips at an almost unhuman speed. While doing this, she moaned. Small childish moans, that quickly became a long, stifled scream. I almost laughed at how cute and strange she was.

“I feel bad,” I said later.

“Will you stop? I swear to God I'm going to frame that sheet,” she said.

“You better not.”

“Oh sista, you just wait. I'm going to cut out that spot and frame it. I have never witnessed anything as amazing as that. I think I'm falling in love with you.”


“, maybe. I don't know. I want to. Would that be wrong?” She asked.

“No. It's just – I”

“It's ok, I'm not a dyke really either,” she said, reading my thoughts.

“You aren't?”

“Not really. Not like Rochelle. Rochelle can't stand men. I think she might have had something happen when she was a kid. You know, like dropped on the head or something.”

“STOP IT!” I said, pushing her. We both laughed.

“So, what does that make us then? I mean – I – I really think I might have feelings for you,” I said.

She rolled on top of me. Her hair was still wet from the shower we had taken together. She looked even younger. I kissed her.

“I have feelings for you too. I mean we can be girlfriends if you want. But I still have to have cock,” she said.

Her bluntness surprised me. It shouldn't have. I mean everything about her was free, wild, and unhinged. Totally the opposite of me.

“I've never had cock,” I said.

“Well, you had mine, dumbass,” she said and laughed. “I mean if you want, we can, like, be girlfriends, have sex, hang together, and see what happens.”

“I'd like that,” I said dreamily. I was falling asleep. I slowly mumbled, “I'd really like that.”

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