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The Sleepover That Changed My Life.

What am I doing? Why am I here? Why am I talking to myself? Again?! This is the reason I'm here now, why can't I just be normal AND STOP DRAWING ATTENTION TO MYSELF!!!! Ok, so you're nice and confused now. Great. I tend to have that effect on people, I can count the amount of people on one hand who actually understand what I'm talking about (most of the time), including my best friend Shari.... and the mad old lady next door who has arguments with her shoes, but I don't want to talk about that. Still don't know what I'm talking about? Heres the start of the story....

I was skiving P.E last Thursday with Shari (it was last period and too hot to do ANYTHING, let alone run about in a manky PE kit in front of pervy boys (and girls, LOADS of the girls at my school are bi or lesbian - including Shari) so can you really blame me?), and we were sort of smoking. When I say sort of I mean we were. But we don't do it all the time. Really we don't. Anyways we always go behind the Art Block to skive because it's nice, shady, TEACHER FREE, and there's a big log to sit on. Well we were there and I lit another cigarette (while Shari was telling me how sexy I am when I blow smoke out the corner of my mouth. Seriously, I'm not even a lesbian and my best friend comes onto me on a regular basis. How screwed up is my life?), I sort of dropped the lighter, it smashed, the lighter fluid comes pouring out onto the log, and I go and flick ash on it. How dumb? Ridiculously dumb is the answer. The log catches on fire, and we run screaming. Everything was OK, only the teachers demanded an explanation and told us "There will be consequences girls." I hate it when teachers say that. So Shari, knowing how hard my parents will come down on me if they find out I've been smoking takes the whole blame for it and tell the teachers it's her fault not mine. I love Shari. Not in a lesbian way. In a Oh My God I Owe You A Massive Favor Way. Which I do. So she takes full advantage of this and invites me to one of her "parties", and everyone knows what goes on at her parties. Right? Wrong. Everyone is sworn to secrecy, even Shari won't tell me and we've been best friends our whole lives. What people do know is that everyone who goes are lesbian or bi, and are all gorgeous. Shari's the prettiest though, she's got punky, short, electric blonde hair, green eyes, long legs and an hourglass figure. And she wears the most AMAZING clothes that only work on her, like bright pink skirts, neon green fishnets, gorgeous bright accessories and she doesn't look like a hooker. Lucky cow.

So this is why I'm standing outside Shari's mansion (her parents have stupid amounts of money...again... lucky cow) talking to myself. I'll have to go in, I did promise her. BUT I'M NOT A DAMN LESBIAN. Ok, I've not had a boyfriend in a while, but your boyfriend turning out to be in love with your older BROTHER tends to put you off just a little. Right, I'm going in, it's starting to rain. Grr, I spent ages doing my hair as well. Knock knock on the door, and I hear giggling and someone shout "SHE'S HERE, WE CAN START NOW" Oh god, start what I wonder, but my thoughts are cut short when Shari answers the door. "Ah darling, you came, how SPLENDID. I DO hope you enjoy tonight dear, many a soul has came and enjoyed the experience INCREDIBLY much wot wot!" Oh god she's talking in a fake posh english accent again. Good God.

"What exactly are we doing Shari?" I ask, but everything becomes clear when I walk into the living room.

It's not like I'm against lesbians, but do they really have to make out on the couch in their fricking UNDERWEAR? 6 girls, sat on each other with their tongues down each others throats. Well I suppose it did turn me on a LITTLE, but it still doesn't mean I wanted to watch them! Shari orders me to put my bags with the others - it's a sleepover gulp - and stops the girls making out. "Right girlies" she says - in her normal accent thankfully - "Tonight I have something different planned at the end of the night, but apart from that, just get your names, and well, you know what to do..." she smiles evilly.

I put my hand up - it seemed like the right thing to do OK? - "Er, well, I don't"

She takes me to one side while the girls choose bits of paper out a glass bowl.

"You fuck each others brains out you mad camel, what did you think we do?"

"That's what they all say" She grins

"Hey Shari, coming?" A brunette comes up behind Shari and nibbles her ear.

Shari goes.

... Shari's gonna get it when I see her next. Everyone else has gone except a pretty redhead standing by the door with the last piece of paper.

"Are you ready babe?" She asks

"I suppose," I mumble.

I follow her upstairs, her ass teasingly waggling at me. I think her names Nicole, she's in the same year as me at school. And now I'm supposed to fuck her? I suppose it can't be that bad, you know, doing it with another girl. Maybe I'm too close minded. I'll give it a try, and if I get too freaked out I'll quietly make my escape by jumping out the window and run, screaming home.

We're at a bedroom now, she takes my hand and pulls me in, closing the door behind us.
She pulls me close to her "Have you ever been with a girl before" she says softly, her gaze on my lips.

"No," I whisper, staring at her perfect mouth, wanting to kiss her soft pink lips.

"I'll be gentle with you..." she replies, stroking my hair. Her eyes fall back onto my lips, we move close, our lips meet, interlocking and her lips kiss me and I kiss back, moving closer to each other, wanting to taste each other.

Her tongue slips into my mouth, exploring my mouth and flicking my tongue. I wrestle her tongue back into her mouth and do the same to her, I can't get enough, I want more so I move my kisses to the side of her mouth, then her throat, then the top of her chest.

She grabs hold of my hair and pulls me up, kissing my throat as I go up. She pulls her own top off and I pull off mine so I'm just wearing my black bra with purple lace and my skirt, she's just in her bra and knickers, both black and looking amazing against her pale skin.

She unhooks my bra and kisses my tits, sucking my nipple and massaging the other and it feels so damn good. She stops and takes me over to the bed where I lie down and she sits between my open legs and undoes my skirt. She strokes my hot pussy through the lace and says "Do you want me to..." looking up at me teasing from between my legs.

"Do it" I say, so wet and horny.

She slides my knickers down and thrusts her tongue right up my pussy, and it feels so good I could scream. I settle for a moan and this makes her fuck me harder and faster, her fingers gripping my thighs and my hands clutching her wavy red hair, forcing her further and further into me. She goes faster and faster, pulling me closer until I finally come.... and it was so good I screamed.... loud.

Before I could say anything a girls head pops round the door and says "Times up, time to pair up with someone else."

To be continued.

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