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The Sleepover

Tags: lesbian
What happens at the sleepover, stays at the sleepover.
 "Ah Rachel! You miss a turn!" Melanie said, laughing. I frowned and sat back. I was at my best friend, Melanie's, 17th birthday party, and so far it had been boring. All we did was watch movies and play games. Now, don't get me wrong, I love movies as much as the next girl. But tonight, I wanted to do a little more. 
There were four of us there. My friend Melanie, Jade, Mary, Rachel and I, all sat in a circle around a game board. I was tired of this game. "This is soooo boring," I said, leaning on the couch. 
"What do you wanna do then?" Melanie asked. 
"Let's play truth or dare!" Jade suggested. We grabbed Melanie's laptop and Googled mature truth or dare, to kick it up a bit. Melanie decided to start, and looked deep into my eyes. Fuck, she was so gorgeous! She asked "truth or dare" while biting her lip. 
 "Truth" I said, feeling the heat rise in my face. I wasn't a lesbian, was I? It didn't matter anyway. Jade clicked truth, and I got nervous. How dirty would these be? Melanie got a smug smile on her face. 
"Rachel, have you ever masturbated?"
"Oh!" I squeaked, taken aback by the question. 
"Well, yeah, haven't you?" 
Mary, who had been quiet for a while spoke up and said, "I do too, but I can never make it good. Do you mind showing me how you do it?"
I smiled and said, "Sure," with a slight wink and a smirk. 
I slid off my pants and panties, looking around at the girls. They were all looking intrigued. I wanted them to do this with me, but I would get to that in a minute. I sat down, against Melanie's couch in her room, and parted my legs. Jade licked her lips, and Mary and Melanie just looked surprised. I parted my outer lips and started rubbing my clit. This was way more intense with them watching.
 "Do you have anything to help me?" I asked Melanie. 
Jade said, "Here, let me." I was so excited. My hottest friends were going to go down on me. She took off her clothes before crawling over to me. Jade slowly lowered her head down to my pussy, and wrapped her arms under my legs. She began to lick it all. Up and down, up and down, it was so good. I lifted my hips up to get closer to her mouth. She got to my clit with her tongue and flicked it. 
"Oh fuck," I moaned. This was so good.
 I heard Melanie's voice saying, "Come on Jade! Don't finish her yet! Let us have a turn!" I turned my head and saw her playing with herself.
Mary then said, "Jade, come help me," with a wink. Melanie was even better than Jade - if it was possible. She used her fingers to pound my cunt. I began to shake. I was about to come, and I could feel it building inside me. 
"Baby, oh shit, I - I'm cumming," I whispered. She reached over to a table and grabbed a small pink vibrator. Melanie put that on my clit, put three fingers in my hole, and leaned up. I was confused but then it made sense. She put her lips on mine, and begin to make out with me. I came, and hard too. My body was shaking, it was truly the best orgasm ever. She moved down to lick up my juices and that induced another small orgasm. We looked over at Jade and Mary, who were in a 69.
I looked Melanie and said, "Your turn," as I pushed her onto her back. 
She looked at me and said, "Here, just put this on and kiss me while you're using it. I looked at what was in her hand. She had a strap-on, a pink dildo with a black strap. I stood up to put it on, and she slapped my ass in the process. I slid it on and tightened it, and moved her onto the couch. I knelt in front of her and licked her snatch once, to tease. I placed the tip of the fake cock at her entrance, while putting my lips to hers. As I started pounding her, she wrapped her legs around my waist. I grabbed the vibrator she had used on me and put it on her clit. Her eyes were closed, and she gasped in shock. 
After a little bit of pounding her tight hole, she started to yell, " I'm cumming!" I went harder and faster. She screamed one last time as I felt her juices run down my thighs. I licked her up, and we lay on the floor, spooning until we fell asleep. 
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