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The Steam Bath

A wife gets special treatment in the steam bath from a mysterious woman
The steam bath looked to be empty. It's just about dinner time, so most of the hotel guests should be off making arrangements for supper. My husband and sons are on a snorkeling trip, and won't be back until later in the evening, so I have all the time in the world to relax. Wrapped in my towel supplied by the resort, I walk past the spa and towards the steam bath. I've just come up from the beach, and I'm looking forward to some "me" time in the steam bath.

It's wonderful! The steam is so thick I can barely find my way to one of the tiled seats, where I sit, with my feet up, hugging my knees. The steam swirls around me, taking me in a warm embrace. As my body begins to sweat, and my eyes become accustomed to the steam, I realize that I am alone. My fingers languidly drift down between my legs, and I begin to gently stroke myself with my finger, running up and down along my lips, then slipping to dip into the wetness that is quickly developing within me. My thoughts drift back to the beach, thinking of the beautiful people I was watching, walking around almost naked. The man with the beautiful chiseled abs; the teen with the long hair and cute smile; the dark skinned woman with the beautiful legs, who had put on her lotion with such sensuality…

I had not heard the door to the steam bath open. My eyes closed, my mind enveloped in the fantasy I was developing around the dark skinned woman. I only realize there's someone else with me when I hear a noise, and I quickly look up to see another woman on the tiled slab opposite. I freeze!. Did she see what I was doing to myself? I'm too frightened to move and I pretend that I'm drowsing, closing my eyes again. I lay down full length on the slab, pulling the towel up so high that it almost covers my face. I'm asleep, or so I pretend.

The next thing I know, a hand casually rests against my foot. Then she begins to squeeze and rub my foot, then began to play with my toes, pulling on then in soft strokes. Her hand moves up to my thigh, gently rubbing as it moves closer to me. I gasp, hidden beneath my towel. The hairs on my neck bristle with excitement. But the towel protects me, hides me, and I remain passive.

Her hands are on both my thighs now, slowly massaging them, her fingers reaching up higher, higher, until they gently press against my legs, parting them. I feel her moving in closer, and feel her lips kissing my knee, moving up my thigh, giving me little kisses, licks and nips. Her lips are warm and moist, and I feel the pleasure building up inside of me. Her hands move up my legs again, tickling me lightly as they go. Her fingers dance around my pussy, lightly caressing my lips. Her fingers part me, exposing my clitoris to the warm heat, and it seems to grow, to expand toward her, reaching for her mouth… and then suddenly, softly, tenderly her lips are on me, her tongue warm against me, moving.

Half of my mind can’t help but wonder what will happen now if we are discovered, but I have no choice. I am hers. I cannot forsake those fingers, that mouth. The sweat pours over my face, the steam swirls all around me, I feel, have felt nothing of her but her hands and her mouth. I can feel the moisture pouring from me now, and she drinks it, her saliva, her sweat, my sweat all mingling in my cunt. Her lips are so full, and her tongue so warm, slowly licking me, all the way from my ass up to my clitoris, but stopping on it, lingering on my clit, then her tongue moving in small circles all around it, teasing it, but always returning, and when the tongue returns, the lips too, the full kiss again and again.

The heat is so intense, as is my own excitement, I am afraid I will faint, that I will scream out. I feel her slide a finger inside of me, then two, rubbing against my g-spot, tenderly, in and out, building up in speed and pressure. Then I feel her other hand coming to me, rubbing me, her fingers spreading my own slipperiness down between my legs, running against the sensitive bud of my asshole. The finger at my ass continues to rub and tease me, as her other hand begins to pump furiously into my cunt. I bite hard on the towel, raising my buttocks suddenly as I feel my orgasm come rushing through my body and crashing down on her fingers, lips and mouth. I feel wave after wave of pleasure rolling over me, as I feel an orgasmic explosion taking absolute control of my body. My legs are shaking; I hear myself moaning uncontrollably as I ride the waves of pleasure. Ever so slowly, the waves of my orgasm subside, and I become aware of my surroundings in the steam room. I look around, but she's left - she's nowhere to be seen. I never did discover who my lover had been, but I'm eternally thankful for the experience she's given me.

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