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The Text Message 2: Sky Opens

The Text Message 2: Sky Opens

This time Jade is taken by surprise.

After the feverish lovemaking, Jade decided she'd take a long shower to cool off. The only problem was that the feel of the water on her hot skin aroused her to the point that gooseflesh dotted her entire body. Her nipples became extremely erect and her pussy began to moisten as the spray splashed off her chest and ran down between her legs. She never masturbated in the shower, it just wasn't her thing. She preferred the warm confines of her bedroom, laying on her satin sheets and bringing herself to climax as she looked at her reflection in the large mirror that covered the wall across from the bed. 

Knowing that she desperately needed to get herself off, she jumped out of the shower, quickly dried off and strolled naked into her bedroom. Immediately her fingers went to work. Jade caressed her moistening lips, teasing her clit with two fingers. She already missed Trevor, who had just left her room an hour before, after giving her a multitude of orgasms. She knew it had been wrong to sleep with her daughter's boyfriend, but resistance proved futile. He was just so good-looking. That smile, his amazing body and, the most impressive feature of all, that python in his pants. She closed her eyes, continuing to rub her clit as she thought of how incredible Trevor had made her feel.

The pinging of her cell phone interrupted the self-pleasuring and she reached for her phone, in annoyance. Her mood quickly changed when she read the text. "You are amazing, Ms. Sinclair. Can't stop thinking about everything you did to me with that magnificently talented tongue and tight pussy of yours. I'm in my bed, stroking my cock, imagining that you are here beside me. When can we meet again? Are you busy now?" He included an attachment with a picture of his erect cock snuggled in his palm.

Excitedly, Jade  sent a reply. "I'd love to feel you inside me again. Send me the address and I'll be there ASAP."

A few seconds later, her phone pinged, "1223 Amherst Way. Come to the side door. Can't wait to fuck the hell out of you again. Please come quickly."

"I'll be there as soon as is humanly possible. I was about to get myself off when I received your text. Would definitely prefer to get off with your huge cock buried deep inside me. My pussy is so very wet. I can't believe how horny I am for you,Trevor. See you soon." Jade hurriedly threw on a knit top and a pair of shorts, forgetting to put on a bra or panties, and headed out the front door.

As she walked up the drive and around to the large, sliding glass door, Jade's excitement grew. She tapped on the door. No answer. After getting no response for a second time, she was about to head for the front door until, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a figure move inside the house. Before her mind could compute what her eyes were seeing, Jade was greeted by a beautiful woman in a very revealing robe.

 "Well, hello," the stranger said, a wide smile on her gorgeous face. Jade felt herself turning red under the woman's intense gaze. The color of her cheeks could also be attributed to her inability to pry her eyes from the woman's immaculate body. From the long blonde hair pinned-up to the top of her head, the face of an angel, her right leg poking through the gap in her robe, and, of course, her barely concealed, voluptuous full breasts, everywhere Jade looked she saw temptation.

"What can I do for  you, beautiful?" the young woman inquired, twirling a strand of her lush hair with a red- tipped finger. Her soft brown eyes moving over Jade's curvy figure. Jade tried  to compose herself before speaking. She had been expecting Trevor. This woman had caught her by surprise and she searched for something intelligent to say to her.

"Is Trevor home?" she asked, not entirely certain she wanted to know the answer to that question.

"No," the young woman replied, failing to quell Jade's growing curiosity with her curt response. In the long pause that followed, Jade noticed the silver cross dangling above the young woman's  cleavage. A most envious spot to be, she thought. The blonde broke the silence, offering an unexpected invitation.

"I was just about to go for a swim. Care to join me? By the way, I'm Sky."

She turned, letting her robe fall to the floor. Jade stared at Sky's beautiful backside, clad in a black thong, as the young woman made her way towards the second pair of sliding glass doors, which led out into the sprawling  backyard, one with a large inground pool. Twenty feet from the pool sat a Jacuzzi on an elevated platform. Jade reluctantly entered  the room, closing the door behind her, and went in search of Sky, who she found lounging, facedown by the pool, topless. Slowly she walked out into the warm sun and the closer she came to Sky the more she began to sweat. The gorgeous girl smiled at Jade, turning on to her back, giving Jade her first look at those mouthwatering breasts.

Sky grinned widely, a slight giggle escaping her lips. She adored how Jade was trying so hard not to ogle her. Ever since she developed breasts around the age of 16, she loved how people looked at her. Their wants and desires evident through the gleam in their wide, lust-filled eyes.

"It is so hot," Sky sighed, wiping sweat from her taut, tan stomach. Her perfect breasts, capped  by extremely erect nipples, glistened in the midday sun. Jade could feel perspiration running down her back. As much a result of Sky's PLAYBOY body as the heat beating down on her. She needed to get away for a moment. The situation was suffocating.

"Would you mind if I freshened up?" Jade asked.

"Of course not, the bathroom is down the hall, second door on the right," Sky answered, watching Jade's hips  sway as she walked toward the house. Once inside, she did visit the restroom, just to check herself in the mirror. But the main reason for her foray into the house was to see if she could find any signs that Trevor did in fact live there. After a little 'tour' of the house, she finally found Trevor's room. She noticed a few picture frames on his nightstand. One immediately caught her eye; Trevor smiling widely, no doubt because of the beautiful young woman who was wrapped in his arms. The woman giving him a kiss on his cheek. She had a beaming grin, streching from ear to ear. The woman in the picture was Sky. She heard a voice from behind her. She froze like a burglar who is caught redhanded, the diamonds and money in his gloved mitts  or a child with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Did you get lost?" Sky inquired, striding confidently into the bedroom. Jade turned around quickly and took a deep breath. Busted. A sly smile made the blonde's  beautiful face even more appealing, if that was possible. Three long strides of those sculpted legs and Sky was beside her. Jade had nowhere to run.

"I was just looking for..."

"Trevor's room...I know," Sky finished her thought. Her own, inarguable thought. Not the deception that didn't quite make it from Jade's brain to her pursed lips. "He told me how beautiful you were, but his words didn't do you justice. You are absolutely gorgeous, Jade."

"Trevor and you are..." Jade didn't get to ask her question before receiving a giggling response.

"Brother and sister," Sky said, relishing Jade's stunned expression. She could only imagine all the thoughts going through her mind. The previous  misconceptions, curiosity, jealousy and, maybe even, anger. "What, did you think we were, boyfriend and girlfriend? Lovers? Fuck buddies?"

Before she could fully process this new and astonishing information, Sky pushed her up against the full-length mirror, kissing her gently on the mouth while running her hands along the top of the redhead's shorts. She felt Jade relax and eagerly accept  the kiss. This had been so easy, Sky thought. Jade was hers, to do with as she pleased. The kiss grew more passionate. Sky's tongue entered her mouth, her right hand finding it's way  inside her shorts, where she made a surprising discovery. No panties!

"You are such a bad girl," Sky teased, moving her fingers, in a circular motion, over Jade's moistened lips. "And so wet already."

Jade moaned softly as two fingers slipped inside her, probing the slick inner walls of her pussy. Sky continued to finger-fuck the redhead's slit while her thumb caressed Jade's aroused clit. Her breathing became heavy as Sky furiously rubbed her hard clitoris while adding her ring finger to the other two that were sliding in and out of Jade's gaping hole. Her walls were gripping Sky's fingers more tightly, a tell-tale sign that Sky was getting closer to pushing her past the brink. Suddenly the floodgates opened  and Jade rode the sticky trio to orgasm.

"Oh, fuck yes," Jade screamed, her body convulsing as the first explosion of the day shot through her body. Sky spun Jade around, kissing her deeply on the mouth, reinserting two fingers, which had been forced out by the powerful orgasm, back into her new friend's dripping pussy. She wouldn't be giving her any time to compose herself before attempting to make her cum for the second time.

Sky dropped to her knees, removing Jade's shorts with deft hands, then stood back up, slipping her tongue past  the redhead's slightly parted lips. She reached back, grabbing a handful of those crimson locks and gently pulled her head back. Just far enough so she could run her wet tongue up Jade's neck, eliciting a contented purr.  She kissed across her jawline while a wandering hand caressed her sensitive pussy lips. She momentarily stopped to remove Jade's top, lifting it over her head and baring her beautiful breasts.

 "You have a gorgeous body," the young blonde stated, cupping both breasts in her hands and taking her time  sucking and licking each impossibly hard nipple. Jade sighed, her skin tingling, as Sky teased each in turn. The licking and, at times, soft biting, combined with Sky's probing fingers, were bringing Jade to the edge once again.

 "Oh my, goodness. I'm going to cum!" Jade exclaimed, feeling another eruption coarsing through her. This time Sky put her mouth on Jade's, passionately kissing her as her body shook uncontrollably from this latest and more intense orgasm. Jade slumped against the mirror, attempting to steady herself on trembling legs. Jade , her knees weak and head spinning, was escorted over to the bed.

 "This time...I cum...using mouth," Sky said between kisses. She pushed her down on to the bed, spread the mature woman's thighs apart and dove in. Sky lapped hungrily at Jade's labia, tugging on the sensitive, fleshy  area with her pursed lips. Usually she would tease a woman, driving her to sexual insanity. Pushing her excruciatingly close  to the point of no return, then allowing the build-up to subside. But this time was different. She desperately needed to taste Jade's sweet juices.

She slipped her tongue past her soaking lips, darting it in and out at a maniacal rate. She wanted to look up at Jade at the moment of euphoric bliss, taste her feminine flavor running down into her greedy mouth. Sky licked and sucked her engorged clitoris, sensing that the end was near. With her head a blur of perpetual motion, Sky heard Jade screaming right before heavenly, sweet juices filled her mouth.

Sky kissed her way up Jade's spasming form. Jade lay there on the bed, sexually exhausted. Sky kissed her softly on the lips, her pussy juice mingling on their roaming tongues. They lay in each other's arms, sweaty and completely sated. A half hour later, Sky walked her to the front door and  kissed her once more. A slow, breathtaking smooch. The perfect ending to a spectacular, unexpected encounter.

It had been a few hours since Jade had walked out the front door. Sky showered, fixed herself a nice dinner and went into the backyard to relax in the Jacuzzi. She made her way down the winding path, lit on both sides by long torchlights. She dipped her feet in, then lowered the rest of her delectable, naked body into the warm water.  Sky closed her eyes, allowing her head to rest on the edge of the tub as she enjoyed the warm jets pulsating all around her. She could hear the sound of heels clacking along the stone path. As they drew closer, she opened her eyes, a wicked smile enlivening her beautiful face. Her sexy smile widened when she saw the robe drop to the ground. Smooth pale skin, covered in the skimpiest blue bikini came into full view.

The gorgeous redhead dipped her toes in the deliciously heated water, then plunged the rest of her bikini-clad body into the liquid nirvana. Her sparkling blue eyes shined brightly as she floated over to Sky. Their  lips met, the passion in their kiss bringing the water to a boil. They kissed with a burning desire, enjoying each other's soft, succulent lips.

 "So, how did it go?" the young redhead asked, caressing the blonde's magnificent breasts. She did love to play with Sky's tits, which, by the way, were one-hundred percent real. She would never have believed it, if she'd not had the chance to touch them for herself. They were spectacular.

 "Wonderfully. Trevor was certainly telling the truth, her pussy is so wet and delicious. I didn't want to stop eating her."

"I don't need to hear all the details," she said, holding out her palm.

"I understand," Sky replied, then told her how she had gotten ahold of Trevor's phone and texted this address, along with another dick pic from his vast collection of penis selfies.

They continued kissing, hands roaming freely.

"How can I ever thank you?" the redhead asked coyly.

"I'm sure I can come up with something for you to do, Lexi," Sky answered, putting her hand on top of the teen's head and gently pushing her under the water. She threw her head back, a delighted sigh passing her ruby lips.



































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