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The Toy

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What we want may surprise us
Jackie sat in the room staring out the window. She was in a new city and lonely. She had just moved to Littleton to start her new job. She knew it was a change for the best, but now she had no one to talk to.

It was getting late and she decided to go to watch TV. She stopped by the kitchen and took out the tequila. She brought the bottle to the living room and sat down. She turned on the tv and started flipping. She took a shot every time she had to change the channel. Finally she turned it to the Playthings channel. It was part of the free package from the cable company. As she watched, she started to get aroused. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second. “What are you doing??” she yelled to herself. She turned the TV off and got her laptop out to surf the net and see if her profile had interested anyone.

Jackie was shy. She liked to use the internet to play out her fantasies. She had always known she was submissive, and had tried it with guys, but they always hurt her and she didn’t like it. Whenever she would read or chat with females, she would get so hot and wet that she would cum for hours. If she didn’t watch herself, the weekends would be filled with her internet slut self. Her pussy would be sore by Monday morning. She had acquired many toys over the last few months in Littleton. Oh well, better than drugs, she thought. 

Jackie had a message from Mistress Marie. She had many sessions with Mistress Marie and found that she anxiously awaited messages from her. She had dreamt many nights about meeting her. She was just too chicken to say so. Mistress Marie was on and they started talking.

“How is my little sub tonight?” Mistress asked 

Jackie’s heart skipped a beat. “Fantastic Ma’am, and you?”

“Just fine. Does my plaything remember what we discussed last night?”

Jackie’s fingers shook as she hesitated her answer. Mistress Marie had “suggested” that they finally get together. She wanted to see her little toy in action. Jackie wanted this more than anything. She loved to please this woman. She was just scared. 

Before she could stop herself, she typed in “Yes, Mistress, I want to meet.”

“Good, it will be tonight so you don’t back out. I want you to wear the black silk miniskirt, leather bustier, and choker. You will wear the black thongs and in your purse you will have the handcuffs, leash and blindfold.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You will meet me at the Lucky 7 Club. Don’t be late. Be there by 10 pm and park close by.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Then she was gone. Jackie shook her head in disbelief. What just happened? How did she get herself to agree to meet a total stranger? What was she doing? Jackie just sat and thought. She knew what had brought her to this. She was lonely. She hadn’t had sex in a year. She had awakened something inside her that she just couldn’t shut off. She shook her head slowly and got up off the bed.

As she got dressed, she noticed that the more she thought about the evening, the more excited she got. Her pussy was in a state of constant wetness, and as her panties rubbed against it, she was even more aroused. She wouldn’t be surprised if she came at any moment. Before she left, she took one more shot of tequila.

She parked the car as close to the club as possible. She was 10 minutes early. She hated to be late for anything. She took one more deep breath and got out of the car. She had heard about Lucky 7 from some people at work. It was a club that had a touch of the darkside to it. Her workmates were too goody to go here.

“Ok, kid, let’s see what happens.”

She paid her fee to enter and immediately went to the bar. She ordered a strong jack and coke and sat at the bar. She watched the door, but realized she probably wouldn’t recognize her Mistress. She watched anyway.

She could feel the seat through her skirt, and her partially exposed pussy rubbed against the fabric. Every time she moved, it sent a chill through her. She chastised herself for being so horny, yet she loved the feel of being a slut. She watched as both sexes looked at her ample chest and body in the outfit. Some would openly lick their lips. She felt cheap. That made her wetter.

She looked at the clock, 10:15. She couldn’t hide her disappointment. She was on her 2nd drink and miserable. Suddenly someone came up behind her. Their breasts were all on her exposed back. Her ass was being felt up.

“You look like such a little slut in that outfit. Let me see your purse.”

Quickly she obeyed.

“Very good. Get up. And head to the dancefloor.”

She quickly got up. The stranger was pushing her from behind, her hand never off her ass. When they got to the floor, the stranger started moving her body against Jackie’s. She was so hot. Lips caressed her neck and the stranger’s hands moved down her body to her pussy. She started to rub through the fabric, then move to the ass again. Jackie’s body was grinding to the rhythm. The stranger turned her around.

“Very good little one. Now, one last thing and then I’ll see if you are worthy.”

Jackie was anxious. She knew that she would do anything to get this woman.

“I want you on your knees and give me your purse.”

Jackie did as she was told. She felt the eyes on her, but didn’t care. She felt the leash get clipped on and when it was tugged on, she got up.

“Very good, now take me to your car,” Mistress Marie said in a stern voice.

Mistress Marie actually led her out the door and Jackie pointed to where the car was at. At the car, Jackie opened the door for her Mistress. When the mistress had gotten in, she reach her hand up Jackie’s skirt and rammed 2 fingers into her vagina. Jackie had to grab onto the door to keep from collapsing.

“Get into the car slut, what are you waiting on?” Mistress asked harshly as she kept pumping her fingers in and out Jackie’s pussy. Jackie didn’t want to move, but her submissive ways took over and she scurried to the other side.

It was a quiet drive as they headed home. Jackie could feel her wet pussy soaking through her silk short skirt. She had been in such a hurry to get in, that her skirt was sitting almost around her waist. She could feel the Mistress’ eyes on her body.

They pulled into the driveway and Jackie got out.

“Don’t adjust your skirt,” Mistress Marie commanded. Jackie was embarrassed as she walked around the car and knew she was about to flash the neighborhood. She opened the door and Mistress Marie grabbed the leash.

“Get on all fours.” Jackie did so. She was led like a little animal to her door. She again had mixed feelings. She was embarrassed, but the feeling of being dominated by this beautiful woman was so fantastic that she knew she would do whatever was told.

It was a small cookie cutter house, so the Mistress had a pretty good idea where everything was. She led the little plaything to the living area and sat down.

She smiled as she looked at this new little toy. She had met her on the net and knew immediately that she would be her new favorite toy. She had 38D breasts on a slim body and a model face. The pics had shown that her pussy was shaven and she had followed every command on the net. If things continued to go well, this little slut would be her permanent slave. She had always wanted one and could feel that Jackie would want this too. 

She told Jackie to get up. As she did, Jackie looked at this beautiful woman. She was about 30 and had 36C breasts. Her body was slim and was hugged tightly by the dress she wore. Her face was kind, yet firm. Her eyes showed that she was almost interviewing Jackie for a position. Jackie wanted nothing more than to please her.

“Now, little one, when we are together, I will call you Toy. That is what you are to me. You are to do just as I say and you will be rewarded. If you don’t, you will be punished. Do you understand?”

Jackie shook her head up and down.

“Good. Now Toy, you have way too much clothing on. I want to see your body.”

Jackie quickly obeyed, but her hands shook as she undid the zipper on her skirt. The flimsy cloth fell to the floor showing her lacy thin thong. She then decided to try and tease her mistress by going to the bustier next. She started to unbutton the front. For a brief moment she hesitated, but she couldn’t stand it. Her breasts fell out as if they were trying to breathe. Her nipples were stiff and sensitive. A smile came across her mistress’s face.

“It seems my little toy is excited.” Jackie reached down to remove her panties, but was stopped. “No, I want you to suffer a little more. Now, how dare you not ask a guest to have a drink.”

Jackie blushed. She didn’t know whether to answer or not.

“I guess you will need to be punished. Come here.”

Jackie came over and knew to get on her knees. They had gone through this scenario on the net, but it had always been Jackie doing the punishment to herself. She could feel herself get wet with anticipation.

Mistress Marie came to edge of her chair and grabbed the huge breasts. She then took the nipples in her hands and started to twist and pinch. Jackie cried out in pain. Mistress Marie slapped her tits across. “Count, Toy.”

“One mistress, two mistress.” This went on until she had reached fifteen, then twenty, then thirty. By twenty five, the wetness had returned to her cunt. She was breathing hard. Closing her eyes. She wanted nothing more than to reach down and play with herself, or better yet, have her Mistress do it.

“Hmm, the Toy really likes this.” She laughed. “I’m not thirsty anymore, but I am in need of some attention from you. Take me to the bedroom.”

Mistress Marie stood up and took the leash in her hand again. Jackie got on all 4s and led her Mistress back to the bedroom.

She already had all the toys laid out on her dresser. Well within the easy access of her Mistress. Mistress Marie stood by the bed with her little toy watching. She told her to undress her. Jackie could hardly hold herself back. She quickly got up and undid the zipper of the dress. It easily fell to the floor. Jackie stared at the huge tits of her mistress. She wanted so bad to lick and suck them like a baby. She then dropped to her knees and, with out being told, took the panties off with her mouth. She could smell the sweet aroma coming from the Mistress’ pussy. It was dripping wet and bald. She wanted to lick it so bad, but held restraint.

“Very good, pet.” Marie sat on the bed. Legs spread. She pointed to her pussy and Jackie needed no other commands. She licked the pussy like she had never eaten before. Every fold, every nook held a delicious taste for her. She could hear her mistress moan and felt as she grabbed her hair and pushed her further into her snatch. Jackie hungrily licked every drop. As Marie came, Jackie didn’t think she would be able to breathe. She sucked down every drop. Suddenly, Marie yanked her head back by her hair. It made Jackie more turned on. Marie brought Jackie to a her mouth and kissed her hungrily. Their tongues danced together. Marie then told Jackie to lie on the bed.

She grabbed the biggest dildo Jackie had and put it on. It was a double penetrater. Jackie was so excited. Marie had a hungry look in her eyes. She pulled Jackie into the dildo, quickly penetrating both holes.

“Oh yes, mistress.” Jackie had confessed that she was an ass slut on the net. There was nothing better than being screwed in the ass. It was so sensitive.

“You like that, Toy? You like having both of your holes stuffed?” Mistress Marie continued to talk to her in a filthy dominating tone. This drove Jackie wild. Marie bent down and roughly played with her tits. Jackie couldn’t stand it. To top it off, just as Jackie would be about to get off, Marie would slow down or stop. Always keeping her on the edge. Then, Marie threw in the kicker. She turned on the vibrating action. Soon, Jackie was begging the Mistress to let her cum.

“Fine, Toy.” There was no stopping. Marie pounded into Jackie and brought her over the edge. At the same time, Marie came again. The only sound was two females screaming over and over. The next thing Jackie knew was it was dark.

When she woke, she found herself cuffed to the bed spread eagle and Marie with a remote control. Her pussy was filled and so was her ass again.

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