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The Trouble with Passion (part 2)

After Lucy understood what the professor had said, she couldn't help but feel sexually aroused. She could feel her pussy getting wetter at the proposition the professor lay before her. Snapping Lucy back to reality, the professor asked her to stand up. As she did the professor pulled her closer until she was inches from the professor's face. This time Lucy made the first move.

Leaning in, Lucy laid her lips on Susan's. Her kiss became more passionate as Susan matched its intensity. Their tongues interlocked in an erotic frenzy.

During their make-out session Susan lifted the bottom of Lucy's top and cupped her breast. Lucy gasped. She'd never felt anything so erotic before. It was like Susan knew how to touch Lucy.

Susan spun Lucy around and sat her upon the desk. She lifted Lucy's top over her head to reveal a black lacy bra. Taking her time to remove it, Susan glanced in Lucy's eyes.

"Ever since the first day of class I could tell you lacked motivation and passion, " Susan said. "A woman making love to another woman is a beautiful, passionate thing."

Susan began kissing the sides of Lucy's neck and nibbling on her earlobes. This made Lucy's toes curl and pussy tighten. Lucy wrapped her arms around Susan and cupped her firm ass.

Making her way south, Susan kissed lower. And began to suck on Lucy's now erect nipples. Lucy murmured her appreciation and almost instinctively made her way from Susan's ass to her pussy gently rubbing the pubis mound. Susan's pussy was wet and warm. Susan could smell arousal but couldn't tell if it was hers or Susan's.

Susan kissed lower until she got to Lucy's waist. Susan gently pulled Lucy's pants off of her nubile lover revealing that Lucy wore no panties.

"You naughty girl," Susan smirked.

Lucy leaned back on the desk giving Susan easier access to her eagerly awaiting pussy. Susan looked at Lucy's shaved wet glistening pussy and decided it was the prettiest she had seen. Susan dove into the folds sucking and lapping at Lucy's juices. Lucy began to moan, dizzy from the excitement and pending first orgasm she pinched her rosebud nipples.

"Susan," Lucy screamed, "I'm gonna cum!"

As she said this, Susan lapped at her bulging clit in soft long licks. Susan stuck her middle finger into Lucy's dripping cunt. This drove her over the edge.

"Oooooo myyyyy gosh!" was all she could say as her pussy juices squirted into Susan's face and mouth.

Susan took her sticky fingers and inserted them into Lucy's mouth so she could taste herself. Lucy sucked on her fingers lapping up her pussy juices. It tasted sweet and smelled musky.

Lucy's face was flushed. She laid on the desk basking in the moment until Susan returned from across the office. Lucy had watched enough porn to notice the professor had a strap-on adjusted perfectly on her hips. Without hesitation Lucy got up and bent over the desk so that Susan could enter her from behind.

Susan took the 7 inches of firm pink rubber and began to slowly pump it into her students pussy opening. Lucy was so wet she didn't need to apply any lube to accommodate Susan. She started slow then began to pump her strap on cock into her lover faster and faster.

"Oh don't stop!" Lucy cried as she matched Susan's pace.

Nearing another orgasm, Lucy reached behind her to pull Susan's mouth to hers. Their grunting wet kiss was interrupted as both Susan and Lucy cried out in ecstasy. Susan pulled the cock out of Lucy's hole and marveled at the drops of female cum that ran down Lucy's legs.

Lucy took this moment to catch her breath as she was still bent over the professor's desk. She glanced at the grade book before her. Beside her name she saw nothing but high scores listed. "She tricked me," Lucy thought. She was about to say something when the office door opened quickly and Fiona, Lucy's roommate, walked in unannounced. 

"I knew you were in for trouble," Fiona commented with a sly smile on her face. "It was about time."

And with that the evening had only just begun.

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