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The Two New Teachers

Friend grows jealous of other friend but they end up having oral sex
She had always loved her friend as far back as she can remember. They did everything together as thus had become very close to each other. However, as time progressed for these two young ladies, she’d met a guy she soon fell in love with, and they started going out a lot. In truth she’d gone out on her fourth date with him and to Chloe he was like magic to her in that he was the nicest and sweetest and friendliest guy she had ever met.

Smiling from ear to ear, every time she saw her close friend Natalie, she was pretty darn sure of the guy, and by the time she had her last date with him she was pretty darn sure of it. She told Natalie she was going to marry the guy at some point and time.

Chloe told Natalie all about him. As Natalie listened, she got more and more jealous of what she’d heard and Natalie envied her Chloe as time went by. Natalie asked herself why she couldn’t meet the man of her dreams too. After hearing of her good friends’ news Natalie wondered when it would be her turn too. Natalie continued to wonder when she’d meet a guy who seemed like Derrick, Chloe’s new boyfriend. Natalie wanted a guy like that who would love her in ways a man should love a woman as well. At one point it had Natalie’s head spinning in circles as she wondered when she’d have a boyfriend too.

Natalie was sure of that.

“So you want to come over tomorrow night?” Natalie asked Chloe.

“Nooooo, I’ve got a date with Derrick,” Chloe replied, as if boasting and proud of it.

“Oh,” remarked Natalie. “You two are getting pretty hot and heavy, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Chloe said. “He is the sweetest guy. I have to introduce you to him at some point soon.”

From there she explained to Natalie why she liked him so well. Natalie had to agree. Though he wasn’t this really cool dude or anything but he sounded sweet as ever and Natalie could understand why Chloe liked the guy. Derrick was always nice to her and he was always a gentleman as well. He was kind and appeared to behave properly too.

She wondered about that. How come I can’t meet a guy like that?

“Hey wanna come over tonight?” asked Natalie.

Seeing as both were teachers at the same school each taught different subjects in the same year at the elementary school they were at but to top it off there happened to be two apartments in a real nice neighborhood. The chance existed for the two of them to get the apartments across from one another and so they got agreements with the owner of the apartment complex and got themselves lower rents if they agreed to three year leases.

They agreed to it. Before long they were doing almost everything together other then Chloe’s dates with Derrick. Regardless, they were already close friends. They came and went as they pleased for the most part seeing as they lived across the hall from one other. Normally that wasn’t a problem but seeing as neither of the two had sex with a man as of that point in their lives and seeing as Chloe was involved with that sweet, somewhat nerdy like guy, and Natalie agreed that he did seem sweet and nice and super kind of a guy well that left Natalie out in the cold so to speak.

Chloe walked over to Natalie’s one Saturday afternoon. Seeing as neither was doing anything, Natalie was alone, and doing “nothing” as she looked at a couple of magazines. Chloe walked in unannounced. “What are you doing?” Chloe asked. Her unanticipated entrance surprised Natalie. Seeing as Natalie was sitting on the couch reading a couple of pornographic magazines she was absorbed in them and not expecting Chloe to come in.

Feeling super guilty, she closed it, quickly, and looked up at her. “Oh uh nothing,” Natalie said in response to Chloe’s question. She swiftly moved the magazines to the side. Chloe looked at them oddly. She couldn’t see what they were but something was going on Chloe thought. And then Natalie said “What?”

“Ohhhhhh nothing,” said Chloe. She was quiet for a moment but she then said “What were those that you were reading?”

“Ohhhhhh uh nothing,” Natalie said, lying to her best friend.

“Come on…let me see them,” Chloe said again.

Natalie broke down and slowly reached to pull the magazines out. Natalie looked at them. She looked at Chloe. She picked them up and looked at Chloe again. Chloe waited as Natalie took her time handing them to her closest and best friend in the world.

Natalie felt bad knowing Chloe would see what it was Natalie was looking at. Chloe gradually sat down on the couch with Natalie. Natalie, hesitating to hand over to Chloe her two dirty magazines, finally did so.

Chloe took them from her. The backsides were facing up. Chloe wasn’t looking at Natalie, who was wearing a guilty look on her face. She was also worried what Chloe might think and what she would say when she saw them.

Chloe turned one of them over. She knew instantly what the magazine was and looked up at Natalie. Her eyes grew big. Her mouth opened wide too. Slowly, her head, and eyes, looked up at Natalie. For a moment, Chloe stared at Natalie as she wondered why would Natalie be looking at these. It was written all over her face.

She didn’t even have to say it. Natalie shrugged her shoulders. Still Chloe could not believe it. “Uhhhhhh Natalie uhhh I know you uh don’t have a boyfriend yet but umm why would you uhhh be looking at these kind of magazines?” She was rather perplexed and even floored at what she saw on the cover of the magazine.

However Chloe, who had a boyfriend, still looked at the pictures of all the nice looking women, who were naked, and who were showing their bodies off in one aspect or another. “Uhhh…why umm are you umm looking at these?” Chloe asked.

Natalie shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t have an answer. She looked at her friend and said “I don’t know.” She was quiet for a moment as she looked at Chloe. Again she said “I don’t know.” Her voice was somewhat depressed and sad sounding. But then she said “Maybe I’m just a little jealous of you Chloe.”

“Huh, why…I don’t get it, Natalie. You are beautiful. You have a lot of gifts. You are pretty as anyone I know. You have all the qualities a woman needs to have. I’m sure of it too.” Chloe’s eyes circled up and down Natalie’s body before going on to say “You are a very sexy woman, Natalie! I mean that too!” She looked at her very close friend and then said “Even I’d make love to you. I mean that too…I mean that is if you and I had a relationship like that.”

Natalie was thrilled to hear Chloe’s words. It was rather arousing to hear her say what she’d said. She looked right at Chloe. It was even somewhat bizarre to Natalie for that matter. What Chloe had said turned Natalie on even. It was Natalie who wondered those exact same sentiments in that was she pretty enough for Chloe? Was she even sexy enough to another man, or for that matter in a woman’s eyes for that matter? Did men actually find her attractive and becoming?

Do men find her interesting and physically flattering as well? She wasn’t sure about any of that whatsoever. And here was her friend, dating a sweet and adorable man, but what about her she wondered?

Yeah, what about me she asked herself. Why can’t I be lucky like Chloe? Why hasn’t a man come on to me and told me that I’m an attractive woman yet?

“Ohhhhhh come on, Natalie,” Chloe said as she looked first at the dirty bisexual magazines. “This isn’t you! It isn’t! You know that and I know that too!” Natalie looked at Chloe as Chloe went on to say “We’re friends! “And you and I are the best of friends in the whole wide world, Natalie!”

“I don’t know about that,” Natalie replied. “I really don’t know if that’s totally true.” Chloe asked her what she meant by that and Natalie went on to explain herself. “Chloe, you are soooo much better looking then I am.” Chloe and Natalie looked into one another’s eyes as Natalie spoke her mind. Chloe liked what Natalie was saying. In a manner of speaking it was rather erotic to hear those words right out of Natalie’s mouth. She looked right at her as Natalie went on to say “I mean, okay, I’d kiss you. I’d hold you intimately. I’d make love to your body,” and then Natalie held her breath. Finally she said “I’d make love to you…I think.”

They stared into one another’s eyes. They stared deeply into the other’s eyes too. For one reason or another the two of them felt themselves coming closer and even closer to the other’s body. There was an unknown heat growing within their bodies. Was this really happening they asked themselves as they looked into one another’ eyes deeply.

Something was going on. They knew that they discovered. There was a passion within their bodies which they didn’t seem to be able to control. That heat appeared to be trumpeting inside their legs, inside of their thighs. Their eyes met one anothers some more. One wanted the other for some reason neither really knew. There was no doubt about it.

Two women wanted one another?

With their eyes glued to the others they moved in closer. Lips came closer. Neither stalled as they moved in closer to the other. All of a sudden it happened! Neither knew how but it did. These two old friends’ lips touched and their bodies came closer and closer as their lips caressed the other’s set of lips. It was like a baffling set of conditions which neither of the two young elementary school teachers were able to explain.

But their arms were wrapped passionately around the others body. Their lips were at this point were intimately and romantically attached to one another’s lips too. Heat was surging from their toes. Desire was nurturing from within them as well. They couldn’t seem to let go of the other’s body. The kissing kept on going on. Heat intensified as a longing for more of something expanded within their souls.

They rolled all over Natalie’s couch. Back and forth their arms moved about the other. And before Chloe knew it something was on the bottom side of her thigh. It was soft. Then it was squeezing her beneath he thigh.

It’s her…is that her hand? Are those her fingers Chloe asked herself? Oh my God, Chloe said as their bodies heatedly shuffled against each other’s body. And then it happened. Natalie’s hand went for what she needed. Natalie’s hand moved up inside of Chloe’s thighs. Natalie rubbed her friend’s underwear. Chloe didn’t stop her from doing it. Chloe liked it…she liked it a lot in fact. What was Natalie doing?

Oh my God! Oh my God…Lord, Chloe told herself. She’s…oh ohhh my gosh! Oh…oh wow, Chloe screamed out in her head. She’s feeling me! Ohhhhhh my Lord, she’s feeling my…pussy! Wow, that feels soooo good!

And Natalie continued to do that to her friend. Natalie continued doing that to her close personal friend. She felt her between her thighs. She felt her harder after that. Then, all of a sudden, Natalie pushed down against her friend’s underwear and applied pressure right down against her very close friend’s pussy.

Chloe didn’t move a muscle.

Ohhh she moved alright but she didn’t force Natalie’s hand away whatsoever. Uh uhhh, she loved how it felt. She pulled at her close friend’s body too. She wanted more of that and she knew she did too.

They pulled away for a moment. Chloe was smiling at Natalie. Natalie then smiled at Chloe. They kissed and the two of them kissed hard on the lips. The passion was intense. The desire was out of this world. Natalie knew she could keep this up all day. Chloe knew she’d like to but something happened suddenly.

“Hey Natalie…I’m sorry,” she said suddenly. “I’ve uhhh…I’ve got to uhhh go. I uh can’t stay. I’m uhhh sorry,” she went on to say as she pulled away from Natalie. “I’ve uhhh got a date with you know who,” Chloe said. “I’ll uh see you later?” she said.

“Okay,” Natalie said knowing that Chloe’s date with her boyfriend was important to her.

Chloe stopped at the door as she fixed up her clothes, including her panties and skirt as well. Chloe turned around. “Natalie,” she said once turned around. She admitted the truth to Natalie. “I did love doing that you know. Us…being together and doing what we did.” She turned to open the door in Natalie’s apartment but she stopped and closed the door. “Can I ask you a question?” Chloe then asked. Natalie nodded and said yes, quietly. Chloe smiled and asked “Can we do what we just did again sometime soon? I mean I loved how that all felt…so I hope we can okay?”

Natalie was thrilled to hear that and she smiled, saying yes to Chloe as her eyes perked up. “Now get out of here,” she told Chloe. “Go on that date of yours, alright? Oh and just so you know…I’m not a lesbian,” she said as she shook her head at Chloe. “I just miss not having…you know,” and she paused with sadness in her eyes and then said “passion in my life. That’s all.” She blew a kiss at Chloe and said goodbye.

As Chloe walked down the stairs she was still adjusting her panties in her ass’ crack. It was as if Natalie’s hand was still up inside her butt crack. Chloe smiled as she wiggled her ass crack and got to the first floor.

He was out there alright. He was standing there…all 6’1” of his body. Skinny and proper looking he smiled brightly when he saw her He walked up swiftly and hugged her and added to that a kiss on her cheek. “Hiiiii, how are you?” he asked. She said she was fine. “Good…good,” he told her. “Get in, alright. I wanted to talk to you about something.”

He told her what he was thinking about. “What do you think?” he said.

She whipped her head around. “Really…you really mean that Derrick? You…you want to make love with me?” She was in awe of his suggestion. She couldn’t believe he said what he did. He told her, first and foremost, that he liked her and possibly loved her more then he realized it. And so he wanted to make love with her. Can they spend the day together on Saturday maybe?

“Can I let you know…by Tuesday?” she asked.

“Ohhhhhhh sure…sure you can,” he said with a bright and hopeful smile.

They pulled away from the curb. They had a nice time together but throughout the night she thought about Natalie. She thought about the passion she shared with Natalie as the two of them kissed more then passionately. It was wild. It was crazy. It was hot. It was more then she ever bargained for she felt. God…she’d do it over and over with Natalie she told herself if that was the way it was always going to be.

And to her surprise it was.

It was Monday. She had a two hour break between her next class and now. She took a break from focusing on her classwork. She was walking down the hallway at school. All of a sudden something…someone touched her hand.

It was Natalie’s hand. “Come on,” Natalie said, quietly. “Follow me, alright?”

Natalie had found this furnace room earlier in the day. There were two rooms too. One was for the school. One was for the priests. Natalie led her into the furnace room for the priests. It was empty and it was relatively quiet. She turned this way. She walked down another few feet. She turned to the left and walked down another few feet.

“Here,” Natalie said. “Come over here.”

It surprised the living heck out of Chloe. There was a bed. There were pillows. There were even covers on the bed too. Chloe stopped dead in her tracks. Natalie turned and looked at Chloe. Once she did she smiled. She sat down on the bed and extended her hand so that she was reaching out to Chloe.

“Come on…sit down,” she said quietly again. She patted the mattress beside her.

“But…but were in school Natalie,” Chloe said.

“Awwww come on Chloe,” Natalie said whispering. “Let’s have some fun together. Sit down with me,” she said in a tone of voice which suggested she wanted to play around.

Chloe hesitated but eventually sat down next to Natalie. As soon as she did she felt it. That erotic energy so to speak peaked up out of nowhere. That heat and energy within her exploded down by her toes and “bloomed” up through her legs, passed through her thighs, up into her stomach, and before Chloe realized it she was feeling it into her nipples as well.”

“Oh my…God,” she said as a result of it all.

Natalie watched as it occurred. Natalie smiled as she watched her friend’s body and all her mannerisms as well. In a friendly sweet tone of voice she asked “Are you alright?” All of a sudden she leaned in slowly. Natalie kissed Chloe on her lips, softly. Of course Chloe liked it and Natalie knew she did so Natalie kissed her again on her lips. “I want you Chloe,” she said. “I want you badly!”

It happened again. They pulled one another into their bodies and once they did each kissed one another passionately. Once again Natalie’s hand found its way underneath Chloe’s leg. She palmed her upper thigh and squeezed it. The passion grew feverishly and as a result Natalie’s hand slid up a little closer into Chloe’s ass and pussy. She pushed and she petted and she found a hole she liked.

However, it wasn’t her pussy she found. It was Chloe’s ass hole she was poking into. “Oh uhhh no uh Natalie,” she said as she pulled herself away from her good friend. She breathed hard as she told her she didn’t want Natalie to pluck at her ass’ hole. As much as Natalie pushed at it in truth Chloe kind of liked it although she wasn’t saying that. “I like uhhh,” but she wouldn’t allow herself to say what she felt. The erotic passion she felt towards Natalie and how they kissed one another was a little different then Natalie poking her butt hole. It was erotic but it was unusual too.

She looked at Natalie. “Maybe another time Natalie,” she said. “I don’t know about doing that. I mean yeah I love kissing you and yeah, I love making love to you too, but this isn’t the place for any of that. Okay?” she said.

Natalie smiled and said okay. Again, Chloe had to fix up her clothing. She looked around. Then she said “How’d you find this place anyway?”

“I heard someone talk about it a little earlier so I looked into it,” Natalie said proudly.

The two looked at one another, smiling, and wanting to go at it almost all day long with one another. But each of them knew they had classes to attend to and their burning desire, and that possible love for each other would have to wait until another time. They kissed, quickly, and hugged one another swiftly as well and they held hands until they exited the furnace room and just after they fixed their clothing up as well.

That evening, she couldn’t wait until she was home. Natalie had things she had to do. Chloe was burning up for some attention and Derrick wasn’t around that night either. “Ohhhhhh my freaking God!” Oh God…I wish she or even Derrick was home,” Chloe ranted in her apartment. Seeing as neither was around and seeing as Chloe was all alone as well Chloe did something she rarely ever did.

She started to masturbate. First, she envisioned her and Natalie making love together. Then it was her and Derrick. Then it was her and Natalie again. And it switched back and forth as she finger fucked herself and grabbed hold of her boobs and petted them or pinched them too. Before she knew it she was coming. She had orgasmed. Life was grand and as far as Natalie was concerned well…

She heard a knock at her door.

She pulled herself together and went to answer it. Natalie was smiling. She wore a smile from ear to ear. “What’s going on?” Chloe asked.

“I met someone. He’s kind of like Derrick. He’s tall like him…” and she went on to describe him to her. Chloe was excited to hear the news. “And he was asking me all about my work and stuff too. It was soooo neat Chloe,” she said.

They sat down and talked about him. Chloe was happy for her good friend, and lover, and wanted to know more. Then she let the cat out of the bag. “I masturbated tonight,” Chloe said to Natalie. It was very interesting to Natalie and Chloe explained. “First it was you. Then it was Derrick. I switched off and before I knew it I was coming. Ohhhhhh Natalie, it was soooo much fun to do that,” Chloe said.

“I missed it?” said Natalie. “Darn it,” she said. I wish I was here.” She paused a moment and then said “I love making love to you. You know that, right?”

“We could do it together you know,” Chloe said. “Like this weekend. I’m going to be with Derrick on Friday night. We’re going to do something special.” She went on to explain what was going to happen. Natalie was “happy” for Chloe. But she was also a little jealous of her too.

Chloe, who was in a chair, stood up, and moved over to the couch. She sat down next to Natalie. As soon as Chloe did she felt those feelings again. Chloe took on the role which normally Natalie took on. Before Natalie realized it, Chloe’s hands were all over Natalie’s body. Chloe’s hands climbed here and climbed there also. Her hands were on Natalie’s crotch as well as petting and pinching Natalie’s boobs. Natalie found it exciting. Natalie pushed herself, as the two kissed madly, into Chloe’s body, and Chloe fell back in to the side of the couch. Natalie was on top of her friend and the two of them were kissing and before Natalie realized it they were making love to one another, wildly.

Before either knew it, Chloe’s clothes came off her body. First was her top. Then her bottoms came off. Chloe had no bra on and to Natalie’s delight Chloe’s wonderful looking boobs showed all their luster. Seeing as she didn’t have on a bra, Natalie went after them and began kissing her best friends bosoms.

All of a sudden both of their bodies were naked as could be. Lust filled the air as one and then the other climbed the other’s bodies. Desire filled their souls and as it did hands and each one’s bodies pulled at the other so that it looked as if they could not get enough of one another all of a sudden.

They rolled off the couch. Their bodies hit the floor. The kissing and love making kept up the pace. Neither stopped the other as lust filled their souls throughout the escapade. Natalie’s hands were all over Chloe’s soft and curvy figure.

Pulling at her, she finally went down on Chloe. Natalie’s head was inside Chloe’s legs. Her tongue was going at Chloe’s pussy lips. Before Chloe knew it the tongue was inside her pussy. It dug madly and had Chloe orgasming. Then her tongue soon slid out and Natalie went for it all. She went in again and dug hard. She kept at it and soon had her good friend Chloe coming again.

And then they reversed their roles. Chloe returned the favor. She did the same thing to Natalie. Having switched positions, Chloe ate out her best friend’s cunt. Natalie shrieked and uttered dirty remarks but as she did she found she loved it just the same.

Both went at each other and both came wonderfully. Both enjoyed one another’s and each other’s soft comforting body. Neither ever remotely thought something like this was ever possible. But they loved it and both of them came.

Seeing as the two were close, close friends they agreed this was always going to be their little secret forever and ever. On the floor, naked with one another, they looked into the other’s eyes, and the two smiled.

“This is between you and me…right?” Chloe asked.

“Right,” said Natalie. “I love you…you know that, right?”

Chloe looked at her best friend and smiled. She nodded and kissed Natalie’s lips.

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