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The ugly truth and the camcorder.

Finding out just what kind of a man Mark was and Laura admits the truth.

With my hand shaking I reached out and turned the handle of the door and braced myself for what was to come. I expected shouting or at the very least tears. I was surprised to see Launa sitting at he table in the kitchen looking calm, her hands wrapped around a mug of coffee. "Come and sit down," Launa beckoned.

I seated myself on the chair opposite hers trying to hide my anxiety.

"What's up"? I asked.

"I can't do this any more"! Launa blurted out, before breaking down into a sob. "I'm going out of my mind".

I shifted in my chair.

"What do you mean, what's wrong"?

Launa struggled to get the words out.

"I don't love him Justine, I just don't love him any more."

My eyes stood out on stalks, but the relief of realising my secret was safe brought me back down to earth. I got up and walked over to Launa and knelt down on the floor next to her and put my hand on her thigh.

"It's OK, everything is going to be OK," I soothed.

"You don't understand Justine... I'm in love with someone else...I'm in love with you!"

My mouth fell open. I had been expecting to come over and have my eyes scratched out and was now being told I was loved!


I couldn't speak. Nobody had ever told me they loved me before, and now the woman I had idolized and adored since I was 15 was looking at me through tear soaked eyes waiting for a response. There were no words, it had been a game until now. All the sneaking around and telling my mother I was babysitting but coming over here to have mind blowing sex with Launa and Mark had just been like a dream, but this was real, this was a real adult situation. I may have been 18 and a legal adult, but I felt far from it. Looking back at it now, I was just a kid playing at grown ups.

I couldn't help it, Launa declaring her love for me made my heart flip! I slid my fingers into Launa's beautiful long, soft hair and pulled her face towards mine and kissed her deeply. She took my face in her hands and we stood up in one fluid motion. Walking as we still kissed we discarded each others clothes and hurried up stairs. We fell down together onto her bed and rolled around in passion, kissing and caressing each other. Launa's skin was always so soft. I ran my hands over her stunning breasts as she inhaled deeply. We flipped over and Launa was on top of me, her nipples touching mine as we ground our hips together. Launa began the decent down my now sweat shimmering body, her hair stroking my breasts as she tickled my stomach with her tongue. She kept going until she reached my aching crotch and planted kisses on the inside of my thighs as she gently pushed my legs apart. I threw my arms above my head and nearly exploded with anticipation of what she was about to do.

The feel of Launa's warm, wet tongue hitting my clit was sensational. Making her tongue rigid she darted it in and out of my creamy hole and it responded by twitching and aching even more. I opened my legs wider and reached my hand down into her hair and pushed her face harder into me as I rocked my hips. I was going to explode but it was too soon. I wanted it to last foreveI stopped her and turned myself around so that I could do for her what she was doing for me. In the 69 position on with me on top I buried my face in her sweet, slippery pussy and sucked on her clit, ever so gently at first, only stopping briefly every once in a while to take a long lick from her slippery entrance to the top of her clit. My mouth was coated in her sweet tasting come as I pressed my tongue hard against her clit and shook my head, she responded by pushing her face into me harder and inserting two fingers. I did the same, shadowing every move she made, slowly at first but then speeding up the thrusts of our fingers we went into a frenzy of licking and finger fucking each other.

Launa started to pant in the familiar way that let me know she was about to come so I let go and let myself come too. We both rocked and arched in unison as our orgasms took over. Launa's whole pussy pulsated against my face and just the smallest of squirts of her come soaked the palm of my hand. I however could always be counted upon for a water fall and Launa's fingers were soon sloshing around as the last throbs of climax ebbed away.

We both fell back and just laid there for a while looking at the each other and regaining our breath. At that moment I was truly happy. Until now it felt like we had just been fucking but now, with Launa I felt what it was like to make love. Sex with feelings was even better than what I had experienced before, and at that moment I knew and I said it out loud..., "I love you too Launa".

We stayed in bed all afternoon just talking and kissing but eventually the subject had to come up.

"What do we do now"? I asked.

"I have to leave him" Launa replied. "What ever happens next with you and me, I can't stay in this sham with Mark but I'm trapped".

Launa went on to explain how that the money Mark earned as his job as a web advisor went to paying for the house, the bills, childcare and so on, while Launa's wages from her part time job in the travel agents went into their joint account to be saved up for holidays and such like.

"I need time to save up some money of my own. I'll open another account and put some money by and raise what ever I can elsewhere. I know my father will help me out, he's hated Mark since he cheated on me the first time." 

"The first time?" I shouted.

It all came out, Launa began telling me how a year after they married Mark had had an affair with a young woman from work. She had kept finding clues such as the seat of his car being adjusted, strange numbers on his phone and once a woman had called and hung up when Launa answered the phone, but how she caught him out hit me like a reality sledge hammer.

"I found a video tape," she explained. "He brought that slut to our house, had her tied up on the bed and filmed himself fucking her!"

I wanted to throw up. I felt dizzy and angry and sick all at once. That bastard! It was all I could do not to burst into tears in front of Launa, but I had to keep it together. Launa had left him back then and gone to stay with her father down in Colchester about 30 miles from here, but Mark managed to talk her around and begged her to come back, and that's when she fell pregnant with their son.

"He did it again of course," she continued. "The sex starved pig started screwing around again when I went off sex after the birth for a while, but then I had the baby to think about and believed him when he said he would never do it again. But I know the bastard is at it again. He thinks that I believe he changed the sheets on the bed yesterday because he spilt coffee on them!"

My mind raced, what was I going to do now?

I made my excuses and left. I promised to call Launa later to talk about what we were going to do next and made my way home. Straight up to my room I slammed the door behind me.

"Bastard, bastard, bastard," I whispered to myself.

I couldn't believe how naive I'd been, how stupid I was for playing Mark's twisted little game. I had to speak to him, maybe he didn't film me, maybe everything would be fine. I had a sick feeling in my stomach that I was wrong.

I sat in my bedroom window and waited to see Mark's shiny black BMW pull into their drive. Anger welled up inside me and all I could think of was striding over the road and taking a hammer to it! I breathed slowly to calm myself down and planned what I was going to say. It started to get dark and I saw the light come on in the spare room that Mark always used to play guitar and work out in so new this was my chance to get him alone. I hit the send button on my phone and his began to ring.

"Hey sweet cheeks," Mark answered.

"Um hi Mark, look there's something I need to tell you," I said.

"Oh Christ, you're not pregnant are you?"

"No, no of course not," I replied. "Look, I can't see you any more, I'm sorry."

"What are you talking about?" Mark asked.

"I just cant, OK, it's getting too complicated and I don't need this right now with college starting next month. I have to concentrate on my studies plus I'll be moving away anyway, so what's the point?"

"Of course there's a fucking point," Mark barked at me. "You'll be a 20 minute drive away, and if you can't come and visit us then I can drive down to see you on weekends, and we can go to hotels, guest houses, what ever you want."

"I can't Mark, it's not fair on Launa and it's not fair on me. I need someone of my own, a proper relationship not just mindless fucking when ever I can get it," I said.

"You can't do this to me, you don't understand what its like living here with HER. She's a miserable cow. The only time she cracks a smile is when she knows your coming over, but when we go to bed she's like a frigid old bitch and,"....

I stopped him mid sentence. Hearing him talk about Launa like that made my blood boil.

"Well maybe she wouldn't be if you had kept your dick in your pants and not screwed around all these years!"

"So this is what's its all about then, old frosty knickers been telling tales has she?" Mark snapped.

"Yes she has as it happens, and I for one can't be a part of doing it to her again, I care too much for her. It's over Mark, I won't be coming over to see you again." I huffed.

"Oh but I think you will," Mark said in a menacing tone. "I really think you will.".

"Dream on Mark. You're not the sexy, charming guy I thought you were, you make me sick.I want nothing more to do with you." I was starting to raise my voice at him.

"Think again gir,l unless you want everyone to see the disc I have hidden away of your little performance yesterday!" Mark was now whispering.

My blood ran cold. I hung up the phone.

Days passed and I ignored all the messages from Launa, asking what was wrong and begging me to talk to her. Would he really do it? Would he show the video of me letting him tie me up and ram his cock in my mouth? I was seething with anger, but the feeling that took over the most was the anguish of Launa finding out. I couldn't lose her now. I was in love for the first time. Every part of me longed to be with her, to touch her and feel her body naked next to mine. She would hate me forever if she knew.

I had to come up with a plan. I sent a message to Launa saying that I was sorry I'd not called, and that I had needed time to think but not to worry. I would come over and see her as soon as I could. I ended the message with "I love you." It was then time to call Mark.

"What is it going to take for that video to disappear and to get you out of my life?"

"Come over tomorrow, 2 o'clock and I'll hand it over once you have done me one small favour." And he hung up.

I hardly slept at all that night. What favour? What could he possibly want from me? All sorts of things passed through my mind, I was frightened of what he was capable of. Not of him being violent or anything like that, but I had learned the hard way that Mark was a sick man. How sick though?


I pushed my lunch around my plate the next day. I felt sick with anxiety not knowing what the day was going to bring. At 1:45 my phone beeped with a text from Mark. 

"Launa has gone to work, be here in 15."

I can't even remember walking over the road, or letting myself in the back door. All I can remember is being called up stairs and walking into Mark and Launa's bedroom, to find Mark perched on the end of the bed. He wasn't alone.............................

The final part coming soon.

Part 5-The things I will do for love. x

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