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The waiting room

Waiting for the docters made more then pleasant - Written with lustmaven7
The story of Chloe and Ellen continues. I am Chloe, I am 5 ft 8 inches tall and have shoulder long brown curly hair and brown eyes. Ellen is a 6 ft brunette with dark brown eyes and shoulder long black hair.

I am sitting in the waiting room of my physician to get a monthly check up, absently reading the magazines lying around. My mind wandered off in a daydream about what happened a couple of weeks ago at my office. I couldn’t get around the fact that one minute I was talking to Ellen and the next she came through the door. What happened after is still somewhat hazy for me. But of one thing I am absolutely sure, after this I feel she can do anything with me, I’ll be just fine with it. She has me hooked; she has become my heroin, my poison.

A whiff of sweet perfume brings me back to the waiting room. I look up and stare straight into those steel blue eyes I have come to ache for so much. She must have seen the shock on my face because on her otherwise blank face a faint smile appeared.

With difficulty I brake eye contact and look back down into my magazine and wonder how she knew I was here, because no matter what, this is no coincidence.

My eyes go back up slowly to drink in the sight of her completely. She is ravishing as ever, completely dressed in black. She is wearing black leather ankle boots with 6-inch high heels, a black tight skirt going just below her ass cheeks. Her legs are crossed so I could not discern whether she was wearing any panties or not. Her black leather vest is open, so I can clearly see her tits perking through her black tank top, which shows enough cleavage to make a prostitute blush.

My eyes go up and I see her smile broaden, she locks my gaze with hers, I cannot look away no more. She winks at me and motions me to look down.

I comply and look down as she uncrosses her legs, I just have to look. My heart starts racing and my breath becomes heavier. She is clearly not wearing any panties, but I see something with a silvery shine glistening.

She must have noticed my great surprise because I see her grinning at me. I feel my cheeks burning; they must be blood red. I become nervous and start shifting on my seat. When the person sitting next to me is called in, she immediately jumps up and takes the seat next to me with a magazine to read.

“It’s a metallic butt plug with a vibrating function,” she whispers from behind the magazine.

I look at her from the corner of my eyes and my jaw drops.

“It’s remote controlled,” she continues.

Now I really get uneasy and start to shift on my seat a lot.

“Want to play with it?” she asks and drops the remote into my hands.

I catch it like it is something very hot and burning, and shift even more on my seat. People must be thinking I have to pee but I do not dare to go.

Then as if she can read my mind she says out loud, “If you have to go, the restroom is over there, I’ll guard your place!”

I look over to her somewhat surprised and uneasy, mutter, “Thank you” get up and go to the restroom.

When I look back at her she throws me a wink, which makes my heart jump and pussy drip.

I close the door of the restroom and lean against it to look around. There are two open stalls and a large marble-set sink. Above the sink the whole wall was one mirror, I saw myself reflected, white shirt, short skirt and my legs going down all the way to my heels.

I get into a stall, pull down my panties and start to pee. As I am absently playing with the remote when I suddenly hear the door of the restroom open and I realize I left my stall door open.

Just as I try to close the door from the toilet seat, Ellen her head pops around the entrance. My hand freezes mid air and my jaw drops, again.

Shocked I stammer, “My seat, what…”

My tongue freezes as she shushes me with a finger on my lips.

“You still have my remote darling.” she says and puts one leg up on the water basin of the toilet, exposing her pussy, clit and ass to my face.

I open my mouth and close it again as my eyes fix on the beautiful sight in front of me. The silvery thing is indeed a metallic butt plug.

Next to the plug there is a plastic o-ring dangling from a small rope and from the plug a black wire disappears between her luscious pussy lips.

“Are going to do something with it dear?” she asks me coyly.

As awakened from a dream I suddenly remember the remote and start pushing buttons, not knowing what I am doing. Suddenly Ellen goes limp at once grabbing me firmly to stay on her feet. Her moans make my pussy drip even more.

“I’m sorry about that, I panicked,” I say and turn it back down.

“Turn it to about 3.”

I comply and I hear a faint buzzing sound from both her pussy and her ass. I feel the plug and sense it vibrating gently and then I follow the black wire and slide my middle finger between her wet folds. There I feel it is connected to some kind of vibrating egg.

“My ass and pussy are stimulated but my clit starts to feel left out hun, would you take the honors?” she asks me rather sternly.

I glide my tongue over her clit, softly at first. Soon she grabs my head and starts grinding her pussy and clit into me.

“Your clit is stiffening baby,” I say with my mouth full.

I start sucking on it and let it popping in and out of my mouth. She starts moaning and breathing heavily.

I am slightly turning up the speed on the remote and she starts to push into me harder now. I begin to nibble on your clit, lightly biting it. My fingers roam her now glistening pussy and start running around her plug, feeling the O-ring dangling from her ass.

“What is this O-ring for baby?” I ask

“Slowly pull on it, but please don’t stop nibbling my clit”

I start pulling until it becomes somewhat harder to pull at it.

Then you quickly say, “Pull it out but make sure the plug stays in!”

I nod and put my other fingers on the plug to keep it in place as I tug harder on the O-ring until a black ball pops out from next to the plug. My pussy is throbbing and dripping juices into the toilet. I continue to nibble and suck on her clit and pussy lips with a ferocious hunger.

“Hmmm, yes please continue!” she moans deeply.

I rip my shirt open putting my tits on full display. I keep on tugging and one by one the beads pop out. On every bead she bucks and grinds her pussy into my mouth and nose, almost losing it every time. When the 7 th and last bead pops out I feel her muscles pull together. With a loud scream she starts gushing all over my face. I try to drink it all up but it is so much I nearly drown in it. It starts dripping over my tits and streaming between them down over my belly and in my skirt. I feel her juices dripping off my pussy lips and into the toilet.

“Now get up dear, your turn!” she says firmly.

I do as I am told and get up, she takes my place on the toilet and pulls my nipples down to her mouth sucking them in one by one until they are rock hard. Then she lets her tongue trail down my belly while her hands glide up my legs to halt on my ass cheeks. Her head disappears under my skirt and she pushes her mouth on my pussy, lapping and sucking heavenly.

She takes the beads from my hands and places the first on my tight ass sphincter. With a soft plop it is sucked in my eager ass. I buck my hips and grab her hair pushing my pussy into her face with a scream.

She answers by pulling my ass cheeks open and popping in the second bead. All the while she continues to nibble and suck on my clit and pussy lips. She is lapping and drinking my gushing juices.

Each time a bead pops in my ass I nearly collapse and lose it, I steady myself with my hands up in her hair.

“I don’t know if I can take them all, it’s so tight, “ I whimper to her.

“Hmm, sure you can,” she replies and continues to pleasure my pussy and asshole.

I whimper and say, “Ok baby, keep going, don’t stop.”

“You can even handle more from what I can see.”

“Oh ya? Tell me what u see, “ I reply moaning.

“I see that your ass is tight but deep hun, you’ll see and feel you can take it all, and more.”

After the fifth bead she shoves her middle finger in pushing the beads further in.

“Let me keep your ass all wet hun,” she says as she turns me around and she starts eating out my ass.

This feels insanely good, I start moaning and whimpering non-stop now.

With her tongue, she works in the last two beads and pushes them further in. I feel so full now and my pussy is gushing juice. They are trickling down my thighs.

She laps up everything from my thighs and rims me from my clit over my pussy to my ass. Suddenly she buries her tongue in my pussy and sucks it nearly dry then stands up and kisses me deeply on my mouth. My own juice is flowing in my mouth, tasting so divine.

“See that you could take them all baby,” she coyly says to me.

“Hmm yes,” I answer ecstatically.

She starts to nibble on my ear whispering, “It’s not over yet.”

I look at her as she bends down and pulls out the egg and the plug. She puts the egg on my mound and pushes it between my lips. It slides in so easily.

Then she takes the plug and I shake my head.

“Relax,” she says and I comply. Again, the plug slides in like nothing and as my sphincter closes around the base of it she turns them both on max.

“Now drown me,” she orders me as she opens her mouth and encloses my entire pussy with it.

Within seconds my body convulses and I start squirting heavily. Steadily she swallows it all, not a droplet is lost. I collapse on her mouth and she holds me up with my ass cheeks. I am spent; she puts me down on the toilet gently. She drops the remote in my lap and says, “I think you need some rest my love.”

She closes the stall door and I hear her wash up and leave the restroom.

When I finally have the strength to get up and put my panties and blouse back on I hear my phone bleeping. I read her text saying, “Wear my toys all day dear, they are yours now. You should come visit me some time…”

I feel my full ass and pussy; I smile and walk out the stall. I wash up and when I enter the waiting room it is just my turn to see the doctor.

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