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The woman who changed my world

This is the true story of when I actually gave in to my feelings for women
It was during my first college semester when my feelings for women really started heating up. I had doubled up on classes in high school, and took college credit courses (yes....there is such a thing as a smart blond) and I had started college early. This would be my first time away from home, but I was excited to begin my life.

I have always had adult mentality, even at a young age. I knew what I wanted and knew I would succeed professionally and finacially. I had a great group of friends, both male and female, and they were all supportive and encouraging. However, sexually, I found women a little more attractive then men. This was something that I did not let anyone know. I did go on dates with guys (I guess as many dates as a 16-17 year old would at the time)....but I found I was in a state of confusion.

The hot men, all they wanted was to get in my pants and had trouble with holding a conversation. And those who had higher IQ's, couldn't speak a lick, and physically they weren't attractive to me. I know, it's all stereotypical, but that's how it been for this country girl. Women on the other hand, they were appealing to me either way! I remember staring at one friend of mine in class one day. She looked as if she was daydreaming about something sexual. Her breathes were quivering, she was rocking in her chair, her nipples were hardened and pointing through her blouse. It was then that I knew how much I loved women.

Now, let's fast forward to when I was off to college. I wasn't quite the "party" type. I was social, could hold my own, but "keg stand queen" I was not. My first few weeks at college had me settling in. Getting used to being away from home. Focusing on getting great grades. I read alot, and didn't go out for more than picking up groceries and food. I had started making friends with those in my classes and in my dorm. One in particular, Katie, was in a couple of classes and lived a floor above me. She was a beautiful girl. Long slender legs, auburn hair, great skin (that's where I got the idea for Hemp oil and Shea butter for me to use), and she had a smile to die for. I was instantly attracted to her. She gave no indication to me that she also preferred women. She was a class act. Katie and I ended up becoming best of friends, and eventually rooming together. She would come over and we would study together, and of course talk about life in general, and maybe share a bottle (or 2 or 3) of wine.

However, it wasn't until the weekend before Halloween that things took a great turn. Surprisingly, Katie suggested we go out to a party. A dress-up party, with it being Halloween time. I thought "Why not". Not having much to dress-up as, we settled for a quick, cute outfit of all black, mouse ears headband, black nose, and whiskers. We looked great....especially Katie. We had a great time a the local frat houses. Jumping from one to another, surprisingly not having to pay and allowed to jump ahead in line.

We had met up with a couple of classmates and hung out for most of the night. We were constantly being hit on by the "All Brawn, No Brain" crowd. But it was one instance that really took me back.

As Katie was approached by one good looking fella, they spoke for a few minutes, knowing each other from a class, he asked her if he could take her out some night. It was what Katie said next that I remember to this day. She responded, "I'm really sorry, but as you can see, I'm not really your type. I'm with Jan here".

As he walked away, Katie turned to me with a devilish smile. All I could say was, "Hey, a line like that should work every time".

With which Katie responded, "When it's the truth, then yes it should".

As Kate looked me in the eyes, I knew instantly we would be together. She told me that she didn't know how to tell me, but she was quickly relieved when I told her how I feel about her. With that, Katie took my hand, and asked if I wanted to leave. I wasn't going to say no. She told me she had something planned for me. Something that she put together a while ago, but was always waiting for the right time. And that time was now. With that we left for her dorm room. She had me wait outside her door for a couple of minutes because she needed to set things up inside.

Katie then asked me to come into her room. As I walked in I was greeted by the smell of fresh cut roses and candle light. I saw a path of rose petals leading to her bedroom and bathroom. There were roses petals strewed across the bed and in tub.

Then I could feel her standing behind me her arms pulled me close to her. Her hand pulling my hair to one side so she can place gentle kisses on my neck. Her hands grasped the bottom of my shirt and lifted it up over my head. Then she unzipped my pants, and allowed them to fall to the floor.

I looked into the mirror, watched as she moved her hands across my body. Katie's own hard nipples pressed against my back and my panties began getting wet from the excitement. Then all of sudden she place a blindfold over my eyes.

The next thing I knew I was on the bed. The rose petals felt like crushed velvet against my skin. Her hands moved like silk across my body. My body trembled as she kissed my lips, neck, and body. She unfastened my bra then took a breast into her mouth. I was gasping as she gently sucked my breast then moved down my body with gentle kisses. She put her fingers on the edges of my panties and gently pulled them off.

Once I was naked she led me to the tub still blindfolded. I could smell the roses, strawberries, and champagne. I could feel the bubbles against my skin as she had me get into the water. It felt wonderful like she knew how I like the temperture of the water. She began to pull my hair up so that it wouldn’t get wet. I could feel that she was sitting behind me.

She began to wash my back and I wanted to lean back against her and feel her naked body against mine. Then it was like Katie could read my mind. She pulled me against her to wash my front. She turned my head so she could kiss me. I didn’t want this feeling to end and I could take no more. I turned around, draped my arms around her neck and with the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced, I was in deep love. She removed my blindfold, and I finally got to place my eyes on her true beauty.

Her breasts were perfect, about the same size as mine. Her curves were to die for. But what really got me was the inner lips of ver pussy. They were longer than those I have ever seen before, peeking out from her nicely trimmed pubic hair. She told me how she was embarrassed about the length of them, but I loved them and let her know.

We moved to her bed, and I returned the lovingness that she had given me earlier. I made my way to her pussy, and concentrated on taking those long lips in my mouth and rolling about them with my tongue.

All night long, we took turns exploring each others bodies. Getting to know each others likes and pleasures. Bringing each other to fantastic orgasms, something that we never had experienced with another person. This was the first time that either of us had given in to our desire for a woman. And both of us have enjoyed each other ever since.

I hope you enjoyed the story of Katie and I. Maybe I'll post another one soon of our experiences.

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