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The World of Sexcraft 2

Tags: fantasy

Cara heads back to the Inn. She is tired and knows she has a long journey ahead of her. The kings words echo in her head. She will be leaving the Kingdoms soon heading into some very dangerous places, but first a good night’s sleep is in order she thinks as she walks back into the Inn.

As she enters the Inn she sees Sean talking with the Innkeeper and she cant believe her eyes it is Tika. She looks around for Drake thinking they are never far apart but doesn’t see him. As she gets closer she overhears Sean saying,

“Don’t tell Cara she will have my hide if she knows I didn’t keep my eye on the elf.”

“Little late now drawf.” Tika replies nodding her heads to Cara.

Cara’s eyes narrow as she looks between Tika and Sean.

“Shit... uh Cara listen everything is fine.”

“What is going on?” Cara asks trying to be calm.

“The elf she was hurt but Drake and Tika took care of her.” Seans tells her.

“Hurt what happened?”

“I don’t know I just came out and overheard Tika asking about the elf.”

“Just came out? Did you already bed Carol?” Cara asks a slight smile on her face.

“Well you know Carol and I go way back.” Sean replies with a small smirk.

Cara sees Carol back to work and asks her to bring food up to the room for Myra and herself.

“ I am going to head up and talk to this night elf and find out what is going on here. And then we need to talk about what the King needs of me and us if you guys are willing. Tika you and Drake going to be here a while?” Cara asks

“Yeah we planned on staying here a few days to rest and recoup.” She tells Cara.

“Well if you agree to go with me you will need all the rest you can get.” Cara tells her as she heads up the stairs.

She sees Drake standing outside the room and walks up to him.

“Hey Drake the elf ok?”

“Yeah she is good, had a nasty knife wound but it healed up just fine she is resting now. What are you doing here?”

“Ah you know me if there is trouble it is sure to find me. Thank you for helping her Drake.”

“No problem Cara I am always happy to help out.”

“That you are Drake and speaking of that I have a mission I could use you and Tika on. The king has asked me to get a small group of people together I can trust. And who better than you, Tika, and Sean.”

“Of course Cara you know we are always ready to lend a hand. Anything to stop the spread of this evil.”

“Good man Drake. I knew I could count on you. Now go relax with your woman for a while. I will speak more to everyone tomorrow.” Cara tells him.

“Will do Cara.” Drake tells her heading down to the common area.

Drake looks around and see Tika and Sean huddled together in the corner and walks over towards them calling for a beer as he goes.

“So did Cara give tell you two what is going on?” Drake asks settling in the chair next to Tika.

“No just a mission from the king. I think she does this shit on purpose to leave us wondering what is going on.” Sean says.

The waitress arrives with more drinks for all and sets them on the table. They all take a long gulp and Drake says,

“Does it matter? As long as it helps to end this war I don’t care what the mission is.”

“Your right Drake it doesn’t. So what have you two been up to since I have seen you last? “ Sean asks.

The three settle into their conversation quickly getting caught up on each others lives. They have known each other for years now. Their paths crossing many times as the war has carried each of them all over the lands. Each having saved the other’s lives more times than they care to think about.

Cara slowly enters the room and sees the night elf sleeping on the bed. Katt her cat is on the floor beside the bed. Katt’s head jerks up at the warlock’s entrance but settles back down when he sees it is just Cara.

Good to know the cat trusts me now the lock thinks as she starts to take off some of her gear. Her staff she leans against the table her wand she sets next to it. She takes her long leather coat off and sits in the chair.

She looks at the sleeping night elf again and thinks how beautiful she is. The blue hair and long slender neck. Cara can’t help but imagine what it would be like to kiss that neck. She bends down and starts taking her boots off.

Myra looks over and sees Cara taking her boots off giving her a look at the lock’s cleavage. Myra smiles her own thoughts of kissing forming in her head. She watches as Cara takes her other boot off before speaking not wanting to ruin the view.

“Hi there.”

“Hi your awake. I am sorry I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“No no your fine. I am starving. “ She tells her sitting up.

There is a knock at the door and Cara says,

“Already taken care of.”

Cara gets up opening the door and Carol walks in with food. She sets it down on the table and looking at the night elf and then tells Cara says softly under her breath,

“You be good.” Knowing given the chance the warlock was going to have the poor night elf for desert.

“Always.” Cara replies giving Carol a wink.

“Enjoy if you need anything you know where I am.”

“Thank you Carol. Good night.”

Cara and Myra sit at the table not talking much as both are more hungry than they realize. Each stealing glaces at the other when they can.

Cara notices how delicate the elf appears making her more and more attractive to her. Her skin looks so soft to the warlock. She knows there is steal beneath the surface of most elves she has met and wonders if the same is true here.

After a few moments of silence while they eat Cara asks Myra,

“Why didn’t you tell anyone you were hurt?”

“I didnt want to cause any trouble you were so kind to help me and I was afraid to say anything.” Myra replies wondering if the warlock believes her.

 Truth be told she was afraid someone would recognize the birthmark but apparently the man who healed her didn’t see it or didn’t recognize it for what it was. So far she was safe at least she hopes so.

“Well I am just glad you are ok Myra.” Cara tells her looking into her green eyes.

“Me too.” She replies looking away from the lock.

 Cara watches as Myra picks up a piece of fruit and slowly and seductively she puts it in her mouth then licks the juice off her fingers. Cara smiles and seeing some of the juice dripping down Myra’s chin takes her finger and wipes it off then licking her own finger thinking two can play at this game.

They stare at each other for a moment and then continue to make small talk as they finish up their meal. Cara can tell Myra is being vague about where she is from and who she is but she thinks to each their own we all have our secrets. As she clears the table she tells Myra,

“ I am going to take this downstairs.”

She quickly slips her boots and jacket back on grabbing her wand and staff. In these times she never goes far without those. Cara heads down the stairs and gives the dishes to a passing waitress. She see her friends sitting at the table laughing and having a good time. She smiles thinking good if they come with me they wont have much to laugh about in the coming days.

“Cara come here.” Sean says looking up and seeing her.

Cara walks over and joins them, Seeing that the three of them have had more than a few drinks while she was away.

“So tell us what is the plan.” Tika asks.

“The usual...We shall face insurmountable odds... certain death will loom around every bend...blood and bloodshed shall follow in our footsteps... death will be all around us. You know like any other mission we get sent on.” Cara tells them with a laugh.

“Sweet, when do we leave?” Sean asks.

“As soon as we can book passage to the Tundra.” Cara.

“Damn we better dress warm.” Tika replies.

“I know a captain would sails there often. In fact I think he is here somewhere. I will find him tomorrow and see when he next leaves for the Tundra.” Drake says.

“Great I am going to head to bed see you guys tomorrow.” Cara

“Good luck with the night elf.” Sean says with a smirk causing the trio to laugh out loud.

“Whatever.” Cara replies waving her hand at them.

She heads back up the stairs thinking am I that easy to read.

Cara knocks on the door,

“Myra it is me Cara."

“Come in."

She walks back in the room and the night elf is standing at the window looking out towards the bay she turns and looks at Cara saying,

“Hello. I didnt know if you were coming back or not.”

“Hi.” Cara replies.

 Cara just stands there looking at her for a moment. Myra has changed into a thin nightgown that is almost see through but not quite. The breeze from the window causing the gown and her hair to move to and fro.

“You look stunning.” Is all she can say.

“ Thank you. ”

“There are no other rooms available we will be sharing this one if that is ok?”

Myra smiles and says,

“That is more than ok with me.”

And the look that goes with that smile and statement leaves no doubt in Cara’s mind that Myra is as attracted to her as she is to her. Myra goes about setting her gear down once again. Faster now though her staff falls to the ground her wand she tosses on the table and the jacket is off in a flash.
She walks up to Myra and takes her in her arms and kisses her bottom lip first then the top before her tongues slides in her mouth tasting her. Her hands rub up and down Myra’s back, down to her ass she squeezes slightly pulling her tight against her.

Cara pulls back a little to look at her. To stare in her green eyes a moment as her hands run through her long and yes very soft hair.

“You are so beautiful.” She says kissing her yet again harder this time her tongue diving in and out of her mouth. She pulls Myra’s hair back a little and starts to kiss her neck suckling and nuzzling in her.

Myra wanting to feel Cara’s skin against her start undressing the lock. Undoing the vest and pants. Cara kicks the boots off and with Myra’s help quickly takes the rest of her clothes off.

In moments Cara is pressed against the elf pushing her against the wall her gown forgotten on the ground along with the warlock’s clothes. Her hands are caressing Myra’s breasts her thumbs run across her nipples. Cara starts a trail of kissing going down Myra’s chest. She kisses and licks round and round her breast making Myra moan. Myra arches against her, her nipples aching to feel Cara’s mouth on them.

Cara knows what Myra wants and denying her no longer she licks one nipple as her fingers play with the other rolling the hard nipple between her fingers as her wet mouth take the other nipple in her mouth and sucks on it. She is rewarded with a loud moan causing her to suck harder as her finger start to pulling slightly at the other nipple

All Myra can think is more... more as her hands go to Cara’s head. Her hips start to grind against this warlock she just met. Not caring what may come of this or the danger she is in. Nothing matters right now but this. And when she feels Cara’s hand slide down her stomach and across her mound rubbing her thigh all thoughts leave her head and she moans,

“Oh Cara I want you.”

Cara kisses her way back up to Myra’s delicious neck. She nuzzles in that neck yet again and starts to suck stopping for a moment to say,

“I want you too.”

Cara takes her hand and rubs Myra’s pussy feeling her wetness wanting nothing more than to give this woman pleasure. She parts the moist lips and lightly touches Myra’s clit.

“Is this what you want?” she asks teasingly.

Her finger go back and forth against her clit.

“Is it?” she whispers before going back to suckling her neck.

“Yes... yes ...yes.” Myra moan her hips grinding against her hand.

Cara takes her fingers and pushing them up inside Myra is with rewarded with another moan as Myra wraps her arms around her tighter holding on to her.

Cara continues her fingers moving in and out of Myra her palm hitting against her clit. Her other hand pulling and twisting the nipple. Her mouth at her neck sucking and biting a little.

 Myra humps against her hand faster and faster her arms tight around Cara holding on as she grinds harder and harder. The sensations overload her body and mind and all she can do is moan whispering yes over and over again.

Cara feels Myra is getting close to her orgasm and it spurs her on her fingers moving faster deeper. She cant help but grind against her as her hand continues it work she whispers,

“Yes that’s it...cum for me lover.”

Myra hearing her whisper can’t hold back any longer. She thrusts foward against Cara’s hand once twice more and then her body shudders and jerks as she bites down on Cara’s shoulder not to scream out too loudly.

Cara between feeling Myra shaking from her orgasm and the wetness that is now coating her hand and oh the moans that Myra made comes close to her own orgasm just listening and feeling Myra’s. She cant help but grind against Myra and kiss her again on the lips. When she feels Myra’s tongue slip in her mouth she moans.

Myra pulls away and looks at Cara saying,

“My turn.”

She pushes the warlock down on the bed and climbs on top of her,laying down on her. There breasts mashed together. She plants her leg between the warlock’s legs and can feel how wet the lock is as the lock cant help but start to grind against her thigh.

She smiles glad to know what an effect she has this woman. It is her turn to kiss and suckle now. Her hands goes to the warlock’s breasts and start to tease the nipples. Her fingers pulling at them making the lock moan. Making the lock grind harder against her thigh. Pulling her leg away she whispers in Cara’s ear,

“Not so fast lock I want to taste you.”

“Ok...Ok.” The warlock all but pants.

Myra kisses her chest and lets her tongue lick all around Cara’s nipple teasing her as she was teased loving how the lock is arching up to her. She takes the nipple in her mouth and sucks and sucks on it.

Cara thinks she is going to die from sheer pleasure as the night elf suckles her breast. It is almost more than she can bear as the sensations of her nipple being sucked reaches her clit which is begging for attention. She hears herself moaning as she starts pushing Myra’s head down lower.

“Lower lower I need your mouth lower please.” she begs.

“Here?” Cara ask kissing her stomach.

“Or how about here?” she asks again teases her.

“Lower.” Cara moans pushing Myra’s head down.

Myra smiles and kisses Cara’s mound. Spreading Cara’s wet lips apart she takes the hard little clit in her mouth and sucks.

When Cara feels Myra’s lips on her clit she takes her hands and holding Myra in place as starts to grind against her.

“Yes...yes...yes.” Cara moans over and over again.

Myra wraps her hands around Cara’s ass and hangs on as she sucks and licks on Cara, wanting to give her some of the pleasure she was given just moments ago. She doesn’t stop until Cara screams out her pleasure her body shaking and jerking.

Myra kisses her way back up to Cara’s face where they kiss softly Cara can taste herself on Myra making her wonder what Myra tastes like. Making her want to hear her cum again. And she tells her so.

“My turn.I want to taste you.”

“I could do this all night.” Myra says as Cara starts kissing her breasts again.

“Me too.” Cara replies with a devilish grin as she starts licking Myra’s stomach.

Meanwhile Zilnar has been out doing his own investigating and has discovered the identity of the night elf. He hurries back to the inn and pops in his mistress’ window. Upon seeing what is going on he thinks oh mistress what have you done, they will kill you for this.

To be continued....

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