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Their first time

An argument, a walk on the beach, a chance encounter. It became... their first time.
"Damn you!" I shouted, "You are not going to spoil this holiday for me just because you cannot do what you want to!"

I grabbed my cardigan and handbag and stormed out, slamming the front door behind me. I'd had enough of him for one morning.

My husband, Philip had health problems which meant that sometimes he did not have the strength to walk far due to his extreme fatigue and difficulty in breathing and, as a result, he also had mood swings when the weariness got the better of him.

Today was one of those days. I knew it wasn't his fault but sometimes, like today, I was the butt of his anger and he would constantly nit pick and complain in a sort of whining manner.

I could only take so much, so, as the argument escalated, I stormed out.

It was the best course of action I could take. If we stayed in the same confines as each other we would end up saying really hurtful things.

I have a massive stubborn streak and when I know I have done nothing wrong I get defensive so, here I was, storming out of the house, his angry words still ringing in my ears:

"Go on then, sod off! See if I care! I don't need you!"

I needed to clear my head, get away, somewhere quiet.

The holiday cottage we had rented was near to a long beach which was shielded by an area of dunes and then a wide, shallow beach. The tide always came in quickly due to the almost unnoticeable slope and there were no waves to speak of. The cold salt water just crept lazily up the sand until it reached the early slopes of the dunes. There it would linger, lapping gently at the shoreline until the forces of nature and the pull of the planets called it away again and it would recede just as lazily back towards the ocean.

Being the north east of England, the coastline was sparsely populated. This was a lonely, rugged coast and quite possibly the most beautiful in the country. There were long stretches of sandy beaches, completely empty a lot of the time. That was why we came here. The cottage was the only only one for miles and it was so quiet that the gentle waves lapping up the sand were heard so easily, like one of those mood CDs that all the mystic shops sell.

The instant the door slammed behind me I took a deep breath and set off along the path towards the sea, putting my arms into the little cotton cardigan as I went.

Already, the sound of the rustling course grass and the lapping of the waves was taking my stress away and I began to relax as I walked to the dunes.

My plan was to walk through the dunes to the sea and possibly walk along the beach for a way so I followed the path that seemed to wind itself between the sandy peaks until I was several feet above the surrounding area.

I looked out to sea, shielding my eyes from the glare of the bright warm sun. The light glittering and flashing across the ripples on the ocean.

In the distance a large ship followed the line of the horizon but to me it was tiny.

There was a wind blowing gently across the dunes, lifting sand off the tops and dropping it further along. It also blew my knee length summer dress against my legs and caused it to flutter behind me like a flag and my hair blew across my face.

It was not a cold wind that was blowing from the sea, on the contrary, but I decided to continue my stroll and walk along the flat beach, the breeze in my hair and the waves at my feet.

I stepped out and down the slopes taking me back into the dunes.

The soft warm sand felt wonderful between between my toes and I stopped for a moment and wiggled my feet so they sank into the cooler sand beneath.

It is strange, the effect a little solitude can have on a mind in turmoil. I had almost forgotten already about the reason I was here. The shouting and arguing seemed a distant memory now and I had been out only about fifteen minutes. I felt calm and at peace with the world. I felt at one with the hissing of the waves as they rolled along the beach and the gentle moaning of the wind through the dunes.

Once again I stopped but this time I wanted to listen. That wasn't the wind moaning...

The sound, gentle and almost inaudible was coming from, more or less, ahead of me. I walked a few more steps and stopped again.

No, this time I was certain, that was definitely not the wind!

I began to climb back up, to the top of the dune before me and, as I reached the top my eyes opened wide for there, on the other side, was a pretty young girl. She could not have been more than eighteen. Very slim with long brown hair blowing slightly across her pretty face. She was lying on her back, facing the sun and wearing a tight white vest top and very short cut off jeans. So short that the pockets were visible below the ragged hem which accentuated her long, beautiful, lightly tanned legs.

This was the source of the moaning for this vision in front of me lay with the button and zip of her shorts open and her fingers were clearly giving her much pleasure, although invisible, inside the denim of her shorts.

I stood transfixed at the beautiful scene below, just a few feet away and I watched.

I felt I shouldn't and should turn and leave this delicious young woman to her own world but I couldn't.

Almost without realising, my own hand began began to find it's way between my own legs, pressing the soft thin fabric against me.

I was mesmerized by the movement of her fingers, even though it was just a slight rippling of fabric, and the contortions of her face, eyes closed and head moving in tiny motions left, right, more a twitch than a concious movement.

As my own fingers began to rub at my pliant flesh I wondered what she was thinking about that made her feel so sexy, here, outside.

Suddenly, a big round bee appeared in front of me, it's wings humming and it's furry round body hovering around my head.

I like bees but I did not wish to be stung and this one startled me so, instinctively, I brushed it away with my hand and ducked.

The soft sand that covered my feet shifted at the sudden movement and I fell backwards and slid down a few feet. This caused a mini avalanche the end of which disturbed the beautiful girl below.

She withdrew her hand suddenly and sat up. Her eyes snapping open and looking around at me in fear.

She didn't speak but just jumped to her feet, looking at me and fastening her shorts.

“ I... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you!” I blurted out in embarrassment. I felt like a kind of voyeur who had been caught spying.

I noticed a slight movement of her eyes and I looked down to see my dress had pulled right up as I slid, revealing my pale yellow briefs, half buried in the sand that had pushed up between my legs.

I hurriedly pulled my skirt down to cover myself and struggled ungainly to my feet.

“ Were you spying on me?” She looked angry and I felt just as I thought I would. My faced reddened even more, if that was at all possible. I was hoping that the sand beneath my feet would envelope me and carry me away from this awkward situation but, of course, it didn't.

“ No, I...well.” I couldn't look at her, “Not spying. I was just walking and I saw you and you looked so sexy and, and...”

It took all my strength of will to look up her and I saw she was frowning but didn't appear angry any more.

“ Look,” I continued, “I really am sorry to have embarrassed you but, well, this is a public place and you were ... well, were... you know. I couldn't help but look. I have never seen such a beautiful sight before.”

“ Now it is my turn to blush,” she replied and indeed she was, “No-one has ever called me beautiful before.”

I realised that this girl was not English, she sounded more... Australian. Her accent was very sexy as she spoke and I smiled and held out my hand.

“ I am Anna,” and smiled.

“ I am Alison but you can call me Ali if you wish.”

“ Hi Alison,” I said, thinking to myself that Alison suited her very much. “I am pleased to meet you. Sorry about watching you.”

“ Oh, that's okay, Anna, as you said, this is a public place.” She paused for a moment then smiled again. “Would you care to join me for a while?” and gesticulated the blanket she had been lying on.

“ Mmm... yes, that would be very nice. Thank you.”

I brushed the sand off my dress and we sat side by side.

“ I can tell you are not local. Australia?”

“ Well done!” she laughed, “I have been called both, South African and Kiwi on this trip!”

“ Well, I have relatives in New Zealand so I know that one. What brings you to the UK Alison?”

“ I am on holiday with my parents. They have gone to visit friends today so they let me take the car for a few hours. I drove out here to enjoy the sea and the peace.”

I smiled mischievously.

“ You certainly did seem to be enjoying it.” I winked at her and she blushed again.

“ I think this place got me too relaxed.” she smiled back.

“ Dare I ask what was in your mind?”

“ Hmm...” she smiled. “I was reading a book about two women who became lovers. It was very explicit.”

“ You like that?” I asked out of curiosity.

“ I think so,” Alison replied. “I enjoy reading about it and watching , erm... movies but I have never done it.”

I looked down at my feet which were wriggling in the sand.

“ I know what you mean,” I said quietly.

Alison looked at me. Eyes widening as I spoke.

“ You mean, you...” Her voice trailed off as if unsure how to ask.

“ Yes. I have recently been thinking that way too but I also have never actually been with another woman. I wonder often how it must feel.”

She looked down at my hands which were clasped across my front as we lay chatting.

“ You are married?”

“ Yes, I am married.” I admitted, “But not happily. I do love him, of course, but we just seem to be so different nowadays, so far apart.”

“ I am sorry to hear that, Anna.”

There was silence for a moment and I hadn't a clue what to say next.

Alison seemed to be deep in thought until she looked up and captured me with her beautiful soft brown eyes.

“ Anna...” she spoke slowly, as if uncertain, “If you have never...” a pause, “and I haven't... well... you know...”

I frowned.

“ Go on,” I said.

“ Hmm... well, Anna, I..., would you, erm, could we...” she stuttered and tripped over her words. Her face far redder than the sun could have made it.

I waited, giving her time to say what she was trying to get out but looked into her eyes, seeing her embarrassment.

She paused again, swallowing hard, then suddenly blurted:

“ Anna, could I kiss you? Please?”

I smiled.

“ Alison, I would love you to.”

I leaned forwards at the same time as she and our lips met in an awkward crash but I put my hand behind her head and she did the same and we began a kiss the like of which I had never experienced before. Her lips were so soft and as her tongue entered my mouth and became acquainted with my own I suddenly found it hard to breath.

I remembered my first kiss and I was reliving it all over again but this time it was soft and gentle, not urgent and desperate as it was when I was just a teenager.

The kiss ended naturally and we both drew apart breathlessly.

“ Oh gosh, Anna...” Alison spoke first, “That was so...., oh gosh!” she repeated, her face and neck flushed crimson.

I smiled. I knew how she felt.

Instinctively we leaned forward again and our lips touched once more.

The initial impact behind us, we kissed slowly, our tongues explored each others mouthsandI became lost on our embrace.

I felt her hands begin to move around my body, softly, gently, exploring all the feelings she had only dreamed of and I? I enoyed her loving touch like no other before. The movement so light it was like a feather drifting across my body.

Her hands moved up and down my sides, from my hips to armpits and back, around to my back, pulling me gently to her and again, over the sides of my rib cage until tentatively touching the side of my breast with the softest of movements.

I gasped and breathed in, drawing breath through her lips.

She stopped suddenly, apologizing for perhaps taking a liberty but without words.

I gazed into her nervous, brown eyes and smiled, taking her hand and placing it directly on my aching breast, My nipple straining to burst through the thin fabric of my dress.

We resumed our kiss and she began to massage my breast, pinching my nipple and rolling it between finger and thumb.

Never in my whole life had I felt such a loving touch and the sensations flowing from her hand were like electricity flowing through my body, stopping my heart and making breathing so difficult. I could feel the moisture building between my legs.

I pushed Alison gently to her back, and lifted her vest top over her shoulders. Like me, she wore no bra and her young firm breasts were revealed in perfection. Small and pert, her nipples straining to reach sky.

We were oblivious to our surroundings, the only thing that mattered now was ourselves.

I lay beside her and took her beautiful pink flesh into my mouth, sucking gently on the crinkled flesh and flicking the tip with my tongue. Her breathing was deep and rasping and she arched her back, pushing her sweet breasts upwards.

As I licked her, I massaged her soft flesh making her moan gently with the previously unknown ecstasy she was experiencing.

My hand moved slowly down her ribs and across her belly, fingers massaging and brushing as they passed until they reached the waistband of her shorts and with almost one movement, released the button and lowered the zip.

I sucked hard on her straining nipple as my fingers worked their way inside the waistband of her panties, seeking out he soft warm core of her desire.

As my finger tip slipped over the smoothness of her mound and into her valley, she shuddered with excitement and I felt her clitoris harden as I sought it and began to massage it carefully and lovingly.

Her whole body was vibrating, muscles tightening at the completely new pleasure she was experiencing and she tilted her hips to enjoy as much of my touch as she possibly could.

My mouth released her nipple then and I began to kiss her breasts with the feather light touch of a fairy's wings, flicking my tongue and just the gentlest of contact on her flesh with my lips.

I worked slowly down, pausing at her navel, placing a kiss directly on it, my tongue exploring the indentation carefully, before moving further down to the opening of the denim.

She lifted her hips slightly as I began to tug her shorts and panties over her hips, revealing the prettiest vagina. Like a flower bud opening to the first rays of the summer warmth.

I kissed her softly just above her clitoris, my tongue flicking against her mound and the very start of her warm and scented valley and lifting her leg out of her shorts allowed me to access that most intimate place that, until now, had never been touched by female lips.

My sensitive tongue could feel Alison's body vibrating to every touch and when my tongue slipped across her erect clitoris the shock almost tipped her over the edge.

For myself, I had never experienced anything so beautiful in my life. I was no stranger to sex, after all, I had been married for twenty-four years, but this, this was something far beyond anything I had ever dreamed of. She was so soft, so beautiful and the scent of her sex was so heady it was as much as I could do not to orgasm myself!

I opened her pretty folds with my thumbs, revealing the moist, pink entrance.

I had never seen a woman so close before. I had seen myself in the mirror but this was different, This was heaven and I curled my finger and touched her, feeling the heat and moisture.

Slowly and carefully, I slipped into her, feeling her muscles tighten, welcoming this intruder and gripping it as I pushed further into her.

Once again, I lowered my head and sought out the firm button at the head of her sweet valley and as my lips sealed around it and the pressure of my mouth drew it out, she exploded, screaming and tensing before shuddering violently, flooding my mouth and fingers with her copious spending.

Very slowly, as her orgasm subsided, I removed my finger, trailing my nail across the sensitive flesh at the opening, making her twitch and buck, all the time continuing to kiss and lick her now ultra sensitive clitoris until she could take no more.

Even before the sensations of her orgasm had died away, a second aftershock began. I could feel it approaching through my lips as they continued to work on that tiny organ that was giving her such intense pleasure.

Once again she called out my name, "Aaaaannnnnnnaaaaaa..." shuddering, stuttering, again soaking my face before sinking down onto the blanket, utterly spent.

I continued to clean her with my tongue until, finally, her hand gently pushed me away, unable to take any more of the mini-orgasms my lips and tongue were causing her to experience.

I slid up along her body until we lay face to face under the warm sun, She naked, me still clothed.

I smiled as I gazed into her shining eyes, so full of joy.

"Okay?" I simply asked her.

She nodded, a wide smile playing across her lips.

"More than okay," she answered. "It was everything I ever thought it would be and more besides. No boy has ever made me come like that. In fact, none have even made me come at all."

"That is because," I whispered, still looking at her, "Most men have only their own pleasure in their minds."

"But what about you, Anna. You said you have never been with a woman before and yet..."

"No," I replied, "I haven't, but I know what pleases me so I hoped it would please you too."

She smiled again, even wider had it been possible.

"Oh, it did, Anna, it really did." She paused for a moment then frowned. "Did I please you, your first conquest?"

"Alison..." I reached out and gently stroked her face, "You pleased me more than I could ever have imagined."

I could have sworn she purred as I stroked her but then, her face changed and an impish grin appeared.

"Well, now, my angel from the dunes, I am going to put into practice all that I have learned..." and in one swift movement she pushed me onto my back and climbed across to straddle me, looking down at me as her hair fell either side of my face.

I gazed up at her and closed my eyes as her head lowered and her lips pressed against mine.

Funny, when you think about it, how easily an argument fades so easily from the memory...

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