There's A First Time For Everything

By x3holly

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We were in a group, about five people all together, as wewalked into the store. It was well known in the mall as being the place to go for a good laugh. You could find anything from inappropriate t-shirts to shot glasses and even sex toys. I knew what I wanted from the moment I stepped across the threshold. I was finally 18 years old and the thought of owning my own sex toy pleased me. I knew that I would never do it if I didn’t take this opportunity. Leaning over I whispered in my girlfriend’s ear,

“We should buy something to play with later.”

She looked at me with wide eyes before nodding silently. Brushing my hand against hers I began walking again, keeping up with my friends. They were giggling like immature children at the various dildos. Shrugging off the awkwardness I looked up and down the length of the sex wall. There were anal plugs, vibrators, silver bullets, and different kinds of lubes. Immediately, I was drawn to the magic that is a rabbit vibrator. My girlfriend’s fingers brushed down my arm and I shook the dream, neither of us was ready to take something so massive and intricate. Then my eyes settled on a bright blue vibrator. It was an average thickness with what appeared to be just over six inches of length. My friends giggled as they played with the ball of jelly that was sticking out of the packaging, meant for testing out the toy. I laughed as well but my intentions were serious as I felt the object for the first time. Sparks shot through my body and I pulled it from the rack with shaking hands. Everyone’s eyes went wide as I walked towards the cash register.

I was immediately stopped by a sales associate. She drug me back to the wall and began asking me a series of awkward and intimate questions. I answered back with a beat red face as everyone watched on. I could feel my girlfriend’s eyes boring into my back, urging me on to buy the toy. I listened to the young woman advising me what I should purchase. She handed me a bottle of lube and I could barely hold back the laughter. The entire week my girlfriend (who was in town visiting) had been making comments about how unbelievably wet I got from the simplest touches. I knew that she would need the help with lubrication though. I chose the warming lubrication before making my way to the cash register. Awkwardness was thick in the air as I walked out of the store, stashing my new found friend inside a Barnes and Nobles bag. I wish I could say that we ran straight home, but we were stuck going to a movie with the same group of friends. I found myself fiddling with the toy during the movie. I snuck it out of the box and ran it over my hands bashfully. It felt so solid. Knowing that it would soon be inside me had me trembling. By the time the end credits were rolling I could barely keep my hands off my girlfriend.

I watched her walk all the way back to the car. She was a bit shorter than me, standing proudly at five foot six inches. Her dark brunette curls hung low on her shoulders, bouncing with every step. Her large DD breasts rose and fell with each one of her gentle breaths. The seductive curve of her ass was drawing me in. I had to have her, and I had to have her soon. Her fingers locked with mine once we were inside our car. No words were exchanged as the bag sat like a weight on her lap.

“I love you.”

Her voice was thick with obvious arousal. I could barely keep my voice from breaking as I whispered it back. I was speeding the entire way home. Nothing could stop me from getting what I desired that night, not even common law.

When we got to my house we ran inside, racing each other to get to the door first. My body slammed into hers violently as her delicate hands wrapped around the door handle. We were both a fit of giggles as we struggled to find our way inside. Finally getting the door free, we kicked off our shoes and ran to the bedroom. The excitement seemed to be physically sparking in the air as I closed the door behind me. With the click of the door shutting she stepped towards me, her lips plump. I took in a sharp breath as her arms wrapped around my waist. I leaned into her touch on complete reflex. She felt so warm and complete against me. Leaning down the short distance I pressed my lips against hers. As always, we molded together like the perfect match.

Her tongue ran over the surface of my chapped lips. Parting them slightly I pressed my own tongue against hers. The air around us seemed to be reaching new levels of heat as we struggled to keep ourselves in check. I lost the battle and pulled away, breathing hard. My fingers locked around the hem of her shirt and pulled up quickly. She only whimpered as my eyes lay down on her body. Every single centimeter of her was perfect in that moment. Moaning in need I reached behind her and began to unsnap her bra. Her head rested heavily on my shoulder as her lips made contact with my neck. Gasping loudly I stopped, letting the feeling take over me. Her mouth began to work over my skin. Her tongue would draw a gentle circle over my skin before her teeth would nip at the dampened skin. I pressed my entire self against her as I more urgently tugged at the bra. She simply laughed as her lips began to dance up and down my neck. Finally pulling the contraption away from her body I stepped back. Her breasts hung heavy on her chest as her nipples stood out proudly. I locked eyes with her for a moment before leaning in and sucking them between my lips.

The hard nub seemed to shutter between my lips as I sucked softly, adding more pressure as the moments passed. My teeth bit gently, bringing a loud gasp from the woman. My hand rested against her low back, dipping lower and lower as the moments passed. With time her ass was rested inside my hand. The large swell felt heavenly as I continued to lap at her erect nipples. The noises she was releasing into the air echoed within my own head. I could feel the puddle between my legs begin to grow.

“God, damn it. Just. Fuck me.”

Her words were coming out short and choppy as she begged for more. Pulling off with a loud pop I connected eyes with her. No words were exchanged as she stared back at me numbly. Pushing her back on the bed I stood beside her silently. As the tension grew I began to sway my hips gently. She watched me mesmerized as I pulled my shirt over my head. My solid D cup breasts bounced with the action. Her lower lip slid, allowing her teeth to sink into the pink flesh. Reaching up I began to rub my bra covered breasts together. The material felt soft in my hands as my head fell back. The simple touching felt so much more intimate than it truly was. Taking a deep breath I focused again and reached back, quickly undoing the snaps.

I looked toward the woman of my desires. Her legs were spread on the bed as she added pressure to the entire length of her pussy. I gasped loudly, letting the air fill my lungs entirely. Dropping my bra onto the floor I grabbed at my own nipples. Holding them solidly between my fingers I tugged roughly, pulling them as far away from my body as I could. Squeaking from the mixture of pleasure and pain I let my eyes slide closed. For a moment I was lost in my own world as I continued to tug and rub the now throbbing nubs atop my breasts.


My name was heavy coming from her lips. Looking at her again I was amazed to find that she had discarded her pants and underwear entirely. The woman was laid out in front of me with her legs spread wide. Her skinny fingers were running over her clit in gentle circles. Her entire back was arched, the back of her head buried into my sheets.

I couldn’t resist her any longer, climbing onto the bed I settled between my legs. She snapped her head up in surprise at the creaking of the old metal bed. I only winked at her before I smacked her hand away from her own pussy. I was delighted to see that her lips were already slippery with arousal. Leaning in I traced the tip of my tongue around her clit. Her hands reached down and tangled themselves in my long brown hair. Smirking against her skin I ran my fingertips in a circle around her entrance. They were immediately covered in her sweet juices. Sucking on her clit I added pressure, leaning into her pussy. Her legs spread wider as I pressed two fingers deep inside of her. She moaned deeply, filling the air around us with her delicious aroma and arousing noises. I started to finger her roughly, my hand flying in and out of her pussy as quick as I could manage. My tongue continued to flick at her clit, which was starving for attention. Her entire body squirmed in pleasure as she impaled herself on my fingers desperately. I began to squirm myself as I scissored my fingers inside her body.


Her voice whimpered as she reached for bag that was lying haphazardly next to my body. Growling defensively I snatched the bag, at the same time pulling my hand away from her body. I couldn’t resist the sparkle on my fingers. Immediately I sucked my fingers into my mouth, swallowing the delicious flavor of the woman before me. She watched me with half lidded eyes she stretched herself out, waiting for my next move.

Pulling the toy from the bag I looked at it in awe once more. It was such an adult thing to do and it felt other worldly to me. I had yet to accept the idea that I was now an adult. With shaking hands I slipped the batteries into the long canal of the dildo. She was sucking urgently on her lip as her legs spread wider for me. Snapping open the bottle of lube I let it slide down the length of the toy before running my hand over it. I couldn’t hold back the giggle as I pretended that it was an erect cock inside my hands.

“That looks so dirty Holly, I kind of like it…”

Her voice was shaking slightly as I stared down at her, holding the toy possessively. Shrugging softly I turned on the vibrations before sliding the toy down the length of her pussy. I was immediately rewarded with a loud gasp and whispered hiss of pleasure. Her fingers dug into the mattress as she pressed herself against the vibrations. I moaned quietly in envy as I turned up the vibrations another level. I could see her entire body shaking as she struggled to breathe, overcome by the new sensation. I dipped the toy lower and pressed it against her trembling hole. The liquid was flowing out of her at a more urgent rate than I had ever seen before.

“Fuck me Holly, please. Fuck me.”

Her entire body seemed to be vibrating along with the toy as I pressed it deep inside her. Immediately her face scrunched up in pain, causing me to slow my movements. I watched mesmerized as she fucked herself on the toy. Slow at first, barely taking any, and then suddenly she was moving quicker taking the entire length deep inside her body. Reaching out I kept a hold tight on her waist and began to fuck her urgently. I felt my entire body moving with my arm, pretending that I was the one fucking her, bringing her so much pleasure. Her body obviously began to climb to ecstasy as her legs spread wider, her fingers tugged on the sheets, and her back arched. She began to scream in pleasure as her eyes slammed shut. I felt her thighs tightening around my hand as I continued to slam the blue length in and out of her.

I finally slowed down, pulling the now soaking, and angrily vibrating toy from inside her. She whimpered at the loss and closed her legs gently. I could see that she was shaking. Flicking the turner to the off position I began to kiss up her body. Kissing from the tops of her thighs I eventually reached her chest. She breathed shakily, running her hands down my back.

“I believe it’s your turn.”

I looked up, catching our eyes together. I nodded numbly, sliding off the bed. There was no time to waste as I hurriedly pushed my jeans off my hips. She whistled playfully as I winked and pushed the bikini style cotton panties off my waist as well. I barely had time to get centered back on my feet before she tugged my body on top of hers in the head. Our breasts were pressed together. Erect nipple against erect nipple. It was like a wave of pleasure flew through my body as I left the feeling take over me. She began to suck on my earlobe as she whispered seductively,

“Ready to get fucked?”

I nodded numbly, unable to make any noise with my voice. Rolling over I spread my legs wide, watching her get between them. Her chest was flushed a deep red from her previous orgasm as she stared down at the toy just as I had. I knew that she was getting overtaken by the exact same power that I felt before I fucked her body senselessly. She turned on the vibrations, giggling at her own memory of the feeling. I could barely remember to breathe as the toy came in contact with my clit. Arching my back immediately I tried to wiggle my clit against the tip of the toy urgently. She began to add pressure behind the length, digging it into my sensitive body parts. It’s impossible to explain just how good it felt to have something rubbing so rapidly against my clit. She began to move the toy south, pressing it against my sopping wet pussy. I sucked in a sharp breath as the head pressed into me. She had not put any lube on the toy; instead it was covered in her own wetness. In a way this woman was entering my own body. Whimpering her name I spread my legs wider as she pressed it all the way inside me. I had taken men before, but somehow it still managed to be a painful experience for the first thrust. She stared at me for reassurance. I nodded quickly and she began to fuck me. The thrusts were deep and even as it flew in and out of my depths. I could feel myself tightening around the thick toy as it vibrated deep within me. Her fingertips were pressing forcefully against my clit, washing me over with pleasure. I began to claw at my own breasts, digging my nails against the edges of my nipples. Her body began to rock with mine as I finally was overcome with orgasm. Screaming out her name I arched up off the bed and shook in complete ecstasy.

She lay down on top of me breathing hard as we relaxed together. The toy was left, turned off between my legs as we curled up under the sheets. Simple kisses were exchanged back and forth as we fell asleep in the safety of each other’s grasp.