There's a First Time for Everything

By Raedigga

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This is a story about very very friendly girlfriends

Sitting with a girlfriend of mine laughing and talking casually about our best and worst relationship moments and confiding in each other our sexual escapades and life lessons learned she reaches out spontaneously and touches my cheek with her palm leaving her fingers in the soft hairs at the nape of my neck a little too long for merely polite contact. While her hand rested on my neck just below my ear she fondled the small earring stud in my ear and said “if I were a man and you were my woman I would treat you like a queen.” It was kind of an odd comment to me but very sweet nonetheless. She then called me “a walking testimony to beautiful blackness” and said that my “singleness” was a mystery to her and remarked ruefully that she could not understand why some man had not claimed me yet.

I graciously accepted her compliments but I felt my skin heat rapidly from the rushing blood to the surface causing me to blush uncontrollably, a reaction I could not hide which also made the warmth of her nearness more pronounced as I remarked that the room was suddenly hotter. She simply added more flattery, remarking of my comeliness and moved closer still putting her hand on my shoulder and her lips to my forehead pretending almost convincingly to take my temperature leaning forward in front of me giving me a very advantageous view of her cleavage then finally resting her cheek on mine brushing my shoulder with her breast and breathing lightly into my ear she said she wanted to feel my body next to hers. I was about to be seduced and though this was obvious I wasn’t afraid, I felt nervous but fascinated. Instantly I became dimly aware of a tingling sensation in my panties for the first time caused directly by the overtures of my girlfriend.


Her hand moved from my shoulder down my arm taking my hand in hers looking directly into my eyes she asked me “had I ever been with a woman?” But as I parted my lips to respond she kissed me lightly, gingerly even at first then more intensely with a soul stirring passion that was gentle yet powerful. Like no man had ever kissed me, my heartbeat raced, it was intimate and sincere, not aggressive. The vague sensation I was feeling before now became an abundance of sexual energy a contracting pulse deep (between my legs) inside the walls of my pussy. I was acutely aware of how intuitive and skillful her tongue was and how soft her skin was on mine.   She was now close enough to me for the pressure of her round breasts to crush against mine and our breathing to match rhythm. My nipples were standing through my shirt and she began to trace kisses from my jaw to my neck and down to my cleavage licking and biting gently the crest of each breast sliding her tongue in the valley between while my hand impulsively traveled to the back of her bowed head encouraging her to continue. Slowly sensuously she put her hand in the center of my chest pushing me backward guiding me onto my back. At once she stood up and left the room, not knowing what would happen next I just lay there looking up at the ceiling with expectation, but of what?


She returned quickly to my side and as I lie prone she unbuttoned my blouse slipping the silky fabric off my shoulders letting it gather beneath me, I arched my back as she reached behind me and smoothly unclasped my bra then delicately removed the straps pulling the light article away with finesse. Goose pimples formed on my flesh partly with the acclimatizing of my now bare skin to the air and because of my anticipation as she stood back appraising me from my head to my waist approvingly with her eyes. Then she undressed before me revealing her perfectly formed breasts and cocoa colored nipples upon which I looked admiringly. She was beautiful, alluring and simply amazing because she is so round and soft, her golden brown skin glowing with a healthy flush of youth as smooth as chocolate milk.   Still too shy to advance our tryst I let her take control and from her vantage beside me she opened my jeans sliding them off of my hips and as I helped her remove them I hoped that I was as appealing to her as she was to me and as the thought came into my head simultaneously she spoke the confirmation I wanted to hear in her velvety voice while running her hand up my leg to my thigh palming my kitten and massaging my clit with her fingers. My panties clinging to my wet pussy offered no obstacle to the pressure of her fingers and I could feel her as if she were touching my naked skin.


Slowly she rose stripping out of her own jeans showing me her firm ripe ass and shapely legs then positioned herself over me and laid the length of her body against mine whispering in my ear while fondling my nipple between her fingers “I want to eat your pussy, I’ll bet you taste as good as you look”. I admit that at this invitation I was wetter than I’ve been in a long time and I wanted her to do whatever she wanted to me. She let her hand drift inside my panties and began to move her dainty fingers in and out of me they were so small she could fit three inside of me causing me no discomfort much to my surprise and pleasure. Manipulating my drenched silkiness and spreading the fluid around with one hand she began to deposit a trail of kisses from my throat between my breasts over my belly and navel down to my panties then lightly taking the fabric between her teeth she tugged at it giving me further evidence of her expertise by not biting hard enough to hurt me but hard enough to pull the barrier out of her way removing them the rest of the way with her hands.


She then revealed to me the purpose of her abrupt departure from the room earlier when I saw the vibrator she produced after I was completely naked. Switching it on to the lowest setting she rested it on my stomach, gradually increasing the intensity asking me to tell her what setting I preferred. After finding the setting I liked she moved the deeply ridged double ended broad phallic shaped vibrator down to my vagina and inserted it watching intently my reactions with relish. Moving it in and out of me as deeply as it could go then using it to give my clit direct stimulation along with her hot wet tongue moving up and down my slit, her plump rosy lips sucking my swollen pink lips taking me entirely into her sweet mouth, rimming my ass with her tongue combined with the vibrator was enough encouragement for me to raise my hips freely to meet her. There was no wasted movement she was accurate in placing kisses and licking me precisely where I needed her to without any hesitation to please me.


I lost all sense of self consciousness my hands rose to my breasts and I began to fondle myself closing my eyes and abandoning myself to the intense pleasure nearing orgasm on the edge eruption I could hear my own voice coming in husky emotional breaths while she rallied up inconceivable strength to hold my trembling thighs open and keep up her vigorous tongue lashing. My pussy began to contract and squeeze forcefully cum dripping out of me which she caught every drop and wasted none. Then she helped me down to the floor covering me with her body kissing me fervently and grinding her hips against mine she positioned me on my side and scissoring her legs between mine she inserted the double ended vibrator inside of me joining it to herself on the other end we rocked ourselves to synchronized ecstasy. My body shuddered so hard and so long that I was not sure if I was having one orgasm or many but there was a moment of such concentrated release that I really knew what it is like to be pleasured by a perceptive sensitive and skillful lover. Afterward we lay together and talked about the possibility of another encounter and had another good laugh recalling our earlier conversation about men and relationships remarking that dildos and cucumbers were adequate substitutes since they didn't have feet and could not leave us. And if we were feeling vengeful enjoying the cucumber in a salad would have to do. At least it could end up being good for us at the end of the “relationship.” I think after this experience my perception about a woman as a lover has been changed indefinitely.