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Three Days of Hedonism

Hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure and self gratification in any way possible.
Deep in the Caribbean Sea, where the waters are a clear, crystalline blue and the sands are a pristine white, lays an island where the pursuit of pleasure is the ultimate goal. Only the most hedonistic reside there, and admission onto the island is by invitation only. Rich, high society people mingle with the middle and lower classes. No one is better than anyone else. The journey to achieve orgasmic bliss is the same for everyone.

The rolling motion of the huge ship was wreaking havoc on Lily’s stomach. It wasn’t so bad out on the deck; the fresh air and warm sunshine seemed to be an instant cure to her nausea. But…down here in the steerage part of the boat, the air felt stale and too warm. Another nauseous wave had her almost heaving in the corner of her tiny, cramped closet of a room. Finally unable to withstand her horrible seasickness, Lily yanked open her door and made her way to the deck.

Cursing her malady, she hoped that she’d make it outside before embarrassing herself by vomiting all over the plush carpet in the hallways. How was she supposed to know that being in a boat made her sick? She was just a part time waitress from a landlocked state in the middle of the U.S. But all the seasickness in the world would not have stopped her from coming on this trip.

Lily owed her vacation to a high tipping customer that she served last week. He was a middle aged, nondescript man that had sat in the corner booth of her section in the diner. He was very shabbily dressed, with shaggy unkempt hair and dirty appearance, but what she remembered most was his attitude. With a snarky comment about everything, he did his best to get her riled up. He complained about the length of time it took for her to serve him. He complained about the quality of the food. He complained about pretty much everything, and each time, she served him with a smile and did her best to make him a happy customer. When he left, Lily sighed in relief and went to clear the table. Not expecting a tip, she almost fell out in the floor when she picked up the 100 dollar bill and the envelope.

She put both in her apron pocket and continued to work, but the contents of the envelope had her curiosity up and concentration down. Finally, at her break, she sat down at an empty table and pulled out the white envelope. Her name was scrawled on the front, and instead of being sealed closed, the flap was just tucked inside. Cautiously pulling the flap free, she peered inside. Then envelope contained a single note with a ticket of some sort. She looked closer at the ticket. It appeared to be a ticket on a cruise ship to some obscure island. She didn’t recognize the name of the company, but the ticket looked legit. Deciding that she would call about it later, Lily returned to work.

Later that evening, she called the liner and was pleased to find out that the trip was valid and scheduled to leave port in two days. The receptionist answered all of her questions and assured her that the trip was all inclusive, right down to the airfare, food, and liquor. Still, she was skeptical and would be until the ship left port. She went home and packed, not taking much, simply because she didn’t have much to take.

It seemed that the day of departure took a month to arrive, but when it did, everything sped by. Before Lily could turn around, she was boarded and on her way. The trip was scheduled to last seven days; a two day trip to the island, three days on the island, and two days back home. She would have three sun filled days and three sultry nights on this private island, which boasted pure, white sands and aqua colored water. She had done a bit of research, while waiting for the ship to arrive at the island, and found out that it was owned by none other than Mr. Picky from the diner.

Her digging uncovered that this tiny island was approximately 400 miles southeast of Jamaica; to the west was Nicaragua, to the south was Panama, and far to the east was the islands of the Lesser Antilles. Basically, instead of being landlocked like she was at home, she would be surrounded by thousands of square miles of sparkling blue water. Lily planned on doing nothing, but lying on the beach and relaxing.

Early on the morning of the third day, the ship docked in the port, and after two, miserable days of constant motion, Lily, with her one bad in her hand, bounded off the ship. Ecstatic about being off the huge, nauseating device, she stood on the wooden dock, as the mass of people spilled from the ship and went about their way. Fresh air, perfumed with the scent of tropical flowers, filled her lungs, and it was already hot, despite it being early in the morning. She looked to her left; blue waves crashed onto snow white sand. The misty air tasted heavily of salt. Eager to get on that beach, she made her way to the right to the resort.

A big white adobe building housed the resort, which was decorated with cream colored tones, swirled with ocean blues, greens, and aquas. Large open windows adorned the walls, and the breeze from the nearby sea had the sheer curtains floating. Potted tropical flowers and plants were placed around the room, giving it a lush jungle feel.

Lily stepped up to the reception desk. A beautiful woman, with skin the color of a rich latte, sat behind the computer. Lily, who had never thought of any woman in a sexual way, was floored by her exotic beauty. Startling hazel green eyes, set in a classical sculptured face, floated above the woman’s friendly smile. Her hair, elaborately done in hundreds of tiny braids, cascaded down her bare shoulders. She was wearing a vivid red sarong, which criss crossed over her chest and tied behind her neck. The woman, busy with a phone call, held her hand up, gesturing that she would be with her in a minute.

While waiting, Lily studied the receptionist. At first glance, the sarong appeared to be solid, but upon further examination, Lily noticed that it was as sheer as the billowing curtains behind her. The woman’s dark, puckered nipples were plainly visible, as the pushed and prodded against the material. The full globes of her breasts were barely contained.

“Ma’am…Ma’am,” the woman’s voice, heavily accented, said.

Embarrassed, Lily focused her attention on what the woman was saying.

“Ah! There you are,” the woman laughed, “I was saying welcome to Exotic Desires.”

“Uh…thank you,” Lily stammered.

“Your name, please,” the woman asked.

“Lily White,” she answered.

The woman’s eyebrows rose.

“I know. I know. My parents were on drugs,” Lily said, smiling.

“Yes…Right here. Follow me. You’ll be staying in the Royal Suite. I’m Leta, and I’ll be your guide for the remainder of your stay,” Leta said.

“Pardon?” Lily gasped.

“Yes…Mr. Townsend assigns personal “guides” to the visitors that are the most important,” Leta explained.

“Important? You must be mistaken. I’m…,” Lily started.

“I know. You’re just a waitress…blah, blah, blah. Apparently, you impressed the boss, and he wanted to express his thanks,” she interrupted.

“His thanks?” Lily repeated.

“Uh huh. He tested you, and you passed,” Leta told her.

“Tested me?” Lily said, incredulously.

“Geesh, girl! You had an incredibly picky, rude customer, and you treated him kindly. He was dressed in ratty clothes…looked dirty,” Leta went on.

“Him? He had to be dirt poor! Are you telling me that he owns ALL of this?” she inquired in disbelief.

“That he does,” Leta concurred, as she came around the counter.

Lily’s eyes widened, when she saw Leta’s full body. The sarong did little to cover her exotic body. A tiny waist that flared out to full hips sat atop of a pair of the longest legs that Lily had ever seen. As she walked, the sarong would separate giving the world a view of Leta’s hairless pussy.

“Is this a nudist resort?” Lily asked.

“Clothing is optional. Most wear bathing suits, but there are a few die hard nudists,” Leta explained.

Lily followed Leta through the lobby and down the west hall. The woman chatted away like they were the best of friends, but Lily never heard a word. She was enchanted by the way Leta’s hips swayed, as she walked. Just watching the sexy island woman’s ass was making Lily’s conservative white panties wet.

“Good Lord! I’m here, not even an hour, and already lusting after someone, and they are female!” Lily thought to herself.

Leta unlocked the door to the suite and stepped aside to let Lily walk in. Just as Lily went to step inside her suite, a man stepped out of the room next door to her. Their eyes met, and Lily felt a sizzle in her core. He broke eye contact and proceeded down the hallway en route to the lobby. Lily watched him, until he disappeared, and then she stepped into her suite.

To say that the suite was a royal was an understatement. She had a moderate sized front sitting room that was decorated much like the lobby, but it was the bedroom and bathroom that took her breath away. Her bedroom was huge, and the wall opposite of the door contained her own private access to a private beach. The king sized bed dominated the room. Lily blushed at the sudden influx of naughty thoughts that flooded her mind.

“Now…let’s get you suitably dressed,” Leta said.

Lily’s mouth was suddenly dry. There was something about this place that had her normally absent hormones in high gear. She wondered if there was something in the air that was making her feel like this, but quickly dismissed that thought. As Leta approached her, her stomach was buzzing with thousands of butterflies.

“Girl, you need to relax. You’re wound up tight. Frankly, I’m surprised that you have taken off into orbit. How about a nice, relaxing massage…perhaps with a happy ending?” Leta drawled.

Lily wasn’t very experienced with sex, but she knew enough to know what happy endings were. The prude in her balked at the idea of another woman making her cum, but the hungry sex goddess in her said what the hell. She argued with herself and finally came to the conclusion that you only live once. She let Leta take her bag and set it on the bed. Her body trembled, as the exotic island woman deftly unbuttoned Lily’s shirt and pulled it from her body. Then, she divested Lily of her pants, leaving the fair skinned woman standing in her matronly bra and plain panties.

“Good God! That has to be the ugliest pair of panties and bra that I have ever seen!” Leta exclaimed.

Lily blushed. Leta laughed at her expression, as she pulled out a folding table from the closet. She set it up by the open patio doors, so they could feel the ocean breeze. After covering the table with a pristine white sheet, she motioned for Lily to come closer. Lily could smell coconuts, as Leta moved closer and wrapped her arms around her. She felt her bra unclasp. Her nipples puckered tightly, as the ugly garment was removed from her body. Then, smooth, brown hands eased her panties down her hips, before pulling them off.

Lily stood there naked, as the day she was born. She clasped and unclasped her fidgeting hands, as she bounced from foot to foot. Leta, gently, grasped Lily’s hands and pulled her to the table. Lily let Leta assist her up onto the table, face down. She turned her face to the left, so that she could see Leta, who was busy with a bottle of oil.

“This place is magical,” she thought, as she watched Leta pour generous amount oil into her hand.

The sea breeze danced across her naked back, tickling her thighs as it moved down her body. Leta smiled and lifted her oily arms up to reach around to the back of her neck. Lily blinked rapidly, as Leta’s red sarong slipped from around her neck, pooling at her feet. She couldn’t rip her gaze from the exotic woman, who was now just as naked as she was. Leta grabbed the bottle of oil. She held it up high in the air and tipped it, sending a waterfall of fragrant lubricant down her brown chest.

“I’m gonna to make you happy…in any and every way possible. If you don’t like something, you tell me. If you want something, you tell me,” Leta purred.

“Does everyone get this treatment?” Lily asked.

“That depends…,” Leta answered.

“On what?” she inquired.

Leta, making sure that Lily was watching, slowly rubbed the warm oil into her skin. Lily, entranced, watched those smooth hands slather it all over her small, pert breasts. She tried to look away, but just couldn’t stop watching. Leta cupped her glistening breasts in both of her hands and pushed them together. Her raisin sized nipples stood erect, as she pinched them between her fingers and thumb.

“On how much I like them,” Leta finally answered.

“Huh?” Lily said, bemused.

“You asked if I treated everyone the same. It depends on how much I like them,” Leta explained.

“Oh…how…how much do you like me?” she hesitantly asked.

“You, my pretty flower, I like very much. Now, close your eyes, and let me make you feel good,” the island beauty said.

Lily closed her eyes, letting Leta’s strong hands work the tension out of her muscles. Leta positioned herself at the head of the table. Using long, smooth strokes, she glided her hands over Lily’s neck and shoulders, working in a rhythmic motion. Without ever losing contact, she lightly massaged up and down her arms, until Lily’s silky skin shined in the morning sunlight.

Lily, now accustomed to the other woman’s touch, felt Leta lean over to work her way down her back. With long, smooth strokes, Leta used her body, rather than her arms, for pressure. Every so often, she would feel bare nipples drag down her back, sending currents of pleasure straight to her pussy. The simple touch of this woman was driving Lily crazy with lust.

“Um…Leta?” Lily said, after about ten minutes.

“Yes?” Leta softly answered.

“This table is uncomfortable,” she said.

“Would you like to move over to the bed?” Leta asked.

Lily, relieved that she didn’t have to ask that question, nodded her head. She slid off the table and made her way to the bed. Crawling up the bed on her knees, she flattened her body back down. Leta rubbed her body against the back of her thighs; her rubbery nipples scraping their way up ward. Occasionally, the press of soft lips feathering their way up her spine tantalized her senses.

Leta straddled Lily’s slim hips; her hairless pussy lips smeared their cream all over Lily’s ass. She resumed her exploration of Lily’s body by lightly rubbing the back of her neck, making her moan in delight. The heat radiating off Leta’s body warmed her back, arousing her senses further, and before she could take another breath, Leta planted a soft kiss between her shoulder blades. Her hands rubbed and smoothed a path down her back, resting on her waist, as her tongue made circles down her spine. She slid off Lily’s body and pushed her legs open, before kneeling between them. Leta kneaded Lily’s round ass cheeks, working them in large circles. Each pass opened her crack up wide. Her circles got wider and wider, until her thumbs brushed over Lily’s wrinkled rose bed with each pass.

Lily, who had never been touched there, moaned softly. She never realized just how sensitive that area was, and each time Leta’s thumbs would rake over her anus, Lily would jump a little, poking her ass out further. Leta’s hands slid down to her inner thighs and sensuously explored that area, taking care to tease the lightly haired pair of lips at the apex. Once Lily started squirming, she had her roll over onto her back.

Leta reached for the oil bottle and drizzled a long stream of it across Lily’s chest. She straddled her hips again, making sure that her pussy rubbed against Lily’s, as she spread the silky oil all over her white breasts. Leta ground her sopping cunt against Lily’s wet bush, as she pinched and tugged on the pink nubs, capping Lily’s white mounds. Within a few minutes, both women were gasping and breathing hard. The sound of a wet pussy rubbing against another wet pussy filled the air; the pungent smell of arousal was heavy.

Leta lifted Lily’s right leg and rested it on her shoulder, thus causing the sweet pussy in front of her to gape open. She trailed her fingertips down Lily’s inner thigh, and when she reached the delicately bloomed iris, Leta turned her palm upward and slid two oiled fingers deep inside Lily’s cunt.

Lily moaned out loud, as the two slim fingers skimmed around inside her canal, until they found what they were searching for. Zoning in on the small, sensitive patch of skin deep inside her, they rubbed and prodded, until Lily’s pussy contracted down on them snugly. Her thumb rubbed the loose skin covering Lily’s clit back and forth, stimulating the pearl underneath it.

Lily gazed up at Leta through lidded eyes. The only sound coming from her was deep guttural gasps. Leta softly kissed the back of Lily’s knee, while working her right hand in and out of her tight pussy. Leta’s fingers, moving in a come hither motion, were being rhythmically sucked by the hungry cunt they were playing with.

“Cum for me, my precious flower. Spray me with your hot honey,” Leta crooned.

A deep pulling feeling, originating deep inside her pussy, blossomed. Lily’s back arched sharply, as every muscle in her body contracted at the same time. A low, keening wail exited her mouth, and for the first time in her life, a gush of pearly fluid squirted out of her spasming hole. Leta massaged the smooth skin inside her sheath, never varying her speed throughout Lily’s whole orgasm. It was like Leta was trying to pull every bit of pleasure from Lily’s body. As her body slowly relaxed, Leta slowly ceased the motion of her fingers and thumb.

“Now that we got you relaxed, it’s time to play. You game?” Leta asked, sexily.

“Will you do that again?” Lily asked, hungrily.

“I’ll do better!” she answered, easing her Lily’s leg off her shoulder.

“How can anything be better than that?” Lily smiled.

“Oh…I’ll show you,” Leta promised, lying down on her back beside her.

“How?” a curious Lily inquired, sitting up.

“Easy…I’m gonna suck and lick your pussy better than any man,” she confidently told her.

“Um…I’ve never…,” Lily trailed off.

“Never?” Leta asked, wide eyed.

“No…never,” Lily admitted.

“Oh, honey! Just you wait and see. I’m gonna make you cum so hard that you’re gonna blast off into space,” Leta promised.

She wrapped her arm around Lily’s neck and pulled her down for a kiss. She nibbled Lily’s plump bottom lip a second before plunging her tongue deep inside her warm mouth. Lost in the erotic moment, Lily savored the sensations of her tongue wrestling with Leta’s, and when they broke the kiss, both women were breathing harder.

Leta let go of Lily’s neck and wiggled her way around, until her head was at Lily’s feet. She pulled the other woman on top of her, so that Lily’s engorged puss was directly over her mouth. Locking her arms around Lily’s hips, Leta pulled her down flush with her mouth. Lily’s damp curls were smashed against Leta’s chin, and her tongue poked upward from her mouth to bury itself deep inside Lily’s swollen hole. All the air left Lily’s lungs, as she was tongue fucked by her beautiful hostess. She grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples hard, as Leta’s tongue slithered in and out of her slimy pussy. Her body, still primed from her earlier orgasm, went into instant overdrive.

Lily, unable to stay upright anymore, leaned forward and rested her face on Leta’s thigh. The change in position moved her hole up higher, while bringing her tingling clit down. Still pinching and pulling on her nipples, Lily felt her entire clit get sucked into a warm, wet mouth. She stared at the pretty bare pussy in front of her. The only pussy she had ever touched was her own. Curiosity got the better of her, and she reached out and palmed Leta’s slit. It was moist and oh so soft. Leta opened her thighs wider; her lips parted, revealing the succulent pink flesh inside. Unsure of what to do, Lily decided to do what she liked done and hoped that Leta would like it, too.

She traced the gaping slit with her middle finger from clit down to anus, and then easing a second finger next to her middle finger, she opened them into a “V” shape, so that she could see inside Leta’s puss. Trapping her clit with the base of her two fingers, Lily circled her hand, making Leta’s labia dance, indirectly rubbing her clit in the process. She knew that the other woman was enjoying her ministrations, when Leta started moaning deeply. With her clit inside Leta’s mouth, being rhythmically sucked, each moan that left Leta’s mouth vibrated her clit.

Lily circled her hand faster, rubbing back and forth, until Leta’s pussy was swollen and bright red. Tiny bead of dew dotted her inner folds, as her pussy got juicier. In a moment of sheer braveness, Lily leaned down and touched her tongue to Leta’s honeyed pussy hole. She tasted tangy and sweet. Lily pushed her tongue deeper, scooping out as much cream as her tongue could get. Leta’s hips rotated and bucked against her face. Lily mimicked what the other woman was doing, and pretty soon, the air was filled with wet, sucking sounds. As they got closer and closer to cumming, their muscles tensed, trapping their faces close to each other’s soaking wet cunts.

Leta’s hips rose sharply upward, as she coated Lily’s face with her sticky cunt cream. She tried to keep up with Leta’s contractions, but found it was easier to let the woman rub and grind her spasming pussy all over her mouth and chin. Close to the edge herself, Lily exploded, when Leta gnawed on her bloated clit, spraying her juices all over Leta’s pretty face. Exhausted, she rolled off Leta’s body; her chest heaving, as she tried to catch her breath.

Leta sat up on her elbow, and said, “Welcome to the island, Lily. I know that you’re gonna enjoy your stay here. If there is anything…and I mean ANYTHING that I can do for you, please ask.”

“Well, there is one thing…maybe two. First, who is the guy next door? Second, would you be willing to help me shave my pussy? I like how yours looks and want mine to look the same,” Lily asked.

“Bastian is your neighbor, and from what I hear is a complete sex fiend,” Leta giggled, “Second, I would be delighted to help shave your luscious pussy.”

“Thank you,” Lily laughed.

“You know…there is a party tonight; out on the beach. Bathing suits aren’t allowed, though. You up for it?” Leta asked.

“Great…a naked sex party on the beach. Well, you only live once,” Lily said.

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