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Three in the Afternoon

I help a young girl discover her sexuality
This is a bit shorter than most of my stories, but everything I need to say is here.

It was the fourth day of my holiday in Tenerife with my hot girlfriend, Laura. On this particular morning the owner Victoria was about and she took breakfast with us on the patio. Victoria had a dream figure. She was slim but with beautiful curves and her boobs were amazing and natural.

“I’ll be away tonight Danielle, I’m doing a shoot over two days,” she said.

“OK, no worries, the place is safe with us, you know that!”

“Oh yeah, I know that baby! It’s just that my little sister is coming to stay later.”

Suddenly, I was a bit concerned. I’m not that good with children and didn’t relish the responsibility. I was on holiday after all. Laura looked at me, and I saw the look in her face too.

“When you say little sister?”

“Yeah don’t worry. She’s 16. I always call her my little sister.”

“Oh OK!”

Laura looked at me and smiled, as she kicked me under the table.

“Is she like you?” Asked Laura.

“She has my brown eyes and hair yes. She’s too cute for words though. She would make a great model, if that’s what she wants.”

Victoria had wonderful waist-length dark brown hair and if her sister was anything like she had described, she would be a stunner.

“What’s her name?” I asked.

“Samantha, but her friends call her Sammy.”

We finished our breakfast of freshly squeezed orange juice and croissants with the sun breaking the edge of the mountain. I stood on the little lawn and absorbed the warm rays on my face and then went for my shower.

I had another lazy morning, making some notes on my net book and allowed Laura to give me a massage by the pool. She has such lovely, soft hands and she rubbed the vanilla oil into my shoulders and spine like a proper little masseuse. It must have been just past lunchtime when we wandered into the kitchen for a snack. We both stopped in our tracks as we saw this beautiful young thing in T shirt and white panties looking into the fridge. She turned towards us and smiled. Her face was angelic. There wasn’t a blemish on her lightly tanned skin and her legs looked so slim and smooth.

“Hi, you must be Danielle,” she said.

“Yes, this is Laura. You’re Sammy right?”

“Yes, Victoria said to expect you.”

“Yeah, it’s nice of her to invite us. I’m in the modelling industry…”

“Are you!” Interrupted Sammy.

“Yeah, only in a small way, but my agent knows hers.”

Sammy turned as she closed the fridge door with her hip and then I saw how pert her bum was. She had the best little ass I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something. I’m sure Laura actually did a little gasp when she saw her bum. I’ve not mentioned her boobs yet. Sammy’s nipples were poking through her T shirt and she obviously had really small cute tits. She put what looked like a crème caramel on the table and cut a piece out.

“Help yourself to the flan,” she said.

“Don’t mind if we do!” Said Laura and Sammy disappeared with her dessert.

“Wow!” Was all I could say, when she had gone.

“Isn’t she just a little sweetheart,” said Laura.

We ate our snack and washed it down with a little local white wine. We were just lolling about in the kitchen and to my surprise and delight, Sammy came back.

“Hey!” I said, as she appeared, still in her T shirt and panties.

“Hi to you too!” She said, her face so fresh and bright.

“What are you drinking?” She asked.

“I don’t know, it’s some Frascati or something.”

“Danielle, this is Spain not Italy!” Said Laura.

“Well I don’t know!”

We all laughed and it kind of broke the ice, because I thought Sammy had been a bit nervous almost. She smiled broadly though and poured herself half a glass.

“You two are very sexy!” Said Sammy.

“Awww thanks babe. You’re beautiful!”

She looked at our boobs, which were not very well camouflaged in our skimpy bikinis and then down at her own.

“I wish I could catch my sister up a bit!” She said.

“Ah, I’m sure you will Sammy. Anyway you’re gorgeous. I bet the guys are flocking at the door!” Said Laura, kindly.

“They are kind of, but Victoria chases them off. I don’t know why,” she said glumly.

“She cares for you,” I said.

“You think so?”

“Yes, she’s just being protective,” added Laura. “Guys can be an arse sometimes.”

“I suppose,” she said as she sipped a little wine.

“Can I ask you something?” Asked Sammy, with her heart-melting eyes.

“Yes. Sure, I said.

“Are you two just friends…or are you?”

“Me and Laura are lovers if that’s what you mean.”


“Do you want to come outside into the sun?” Suggested Laura. “It’s lovely out there.”

“OK then, yes.”

We went into the sun and the three of us sat at the edge of the swimming pool with our feet paddling the water.

“Do you fancy skinny dipping!” Said Laura.

“Yeah sure! I don’t mind,” said Sammy, eagerly.

We stood up and I popped open my bikini top, which in this case was a front loader. Laura did the same, as Sammy pulled her T shirt over her head. Her breasts were so beautiful and her nipples were all puffy, just like mine were at that age. Suddenly I felt there was a little tension in the air as we each rolled our knickers down and my eyes automatically looked at Sammy’s pussy crack, which was like two little crimson petals.

“OK last in’s a nob!” I yelled, and we jumped in with a huge sploosh.

We did a few widths of the pool and Laura showed off with her back stroke. I doggy paddled to the edge while Laura did her dolphin routine and Sammy joined me.

“You’re so sexy!” Said Sammy.

“I know you said.”

I couldn’t help but stare into her amazing eyes, and as we chatted about nothing, I realised we were so close our boobs were touching. Rather than back away, Sammy pressed herself closer and then looked into my eyes as her hand reached for mine.

“Will you kiss me Danielle?”

I didn’t say anything for a moment, but stroked her left shoulder gently.

“That’s a bit out of the blue,” I said.

She twisted her mouth into an uncertain smile.

“I know. I just thought…”

“Have you kissed a girl before?” I asked.

“No. I never even thought about it. But I know you and Laura must do it.”

Laura, who had cottoned on to the fact that something was afoot, joined us at the shallow end. Laura looked at me and then at my innocent young friend. Sammy smiled at the two of us sweetly, and I noticed that her nipples had become swollen and erect.

“Laura, Sammy and I were just talking about kissing and stuff. She‘s never kissed a girl before.”

“Ooh, I think you would like it Sammy,” said Laura.


“Yes, girls are so soft and their lips are so much more…”

As Laura tried to find the right word my hands had gripped Sammy’s tiny waist and I pulled her towards me.

“Perhaps you would like to kiss me and Laura?” I said.

“OK, I’d like that.”

I could feel my pussy begin to tingle as Sammy edged towards me and our lips met as my hands slipped down her spine. Her tongue and lips were hot. I closed my eyes as we kissed and my heart fluttered as I realised she was a natural. My hands encircled her meaty bum cheeks and I squeezed them as I felt her body go a little limp. We French kissed for five minutes, my pussy juice leaking into the pool and my heart beating twice the normal speed.

At last I gave way and made room for Laura. I stood behind Sammy and cupped her breasts as she began to kiss my girlfriend. I couldn’t help but rub my pussy mound into her firm round ass, squashing Sammy between myself and Laura. The young virgin was like the sweetest filling in a sandwich of lesbian love. The two girls were kissing each other so deeply. I was turned on so much, I couldn’t help myself. I put one hand between my legs and the other onto her belly and slowly slipped my fingers down until they found her pussy lips.

“Shall we take this onto dry land?” I suggested.

Laura looked at me and nodded. We climbed onto the poolside and dried off with the fluffy beach towels I had brought out earlier. I took Sammy’s towel and dabbed the beads of water away from her breasts. Her nipples had a plump, juicy appearance and I rolled my index finger around the tender flesh.

“You have perfect nipples Sammy,” I said.

“I do?”

I stroked the front of her belly and made the word SAMMY with my fingers. She giggled and gazed into my eyes with her sexy, dewy look.

“Do you want to kiss my boobs Danielle?”


Laura rejoined us and kissed her on the lips as my tongue rolled over the candy pink teat of her nipple. I did the same with the other until her breasts were moist with my saliva. Then I sucked them, drawing them into my mouth with a gentle suction. Sammy moaned satisfyingly. I kissed her little boobs all over and then I just continued to plant kisses in a line down, past her belly button. Inch by inch my lips moved towards her pussy.

My girlfriend took over from where I had left off. I heard Sammy moan as Laura sucked her tits and my tongue opened Sammy’s moist crack. She was hot and dripping wet. My tongue met with a lovely, slippery well of pussy juice. As I licked her, her moisture stretched out in a long string of goo, mixed with my saliva. Laura moved behind me and then lay down with her head between my legs and licked my cunt as I licked Sammy.

I rubbed my nose into Sammy’s hot little pussy with my hands holding onto her slim thighs for support. As my tongue found her clitoris I felt her body tremble and she squeezed my hands. I was struggling to concentrate with Laura’s face buried deep in my pussy, but somehow I kept it together and gave Sammy the wonderful orgasm she deserved. She began to moan softly, but her moans grew louder and louder as my tongue flicked her clit. I was myself almost gasping with pleasure as Laura’s tongue hit my spot and I came on my girlfriend’s face as I brought Sammy to a quivering orgasm, her cries of pleasure filling the warm afternoon air.

We sat together afterwards sipping wine and talking about girly things. I was so pleased to have given Sammy her first lesbian experience and it will be a memory I will cherish for a long time to come. Maybe I will see her again at the villa, who knows?

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