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Thunder at the farm

Ken was gone Sara was depressed and Elaine was missing sex a lot. Sleepover time for the girls.
Ken, Sara and Elaine had a wonderful summer of discovery and lust. They discovered that they loved each other. They had sex for the first time. They fell in love. The voyage was coming to an end. Ken was off to University of Massachusetts Amherst to live in the Towers. Sara and Elaine were going back to finish high school together.

They had been together all summer. They played together, shared long walks together, slept together and loved together. They had sex with each other. Now it was ending. They promised to write. They promised to see each other on school holidays. They promised to love no one else. It was a parting with a lot of tears and heartache.

This was 1966. There were no cell phones, no internet, no DVD or VCR or CD players. The largest TV screens were 27 inches and black and white. It was a simpler time and place. Children played outside. No one went missing. No drive by shootings. In the big cities there were gangs but all they did was simple mischief.

About two weeks after Ken left, Sara was getting depressed. She missed Ken so much. She missed his voice, his dry sense of humor. Most of all she missed the feel of his hands on her body, the soft gentle kisses and his caress. She missed him being inside her, nipping her clitoris, his tongue making her squirm as he probed her vagina. The feel of his cum spraying in her made her feel like a real woman. She had to do something to get out of this bad place.

Sara and Elaine went to the same high school. The town they lived in was so small that a private girl’s school let the high school girls attend there. There were no boys around to tease or mingle with. Elaine lived down the street from Sara. It was an easy walk for them. Elaine’s parents ran a very large chicken farm. They collected the eggs and sold them every day. Every so often they culled the older chickens to be used for food. They raised chickens to replace those taken. It was a continuing cycle.

Elaine’s parents had built a recreation room in the cellar of their home. It had a couple of couches that became beds, a small kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower. There was a TV. There was a fully stocked bar. This is where Sara and Elaine escaped the drudge and sadness of everyday life. They would come down here to listen to music, play games, chit chat about life and their feelings.

Over the summer Sara and Elaine had grown very close. They had experimented with sex. They had explored each other’s bodies. They had kissed, touched and held each other. They had fallen in love with each other. They would sit on the couch and cuddle. They would play with their hair, play with their clothes and just be intimate. Nothing serious ever happened until Elaine’s parents went away for the weekend.

When Elaine’s parents went away, Sara would spend the time with Elaine so she was not alone. They would walk down to Sara’s house for lunch and dinner. They would sleep together in Elaine’s room. They would party in the cellar. It was a time of bliss and fun. This is when they shared the most.

This one weekend, Elaine’s parents were gone from Friday night until Monday. Elaine and Sara had stocked up on snacks, books and magazines to entertain themselves if the weather was bad. There was a possibility of severe thunderstorms with hail. The candles were laid out along with flashlights in case the power failed. They were ready.

Friday night Sara and Elaine decided to sleep on one of the fold out sofa beds in the cellar. They could watch TV until the station went off the air. They could listen to music and read the latest gossip in the magazines. Sara had taken some of Ken’s dirty books to read. He had collected all the Ted Mark “Man from O.R.G.Y.” books. They were a sexual spoof of the James Bond books. Ken had found them very funny and stimulating. He was especially fond of the character “Ophelia Teetz”.

They started to read one of the books. There was a scene where two women were making out and getting sexually aroused. Sara and Elaine were starting to feel something as well. They got closer together. Their legs over lapped. Their arms wrapped around each other. Their heads rested on their shoulders. Their breathing got heavy. They knew what was happening but did not act on it right away.

All of a sudden the power went off. Living in New England did have its drawbacks, loss of power and phone services were fairly common. The infrastructure was very old and would not be upgraded until technology advanced. They got the flashlight and lit a few of the candles. This set the stage for the rest of the night.

The quiet in the room, in spite of the rain and thunder outside set a romantic atmosphere. Sara and Elaine had changed into their pajamas earlier. They had made the bed up out of the couch. Everything was ready for a good night’s sleep. This was going to be just another sleep over. That is what they thought.

They crawled onto the bed, hugged each other and kept their arms wrapped together. Sara was the first to move. She had been so down that the hug from Elaine awoke a strange feeling in her. She remembered the first time they had explored each other when Ken was there. She wanted it again.

Sara pulled Elaine close to her. She sniffed Elaine’s hair losing herself in the smell of her shampoo. She kissed her hair. She worked her way to Elaine’s ear kissing it and moving her caressing lips around it. She moved down Elaine’s neck with kisses and lip caresses. She was slowly waking up the flames in Elaine’s body.

Hungry for more Sara rose up and moved over Elaine. She lowered her head down and started to kiss Elaine on the lips. She parted her lips pushing her tongue to Elaine. Elaine slowly opened her lips accepting the advances. Sara moved her tongue around Elaine’s mouth gathering in as much as she could. She nipped and sucked on Elaine’s lips. There was so much electricity between them it could have lit up the room.

Elaine found Sara’s moves a pleasant surprise, though not unexpected. She had wanted to take her relationship with Sara to the next level. She wanted to show Sara how much she loved her. Sara was such a desirable woman. Even though they were still in high school they had shared so much. They both became women with the same man. Had shared him all summer. They had explored each other marveling in how they grew up.

The sexual energy was flowing heavily now. Sara had started to plant kisses and caresses all over Elaine’s face. Her eyes, nose, cheeks, ears and lips were all targets. Sara was like a kissing machine. She was nipping at parts too. She attacked the neck with little nips and long kisses. Elaine was starting to moan.

Sara lay on her side looking at Elaine. Her hands had been caressing Elaine’s head and neck. Now they were moving down her body over Elaine’s breasts. They moved down to her waist. Sara moved her hand under Elaine’s top at her waist. Elaine sucked in her stomach at the touch. It felt different like something totally new. Elaine loved it.

Sara caressed her stomach. It stirred up feelings lower down and she could feel the wet moving out of her. Her breasts also started to feel warm. She yearned for Sara to touch her breasts. She loved it when Sara rubbed her breasts. Her nipples got hard and actually started to hurt with a yearning to be kissed and touched by Sara’s fingers.

Sara put her hand on Elaine’s right breast. Elaine moaned. She put her hand on top of Sara’s. She did not want the feeling to end. Sara moved her other hand to the left breast. Then Sara withdrew her hands and started to unbutton the top. Elaine hungrily helped Sara.

Elaine’s nipples were hard and pointing to the ceiling. Sara moved her hands up to cover both breasts. She caressed, flicked, and pinched those large nipples. Elaine was moaning louder now. Her breasts were so sensitive. She was lost in ecstasy. She was so high that she felt like she was floating on a cloud. She did not want the feeling to end.

Sara moved one hand off her breast. Elaine moaned in disappointment. That moan was replaced by pleasure when Sara replaced her hand with her lips and tongue. She took her nipple in her lips and sucked on it. She flicked it with her tongue and nipped at it with her teeth. Sara started to attack both breasts and nipples with her mouth moving from one to the other. She was nibbling on both. The sensation was driving Elaine wild.

Elaine was moaning, groaning and giggling. She could not keep up with the feelings that were flooding her. She was warm and floating with emotion. Her best friend was making love to her and she was lost in the moment. She loved it. Something was happening that she had only dreamed about. She was so happy.

Her body was reacting to the attention. Her sexual fire was burning brightly. It was a bonfire. Sara was sucking on Elaine’s nipples and something strange happened. She was rewarded by some liquid from the nipple. Elaine was lactating. This was different, because she was not pregnant and had not had a baby. But it was turning them both on even more.

Sara’s hands moved down Elaine’s body to her waist and onto her legs. They started to massage her thighs and move up and down. She was moving slowly and the sensation was growing toward the v between her legs. Elaine’s womanhood was gushing now. She had three orgasms from all the attention to her head and breasts. She could feel her pajamas had gotten wet from the earlier caresses.

Elaine moved her hands down to the tops of her pajama bottoms and started pushing them down. She wanted Sara NOW. Sara took the pajamas off. Elaine was now fully exposed to Sara. Elaine’s curly pubic hair was glistening with the juice from the earlier action. She wanted more.

Elaine moaned, “Sara please kiss me down there now. I want you so badly, I can’t wait.”

Sara slowly moved her hands around the area teasing her. She was fanning the flames higher. Elaine was bucking and moving her hips trying to get Sara’s hands to focus on her womanhood. Sara got up on her knees and moved between Elaine’s legs. Elaine spread her legs really wide in anticipation of what was next. She really wanted it now.

Sara started kissing Elaine’s thighs. She moved up one side and then the other. This was driving Elaine wild. She was wriggling around, bouncing up and down, screaming and moaning. Sara moved her lips above the top of the slit and kissed the curls. She licked up the juice that was spilled there. She loved the taste of Elaine.

Finally Sara moved her lips and tongue into Elaine’s slit. It was so hot. Elaine spread her legs wider to open up more. Sara moved her tongue up and down slowly pushing into the slit further. Elaine was going wild, squeaking, giggling, moaning and screaming. She tried to grab Sara’s head and hold it there. Sara was too fast and avoided it.

Sara attacked the clitoris next. She coaxed it from under its hood. When it was standing tall and proud she grabbed it with her lips and sucked it hard. Elaine let fly with a very hard orgasm. She had lost count of the number. Sara nibbled on the clitoris. This put Elaine over the top again and again.

Sara was not done yet. She moved one of her fingers inside of Elaine and started to pump in and out. Elaine rose up and down with each movement. Then a second finger went in. The movement became faster and faster. Elaine was building to a huge orgasm and Sara could sense this. At this point it was inevitable it was going to happen.

Sara twisted the hand that had two fingers in Elaine so that the thumb was pointing to the little brown flower. She pressed the thumb there. Elaine gasped. Sara managed to get her thumb partially inside her bum. She could feel her fingers that were inside all ready. She rubbed them together. This action drove Elaine over the edge.

Elaine had one loud scream and gushed forth with a flood of cum that never seemed to end. Sara got cum all over her pajamas. Elaine flooded the bed. She stopped moving and fainted from the feelings of the biggest orgasm she ever had.

In a few minutes Elaine woke up, looked over at Sara sitting there concerned and smiled.

“I Love You” she cooed.

She was still floating in the feelings. Her body was still trembling and reacting to what just happened. She did not want this moment to end. She reached up and pulled Sara to her, kissed her hard on the lips and hugged her so tightly.

Sara had removed her wet pajamas and was sitting there looking down at Elaine with love in her eyes too. She was happy to have given her best friend and now lover the best proof of how she felt.

Elaine sat up, it was time to show Sara how she felt about her and what had just happened. She only hoped that she could be as good at giving as Sara. Doing to Sara what Sara did to Elaine was not going to be easy. Elaine had not had the practice or the imagination or the ability to express herself as Sara could. She would try however.

The lights had come back on. They got up and blew out the candles. Sara walked to the bathroom. Elaine watched her with her hips swaying and the most beautiful ‘dimples of Venus’ she had ever seen. She had seen other girl’s ‘dimples of Venus’ in the shower room at school. Sara’s were the best.

Sara returned and sat on the edge of the bed. Neil Sedaka was singing “Oh Carol!” on the radio. Elaine moved over to behind Sara. She massaged her back. Sara did not move, it felt so good. First the shoulders, the neck, the arms, and the back were massaged. When Elaine felt it was enough her arms encircled Sara’s waist. She pulled Sara against her. Sara rested her head on Elaine’s shoulder feeling Elaine’s breasts still hard against her back. It felt good.

The song ended and Elaine moved her hands up to cover Sara’s breasts. The nipples were hard and protruding way out. They were like giant rubber erasers. Elaine pinched them. Sara moaned. Sara loved it when her nipples were pinched and nibbled. Sara could feel a tingling in her womanhood. Elaine massaged and caressed the breasts a while longer. She moved out from behind Sara.

Elaine pushed Sara onto the bed and pushed her down so she was lying exposed. Elaine moved over Sara and started to kiss her breasts. As she was kissing the breasts her hand was moving down below Sara’s waist onto her thighs. Elaine was moving fast. She did not have the patience to prolong the intensity of love making. Sara was all ready turned on from making Elaine have the pleasure earlier. She did not need much to get her turned on further.

Sara was yearning for Elaine’s touch, especially in her womanhood, but she would wait. She was enjoying the kisses and caresses. She only wished that Ken was here to share them. She missed Ken. It was only late September and he would not be home until Thanksgiving in late November. It was a good thing she had Elaine whom she loved immensely.

Elaine had moved her lips up Sara’s neck and was kissing Sara’s lips. Their tongues were entwined in a tug of war. Sara loved this. Elaine was biting Sara’s tongue. Sara was moaning with it. She could feel her womanhood getting very warm and wet. She was getting really aroused now. Elaine had learned some new things. Sara was elated.

Sara’s stomach was throbbing with anticipation. Her patience was wearing thin. She was always the one in charge, but she was learning to surrender to get maximum enjoyment. She was lying back letting the waves of pleasure wash over her like the ocean. The tide was coming in and the waves were getting bigger. They would soon be crashing over her.

Elaine slowly moved her fingers with a light delicate touch up Sara’s thighs over her womanhood teasing it. The juices were flowing and she was thrashing about wanting the stronger touch and penetration. Elaine knew it and was baiting Sara.

Elaine was waiting for the right moment. Her fingers danced among the silken red hair covering Sara’s private place. Coming closer, moving away, increasing the pressure, decreasing the pressure, and teasing always moving her fingers Elaine tortured Sara.

Sara was moaning and groaning wanting the release. She was being driven mad with desire. Elaine was unrelenting in her stimulation of Sara. She was savoring the moment. She had wanted to do this to Sara for a while. She had read about it in one of Ken’s books and it sounded so good. It looked like it was really working.

While Elaine was teasing Sara with her fingers, she was also kissing and caressing her with her lips from her nipples to her knees. Kissing, licking, nibbling and biting as she went. This was having the desired effect as well. Sara was arching her back rolling around trying to get Elaine to stop in the central area of need, her womanhood.

Sara was breathing heavy. She was getting really aroused by Elaine.

“I want it now! Give it to me! Make me cum! Please Please Elaine, I can’t wait any longer.” Sara screamed.

Elaine giggled. She was having the desired effect. She was driving Sara wild, kind of seeking revenge for how Sara ravaged her. She was getting aroused by Sara’s pleading and was getting ready to plunge into her womanhood and reap the rewards.

Elaine grabbed Sara’s ankles and spread her legs wide to allow full access to what was at the junction. She moved between Sara’s legs on her knees watching Sara watch her not knowing what was next. She put her hands on the bed on either side of Sara’s hips. She moved her lips closer to the curly red hair at the junction. Instead of tonguing she softly blew on it. This created waves of pleasure in Sara causing her to raise her pelvis up to get more and closer to Elaine’s lips.

Elaine moved back a little still teasing. She was planning her next move. As Sara lay there Elaine pounced on Sara’s womanhood. Taking a big bite of the lips she made Sara gasp with pleasure. She stuck her long curled tongue into the wet slit. She licked up the juice there and moved up and down the whole length. Sara’s clitoris jumped out from its hooded hiding place.

Elaine quickly moved to wrap her tongue around the clitoris. It has hard and standing proud. She nibbled it and Sara grabbed Elaine’s head and held it there while several waves of pleasure gushed forth. She was having orgasm after orgasm just from clitoral stimulation. She loved it.

Elaine went to work on Sara’s womanhood. Instead of the one finger she opted for two right away. When the fingers entered Sara, there was a quick intake of breath and a sigh of pleasure. Elaine could feel Sara squeezing tightly around her fingers. Release was coming fast. Elaine moved her fingers rapidly in and out of Sara. She was hitting all the right areas.

Sara exploded with a very loud and long orgasm. She raised her hips off the bed and held them there while she gushed juice. Elaine was not done yet. She rolled Sara over and up on all fours.

Being presented with the small brown button was the next target. Elaine rubbed her finger in the juice that Sara just delivered. She moved her finger around the button. When it was properly wet, she pressed into it. Reluctantly and with some difficulty Sara’s button yielded to the pressure. Elaine moved her finger in slowly letting Sara’s bum get accustomed to the intrusion. In a little bit the finger was totally engulfed. Elaine started to move it in and out. Sara was going wild again.

Elaine kept up the rear assault and her other hand was making a frontal assault with two fingers. The fingers in the front could feel the finger in the rear. They rubbed against each other. Elaine found Sara’s G-spot and started to rub it.

It did not take long before Sara was squirting, spraying all over Elaine, herself and the sheets on the bed. Sara fainted from this activity. She lay there with a big smile on her face and a warm feeling in her heart. In a few minutes Sara woke up.

She looked over at Elaine and said, “I Love You!”

To try something new Sara and Elaine crossed legs to get their womanhoods touching each other. They rubbed them together and could feel the sensation of clitoris against clitoris. They were “tribbing.” They were enjoying it and soon found release in yet another way that satisfied both at the same time.

This had been a night of discovery for both women. They found out that each of them had accumulated a great deal of talent for pleasing a woman. They discovered that they were indeed lovers. There was no more just fooling around, it was now serious. They discovered that they could give as well as take pleasure from each other. It was a wonderful night.

They cleaned up the sheets, their pajamas and the floor. They remade the bed, put on clean pajamas. They lay on the bed arms wrapped around each other basking in the afterglow of a superb sexual romp. They were secure in their love. All yearning and thoughts of Ken by both were pushed aside, they had found love closer to home and it would always be there.

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